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October 8, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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October 8, 1927

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l ilpaint'presentedsuchaA&rfulaspeotl lworld O ober 23. i1 in a very enlightening ar~lcm o e v ~ .... I . . , eP~:;h h!r:~!!o~n:Sr~:S~h!!:;i::l(~ I i~m~!~i~i]:m!:rs~~iihiedPaiiaS~c~l~ ] shiMn:~ tlhl:h~lPgil:::fy ah:mn~:: i Gh:ul,R~?nD~unsa~et:~d ~n:: I (By N. C. W. C~Service Special I Wic;~ta, tha:n.,BiSh~lP s:::p~ . . . . useless and a number of church edi- beaut contests were under here seems to be y v t. , for . 39 to escort the remains of Queen - ~ ] The council adopted a t country The ten county fair is be side is the levee Water outed over The county seat of the eastern half fred, Bishop, was born about 634 andlLismore streets, of which the Rev , " ........ .{, ~,_' in held in Wynne and will brmg to this like it does over a great falls, of Clay county was the place where was trained by the Celtic monks at lJ. A Dubbert is administrator, was ...... :st the ca,ital of Cross county visitors sweeping into the stores and business the Northeast Arkansas Deanery me l Lindisfarne in the peculiar rites and]aln~ost entirely demolished ....... :z ' from every .... sectmn of Arkansas and[ off~ces lowerm ever thin as ~t er 28 1927 The conference u a e f . Holy ~ y c at .~ TenneSsee: ~tlwen~' The-town rests-o~lov and was he~d in tl~e home of Mr. and Mrs-Ins a boy he longed--for-perfectcon-fand Destrehan streets also suffered . "Alma Mater is proud o{~ rket m W nne, we are glad . . . " forward it si hts in all directions, but the main Rome he founded a strictb" Roman~ The roof was torn off Mullanphy erable statesman b,, the l~eV~ c announce, ~s slowlyrecovering hfted u~. ~reat, hear houses earr beauty of the homebeaut:fullS from. w~thmcha e'l monaster a ~ n cesmtatmrtsp~tal .... andthe~neremoval~mors drenched,of many nepa ~e~u Mr. Arthur Becket and M_i_ss:::::l Driving in from the west, .the first Lwh::edthoen Hl:r:a::c~d ~utehdayMa:~l Bishop of Lindisfarne and five yearslbeE~ry window in the. west side of conferred upon Senator De~t turning home:--- "[~e~a~_:x ~'N:"~n~e~" ar:~theIPfeiffer's home is open for all tl~e]vigorous-Cathoiic discipline-modbledIOakland and Lawn boulevards, was Senator Dessaulles' fecal 1~ innaol~eu g | Vl ' tShUbi!t::C:lll:g:t:'::ur:~h::::udi=[ ~l:y?:tgru~e~ :h~dt~bihiimneid:~hihnui: he@;V~'iii~epi:tMoSrgr'~;se~th. 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Saturday, October 15~---St. Teresa. FOUR MORE DECLAsRE 'AY (By N C W.---~-News S~; i .~[~" ""~P Y P por~ance were read ~ne one ~)n , Sacrar~ento, Calif, Sept. " ~*'30~ ~The"Bishop--x~ith hi;assist-lit "~a~eb,'"'~o[~ses-of al-( kinds are I P_rta_nce.were read... The one "'~)n! ran away from her home at Avila in OBSERVANCE, OCT. 23., ~acrm:ento, tAani., ~ep~:i~l ahn Y c;e " ence. The speakers at the next meet- to foster any inclination t~ !~ . . by Father Haeringer, and the other " General Observance Is Assured i around the church blessing the ex- a httle way, some half way and some ,, ........ ,, b Fa'" r by the Moors. Being brought back un lVllXefl lvlarrlage y me ,, ~ ~ . , Throughout The U. S. of M~ssmn [ teriorthe churchthen wherethe processionthe L~tan" willy ofenterAll ahnOStcled withall care---manythe way. TheSeof themare cir- i,~a~e. ~arHoxiemOn~. was selected as meeting mustShe said:din, befo~eI want. I cant Seesee GOdH~m. ."andSheI Day. : Saints will be chanted ,thence the about to topple over. And they are!place :for the next Deanery confer- became a Carmehte nun and was l at- interior will be blessed. The public resting at all angles with the road|ence The s eakers at the next meet er caned upon ~o rezorm ~ne order. New York, N. Y.~To the number ] will wait outside the edifice until itself The whole scheme is bedlam, lin will be ~s r J A McQuaid arid She died October 4, 1582. of dioceses already planning for the . ........ ~ after the Bishop has entered and will On top of the levee numerous tents [,,g ~, , Tg :"'-'--:-on ~ . - ooservance ......... 02: lllSSlOn ~unaay, Oeto-i' prms~noou .......... ~na~ may app~'t~ ~ t~ev J ~, .Lrtomp~ " . own :i:amllles; ~o aelmera then quidlfly enter the sacred edifice, are still pitched and the town itself[ -Father Haerin~er and Father Mar- Rains" will utilize one of the most her 23, may be added the archdm-!~ ...... ~i~ " ceses o:[ tNew IorK anti t~ew ~rleans, . . /~ After the dedicatory ceremony the is peppered with them, taking careJmon invited those present to th~ ded- recent marvels of sc~ence--radm to ......... land means o~ oo~ammg ca ~, ............ I b~shop and the clergy ~n oe~ Bishop will administer the Sacrament of these who/se homes have drifted [:cation of their churches in Engel- broadcast the results of scientific in-~ne ........ umeeses o~ ~. Joseph, lwo., an~ grea~er ....... number o~ s~ucie~~*~ of Confirmation to a class of young many miles away: The outside of the'[bern and Hoxie on October 9, 1927 vest:darien in another field in which wlcm~a, r~an. ~ riesthood ~ people. The services ~vill close with levee for fifteen miles, from Arkan-] Having said prayer and especially he has long been nron/inent---sun~pot New York Sets Date tp Solemn Benediction with the Most sas City to Gaines Landing, is a solidlrem~mbered our departed associates, weather forecasting. ' It is announee~ that His Eminence,[COOLIDGE AND CALL~S:~ Blessed Sacrament. The Rig~ht Rev. mass of houses and lumber~umberland with thankful hearts towards our To enable farmers of the country Patrick' Cardinal Hayes has author-} EXCHANGE FRIEN~J Bishop John Baptist Morris, D. D., carried away from Arkansas City's[kind hosts, we departed per bus for to reap the,advantage of the monthly ized Mission Sunday in the archdio-I TELEPHONE ~ of Little Roclt will preside at the cere- two lumber companies'. It is estl- [ our respective homes at 4 p. m. :" forecasts which Father Ricard issues eese of New York and will co-operate L. ' -