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October 8, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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October 8, 1927

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means to us that nothing is desirable than that Catholic and Catholic [iterature have a large circulation, as every one may have every reading which instructs warns, and strengthens and the Christian virtues. ~BENEDICTUS, PP., XV. A Catholic Paper Is a Perpetual Mission.-- Pope Leo XIII. "The :3uardian in every home"---Our Motto The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas OL. XVII. LITTLE ROCK, ARK., OCTOBER 8, 1927 No. 4. ING TO g. S. MILLERAND URGES PROPAGATION 0F C! S0"00L | REPEAL OF LAWS FAITH SOCIETY TOt . SERVICE $ 7,810 EXILING ORDERS MEET IN CHICAGO' s., . Jersey the New Pres,dent Apostohc Delegate Ad dresses Convention---Resolutions Adopted That Protests Against Outrages on Americans Are Being Used (By N. C. W. S. News Service) (By N. C. W. S. News Service) ' As Excuse for Slaughter Of Opponents of Government Who Are Paris, Sept. 26.--M. Millerand, Chicago, Sept. 29.--ArchbishoI~ (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Miss Hawks Elected President Designated in Official Bulletins As "Bandits"--Excuse Given former President of France, who is Francis Marchetti-Selvaggiani of Washington, Sept. 29. Nearly Miss Mary G. Hawks of the Die- For Other Executions Was That Victims Were "Fanatical Rome, international president of the $18,000 was given, in cash or pledges cese of Newark, New Jersey, was Catholics." now a candidate for election to the Sup.rome Council of the Society for to the National Catholic School of elected president of the National Senate from the Department of thethe Propagation of the Faith, will Social Service at the seventh annual Council of Catholic Women, succeed- N. C. W. S. News Service) I than that, however, many are con- Orne, in Normandy, recently intro- arrive in Chicago, October 8, to at- convention of the National Council of ing Mrs. Arthur Mullen of the Die- hit .,tc 1, Sept. 30.--Reports vinced that Calles, having first made duced the question of' religion in an tend the annual general conference Catholic Women which closed here cese of Omaha, whose term expired Lg here from Mexico in the last himself safe by use of the military, is address, made before many of the of the organization at the Stevens last night. The money was raised in with the meeting. ht---some of them on the au-I inaugurating a plain war of exter- members of Parliament from the dis- Hotel, October 11, 12, and 13. He!Ie~ than a half l~our on the floor of One of the last works of the con- of the Calles government it-] mination among the Mexican people trict, in which he said, "No one haa arrived in the United States earlyl the convention, at the close of a sea- vention was the adoption of a hum- ell of the slaughter in whole-l opposing him. dared to suggest the renewed exile of in September and has been visiting sion in which the problems of the bet of resolutions, among them de- groups of no fewer than 91 Mexi- Our Protest Leads to Executionsthose members of religious ordersin the East. Service School were discussed, clarations of the Council's "whole- citizens. One particularly ominous instance who answered the first call of their The churchman from Rome will In all $17,810 was given at this hearted support of the appeals" of ari( us reasons are given by the of ldlling is not being overlooked country in danger." ]be the guest of Cardinal Mundelein time, it was finally announced. This the Italy Father "for common Cath- icall government. In some in- here. It took place in the city of M. Millerand has taken the position during his stay in Chicago. He will total did not include the promises of olic action against every form of or- Ices the victims are called "Cath- Tepic, in the State of Nayarit, and that the Republic owes every consid- deliver the sermon at a solemn High delegates from Detroit and Connec- ganized vice against immoral cinema fanatics," in others "bandits," in the victims