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October 11, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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October 11, 1930

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to that nothing is ah] than that Catholic ~ A Catholic Paper Is a ~i and Catholic literature ave a large circulation, as ~ I reading which instructs Perpetual Mission-- ry one may have every ' Pope Leo XIII. 1 tts, and strengthens and the Christian virtues. ~ "The Guardian in every ""BENEDICTUS, Pp. XV. ! Home"--Our Motto. THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE DIOC OF LITTLE ROCK iGOE NAMED -- T- OCTOBER : __ Ja tkaDg:ns harU: Lra::d 96,000 CATHOLIC TALK BY CARDINAL Brooklyn's $2,500,000 ('I.IIPAP. Tfi L"iff'Plff D0F CATHOLE ; DISPENS IES AID ! HAYES DRAWS N So, in. ary uea,cateal" "" "''Dy UIII, U/'tUU IU l', Thousands at Rites ,Y. ,shop T_E. Molloy GOLDEN JUBILEE (By N. C. W. C. News Service) t 1~ ,. Now ~ffIES GROUP New York, Oct 4--St Malaehy's' 2,600,000 DAILY PRODUCERS C0~ ( y '.-f~. Ne s Service.) flF AR[l~ll~l~l~qi~ Church was thronged yesterday with[ i ML"i~IT Ilkl TLII~ A TUDRev.Huntingtn'Thomas E.L" I.,Molloy,OCt. 3.---TheBishop Rt.of V ~i lult~,PlltlIII, U'~,,l~wjIl~ Congress Member Succeeds friends and admirers who attended (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ~ ITILIII qJl] l~][j~[l~.~[~ Brooklyn, last Sunday dedicated the(By N C W C News Service ) ~Yarrell Sixteenth Annual the funeral services for Jack Dona-1 London, Oct. 3.--Addressing a ion of Conference Joins hue, Broadway stage star, who died large audience in Hyde Park, the Rev.: (By N C W.-'-~. News Service~ new $2,500,000 ~liocesan seminary Chicago, ()ct" 3" The ~,olden ~'ub~ here.About 20 000 persons attend- l ........ :'-"-- ~'--" ~ " ea for Relief from Re- Wednesday at the age of 38 years. Edward F. Garesche, S. J., director"'- -Y~rk "~'~ : ..... ' ~u u~ ~ne ~rcnmocese o~ unicago is . ~ew u , uc~. ~.---rneatrlcai pro- edthe ceremonies. , to be marked by a two-fold celebra, llgious Oppression Thousands more filled the street and of the Catholic Medical Mission ducers generally were reticent ~o dis ~ne institution replaces St. John s tion~one religious and one civ;c in Russia sidewalk in front of the church. I Board, New York, and head of the cuss the assertion made by Cardinai S:~::ary m Brool~lyn,. which could to be held in this city during the week The tcoffin was met at the church Infirmitas Section of the Caritas Cath- Hayes in an address Thursday that " ~moaate omy ou s~uaents, xne of October 19 [, C. W. C. News Service) door by the Rev. Edward F. Leonard, ,olica, revealed statistics, still incom- the stage is "reeking with filth" and building is constructed in the Span- ~ , .~' ......... ~gton, Oct. 2.---William L. pastor of the ~hurch, and chaplain of plete, which show that 90,000 Cath- that there seems to be n .... " ~o~emn t'onnl~cm migh Mass ish s~yle of architecture, including "' St. Louis, Me., prominent the Catholic Actors' Guild of Amer- olic dispensaries throughout the., '.. "1 ..... ~ power m crowningevent of the religious ob- layman and former member .......... ~ ............ ~ne c~;y aD e ~o stop ~ne trena, dormitories, auditorium, classrooms ..... ,, . zollowing members of that worla ~ai~y are caring z or z,uuv,uuu Several conceded that there were servance oz zne anmversar " ..... y, WllJ De The s~te of the new mst~tutmn ]s the ............... 'ess, was elected president of organization acted as pallbearers: patients. Father Garesche further' "black sheen" amon~ them ~u* ~r ce~eora~eu m ~ne watneoral o~ the former estate of Ronald R. Conklin, .......... 