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October 7, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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October 7, 1911

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,pro THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN is not unanswerable, are you the head of, 0000mily? B,.IeT00ST TRmUTe. COLUMBUS DAY. Yes. ls your family your body? No. Is the Presi- dent the head of the United States? Yes. Are the On a recent Sun(lay evening Rev. A. \\;V. Hand, a On next Thursday, October t2, Columbus Day will PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY  United States the body of the President? No. There- Baptist minister of Keyport, N. J., preaching in the be [ittingly observed in practically all the States of THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY fore if the Pope is the head of the Church it does not church of which he is pastor spoke on "\\;Vhat Good this Union. In thirty-five States, including Arkansas, OF THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK necessarily follow that the Church is his body. Yet, Things Cax] \\;e Learn from the Roman Catholic this day is a State lholiday, made so by a legislative have cried Alas! prematurely. Church ?" enactment in the several States. BUSINESS OFFICE: 315 W. MARKHAM ST., LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ]f the head and body are to be correlatives we must His text was Phil.. iv, 8, "If there be any virtue, i.f The Knights of Columbus have taken the lead in - - move out of the spllere of merely tigurative language, there be any praise, think on these things." Said he: this movement to honor the memory of the great dis- V. L. SPALDING, Business Manager Hence the fact that Christ is the head of the Church "it is my purpose tonight to speak on points of coverer whose name for centuries has not been hera- =.==._==.====_ ......... =:====-=:.:- ......... = ....... == ........... ===: ...... ==: .... and that the Church is His body proves to us, that we excellence of the Catholic Church as seen by one ored as it deserved. The man who gave to the,' orld SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 THE YEAR are here confronted with something deeper than a outside that great Chureh. While my testimony a new continent and first planted the cross of t ..... .--- .... mere figure of speech. In order that a certain organ- may not be fully adequate on the subject, still it on its soil has been sadly neglected, but now, OFFIOIAL APPROVAL. ism may be truly called the body of a certain head will be unprejudiced an'd distinterested, the lapse of ,]lore than 4oo years, the order of The Soui;hern Guardian is the official organ of the that organism must receive an interior quickening in- "From her unbroken history, going back to men which bears his name is doing honor to the nm ttuence from that head. And such is the case with the Christ, wc are under a great debt to her for pre- and memory of him whose deeds so richly merit it. diocese of Little Rock, and I pray God *hat it ma) .be an earnest champion in the .cause of right, justice Church in relation to Christ, and to Christ alone, in sc,'ving the manuscripts of our New Testament. In all tile principal cities of this country on Colmn- and truth and an ardent defender of he religion other words, whatever supernatural lifc there is in the For ages monks were the scholars of thc (lay, and bus Day great parades will be witnessed. Speeches various members of the Church is a conmmnication their work was kept from the exigenccs of war will be made by the great men of the country, Catholic which we all love so well. I extend to it my blessing from Christ. It would be a beautiful task to analyze in monasteries, and I','otestant alike, extoling the virtues of the great with the sincere hope that its career may be long the function of the Sacraments in the present connec- "We admire her people discoverer. and prosperous.---John B. Morris, Bishop of Little tion, but this would lead us too far. "Because they believe strongly in their Chm'ch. Many recruits will be added to the different de- ': :Rock. "  One more thought. According to a comparatively "Because of their loyalty to their Church's in- grees of the Order of Knights of Columlms. and this ! ............................. modern physiological discovery, every living organism terests, great organization of Catholic men wiU observe the SATURDAY. OCTOBER 7, 1911. is made up of cells, each of which has its own life, "Because they are always ready to defend t.heir day it] a religious way befitting the event. energy and connatural activity. Still all the nfillions Church's interests, and, if need be, die for her. of cells are not only under the direction of the life '"Because they support her by faithful Church In New York $IOO,OOO has been raised for th cele- bration. In Chicagogreat preparations are bing made THE HEAD OF TIlE CHURCH. principle, but are so penetrated by it as to constitute attendance, by generous