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October 7, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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October 7, 1911

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P41e Eight I i THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN Saw Today Thin00 of Tomorrow We Pay per cent on Savings Southern Trust Co. Southern Trust Building Holding Back Your Live Stock will be no easy task if there is a meal of our feed or grain ahead of them. They will be too eager to get at it. PRESIDENT TAFT INVITED. On I'resident Taft's visit to Chicago he may attend the dance of the h'ish Choral Society at tile La Salle Howl October 28. When a committee from lhc society waited upon him in l'eoria last Friday .the President said he would be there if it were possible to -so arrange his engagements. FROM NE WMEXICO. The parochial school for Mexican children of Roswell opened on Tues- day, September '9, with Miss Chris- tins Itcrnandez as Miss Maria Cas- tenada as instructors. This school has an eurolhnent of sixty pupils. The parochial school for American chil- dren has twice that number. The crop of apples in the viciuity of Roswell is unusually large this year, and large quantities of delicious fruit are being shipped from that place, one corporation sending three car loads in one day. SIMPLE ENOUGH. Old Aunt Sally, the highly esteem- ed cook in a Southern family, was fre- quently praised for her cnlinary skill, and on one occasion, when a number of guests had been to dine with the family, remark was made touching the Your stock know good feed and grain heautiful appearance of Sally's pie, when it is offered them. Feed yourswith which showed a very pretty scallop ours; they will express appreeiation of on its edge. the treat in better condition, better ap- Inquiry heing made as to how the vearance and better service, old lady managed to get such an even design, Sally was sunmmned to the Wm. E, 0verstreet Grain Co. dining room and the questiou was duly put to her. SEVENTH AND CENTER STS. The emotions of the guests may be "Why, certainly," said the clerk. and jnst then, as another young lady was taking some soda water, he ask- ed her if she would have some. too. After drinking it the young lady liD- gored a moment, and finally cbservcd: "Now, tell me, sir, how you would dis- gtnse castor oil?" "\\;hy, madam, I just gave you SOlUe " "My gracious me!" exclaimed the young lady, "I wanted it for my sis- ter." HE HAD A GIRL. A small town boasts a female preacher. One day when working in her study site heard a timid knock at the door Answering tim sumnmns she found a bashfttl looking German on the step, who stood twirling his straw hatin his hands. "Good afternoon," the preacheress emarked. "What do you wish," "Dey say der minister lifed in dis ]louse, hey?" "Yes, sir." "Yesss? Veil, I vans me to git married." "All right; I can marry you," she said. The lady's hair is beginning to sil- ver, attd the German glanced at it. Then, withont conmlent, he jammed his hat on his head and hurried down the walk "Will you be hack?" she called after hint. "You don't git no chance mit me," he answered. "[ dou't want you; I haf got me a girl already." ANNOUNCEMEN T. Drs. S. D. and J. F. Ross desire to announce that they have opened a suite of office rooms on the third floor of the State Bank building, No. 302, and have secured a residence at x524 Center street. Office phone xrop. Residence phone, 6048. Dr. S. D. Ross has been in practice thirty years and devotes himself ex- clusively to diseases of the. eye, ear nose and throat, with special attention to examinations for glasses. Dr. J. F. Ross is a Homeopathic physician and surgeon of experience and gives his time entirely to the gen- eral practice of his profession. All calls will receive prompt attention, night or day. Pfeifer Hemstedt Plumbing Co. PLUMBING, HEATING and GAS FITTING xx9 W. 4th St. WANTEDGirls to learn hair- dressing, mamcuring and facial beauty culture; short time completes; tbe leading profession for girls, as our graduates are in big demand, and you can get good positions the year round at top wages; to advertise the school we will make a $25 scholarship for the first ten tsudents Write for particu- lars to Pahner School of Hairdress- ing, 5t9 West Second St. Little Rock, Ark. K ITMB0000L L PI/00I00 O Means that the most scrupulou- care has been given every delt of the construction. That e part has been manufacturec'r .. the piano and organ factories of the W. W. KIMBALL CO.; that it has been made by skilled workmen, under the direction of experts in their respective lines. That ability, experience and re- sponsibility are back of the pi- ano. The ear and the eye can judge of the .... BEAUTY OF TONE ..... the satisfactory case design and finish, but you must look to the NAME for reliability of con- struction and the assurance that the good qualities will endure. The house of KIMBALL has had an experience of over FIF- TY YEARS in the music indus- try, and artists, amateurs and thousands of satisfied customers give abundant proof of the MERIT of the KIMBALL. We have sold KIMBALL pianos for many years and have them in the best homes, schools and colleges in Arkansas. We guarantee these pianos. In buy- ing a KIMBALL Piano, Player Phones 19. 