0hal Conference of Catholic Donald Brian, Hugh O'Connell, Wil- told his hearers that 500,000 beds ~ ~._ .. "."._ .s . " ..... " r~oiy ~same m ~ne resence oz ~eor ...... ~enoea znat the entire stage should comprising ,150 acres adjoining Cold ,~ ... .... P ge at the closing session of its liam Gaxton, Wallace Ford, Pedro de for the sic~ are maintaineo m ~nh n "" condemne ......... " ~aromai ~uunoelein, Archbishop of . . . o~ ve u ~or ~ne zew. SP:'Thett~:b~e of this ma nificent Chicago. Immediately after .the annual meeting here today. Cordoba, Hal Skelley and Pat O'Brien. 115,000 Cathohc hospztals m the Umt- ~ "There is enou-h truth ..... ~e succeeds Thomas F. Far- I~,~ o~^,~_~e~. ' ' atom g m. uaramai P P " g " juhilee celebration, Cardinal Munde- let York, the first lay pros- t . . . ~ Hayes st ent to make ~t reason, structure," Bishop Molloy said in his iein nlans to d~nart Ca~- ~....... h CATHOLIC STUDENTS I Several mflhon persons receive able" John Golden -reducer "" a ,,. ..... - ....... ............. ere the Conference, who served BECOME FIREMEN AS ~medical attention each year in the',,.. ' - :- .-' p , sam. , dd.ress, ~.s to keep up the h~gh edu- he will dedicate the Propaganda Col- rears. Mr Farrell was elect- . ~o conaemn the ~nea~er usa whole, th~:Od~alc ~anaar~ o~. young men m logo, the building of which was ac- VOLUNTEERS STRIKE Catholic hospitals in America, Father however is manifestl-- un ...... ~rer, an office he held before , .... , , y ~a~r. ~ m e e. I ~nank the millions of complished through a loan negotiated t Garesche stud, and ~t ~s estimated that t~ue that a goodly share of the -ublic ~s President. m (By N. C. W. C. News Service ) ihundreds of thousands of lives are is hein- won awa-- from th "p " Cs?thol~s m the,Brooklyn and Long by the Cardinal acting for His Holi- Onference voted to meet " London, Sept 29 The students saved in them annually. , g .... .y ,, e theater ~smno ~iocese which made this build- hess, Pope Plus XI 01is, Ind., in 195'1, and ~hose .... "- ........ ~y present eonamons, ing possible '; ' 'T " ~atner t~arescne sue peru m l~onaon of the Salvatorian novitiate at Ab- P " , , , " he chief civic celebration will be~ ~eb., as the scene of its 1932 , ~ Cardinat naves opinions were ex- bet s Langley, Hertfordshire h~ave~a few days on hm way to the Fourth ....... a banquet to be attended by at least ' presse~ a~ a Mass at~enaed by the CATHOLIC CONFERENCE 2,500 women. Cardinal Mundeleir~ " come to the rescue of the village International Conferer~ce of Cathohc . . 0nference also voted to ap-wh~cb," owm" to a strike amen ~" i Chanhes ..... m Basle. The Amerzcan Gmld of Cathohc Lawyers, a~ which OF INDIA TO PRESENT and other noted speakers will de- oramittee of 25 Catholic lay- g - g the rio " " Supreme Court justices, judges andGRIEVANCES AT LONDON liver addresses. volunteers has been without a f'. P st m president of the Sechon for ~ke a survey of conditions in n e t Heal ............ some 500 o her members of the bar department for the Past 18 month ) tn, o~ one ~onzerence. ills ~m~- " More than 300.women recently at- Cry, the results of which, it " S'~nenc were present. may serve as a guide in the The students are now busily train-~ i e, Cardinal Bourne,. m an.rater- __ L(BY N. C. LW. C. News Serwce.) tended a meeting in quigley Semi- mg themselves to tackle any fir~Iv ew, expressed great interest m and on,on, ~ept. 29.