liberality and the men go for the clay. It] practically every city and town of the one life with it. Thts the various members of the to church equally with the women. When we speak of the Pope as head of the Church Church are the cells of Christ's mystical body; each "Because they show great reverence for their country, North and South, East and West, where Protestant controversialists are wont to refer us to St. member has its individuality, and yet the life princi- Church and pastors, there is a Knights of Columbus Council Colmnbus Day Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians, where we read : "God ple, which is Christ, permeates then] all and makes "The wisdom of the Church is seen-- will be observed. hath made itim (Jesus Christ) head over, all the them sharers of His owi life. And tlms each live "It] regard to the times of service, all classes *-* Church, which is His body." They do us the honor of member of Christ's body may say with St. Paul, "I accommodated by early and late services, i THE THING TO DO. ; "Their churches are open all the week for wor- assuming that we believe in the Bible and expect, live, yet not I, Christ liveth in me." ship and meditation. The proposal by the Chamber of Commerce of this course, that the above text will show us the futility Hence we gladly accept the appeal to St. Paul's "Her charitable work commends her to all city to raise a million dollars with which to advertise our claim. You certainly will not maintain, they say, Epistle to the Ephesians. For if Christ is the head of conmmnities, the wonderful resources of Arkansas is a move it] the that .the Church has two heads, for a body with two the Church and the Church is really His body our Lord "There is no distinction when in church between right direction. The men behind this movement heads would be a monstrosity,, and as Holy Scripture certainly did not allow His body to become so utterly the classes of people; they are equal before God, should have but little trouble in raising this amount, explicitly states that Christ is head over all the Church, corrupted as Protestants would have us believe, whether rich or poor. and if they succeed--which they will in doing so and there is no room for the headship of the I'om. "Husbands love your wives, as Christ also loved the "Their attitude on the question of divorce is the money is wisely and judiciously spent, it will be Well, we have read the Epistle to the Epresians Church, and delivered Himself up for it, that He wise and strong. To them marriage and the home the best investment the State has made in recent years. with great serenity of mind, and did not feel the rock might sanctify it, cleansing it by the laver of water in "is sacred, and if they succeed in leading other This State has wonderful resources in climate, soil, of our Catholic position shake under our feet. 1t we the words of life, that He might present it to Himself churches it] taking a similar stand the future wel- minerals and other things that go to make for wealth were maliciously inclined we might at once retort the a glorious Church, not having spot or wrinlde nor any fare of the State, now threatened, will be assured, and prosperity, but they are at present not properly i[gbiiii:i'; ` _evi'i(,ot t-hake the [,lunder 2a'lrle'ge'furtP'lt::]lee'Sav sht of It the such thing, but that it should be holy and without "They give no uncertain sound as to the deity developed. . . d " " . ' "." " -." in- blemish. No man ever hateth his own flesh, but hour- of Jesus. Tell the world of the opportunities that Arkansas ar- isheth and chesrisheth it, as also Christ doth the "The hold on the masses of men and women has to offer and people from other States and countries guing from the literal sense of a passage when we are Church." (Eph., v, 2 5 SS.). [tad Protestants real- in some cities help to make good government pos- will come here to enjoy with us the good things of a evidently confronted with figm'ative language. (gther- ized the nature of the Church as Christ's body "they sible, great State. wise we might ridicule the idea of a smiling meadow would" if we may charitably extend to them St. "Their well-known influence on children in  :_ on the ground that has no face. Paul's excuse--"never have crucified the Lord of their eai'lier years." October, the month of the Holy Rosary, is here, ]'-lead of the Church, as applied to the Pope, sig- glory." A. STOCKER, O. S.B. -:: = and parents should not fail to properly observe the n ifies that he is the ruler on earth of Christ's Church, , .,. which is the society of all true followers of Christ. Certainly the Holy Father's heart was gladdened holy season. Let the family, night and morning, re- Now, a society with no rulers does not involve an an- THE CLF.RGY AND THE PRESS. when the school children of the world offered Holy cite each day during the month the Rosary, and God omaly, as it well known to students of history. Sparta Communion on September 20 for his intention, will bless his children for