numbered eighteen. Some eration to religion. He maintains ticut to do all they~could to raise to and literature and extreme fashiorm others "rebels." One thing seems time ago a teacher from the United that by the separation of the $20,000the donatmns of $10,000 of the day , protests agamst t os fin in each case: that executions States was traveling in Mexico, and Churches from the State the latter now befng coIlected by the women in violations of womanly dignity known without sanction by Mexican was shot when a band attacked a is forbidden to subsidize or especially each of. those jurisdictions, as beauty contests, against the may- although carried out by the au- train. The Southern Pacific Railroad favor any one cult, but that by the Opened wit ha Pontifical High ing pictures, the magazines, ~he books ities themselves, thereupon announced that unless its same act it is equally forbidden to be ~-~ant The Mass will be sung by the Mass celebrated by the Most Rev. that lower the dignity of the Chris- the enem~ declared or undeclared[~ "nar . ' " Pietro Fumasoni-Biondi, the Apes-tian girl and the Christian mother"; the same time, information is trains ~ere given protection, it would ~, ' ,semz y char. ~ iced that Calles at Mexico City have to discontinue service. At the of any cult, sect or religion. It con- '~ The Rev. James J. Horsburgh, tohc Delegate to thzs eoun~y, andan encouragem:~t O:r :hef C:~h:l~: doubled his personal guard, same time, the United States Gee- sequently owes an equal respect and ~-chdiocesan director of the Propa- closmg with an address ann nenedzc- ~iess as ~ne y. g . _ ~ing it up to two regiments, and ernment pressed Calles for the pun- consideration to those great moral lg~tion of the Faith Society, will ad- tan by ths Excellency, and the sag. ua~:nol:c ,,razor marion., a p::~::l; two thousand troops have beenishment of those guilty, fOl~?S, thediff cially assigned to patrol the Fed- It now is announced that 18 "ban-The Iormer ;r::~d::ltig::k:: more-S~:=::::Ph:l:ugbi:::t:'~is~a:n Ahid ~gt;:bathnqueSt~:iS:a~gletdeBc::n:~" a~:Ith:r inthe ::gli:l:~:en th: s~t:te: District. dits" have been captured and sum- over, "In what way could the Renub-!Pro#ross " Other -rominen(church tion was hailed as one of the most which would in;any way undermine bservers and some officials here marily executed at Tepic. Thus the lic be menaced, or liberty imperiled, men will be heard on topics ranging oustandmg m the Council s hmtory, the sanctity of family hfe and the distinctly disquieted hy these re- Calles government would placate if in the rest of F.rance the members from "The Missionary in Home There were m attendance 226 votmg e te ,?y 1.of, ,,.,. fsymp y,,of .s. They see in Calles' slaughter those who proteoted. However, there .'itizens and his strengthening of is nodoubtinthemindsofthosehere ::ui;;~l~:h th:nng::eg~:i~ySdiplof~lay F~;lndS;ie~ds':ThThMelSl~:a~ vanFd:rl dhlr:ega~:2p~e~;O:=gn::d 17~11:::{ tth: ~iued ;erseeution which is )wn guard and that ef the Capital familiar with Mexican affairs but should have the same right to teach Schueren, S J, for more'than 41I organizations. A great many of the being inflicted upon them and their mewal of the bitter armed opposi- that officials, pressed to find some- as those admirable missionarids of ~ears a missionary in India, will talk[ conventmn's sessmns were attended fmmhes by, the present government ' by audmnees tara[my 1,000 or more oz ~vlexzco l of the Mexican people. ;More (Continued on page 5.) the French spirit, the Sisters of ~n foreign missions. " , " " ~ ~" ~ Ribauville, had in Alsace under Ger- ~i The Rt. Rev. Msgr. William Quinn ) PRESENT POPE !t~UNYIIJI3 I'UIILtlAJI~ '" ' man domination. 0~ New York will perside at general PADrt AI ql~hlAT/il~ lIR ql?lPlTl qt'flRlTq His answer to this que~ion is a de- a~semblies. Monsignor Quinn. is ha- ID/'IIULIi~I~tlLI~ ~Jl~l~l=lt 1 ~t~l~, l$l~,s UiaagLqM g/l~t~lt~'L~U l~'ll~klL~ VESTMENTSll mand for the repeal of the law all,lanai director of the society. Vari-/ A]~|]Pk ~,~[,l[~.][~]~r~][} T, f~| [~D|~ ~| |DT|~J~-. AND INSTALL SHRINE 1904 by which the privilege of teach-]~s chairmen will have ~harge of! /-~ ~r~l~[~ lu ~Lr~I~|~ rL||~lll.