--News has nary when preliminary steps were fail,ling of industrial schools which breaks out in the locality .... l approval of the works in which Father MONUMENT IN ALSACE . ::amC:~tt::~e from Mangalore that a taken to organize the Catholic Tem- pe of Catholic boys. The new venture recallsa re-!Garesche is engaged in the United THANKS GOD FOR AID , _ ormed at the recent All- en of Chicago along archdiocesan ~er Officers Named States IN TRIUMPH OF ALLIES mark by the late Rev. Bernardt ~nt~?tsC:~hOlsibC?o:fee[hnc_e there ~s to lines. Leaders in Catholic activities, ~fficers elected were as fol- Vaughan, famous Jesuit preacher, I In the field of medical mission, Fa- . P Round Table ~oth educational and charitable, were ' By M Massiani Conference which meets here in Pc- present Theyomade plans for par that the Catholic Church is the great-ther Garesche recalled, there were ~' , ~esidents: The Rt. Rev. eat fire insurance corporation in the I sent ou~ from the headquarters of the (Paria Correspondent, N. C. W. C. tober to discuss the future status of ticipation in the jubilee . Gavisk of Indianapolis, the world. Catholic Medical Missions in NewI ! News Service.) India . . " Iudge of Hartford, Conn., york more than eight tons of medi-Paris, Sept. 22.---0n the Galtz, a" Fifty years ago this month Chi- bert ~. LeBlond of' Cleve- Meeting of Bishops Is cine and supplies to 125 different ],summit of the Vosges that dominates th:h::d:i::f:r:nl~e~hkgk?:v~:c: ~:ngs::S;h?hS:nte b~r~h~n::t:'fPilli" J. Nelligan of Baltimore o , e ~v ~ ~ ~ ~ ,~ mission stations in all pm~s of the ~he plain of Alsace, a monument in :f Ca~hohcs, m In(ha and suggest nots. Shortly thereafter the Most Roy. Msgr. George T. ,.DEE rot INOV. 1~- an{:[ l~ world. ]recognition of God's~ help in the vic- ~eans wnereDy Catholics will be safe- Rev P A Feehan came from Nash uston Texas; Secretary, gumded m the new Conshtuhon utile Term to ak John O'Grady of Wash- " " ~ " " , ., t "e charge of the C.; Assis~nt Secretaries, Mellen of Washing- and Miss Alice Padgett of C. Slates will be held at the Catholic University of America here Wednes- day and Thursday, Nov. 12 and 13, it was announced today. The Administrative Commktee of the National Catholic Welfare Con- ference will meet at the headquarters of that organization here, Monday, Nov. 10, at 10 a. m. The newly elected Administrative Committee, it also was announced, probably will mee~ on Thursday after- noon ,Nov. 13. were elected new the Executive Committee : Milwaukee, Mrs. Leon Detroit, the Rev. Thomas of Boston, the Very Rev. .~I. Wagner of Cincinnati, Roy. Peter M. H. Wyn- Orleans. resolutions adopted at the of the meeting were "with our Holy Father, ~XI, in supplication to A1- the relief of those in MORGAN J. O'BRIEN IMPROVING are oppressed because of~ belief" and praying liberty may soon pro- Country"; expressing "on Catholic workers in the in the United States sympathy with the ~public who on page 4.) CANADA, CONSECRATED C. W. C. News Service.) Sept. 22.---His Ex- Most Rev. Andrew Cas- Delegate to Canada, 14 bishops, and dignitaries attend- of the Rt. Rev. O. M. I., as the of Gravelbourg, Sasi~'atch- took place at the Basil- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) New York, Sept. 30.--Morgan J. O'Brien, formerly justice of tl~e Su- preme Court of New York State, who has been ill at his summer home on Great Plains Road in Southampton, L. I., from an attack of acute indiges- tion, is reported to be rapidly regain- ing his strength and is expected to be completely recovered within a few days. Mr. O'Brien is in his 79th year. His illness, which began about ten days ago, caused some anxiety. Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary at their home in New York las~ Febru- ary, receiving hundreds of congratula- tory messages and the apostolic bless- ing from the Holy Father. FR. D. GIACOBBI, S. J., NOTED JESUIT BURIED (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) San Francisco, Oct. 3.