39 and 1129 The German National Bank OF LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS CAPITAL, $300,000 Founded late Surplus snd Profits, $350.000 . B. A. LITTLE. Pros|dent E.T. REAVES. Cash/or R.H. THOMPSON. Ass'/,Cash r O. P. ROBINSON, V.-Pres. D. G. FANES, V-Preu. M.H. LONG. Asa'S Cash r Our largetlhl d c.orrespondents end the superior equipment of our Collection Department afford unequel |edibles |o hendlinl.a.ll hene, u eoeuated to us.  e.ontervsve yet prostem/ive'methods which have characterized the managte- moat ol,thts nz nave:mot.only marked R, hlRory w|th .uceet% but atum continued tasty and mtidection to its lattzons. WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT We respectfully invite Accounts of those who desire a Safe Depository for /heir Funds . .' THE . England NatmnaliASSUSC"""PiNE BLUI F, ACADEMYARK / Conducted by SISTERS OF CHARITY, OF NAZARETH BANK / . 000oooo a00::i . ENGLANO. Prnidsnt . T. CIFFMAN. ..PrsI [i ] J. E. BIIIUINI, Jr., ealhtsr /1 Contracting Painters and ] LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 11 Decorators I .......................................... Dealers In Wall Papers, Paints, BI= F1 NA FI D HwINZ'/I Oils and Varnishes ] OONFEOTIONIER |/ '1 Bread Cakes, Roils, Creams, Et. [1 Old Phone 459I. 322 W. 6th St. ] Jaoth Phonos 658 J f glii I ! Your Savinl00s are Safe ! _. Deposited With the ---- _-== MERCANTILE TRUST CO. Has Op/tal of ........................................................ 0120,000.00 Has Surplus of ........................................................ 76,000.00 Has Asses Of ........................................................ 950,000.00 M Deposit of ........................................................ 750,000.00 --" It owns one of the largest and most profitable insurance agencies ---- in the city. = Has a large and well-managed rental department. ,-- Has an active and successful real estate Separtmemt. ----- Has careful and conservative management. _ Has capable mad experienced officers and employes. ----- Its leans are made on Little Rock real estate aad high-elas ollat- --- era] securities. m -- It ill pay you 4 per cent interest on all money deposited in the --'-- savings department, and especially eolieits aeounts of this character. --- H.L. Remmel, Pres. Emmet Morris Treas. Max Heiman "Vice Pres. R.W. levell, At. Ssc'y. W. L. Hemingway, See'y. Fred Schmutz Trust Officer. llllllllHlllllllll " WE NEVER DISAPPOINT We sell everybody. Best things to eat MILLER GROCERY CO. Phones 3a9z.39a Daily Delivery Pulaski Heights DR. B. H. MERCHANT, V. S., Office 2II W. 4th St. Tteats Diseases of All Domesti- cated Animals. All Calls Promptly Attended to, Day or Night. Advertise in The Southern Guardian Will Pay II I I I I I Ill III I I I II II I I I II I I I II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I =- The Arcadia College =;= = URSULINE ACADEMY FOR YOUNG LADIES - ---- In beautiful Arcadia Valley. Delightfully situated. Buil din gs -- spacious and commodious. Just the scltool for your daughter. = -- Departmenta--Collegiate, Acad emie, Preparatory -- = CoursesClasstcal Enghsh, Commerctal, Musm, Art. -- ---- For further information address Mother Superior, Arcadia College - - Arcadia, Ms , _- ffi =  imagined when the old lady replied: = : ; _ Piano or Organ, you positively "Oh, dat's easy, I jest nses lny false THE PITY___OF IT. , t, - get greatest value obtainable. teeth."  IIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle Prices modest  Quality best. -- _--  Sold on liberal terms of pay- Hearing the crash of china, Dinah s _--  meat. CATHOLIC C61SUMPTIVES. mistress arrived in time to see her ____- Our motto ,s" ----_-- Estabhshed" x853. favorite coffee set in pieces. Tile --  -- National Hospital to Be Built for sight was too nmclt for her mercurial = " " = g M Them in Denver If Present temper. "Diuah," said site, "I cannot -- Quahty above ev- = Hollenber usm Co. - " " - 6o4-6o6 Main Street Plans Carry. stand it arty longer. I want you to = erythlng else. = Fathe,- William O'Ryan, pastor of go. I want you to go soon; I want  _-- The Oldest, the Largest, the St. Leo's Church, Denver, is back of you to go right now." " -- .