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October 9, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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October 9, 1942

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PAGE EIGHT THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 9, 1942 Stless Hitler Places On Re I Menace Fails To Delude His Enem' IN A WAR.TIME SCHOOLROOM Bending their efforts in conformity with the war-program, Catholic colleges and schools throughout the country have added courses and programs to fit the needs of a nation at war. In this picture, Sister Mary Mathilda, L H. M., is shown teaching elementary aeronautics to her class in Holy Rosary School, Scranton, Pa. (N.'C. W. C.) "QUI VIVE?" (Continued from page 1) The people of this section are beginning to feel the pinch of war. Housewives are finding they can- not get their usual brands of ear_ned food, sometimes cannot get a certain vegetable or fruit at all. lVlany days bacon is not to be found on the nrket. The butch- ers are unable to buy the high class of meat they might want. They take what they can get. Sugar rationing turned out to be ample for everYone's needs but we may not be so fortunate with other products in the future. The doling out of gasoline if it is to be as strict as it sounds is going to .bring much inconvenience to all and" real hardship to some. Heat nULy come next. Just how it will work is  question. In the South our winters are not as bad as in other lrts of the country, It has been easy for us to warm our homes because of a near supply of natural gas. If that is to be cur- tailed to supply camps we shall have to shiver a bit. We shail probably be Just as cold as our brothers in the North and perhaps colder for our houses are not built to withstand much winter weath- er. In more severe clinuttes te whole idea in building is to keep out as much cold a possible... We have gone on the principle of let- ting in as much air in the sum- mer as possible. When thgt has resulted In Jack Frost coming in through the cracks during January we have simply thrown on another log or turned up the jet. To keep warm we shall have to fill up the cracks. A little sacrifice is good for the soul. The body too, will after a period of adjustment be in better Condition and able to throw off discomforts which in time past would have sent us to bed. We have had much to be thankful for and we will appreciate it more when It is no longer ours. Mission Activities In Indo-China, Ceylon, Continue Vatican City. ()--The Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith has received word from the Rev. John Mazoyer, O.M. I., Apostolic of Vientiane and Luang-Prabang, Indo.China, that all missionaries in that field are well. It was requested that their relatives be informed. The same Congregation has been advisied that all mission acti- vities are being continued in Cey- lon despite the inconveniences of air raids. " ' ,, ,I,, ,,',',, AUDIENCE (Continued from page 1) quietly received all of the South American diplomats living in Vatican City, at the apartment of Harold Tittmanh, who has been charge d'Affaires in Mr. Taylor's absence. A cordial air pervaded these conferences. Mr. Taylor also had conversations with Mr. Titt- ma/1 in the course of Saturday. i ! A special interest was evinced by Mr. Taylor on Thursday when he visited the Vatican Radio Of- fice and also the Information Of- fice. He was accompanied to the Radio Office by Archbishop An- tonio Riberi, Monsignor Walter S. Carroll, American prelate attach- ed to the Vatican Secretariate of State, and Mr. Tittmann. The visit was made in the course of one of the daily Vatican Radio broadcasts. The organization of the Infor- mation Office in the Vatican was explained to Mr. Taylor and demonstrated by its Director. The American representative w a s deeply interested and expressed admiration, particularly w h e n shown the service given out to America. He expressed hope that there might be even more ample service extended to the Western Hemisphere. KNIGHTS (Continued from page 1) Bluff. It is hoped that every State Officer of the Knights will be present, along with their wives and women guests. Brother Guste will be greeted upon his arrival in Little Rock by Worthy Grand Knight John Helbron and a committee of Knights. Complete program ar- rangements are under the super- vision of Lecturer Lawrence Lips- meyer of the local council. Broth- er Bader F. Busby has been select- ed to serve as Toastmaster. Broth- er S. J. McNeil, secretary, reported Tuesday night thaf near 100 reser- vations had already been made for the banquet. This report iindi- cates an unusual attendance. Communism No Democracy Says Speaker St. Johns, Que. (E)--Communism has no right to call itself a form of democracy, in fact it is most anti-democratic, a totalitarian form of government, the Rev. Dr. Gus- tar Sauce, O.M.I., director of the School of Social Sciences, Ottawa University told the large gather- ing of Catholic leaders attending this year's Semaine Sociale. This week of study has been de, voted to the subject of "Demo- cracy" from Catholic viewpoint. Dr. Sauce, pointed out that de- mocracy is a form of government into which enters the suffrage of the people. The people by their votes determine the persons they wish to have as their law makers. but these law makers are then in- vested with an authority which comes from God, the source of all authority, he reminded. This authority demands the ob- ligation of obedience to the select- ed leaders and a serious collabora- tion for the common welfare of society, Dr. Sauce said. Under- stood in this manner, he said, de- mocracy must be based on justice and charity; it must make respect- ed the laws of God and safeguard the fundamental elements of so- ciety,the individual and the family. Otherwise the order wished by God is broken and moral disor- der results, he declared. [ Jacques Cartier, St. Johns attor- ney, declared that Christianity is the essential condition of the sur- vival of democracy. God's plan is that man has the right to life, and to normal development, to ac- quire which man must be obedient to the Divine plan, he noted. Jacques Perrault, lawyer and professor of the Faculty of Law at the University of Montreal, de- clared that Catholicity seemed the predestined religion of democracy for it was the religion of the lmm- ble, recognizing that all are broth- ers and equal before God, preach- ing the virtues of charity and co- operation. 