---RSquiem Mass.for the Rev. Dominic Giacobbi, S. J., who died in Santa Barbara last week, was celebrated in St. Ignatius' Church on Saturday, the Very Rev. Roy. William Forbes, ef Ottawa, was the con- was assisted by the Rt. Rheaume, Bishop of and the Rt. Rev. Joseph Apostolic of Grouard. Board, which is scheduled for Novem- ber. Kansas City Mayor to Greet N. C. C. M. in Annual Session Kansas City, Oct. 3. Pry, co T. Smith, mayor of Kansas City, will de- liver the address of welcome at a mass meeting here Sunday, Oct. 19, marking the opening of the Tenth vent of the Trois Epis. Addresses were delivered by the Bishop of Strassbourg, by General de Po~ydra- guin, former military governor of Strassbourg, and by the Under-Pre- fect of Ribeauville. In this way the government was officially associated with this mani- festation of gratitude. MISSION PLANE LANDS AT ITS ALASKA POST Annual Convention of the National New York, Oct. 3.---The Roy. Philip Council of Catholic Men. O:her Delon, S. J., superior of the Alaskan speakers at the meeting, it was an- Missions, flying in the plane, "The nounced today, will be the Rt. Rev.'Marquette Missionary," piloted by Thomas F. Lillis, Bishop of Kansas Brother George Feltes, S. J., has ar- City, and Walter T. Johhson, national rived at Holy Cross Mission, head- quarters of the Jesuit missions in president of the council. Northern Alaska, according to word A pontifical high Mass will be cel- ebrated Sunday morning in the Ca- received by the Marquette League thedral of the Immaculate Concep-here. tion. Bishop Lfllis will he the cole-[ The plane will be used not only to brant, and another bishop, yet to be transport the missioners to their far- named, will deliver the sermon, flung mission stations in Alaska, but Business Sessions Listed als0 in emergencies to carry sick and Business sessions' of the conven- injured persons to hospitals and to Thirty persons form the commit- tee compris!ng 19 laymen, six secu- lar priests and five Jesuits. They will consult Archbishop Mooney, the Apostolic Delegate to India and the Hierarchy of India. Archbishop Hanna Says Mass at Rites for Sister in N. Y. (By Special Telegraph, N. C. W. C. News Service.) Rochester. N. Y., Sept. 5'0. The Most Rev. Edward J. Hanna, Arch- bishop of San Francisco, officiated a~ the funeral services yesterday for his sister, Mrs. Margaret Hanna Bas- sett, 65 years __old, who died on Fri- day at her home here. The services were held in the Church of Corpus Christi. Archbishop Hanna celebrated a low Mass and was assisted by tbe Roy. Bernard C. Hanna of Rochester, his nephew, and his secretary, Msgr. Thomas Millet, of San Francisco. The Rt. Rev. John F. O'Hern, Bishop of Rochester, pronounced absolution, while the final prayers were recited new archdiocese and begin the work of creating a great spiritual and ma- terial strueture--a work that was continued by Archbishop Quigley and is now being carried on by Cardinal Mundelein. PRINCE LEOPOLD, FIELD MARSHAL, OF GERMANY, DEAD IN BERLIN AT 84 (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Berlin, Sept. 28.--Leopold Maxi- milian Joseph Marie Arnold, Prince of Bavaria, Field Marshall of Ger- many, and Commander of the Ger- man army of the East during the first part .of the World War, died today in Berlin at the age of 84 years. Prince Leopold's capture of War- saw and attack on the thousand mile Eastern Front reaching from the Baltic to Roumania, was one of the greatest military movements of the war. His brilliant conduct of the campaign caused him to be mention- ed a possible "King of Poland," fol- lowing his taking of the Polish cap- ital. The Bavarian prince proposed separate peace between Russia and! Germany in 1917, according to doc- umentary evidence produced by the press, but the Russians, although ir~ want of food and munitions, refused his offer of friendly relations and "economic assistance" and called it a "provocative trap." It was also Prince Leopold who de- livered one of the final blows on the Eastern Front when he occupied Riga just prior to the Russian Rove- lution. The deceased was born at Munich the son of the Prince Regent Leo- pold and the Austrian Imperial Prin- cess and Archduchess Augusta. His wife also was an Austrian, the Arch. Edward J. Whelan, S. J., rector, of- duchess Gisele. Prince Leopold's ENTERTAINED military service included the seven OROZCO W ARCHBISHOP ; ficiating~ Father Giacobbi was one of the .[te , M ther Hanna, of the Order of Prussian War of 1870. tee will be discussed a "n Anton L eeks war of 1866 and the Franco~ t a meeh g aug that both he and Mrs r o most widely known and revered of Tuesday. An address will be deliv-Ford were deeply impressed with the the Sacred Heart, and six children '. W. C. News Service.) the Jesuit Fathers in California. He ered to the ..........1 ., , . . [~ ..... ~nven~on ~y ~ne l~ev.,pe~ormance. 1 Burml was in the family plot in [G K CHESTE~'rr~,o ity, Sept 22.---The Amer- was born in Corsica November 21, x~amei 2,. Lord, S. J., editor of: Mr. Ford particularly praised the'HMv R~nulehov ~orn~t~ h:~ ~:~-- I " " ....... ~ador~ and Mrs. Morrow 1850, and entered the Society of Queen's Work, St. Louis, on "Thehigh artistic qualitv of the nresenta- - ..... - ............... ~, ....... y. [ NEW YORK LECTURE Morals of the Movies" " ! ion " - - ast week at Guadalajara. Jesus in 1868. In 1883 he was or- ~,., . Particularly,. t and prommed that he and h~s $200,000 SCHWAB GIFT I ~.. ~ ........ g on the civil authori- dained a priest at Woodstock, Mary- ~a~ner Lord will dis ' - ~,,~ ~. ~. w. u. ~ews ~ervice cuss ~he new code wife would return to Oberammergau, TO CATHOLIC COLLEG" I ...... ) lor and Mrs. Morrow land. of ethic o . . , . . . r_. ~e~ or~, UCt. 4.--G. K. Chester- s f the motmn p~cture pro-~whmh both thought a charming off- I ton' will make hio x~.,~, v^,.v , ~lucers [ ......... ~,ubhe - by Archbishop Orozco Father Giacobbi spent most of the " .~ _ : lage. The manufacturer chmaxed (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) lecture appearar~ce on the evening of by him on a tour of the years of his priesthood in California. [ ~'rof. William A. Luby will be the his visit here by offering Herr Lang Johnstown, Pa. Seut 26 --Charl/ other historic shrines He was Professor of Philosophy and,luncheon s eak r ..... ~ . .. .- es Nov. 17, at the Commodore Hotel. Hm 1~ ess~on thePs e. At ~he afternoon, the choice of an automobile which M Schwab, steel ma~..ate,o~ ~n a ws~t'" subject" will' be- "What I Saw m ialajara is noted. ]Theology at the University of Santal# peakers will be Richard he might select at Munich. to" this ei~ ~resented ~ TM...... I~- ,, r spent an afternoon)Clara for many years. He was best ..... I -" ~, ,- . ~. ~'~,,-c~s~ltome. visiting the pottery]known as co-founder with Father Jo-Re~Lec:~i:th~tt~ho~!pma:?~r::~.LS p~iog0U:epl~ :he ytet::dd~n:?os:tthh~ Cw~:;enC?ttuht~loic ?:O:laOnf L:~tnt:,s,Oaf [ Th:::Cotfrethiel1 b~a~:~ncun~d:r:lhY~, ~r i mtit ations in that]seph R. Stack, S. J., of E1 Retire San au " nd.the Rt. t e 80 performances drew 383,000 gift of $200,000 for the construction America and is his onl ~ah [are where Arch- [ Inigo, the Jesuit retreat for laymen ~Rev. Msgr. Francis M. Orr of Kansas visitors, of whom 50,000 were Amer- of a n~, o~ .... ~ou o,u ...... ,~.~.~. [ . , _ y scheduled lee- has his home. I'at Los Altos. ~ City. ,. ....... ~" .~'~"~,~ ":", ~ .... s~ ....... ~-| vure appearance :for the general p~b- '~ ..... ~es nave just msciose~. I lie in New York City