-- Best Piano and Organ House a movement to huild a national has- "Lawzee," replied Dinah, "tiffs sure- - r, ,. , , - in Arkansas. = all ana see specimens ol = _ : _ : --: pital for consunti)tives in that city, ly am a co-instenee. I was this very  our work. and to have it controlled and owned minute cogitatin' that same thought in by the diocese of Denver. Father my own mind--I want to go, I thank -----  --------=- O'Ryan comes across a great ntany cases of destitution brought on by the the good Lawd I kin go, an' I pity  ?."  #lk*ar, your husband, ma'am, that he can't white plague, and has long had tl,e go." ! .0  i|' " High  de i establishment of such a hospital at ra heart. A WISE PRECAUTION. j [. Pr g | Father O'Ryan is conferring witlt latin , Bishop Matz about the plan. The The day before she was to be mar- Bishp' t' has lnghadit in mind' ried an ld ngr servant canae t i { ""--'-   el) i but lack of ftmds has been the hadi- her mistress and intrusted her sav- cap. ings to her keeping'. ETHICS dI=VISITING. "Why should I keel, your money    The New Era Press  ' The two children were playing in for you? I thought you were going _ The =. - to be married?" 315 Wst Marlam Phon 5&6 the yard at the home of Constance ..... , SIts'Mtssus'butdyu spse -ph -- - .1 i I -_-=- -.-=---__ .--= toac,,i.0000 o, ,,or koop a,, ,no.e,. ,,, do ,,o..o - omgrapner = parents, but slle wished to play a cer- wad dat strange niggah?" tain game and Taylor desired to play another game.  120t Main Street - F l De You ought to play ,ny game," s,.d   -- unera Sl ns "r " aylor, because I am your yes,tar, and you ought to do what I want to --- Satisfaction or -- m ..... do " . %" --. = money back _---= Ales Artistic F]oraln specialtyTene tar weoalndc Constance realized the truth of th,s. -llllllillllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll i VESTAL'S, 09 Main St. II yet she did not wish to give in to her " P.M. PALEZ. Manadcr. little friend. == -- ----= '-':':--"------'--:- -- 1 Phone 463 After bus,nee| hours call 687 "Let's go over to your house, Tay-  > DC s Little Rock, Ark., 8-i8-'ii. t' ....... Soda or RALEI c r, she sa,d.--htd,anapohs News. If t lS MY BEADS. GHuSNPRINgSEWATER A Thought for the Month of October. Sweet, blessed beads! I would not WE HAVE IT This is to certify that the Raleigh part With one of you for richest gem That gleams in kingly diadem; Ye know the history of nay heart. For I have told you every grief In all the days of twenty years, And 1 have moistened you with tears, And in your decades found relief. Ah, time has fled and friends have failed, And joys have died, but in my needs Ye were my friends, my blessed beadsl And ye consoled me when I wailed. [:or many and ntany a time, in grief, My weary fingers wandered round Thy circled chain and always found How many a story you might tell In some Hail Mary sweet relief. Of inner life, to all unknown; I trusted you and you alone, Bat, ah, ye keep my secrets well. FIND TIME to take a look over a reallycom- plete harness stock. Whether or heavy work or light work, we have the set you want. It Pays to Trade at PATTISON'S. Try it PATTISON d CO. Harness Dealers. 3oa Louisiana St. Springs water has been examined in the laboratories of Dr. Frost,and that he finds it to be a safe drinkingwater. Dr. O. K. Judd, City Physician Subscribe for the Southern Ouardian Ye are the only chain I wear A sign that 1 am hut the slave, In llfe, in death, beyond the garce, Of Jesus and His Mother fair. --Father Ryan. SHE THOUGHT SHE KNEW. "] tell you I won't have this room," protested the old lady to the bellhoy who was conducting her. "I ain't a-gain' to pay ,ny good money for a pigsty with a measley little foldin' bed in it. If you thin that just because "I'm from the country--" Profoundly disgusted, tlte boy cut her short. "Get in, mum. This ain't your room; this is the elevator." IT WAS DISG&SED, ALL RIGHT A young lady came into a drug store and asked the clerk if it were possib!e to disguise castor oil. "It's horrid stuff to take, you know. Ugltl" said 'the lady with a shudder. Phones 995; a995 Public Drug pany Markham and Center FOR QUICK DELIVERY lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllff emy + + * + + * + * + +* + + -=: St. Anne's Acad =---- Fort Smith, Ark. i 3-Lb. Cans $1.00 = Day and Boarding School Conducted bF Shltera of Mercy 1-Lb. Cans .35 . lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllil . + + + + ++ + + + MJK Coml Fletcher's i jj Rose Bud Coffee! Try it and you will be convinced of its delicious flavor. Roasted and packed daily in Little Rock by  . St. Mary's College Fletcher Coffee and Spice Company ST. MARYS, KANSAS ,.2,_ Collegiate, Academic and = English Commercial _= Courses = Under the management of the = Fathers of the Society . of Jesus ----" Write for CataloSue __. REV. ALOYSIUS A. BREEN, S. J.. President --" nlllll}illllllll