111 II Compliments CITY DRUG STORE Phone 528 Jonesboro, Arkansas f Victims Nazis Not To Be Deluded , By Elmer Murphy Washington. (E)--Washington has taken note of Hitler's latest ad'- dress to the German nation and found in it cause for satisfaction, not in what he actually said but in his change of attitude. As SeCretary Hull pinted out, the speech was lacking in many of the usual "boasts and bombasts." It was not the usual Hitler, confidently holding out the pronise of greater victories and conquests, but a Hitler preparing his people for more sacrifices and urging them to hold their gains. Washington interpreters profess to see in his utterances signs of a shift froil ,n offensive to a defensive attitude. In some respects the address had a familiar ring. Hitler stressed the threat of Bolshevism, as he has done many times before, and it may be assumed that it was used to alarm the Germaan people and to counteract, in some measure, the misgivings of people who resent the Nazi persecutions and attacks upon religion. He makes no compromise in the latter respect but places the emphasis upon Bolshevism as the thing to be most feared. He said, according to the reports of'his speech: Catholic Family Lauded As Ideal Group New York. ()--A Catholic fam- ily of Hartford, Conn., is the sub- ject of the October article in the series entitled "How America Lives," published in the Ladies' IIome Journal here. The family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Berekman nd their four children, Frederica, Cather- ine, Sister, and Junie. It is de- scribed as an ideal American fam- ily, characterized by a remarkable cooperation, intensified because of the war. Mrs. Berckman is di- i rectly active in defense work, as !she is employed in the Colt's Pat- ent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company. Forced to become em- ployed even before the war be- cause of Mr. Berckman's ill health, Mrs. Berckman, the article says, has, nevertheless, a family that has taken up the slack in the do- mestic routine brought about by her daily employment at Colt's. Tribute to the family's religious devotion is paid in the article. The children attend Our Lady o Sorrows parochial school in Hart- ford. Although she works seven, days a week, now from seven to l three, the article says, Mrs. Berck- man is up at five Sunday mornings to assist at Mass and Mr. Berck- man and the children go to church i later. The only organization to which Mrs. Berckman belongs is the Ladies of la Salette, a church organization. The article says Mrs. Berckman "would give her right hand to see" Junie, her only boy, become a priest. The War Bonds the fam- ily is buying will go toward a semi- nary education, should Junie de- cide upon the religious life. Mr. Berckman is of German- Irish extraction and Mrs. Berck- man is a native of County Mayo. Ireland. They were married at St. Patrick's Church, Farmington, Conn., 14 years ago. Missionary Exhibition In Montreal Continued Montreal. (E)Because of the unusual interests and large crowds attending, the Missionary Exhibi- tion being held at St. Joseph's Ora- tory in observance of the tercen- tenary of the fund'ation of Mont- real, has been bxtended for a sec- ond week. "We succeeded in overcoming Bolshevism in our interior and we shall also get along beyond our borders. We have already proven that. "If in a country Archbishops hold sacred Masses where their altar cloths have on the one side the bolshevist insignia and on the other the arms of their country, then I see a black future for such a country. We know much better what such things lead to." This may be taken as an appeal to save Europe from Bolshevism but, as a shibboleth, it is not like- ly to affect peoples who have seen t h e ir countries overrun and brought under the Nazi yoke and their churches wrecked and their eligion attacked. From the Unit- ed Nations viewpoint Nazism is quite as evil a thing as Bolshevism and, at the moment, Nazism hap- pens to be the thing that threatens the freedom and security of all peoples. Because the Unitel Nations are fighting on the same side as Russia d'oes not mean that they are fight- ing for Bolshevism. but, because they are fighting against the Ger- man Reich, as it is now controlled, they are fghting against Nazism. The two cannot be dissociated. Bolshevism does not come into the war picture. If we join hands with someone else to put out a fire which threatens to destroy both of us, we do not stop to ask what our fellow-fighter intends to do when the fire is out. We put out the fire first, for, if we don't, both of us might be burned to death and, if that should happen, it would not make much difference with whom we fight. If the Russian government, as constituted at present, is com- munistic, the fact that we have joined forces with it to destroy Nazism does not mean that we approve of Bolshevism. If Nazi- ism triumphs, Democracy and Bol- shevism go down together. More- over, we are not certain that Com- munism, as it exists in Russia, will not modify its aims to conform to democratic ideals. But that is not the question at the moment. The first task is to win the war for, if we do not, it is futile to discuss our differences. It is not regarded as probable that Hitler by pretending to slay the dragon of Bolshevism will di- vert attention from the outrages he has committed and the fact that he is worse than the dragon against which he professes to be guarding Europe. The possibility Blessed Sacrament Church Jonesboro, Arkansas Priest-Chaplain Happy than the Holy Land. Over Holy Land Billet his mother here, he says Cleveland. (C)--The Rev. Clmrles visited the Holy Places H. Logue, one of the Cleveland it certainly is all very Diocese's five priests serving in ful, '' to his sister tm wrote: the armed forces as chaplain, is now with the American Army in Palestine. Father Logue writes that "one could not ask for a finer location" that the .Christian nations that have felt the iron heel of oppres- sion will be diverted from their present purpose of destroying Nazism because it professes to be stemming the tide of Bolshevism in Europe is too remote to be tak- en very seriously. "Am still visiting Bibical scenes. is an adventure and adds thrill to life. This wonderful journey if it under peaceful conditions, only one fault to a land flowing with honey it abounds in milk is a luxury. Had a desert fevor but am fine in time will be on the Father Logue has the captain. JONESBORO GROCER WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS BETTY JANE America's Finest Flour Jonesboro, Ark. 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