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October 8, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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October 8, 1927

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Page Two Published Weekly THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Diocese of Little Rock ...... !07 _WI?~.ST SE_CO+N__D_STREET _ ~at~x~i ma sev~nd-elass matter March 21, 1911, at the postoffice st Litt~ Rock. Ark., under the Act of Congress 0 MarchS, 1879. ~JBSCRIPTION PRICE $2.00 THE YEAR CHANGE OF ADDRESS Wl~.m a change of address is desired the subscriber should give ~h the old and the new address, CORRESPONDENCE THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 8, 1927 " they have for generations borne this burden H! and to the greater glory of all our Sisters and ![l Pope Speaks of M,ssmns !]I 1)roduced otlr parochial schools. We have to_ ope eel( ! Priests who have made the sacrifices that have day the one sole organized and complete private i educational system in the world. In view of the approach of Mission Sunday, The fifth and the practical fact of all that October 23. the message of Pope Pius XI as has gone before is that no Catholic who lays delivered to the bishops assembled ifl Washing- claim to a sense of devotion to his Faith and an Children's Bureau, Department of Promotes Family ,tte, =te=d fur bl cati,. in The Gnardian should reach us ton takes on an added timeliness The message intelligent understanding of the times and their sot laber than Wednesday morlling. Brief news correspondence is alWi ys l .eloome. The kindness of the clergy in this matter is cer- was read by the Most Rev. Francis Marchetti- problems, will ignore the necessity of Catholic [ ppr, tad. Testimony as to the value of the Selvaggiani. Archbishop Marchetti is in this education as the + greatest need of the entiret Children's Bureau of the United All emaraunieations about '+The Guardian" should be addressed to country to attend in Chicago, October 11, 12, social fabric _. , ment of Labor is presenting itself in -~ Rqv. G~. H. McDer~mtt, 3,07 West Second Street.13. the annual general conference of so- I ......... + 1"L '~ .rd 'l OFF ---ICIA----L OR----GA-N----- -- cesan directors of the Society for the Propaga-] Now lest someone, through ignorance or bad]m eres nas been centerea Jargejy _. :='~mn s the ,fficia organ of the Diocese of Little Rock ........ , , o ' fnifh lush mmn thi.~ ~ nn nt-fsek nn nnr n,,hlie eIIorl~s OZ rne ~ureau on orac~lcatlY m ad I that it may be an earnest champion of the cause of tion of Faith He will atten conyer- i ....... " .......................... ...... o ...... + h:i! and.truth and an. ardent defender of the:religion which ..... r ..... :_L .., .... ..... T-- I school system, let it be repeated in block leLters t tmlm ,a e. Love so weu. I ex~enu ~o ~ my messing wku ~ne sincere hope ence as a guesG Dub ~J~o a~ -rl~blUL311b O/. bill3 it- I t " t~ |is cart~r may be long and prosperous ! and "- l" h " " +" " I ' its that the Churc , that Catholics have , JNO B MORRIS ternatlonal Supreme Counml of the Societyt l I . . , ................ The Children s Bureau has wa,e -- Bishop of Little Rock ..... I0 ~no quarrel wl~n DODIlC ectucauon ~or oo ~ney was the dl nit of his )osltmn and the a) " - " i " " " _-- " .................... g Y , I ' 1 P ............... ] pa gn of educatmn along th s line t aa =~ ..... ~ I even wish ro criticize l~. In tl:s way It IS etfclent, . prlate t me of h:s tommy to this country whmh+ I results Peonle honestly inter k him h arer of and marvelously organized, with the taxes of " . '. .......................... led the Holy Father to ma e t e be :Oath li 11 n ........... promotion of the best interests of chll o es as we as on uarnoncs pumlc October 8 1927 a message for the American hierarchy. I ........ - ." . .. I facing squarely tl3e problems that pre'. .... ectucal;lon canno very nature mee . . . That message .... suecmctly embodies the missionI seh, es and strlvln o for a soluhon to t athollc ideal which l egards" the soul of man Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost. doctrine which should be heard in our churches t , " , labor, prevention of accidents to chil( ...... as so , ndma e y associated with his body and . --o -- on Mission Sunday Hm Hohness says in part, I . . ' [dehnqueney, dependent, handicappe ,, mind as to make then sepalate development Let the beads be a part of Your October By the will of its Founder the Church is bound ' , , " " " . +, leered children, education of the . . impossime And to the wnurch and her cnim- . + prayers to commumcate without stint to all men the m 1 . , " ..... [ othe" m the care of her child are ' ren me soul is important thing --o salvatmn effected by Jesus Chmst and the bless- I attention Our congratulations to Rev. Father Maurus ings flowing therefrom." Religion is all or it is . " , Rohner, O. S. B., upon his celebration of twenty-inothing The Catholic Church stands for the Ill Iit Certainly the American people five years as rector of St. Edward's Parish Alaceeptance of Christ's teachings in their en- It Ed]tarml Rrandoa l lll/av, ake today to the best lntezest of quarter of a century of in(,efatigable and suc-ttirety, not in those details only which seem II ' | II/chlldren than they were fifteen years eessful labors wilt be commemorated on St. I pleasing or seasonable merely. In consequence, t )ithe Bureau was established. Edward's Day, October 13th, when the host of I therefore, the extension of the Kingdom of GREAT HELP , ] ........... friends clerical an" 1 ...... ! ..... I , rne ummren s ureau m one year t , ' u ay wm pray wkn nim l Christ is a dutv of the Churcn aria an ks mem- __ f ......... - re ..... i " . t +more [nan one ana one-nal, minion e, congratulate ram. I bers. I The Central Bureau of the Central Verein}nublications and at no time has if be , --o-- l Pope PlUS XI was specific is the statement I announces that it has so far received $1,918.33 / a .... A MONTtI FULL OF OPPORTUNITY I that the umtlngof mankind under the stand- to defray the expenses of providing the mission- / /ard of the Crossrequires the living conviction I aries among the Sioux Indians with the prayer-t These publications, easily readable O :tober has come to be a very rich month in]in every member of the Church--that each one l book in the mother tongue of their charges The I Prehensive, cover a wide range of sub Catholic devotions. Long associated with the lhas an important duty to fulfil by co-operatingIcost +for 5,000 copies of the book will exceed/as child labor, migrator5 families, c grateful remembrances we owe our Guardian ] --to bring a knowledge of our Holy Faith o1 $3,600 and the Bureau is hopeful that members]atement, child care, child delinquenc. Angels, the month has the daily exposition of/all peoples." If on Mission Sunday, Catholics I of,the Central Society and the Catholic Wom-lcompensatioh, infant care, sunlight the Blessed Sacrament while our Blessed Moth-/ will consider their individual relationship to the len s Union will collect the needed balance in]malnutrition, study of rickets in chil er's Rosary is said and the Prayer to St Joseph / mission cause there will be a personal co-opera- I order that the work can be finished soon This t child-placing agencies. recited Thus we gather with Jesus, Mary and ltion of surprising proportions in this country, l is a meritorious case D. A T. I At this time of the year when the Joseph and receive Benediction of the Most IConsciousness of that relationship is,today,/ . o s . .. ;'7 . " " r ...... ' ...... I - I ' I tJ oup are s~arung ~nelr s~uay wo messes acramen . inany, as the month araws] lacking among many us. ] PROGRESS ]year and nlannin their educational to its close we have now the glorious feast ofi In commending the American hierarchy theI We do not suggest th-at there is any necessarY]many of (hem have Peserved a time Jesus Christ King of Mankind. The response]Holy Father congratulated them on the pro-]connection between a packet of cigarettes and voted to a review of the work of th of the people these calls to devotions, not " t hshmen of our I press made through the es ab " t lan unclean vocabulary; but the fact is undeni-/mental b,,rea,, l obligatory, indicates a .ervor which is boundlPontifica1 Society for the Propagation of thelable that, since our women-folk took to public'to the hu-mblest'home in' th":'fart+he to brmg manifold blessings on the homes of ,, cord Faith This orgamzatlon has a service re smokm hundreds of thousands of them have ,- . ' ....... [ " " .... t " g, /They plan to do whatever is possible t nose wno are sound tal n ul to such pioUS/of 105 yqars in the cause of missionary enter- ]become recruits to the army of profane speak- / encourage the work of this bureau tht practices. [prise. It stands at the shoulder of the mission-/ers. They do not mean the dreadful things which I possibilities may be developed "For The month offers a beautiful opportunity f )r er it is the a ency b w alch those at home may h a al een h " " | ;" " ! g Y " [come from t eir lips; but it h s ways b t e|hold the family life to be Daramoun besieging Heaven for special favors for one's aid" isis the liaison corps of the missionary , ' f n " h t ' ..... ....... .... ' . , , lcurser s and swearer s de e ce t a he doesn ................ - ...... own soul or for'the soul of someone dear to us.I army. I mean it. Cursing and swearing are cursing and]cies which help to promote it will Blessings needed m home hfe, or for some one n ven h r lnd in 1 " ' " " L I , :/sweari g e w en they a e " ulged " on Ylterest and support.. member of the intimate circle of the home, cer-]try. In a word there is no such thing as purelYlto follow a fashion or to make a show of eman-[ - - : thinly could be sought in no more timely petl secular educahon, and the sooner we reahze ..... "-| " " .. [cipation from old-fashioned prudishness. The mass no church, no priest, no servk ion nan when presented to Jesus in the Blessed i this fact the better off we shall be. For men, I q,.h oe r,nndnn. I hnnnonu ,xHla, ,,f e ,,lf .... ~-;,~a ' bacramen wmm honor and Jove are being mare we can all determme who nzes anu "-I " P " ". I 1 it is possible that criticism be withheld fested for His Mother and His Foster Father.] who despises it. This is the first fact---Educa-] GUARANTEED AGAINST | The prayer which carries the problems of a Ca-Ilion is either Religious or anti-Religious. Therei In these days, however, when e %holic h,ome to the Three Who made the first!is no middle ground ' I .... ....... -_particular in arrangements for such . . " unrls never guarantees nls unurcn ...... I Christian Home at Nazareth will not fail of itsl ..... ........ J 1" "e free f scandals but H di" uaran makmg dlhgent Inquiry far m adva gnawer in t rrn.u nf non o nnd ,'*nno,,,.d And,how eouta gnere oe. r aucauon oy 1 wou a o o ; e a g "/the accommodations the roadhouses tl --2----. ..... 7,-'+, .................... /nature as well as its definition deals with the/tee that it would not teach error. There were[ ...... .' -- - t a irku 1 n ............... ' ,, . ea groves, IlSnlng, oanclng re ore sp a eal n tor all wl nm zna / ................. ....... c ndal- in the hurch in +-^ dm^ of/ I aevelopmen oI ne' mine ana near ox bne m- grave u --e eI " .... . attractive features, there can be no a home. Where temporal blessmgs are sought .... i "" .. , .... ..... ! dlvldual, two spmtual powers of the human/Christ. Judas was a th ef and a smmde, aSiwe are" uilt " " "; " " t in humlhty and dependence on God uuune. l ......... evel- / 1" as a traitor Peter was a -er'ut-r James1' g y sin we negiec &hlY hl l'mth:s:;m ::y;2: lheg ;~i:;e:lll{ be:3go;t:e ::c : mpg :hnYr prim:P;} :;dl John quarreled, and so didP;e er :nd Paul./2nUSutnth y lm t?e e ts ht e hf Suhff ..... " . need we are but deforming them, making son-[ AI! Catholics readily admit the Catholic Church/. . . " .... : g o on, owever, is nat]sters | needed housecleaning in the 16th century, bud ............. : hess of all such dev h h xmpor an as any o ner inquiry, even which makes these October services occasions[ " [ --+ +- oleo- h-,,se | give nlgnes or nrs place, of the reunion of Catholic familieswith thel The second fact; no Catholic can ever ." "" .... '|there is choice between an automO . . . . DU~ ~o oynaml~e 1~. Jx a Cnll(:l has a ctlr~y xace, " e Holy Family in the modern Nazareth of thelmonize hm conscience w th the teaching of the[ .............. . |where church accommodahons are .... you ao Kin yOU wash lace. m .... parish church. Best use of that precious time] Church while he persists m placing hm children| ................ / and another where it is manifestly ml; . , . Spl e ox unnoly lives oi many uatnollCS, in for lovmg devotion and thanksgiving for the|in non-religmus schools of any degree, be they[ ..................... |hear mass, one hardly needs to and in Sit o ner centuries, me tsa noilc loving goodness of the members of that Family| primary or advanced, as long as he has any up-| ........... / Cathohcs what is so clearly a duty of e . . . | unurcn never nas augnL oes now, an( . . our family Time so spent is far better em-|portunity whatsoever to do otherwise. By this. never will teach error Consult our Bible| Cathohc Observer, Pittsburgh. " ' " Y O ployed than in begging for this or that particu-| we mean rumply that no Catholic can consmen-I ..... 