such devotion. at one time had two kings; Rome had two Consuls. Having been in our younger days a reporter whose Much less ground for obiection can there be if one of blunders, though a Catholic by birth and training, in KNIGHTS GIVE STATUE OVERHEARD IN THE MARRI- NOT NOW. the rulers is absent and'the other is appointed to act writing about things Catholic were equal in numbers TO BOISE CATHEDRAL. AGE CONGRESS. A girl, a great lover of nature, went as his representative and vice regent, to our efforts, we fully appreciate the recent editorial Christ is the head of the Church by inherent right, in the Monitor (New Jersey), it] which the Catholic The Boise Knights of Columbus Once upon a time all the men in 'to the seashore for a holiday, and, have presented to the new Cathedral and, indeed, as we shall see presently, in a much clergy are taken to task for failure to give out details the world gathered together to make approaching a typical fisherman, said: profounder sense than the majority of non-Catholics and then blame the "reporter" for making mistakes, a beautiful statue of St. John. The the laws of marriage, and the women, "Ah; sir, how well you must know imaginebut, having accomphshed the work of re- Even in our present position we are frequently it] need statue represents the great apostle learning of this, gathered also, pro- with book and pen in hand. and at his testing and saying: the face of nature and know it in all demption, He did not, as history proves, continue His of facts which would be of good service to us and its moodsl Have you ever seen the visible presence on earth. However, a visible society much appreciated by the readers of this paper, and for feet the eagle ready to soar upward, "A woman is one of the parties to emblematic of the heaven-sent rues- every contract of marriage. Why do sun sinking in such a glare of glory that it swallows up the horizon with lnust have a visible head. a central attthority, to qom- that reason we reproduce the following: sage, and is a fitting finish for the we also not make the laws of mar- fire? Have you not seen the mist pel a unity of thought and action among a multitude of "Catholics are continually complaining that handsome Cathedral which bears the riage?" centrifugal units. The Bible cannot serve as the their religious services are reported in the daily name of this illustrious saint. "Woman's place is at home," said gliding down the hilltop like a spec- ter? Have you never," she went on needed principle of union. You might just as well say press in an ignorant and ofttimes ridiculous man- The statue is placed on the east the men. impassionedly, "seen the moon strug- that the Constitution of the United States, without ner. The mistakes of reporters in dealing with gable over the main entrance and ap- "But." said the women, "the mar- ling to shake off the grip of the rag- President and Supreme Court, would be sufficient to things Catholic are a standing joke in the columns pears life size from its height of riage agreement is the very basis of ged, rugged stormcloud?" preserve the Union. And if you desire on historical of the Catholic press. The Bishop is just as lia- eighty feet from the ground. How- the home." proof for the necessity of a visible central authority, ble'to wear a chancel as a mitre and to sit on at] "No, miss," resionded the fisher- ever, it is most gigantic, weighing "Yes," said the men, "but woman's "I just look at the scandalous divisions among those ostensorium as to kneel on a prienfitre and to sit ,6oo pounds, and is nine feet in place is at home. It is not her place man. used to see dent things, but Christians ,1]o have rejected that authority, on at] ostensorium as to kneel on a prieu-Dieu, height, to create the conditions that make the I'm on the water wagon now." But let us appeal to Christ. He made Peter a rock "And yet is it entirely the fault of the report- *  home." THE TALLEST STORY. on which He was to build His Church, but the title of ers ? These reporters are generally bright, intelli- FRENCH CATHOLIC "For how long is the marriage con- "rock" or "foundation of the Church" is equivalent to gent young fellows, capable of picking up a sug-o PRESS ASSOCIATION. tract?" asked the women. / group of Revolutionary heroes the title of head. This appellation is borrowed from gestion or catching on to a correction as quickly The Catltolic journals of Paris, re- "Forever," said the men. a different simile, which likens the Church to an edi- as any body of men on earth. The American re- letting to the letter of the Holy Then the women said: were swapping tall stories, and from five. It] the very Fpistle to the Ephesians Christ is porter is supposed to tell the public everything Father to the Bishop of Lombardy, "Suppose we should insist upon the lips of each there fell wondrous styled the cornerstone of that spiritual temple which is about everything as it happens in his vicinity, but and the letter to the Bishop of Brazil, helping to make the contrac:ts we tales of what