~ 0NOR ST FRANCISI TOgLITTLE FLOWER' ing was denied to the members o;f]~bundtable discussions during theI[ ............. I ,=,,~m,, ~,SlrW~,, ' religious orders. ' Ithree-day conference. [ anlii t'gS,N c c Wllfl 5Ot;lALIbl~l a , ~ . ~IWI~AFiW*~t~I~ ,N,S~ ~utw~ 'qr~o ] ,y o. Se co, -- * FATHER FLANAGAN IRHINE FLOODS CLAIM oo,, Or. Paris, Sept. 26.~The Capuehin ltwelve-foot shrine in honor of st.I ,~,,z,,,~,~ '~.~'~rv~ .~ ],~^ ,~., ,A, l,r~ =~a=~vtCardiaI, but a United States Senator] Vienna, Sept. 26.--The vievs of ~hers of France are to present to ]Teresa, the "Little Flower of Jesus,"I ~.~. W .~ ||~i| ~ ~: ||~ t-~fl "~'|| ~1|| ||~:.~" ~1 ~ N~ land a g~vernor, as well as some of lsome members of the Catholic clergy Holy Father, on the occasion of was dedicated in the chapel of Ohio] a~a~,~t~ I! ~ ~w.a~a ,~ '~ [~ aV-x~ aaala,,~ ,,~a~s ~/the most widely known layment ofIthat the Church must flirt with So- approaching celebration of the i penitentiary here Sunday. It was i ~'~V DD/~I?ITiTITDII~I~] i~OlUiTl~l 17D/~M II/t lTqlth ~ ~ppear on the pro-~ cialism lest the working classes ac- ~enth centenary of Saint Francis[purchased with the contributions of j IJIL/~ 1 l|t /[llliL/ltlll l! IL#ltlIl~ll llt~/lll ll lII/JJi gram of the National Council of J cuse it of taking sides with capital Assisi, a set of vestments and or-[the Catholic inmates. I ~ J Ca~holie /~en's eopvention in Detroit[ were repudiated in an address which nears w?aich are the result of two l The figure of St. Teresa is five andI Omaha, "Ne]) ---Father "E J Flan-[ Geneva Sent 27 ---Between 301 October 16 to 18, Charles F. Dolle,~ the Austrian Federal Chancellor, a--n d" ...." ..... ~, " .... s| . -~ ' ~'" " .......... executive secretary of the Council,~ Monsignor Seipel, has just delivered trs' work on the part of twenty-sixlone-half feet in height. The shrine is[ ga , u-~c~or o~ earner ~,anaga~ ~ana ~u nersons were ueaa a~,u ~nva-~ . as of the Order of Saint Claire. I crowned with a canopy finished in iBex'._ Home, has renewe~u ,Ci-~ nation-~sanos[ " were- nameless ............. to~ay m ea~-iannunced .......... at its headquarterssnere!nee, at the German, Catholic ..... meeting in ,, thm wee~ in aam~aon, zne pre e Dortmund, Germany Dr ~ezpet, zt l'he set includes a ~ehasuble with lnatural oak, the drapes of rose-color-lal campai, gn against pr0fiteering,in[ern Switzerland, western Austria and l " ....... | " , . accessories~-maniple, stole, etc.---led velvet, lined with white silk, fall-j homeless be~=''~, be-'innin-'s s action|~ne ........... r.rinci~ali~y o~ ~cn~ens~em, as allOf ..... at least ..three ~smnops Is cer~am,ll will be remembered, in the schema-. : alb with its cord, and the sacred ling in graceful curves to the pedestal, lagam because one of the wards of resuit of torrential rains, cloud-btirstslsam Mr. x~oue. . [tzc world zs a professor of morals. the Home was Improperl treated m I The I-Ion. Henry F Ashurst, semor T rz sm s z cuss en, all elaborately adorned with lThe statue of the saint is finished in] " Y " and' floods which were submerging l - | he p "est-state an wa d's - quisite embroidery and painting on j rich, gold decorations and surmount-]a small Wisconsin town. ~ ~,,~" .......... cvm~:~. ~ senator of Arizona/ has accepted an~., --~'~ ~-~h"~ ',,~;~,...~, .... .-.~--,~h" ~-b' lar~,~ T e mwtatmn to be one of the chmf ~. The nuns' work in painting andl ed by a halo of eight small electric I b boy was sent to the small Wis-' The death list in the departmental .... |cities, who observe the working e , / s eakers at the great banquet at th ~broidery depicts.whdle scenes from lights. The entire shrine is flooded'] cousin town ~co work for his board {of ~t a~llens Gress~ns and Tessin, ~ P |classes' looking favorably upon So- ..... Book Cadr~Iae Hotel which will con " z 1 ~ lives of Saint Francis of Assisi] with a rose-colored light which playsl andthat roOmhe coutin a grocery store so[Switzerland,1 mounted to 24 today aSlicludo- the convention" At thm" event-I cialism and say, in effect; Sac"a- Saint Claire, and from the his-[upon it from the ceiling. ] d ~ttend High Schoo lthe flood waters of the Rhine river . lism is the thing of the future. We y of evangeIizittion in India, China ! , - About t~ eat hve a c e another speaker will be Admzral Wfl The idea of mstalhng a shrme to ] ' y- " of Father Flan -I ontinued their rampag . '~ ........ :1 must not fight it as a matter of prin- , , llam ~ Bell~o~, neaa Of l~ne Unl~ea ~ gun s Boys Home wards a-re now in[ Eight or more persons were dead at ' '- Jciple, lest the laborers be estxanged d Japan, in addition to beautiful[the Little Flower 6riginated several] g g g "1 . " "~ " " "- f he N ~" '- ......... "~ ................... tti h Schools an/] "C011e es throu h Innsbrucf Austria, following a cloud States ~ forces in the World War I from th~ ~h,veh W~ m~.qt, not rtraits of Saint Francis himself, I months ago among the Catholic men out the country. , !burst there yesterday, and for years l~rcsment o t " b" [take sides with capital, but with la- d of his Spiritual sons, landa contributioneVery mantotOOkbringingpridethein makingproject "I sen~ for theboy because I dis-[ 5,000 Homeless in Liehtensteln. C" M. [bor: It would be no misfortune if" |JECT TO AERIALS ] covered thvoug~h my investigators thatI Most of the principality mass I the capitalistic economic order should of Lichten- At the public meeting in Or- to a successful conclusion, the family wasnot treating him prop- stein, was flooded, resulting in 5,000 chestra Halt, one of the chief fen- I~erish and the Socialistic order take ON CHURCH BUILDINGSI "It was a real expression of love erly and did a~0t,care whether or not! being rendered homeless, and possibl~ tures ~fthe convention, at which Car-|~ts place " (By N. C. W. C. News Service) from the men for" the Little Flower he went to ached1;" said Father Flan-J loss of life dinal ~,~yes of New York will be theI ~ ]~ailc~=~n~. th;~ ~d .... m~ .~ +h,l and all the more meritorious when we " -- ................. ' ............ agan. "Theymerely wanted him for] Railroad, telegraph and telephone principal speaker, Governor Greene]cler~v haw avon von.~s,ho,~ ~h,~*- Prague, Sept. 9. Although the [ consider that the men have no means work" [ communications in thd ~hole area of Michigan will welcome the Cath- ~ "i ~' "- ..... ": -:~" ....... ~-::~- l ~ ~ . ! ~ an s~a~esmen WhO nave resisted tl~e: ~'l authorities of Prague have re- ] of earning money and every penny "It is one of the most unnatural ~ was ~artl~ or wholly paralyzed. One olic me~ to he state. Mayor oonn ! ~ ......... . . v J . - * J boclallSl;lesystem ancl retusea ~o en~ iced many applications from dif-lgiven meant deprivation of the indi- crimes for persons to workhomeless railroad train at Brenner, Sw~tzer- W. Smith of Detrozt w~l extend~ the . i .......... , - . .... . .. ..... l~er n~o agreements wz~n ~ne ~oela/~ rent parts of the country for per- I vidual to that extent," the Rev. and orphan ~oys -with the aden" of lland, was hurled into the river Isargo welcome ~o vale civy, ann zne xtv. x~ev. ! zsts." " amen to erect radio antennae on I Albert O'Brien, O. P., chaplain to the making money thereby instead of by an avalanche Joseph Schrembs, Bishop of Cleve- I ..... ,, ] " - ..... /l.~r. ~eipel Aovocates Middle Course arch buildings, a strict prohibition[catholic men said. helping them in life; said Father. land m t Episcopal Ulmirman oz ne] ............ any such action has been issued. Father O'Brien was celebrant of wmle ne repuam~ea an mi nment .