2 .............. | ---------- ----------- , . t -zu.) nct 1o, 1 am wn;n you always, lar favor. Jesus, Mary and Joseph know all our/tiou ly send his children, large or small to anyl ,en unto'the end " [ THE TRUE MOTHER " dvanced .......... needs, and know too, far better than we, the| other than Catholic school, primary, a ,I .......... ! ~0-- ' " e But many thoughtful men behev things'that are best for us. Keeping close to| or collegiate in this state. I xr~h J , - - - / I " ....... | " " fi ..... maidens wives and mothers of our Them we can trust to Their love, mindful also/ " - " 1 " / . . Of course, ts understood that m out ymgl -- of the delegated care of our Guardian Angel . . . . . in greater need of the exam le atrC who knows so well our true wants ' districts where there is no Cathohc school con-I It was a wise idea of the papacy to create a assistance of the Blessed P gietha' _ ' . veniently located there is an excuse for the pri-I language of worship, common to all peoples,t " 1 .... r So can October come to mean a speci al time|mary grades, and in very special cases, for sec-lwhile respecting the individuality of each, in|W men o a mos any+o ner 2Oll of family intimacy with fh~ Family af aaa nn/ .., , ! ........... ! ~v*a .... u.a* t~**av~ a~,, .... s anu .v - -'- - -- " + - ....... t ondarv work; but there is no excuse in may- I aaopung common nturgy, pnrases our-, ....... +^ '--^',----- d ...... . ...... o ...... ter of collegiate education. But certainly no rowed from old and dead languages, instead of o helps for us md,v, dually and for our Cathohc] _ : ......... I ............... |most depl rable extent many of the s ..... , Catholic snoum rls on ms own conscience.| rom slum nauon aomman anyl o" w n ...... homes and for our loves ones wno maKe ne/ ................. oul ,- ................ | z ly purl y ann wna were is oo any even n]s sbep u .e I one use aver one errxuury. "-" -1 ....... home | ......... /smere ne common ecencles oi llIe . . taken only after serious consm auon wl n " i r d n . I It is an incontestably magnificent fact thal d srega de owadays without at a!l pastor " publicopinion The prayerful stud WHY CATHOLIC EDUCATION. | " ] the Latin Mass is a single tie which binds Green-] third fact m that no Cathohc, and there Lady s ways, however, it should be ' . " | The " " /land with the Equator, the white race to,all| It may seem strange that we make use of such/ are but a few who do, can send his children to / others; the Romans to the Germans ; in fact, allI ed, will be found today, as always, the a heading for this page, as many will feel that| any school conscientiously when that school is[ Catholics of the universe to one another [ corrective for the loss or perversion of the necessity of Catholic education is now an|not f0rmaIIy and positively Catholic. And here/ " |anly virtues. For Mary lived perfect axiom that needs no further demonstration, lit would be well to add that the argument of/ We Protestants are stranger in the cere-|of a girl, a maiden, a wife, a mot revoltln monies of our rehgmn m a formgn country, if widow so that, in God s design, she While this may be the opinion of what may be I exuedieney is so craven that it g. / I called the more intelligent roun of Catholic - . i . ]we do not know the language of that country.{ be for every woman, whatever her. The fourth fact m that the Church has r 1 rm a e in 'neonle, there still remains a rather numerous| / Fo th's reason I dare to affi th t th Let"I condition, a flawless pattern of fragr v,n eo =ratify some hetty nersonal vanity or l " , . . "ier n) "n German ReviewHor " . I on thus er own sex especially, .... - ,- ,v, ~- ,, ~- a " " nO C ' " ~ ' It means the life and labors of Starers w ouio court some mean advantage. | _ ...... o- I striving valiantly in these evil days to . '- be used otherwise. It eompdeates ormnary If. ht=h hme that we looked baldly +.h,} . / MISSING MASS. I mmds clean and thmr hearts pure. - -. " - .... administration of the parish in a religious sense . + ' ' r ther "ll n n re facts of life and rehgion. The first of these] ....... vide for "- / It ue mo st1 , and to o o e su in as much as me pastor mus pro facts is that secular education, as it is now l ......... ! It often happens that Catholics miss mass in]a mother than to women who stan< spiritual wellare OI sne ls ers presented, not secular at all but boldly and i " ' t Summer through finding themselves in outing]need of her powerful help in order deliberately anti-religious throughout the coun- To the eternal honor of our Catholic people, places where there is no opportunity Of hearing I Heaven safely at iast.