he had done in the shock ]-lis Church, and it is evident that cornerstone and really who expects the knowledge-oozing reporter wherein he called attention to the ne- enter into?". .................... of battle or the fernezy of the charge. head--the one preceding from the simile of temple, to know everything? Therefore he must invent cessity oi loyalty among the Cath- "It wouldn't be lawful," said the Finally one old fellow with long white the other from the simile of a bodily organismhave and at any rate he must make a showing the next olic editors, and praised the action of men. whiskers remarked: 's "I the same significance as to Christ,. relation to the morning or his rival will. And, shall we confess the Catholic Congress of Mayence in "Who makes the laws?" asked the was personally acquainted with Church. Accordingly the title of "head of the it? He generally relies on the happy ignorance proposing measures for a stronger women. George Washington." Church" is implicitly contained in St. Peter's title of of the public to help him through all his mistakes, support of the Catholic press, have "We do," replied the men. "I was lying behind the breastworks "foundation of the Church." Moreover, if head means "When he makes some awful blunder in re- proposed the establishment of a Cath- "And do the men make the laws one day, pumping lead into the Brit- ruler, St. Peter was undoubtedly appointed by Christ porting a Cotholic celebration he finds that only olic press association. This they find concerning the rights of children?" ishers, when I heard the patter of a as ruler of the Church, :[or what else mean the keys few clergymen observe liis mistake. He is safe. necessary wherever the campaign asked a woman with a babe in her horse's hoofs behind me. Then came of the kingdom given to him ; what else the power of even with the intelligent Catholic, who oftentimes against a hostile press is beset with arms and another at her heels, a voice: binding and loosing; what else the commission to con- know as little about the details of the ceremonial difficulties. And in this work it is "Oh, yes," said the men. " 'Hi. there, you with the deadly  firm his brethren ; what else the injunction to feed as the hurrying reporter himself, to be insisted upon that not only "And the laws concerning a aim. Look here a moment.' Christ's lambs and sheep? "Did it ever strike the critics that they would openly hostile papers are to be avoid- woman's rights with respect to her "I looked around and saluted, rec- The last expression calls for special attention. All be as much at sea if they were sent to report a ed, but also such as are known to be own child?" ognizing General Washington, and he the followers of Christ are likened to a flock, of which Jewish ceremony? Where would they lind the half Catholic or neutral. "Yes," said the men. "The'women said: Christ is the Shepherd. Just before ascending into terms to describe a ceremonial which they wit- -=*- bear the hildren, but men determine " 'What's your name?' heaven Christ commissioned Peter to have care of His nessed perhaps for the first time? How many of BEING A LADY. their legal control." " 'Hogan,' I .said. flock. About to withdraw His visible presence, He thetn could be able to name correctly the special A ,2-year-old girl from the shuns of "Can the marriage contract ever be " 'Your first tiame?' leaves a visible representative as chief shepherd or holiday which was in process of observance? New York was invited to a garden broken?" 'asked the bravest of the "'Pat, sirPat Hogan.' pastor of His flock, l-lence St. ePter is Christ's vicar "They cat] hardly, therefore, blame the re- party given by an aristocratic lady to women. " 'Well, Pat,' he said, 'go home. on earth, the supreme pastor of the Church. porter for his mistakes it] describing Catholic a group of poor girls. "No," said the men. "It can't be You're killing to many men.' But for the desperate straits in which controver- feasts, services and ceremonial. Our young Cath- The little girl, as she drank her tea broken except upon facts that can't " 'I think I'd better get a few more, sialists find themselves when attacking the Catholic olic reporters not rarely stumble as bad as others, and ate her cake on a velvet lawn be proved." general,' I said kind of apologetic. Church no one would ever have thought that the emi- "And might it not be worth while for the under a white-blooming cherry tree, "Do the men keep the marriage " "No,' he said. 