~d~imflarinother France by the parts prohibitions ecclesiasticaland of Italy, Europe,but have authorities partficular- the been CzeciS-:h by High,,The theLife Mass ReV.and and a sermon J. Virtues B. MeyerS,of st.Was O.Teresa.,, P''given on ~;:i;i!i~i if nI~ii!ib=~~ ~~: ~iii ~~i~~~il I s~Cv~Z. ~Pi~h! ~ln~i t~iihe ~~:! m a civi~ one, based chiefly METHODIST MINISTER Orphanages and Boyg' Institutions meat bureau "recently that is now in to Detroit for the convention, acre- neither unconditionally accepting nor the arguments that aerials would HOPES CATHOLIC MAY throughout the co~mtTy are assisting active operation obtaining work for bet 15 a special car, bearing a dele- rejecting the' present economic order. many cases interfere with the BECOME PRESIDENT Father F]anagan in his campaign, the unemployed. Since it was start-f g arian of monsignori and priests and property arrangement. beauty of the churchFather Flagan's Boys' Home has ed, employment has been found for[ headed by the Rt. Rev. Joseph C. "He who would have Catholics and would moreover in- Denver, Sept. 20 Colorado Met- cared for more than 2,000 boys of all 45, many have been materially aided ! Plagens, A~m'Iiary Bishop of Detroit, keep some particular social or econo- the danger from lightning, hodist Episcopal ministers, in session races, colors, and religivTm. It is one and 350 applications have been filed, l will leave the convention city for New mic order as holy as their Faith, asks at Trinity Church here, recently of the outstanding non-sectarian in- The chapter also indorsed the pro- York. The following day, as repre- them to commit a blasphemy," he STARTS heard Stanley B. High, represent- stitutions of the United S~a~es. Its gram of Brother Barnabas and agreed sentatives of the N. C. C. M. and declared. "And he who would have SEISMOGRAPH SOON ative of the board of foreign missions boys come from 33 states, Mexico, to sponsor a boyology course this of the Diocese of Detroit, they will Catholics work to overturn the old -- of the Methodist church, declare him- and Canada. Fall. welcome Cardinal Hayes as their and firmly established institutions of Wis., Sept. 20.--Mar- self in favor of a Catholic President guest on the special ear, which will earthly life before a new and bette~ University's seismograph, one of the United States. C.M. SCHWAB HEADS ALUMNI LINDY FLIES 25,000 immediately start the return trip. system is a hand, asks them to cam-: 15 now being used by Jesuit "The principal issue of the 1928 Loretto, Pc., Sept. 20~---Charles MILES SINCE JULY 20 It also is announced that a recep- mit a folly or an unscrupulous act. ughout the country for Presidental election is being be- M. Schwab, steel magnate, was re- --- tion is to be tendered His Eminence "However, that man is equally registration of earthquakes and fogged' by individuals who would make cently elected president of the new- New York, Sept. 26.--Col. Charles by the Council Wednesday evening, wrong who is so lazy he does not wish determination of their location, the issue one of religious intolerance, ly formed St. Francis College Alumni A. Lindbergh has wired the New The Cardinal, who hsiI1 remain in De- to do his share in the solution of so-' reassembled and will be op- 'declared Mr. High. "The real issue Association at its initial meeting held York Times frofn E1 Paso that up to trait throughout the sessions, will be cial and economic questions. Re- within a few weeks, will be prohibition, but the candidacy here. The meeting was called by Mr. September 21, when he reached. San the house guest of the at. Rev. member, it is not permiss~le to con- Marquette seismograph has of Govenor A1 Smith has given rise Schwab himself, and was attended Diego, his plane, the Spirit of St. Michael 3. Gallagher, Bishop of De- sole the poor among our fellow crea- L 1 dismantled for. more than two to an unjust issue of religion,by more than 50 former students of ouis, has been in the air about 2731 trait, during his stay. " tures by holding out Heaven to them It is being recommissioned by "I am not an anti-Catholic. ! hope the Loretto institution. The Rev. hours and had flown about 25,000 ] . '" when they can Albert It. Poetker, S. J., the ~nd trust that ,some day the United Wflham Grfffm was elected vice- miles without overhaul. Lindbergh I left San Diego May 10 and was back Dr. Seip left" New York July 20 for a tour pro- ] there for the irmat since his trans- terms the regent of engineering at the StateSas its willprestdeel~t,,have a Roman Catholic presidentprindible, andTreasurer.Secretary, and 'George meting aviation, of all the states. He[ Atlantic ]top September 21. overrate fanciful soci