'You've killed too nent powers bestowed upon St. Peter expired with priest to enlighten the reporters when they come said to her hostess: vows?" softly asked a woman 'way at many. It's slaughter. And, Pat, don't him. Did nOt Christ establish a Church ? And if He to gather the details of a religious celebration? "Does your' husband drink?" the rear. call me general; call me George.' " did, was it to continue such as He had established it, Might they not take the trouble to write the ac- "Why--er--no," was the astonished "HushI" said a portly landlord who = = or was it to be changed? Oh, ye men that never get couflt themselves, so that the public be educated reply, owned the "restricted district. "No EVERYONE WAS HAPPY. tired of chat;gins the Catholic Church with having de- into a correct notion of the beautiful ceremonial "How much does he make?" re.4pectable woman would ask such a viated from the ideal established by Christ, say of the Catholic Church? As it is, the clergy in "He doesn't work(" said the lady. question." A gentleman had,five daughters, the wheflmr we have thrown out the rock on which Christ general are too prone to dismiss the reporter with- "He's a capitalist." Then a thoughtful woman earnestly first of whom married Mr. Poor, the built His Church? Have we disowned the binding out much, ado and sometimes with a show of im- "You keel) out of debt. I hope." asked: second Mr. Little and the third Mr. power of His chief apostle? Have we discarded the patience. "Why, of course, child. What on "Will there not be more murders Short. the fourth Mr. Brown and the supreme, pastor of His appointment? "Then, when the ridiculous story of the cele- earth--" and more suictdes and more insanity fifth Mr. Hoggs, says TitBits. At While, then, we vindicate the title of head of the bration appears in the press and the reverence due "Your color looks natural. I hope if the women have no part in settling the wedding of the latter her sisters, Church to both Christ and the Pope, there is still a to religion is-lessened, a cry is raised against the you don't paint." the terms of marriage?" with their husbands, were there, and great difference between these two heads. Christ is 'ignorant' reporter. "Why, child," exclaimed the amaz- the old gentleman said to the guests: head of the Church by inherent right, as its founder; "It is unfortunately true that Catholic priests ed hostess. "what do you mean by But the Lombrosos and the Allen "I have taken pains to educate my the Pope by Christ's delegation. Christ is the head avail themselves little of the opportunities of the such questions? Don't you know they McLane Hamiltons and all the other daughters that they might act well over all the Church ; the Pope only of that portion of it press in their community. The time was when are impudent?" criminologists and insanity experts their part in life and do honor to niy which we call the Church Militant. Christ is the head every little daily or weekly throughout the country "Impudent? Why, ma'am, mother paid no heed to this question, family. I find that all my pains, cares "But suppose we won't enter into and expectations have come at last to in such a sense as to constitute the Church ]d[is body; was enlisted it] the serv4ce of t rotestantism and told me to be sure and behave like a those contracts that you make?" nothing but ,a Poor, Little, Short the Pope's headship does not constitute the Church gave columns to Sel'n]ons ,ttll(t celebrations. Now lady, and when ladeis call at our "Oh, but you will," said the men. Brown Hogg. ] His body. "Here we approach a mystery that requires these same papers courteously offer the same op- rooms they always ask mother those And they did. But some of the - - :further elucidation, portunities to the pi'iest and throw their columns questions." " The other day I read a book of a controversial open to him. But the Catholic clergy are too busy . = _ women got even--Suffrage Edition of HOW SHE SIILLED "ALIIE" writer, who, with evident horror, expressed himself to take advantage of the supreme agency for the EPISCOPAL M.NISTER the Daily News, Tacoma, Wash. D thtls: "The t ope the head of the Churchl Then the dissemination of ideas. They have never learned TO KENDRICK SEMINARY. :  When Alice Jones was eighteen she Church is the Pope's body l Alas for the Churchl" it it] the seminary. J.A.M. Richey, former pastor of ALWAYS BUSY. became Miss E. Alysse Jones. When My dear friend, even the most enthusiastic Catholic, "Bishop McFall has many times endeavared tO the Good Shepherd Episcopal parish The Housewife What do you she went to enter a normal school she however much he may desire your conversion, will correct this indifference it] the clergy. He has in- of Quincy, Ill.. and who last March mean, sir, by circulating the report was asked her name by the dean never ask you to become a member of the Pope. The stucted his priests to use the press, in simple, was received into the Catholic Church that I am an idle gossip? She replied; "Miss E. Alysse Jones writer in question certainly thought that there wotlld ldndly statement of the Catholic doctrine by Archbishop Glennon, has entered The GrocerMadam, you do me A-l-y-s-s-e." be no answer to his "evident" inference. And yet a practices without controversy. But the Kendrick Seminary to study for the grave injustice. I said you were the "Yes," said the dean, "and how are short cross-examination will show him that his logic tions must be Did in the seminary." priesthood, busiest gossip within ten blocks, you spel!ing Jones now?" # ":[;