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October 7, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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October 7, 1911

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Old man (seeing a little street ur- chin in a puddle in the street)Here, here; get out of that puddle at once!" [ Kid--Nit[ You go an' find a mud puddle of your own. tlto - = ,m |lll|||l|||ll|l|lm||||l|||llll|lll|ll|l|l||lllll|||l||ll||llllll|||l|||| ONE HUNDRED BABIES ROUT A BURGLAR. The concerted howling of too heahhy-lunged babies at St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum, La Salle avenue and West Superior street, Chicago, early Sunday morning routed a burglar who ' i had entered tile children s dorm tory there and sent him racing out of the building and down the street at a rate that couldn't have been faster if he had had the whole Chicago police force after him. The lights were dim on the second floor of the dormitory, where the ba- bies were asleep, wheu the burglar quietly crawled in at a window and dropped noiselessly to the floor. It was so dark that the thief could not see, so groped. Groping, he over- turned a chair. Then theings began to happen. Miss Anna White, one of the nurses, awakened by the fall of thechair and frightened by sight of a figure half discernel in the darkness, screamed. Instantly everybody in the big room awake, startled, cross and crying. The babel of yells that ensued galvanized the burglar into action Brabbing an armful of clothes, he fled to the win- dow, leaped to the fire escape and plunged down the stairs. The burglar jumped over the rear fence and was soon lost from view. The screams of the babies awakened everybody in the orphan asylum. ]n a few minutes a score of policemen were hunting for the burglar. No trace of the fugitive was found. NEITHER PAUL NOR TIMOTHY--DIFFERENT MAN "I often hear it thrown at us," said an Irish teetotaler recently, "that Paul told Timothy to take a little wine for the stomach's sake and his many inrmities. That reminds me of a man who had been a pretty heavy drinker. He saw the folly of his ways and took the total abstinence pledge. Passing the public house door one morning, the publican said to him 'Good morning.' " 'Good morning,' replied the mar as he was going on. "'Hallo," said the publican. 'Are you not coming in to have a glass?' "'Oh, no,' was the reply. 'I'm not taking anything now. I'm a tee. totaler.' "'Oh,' said the publican, 'that is ridiculous. Didn't Paul tell Himothy to take a little wine for the good of his stomach, and when Scripture tells you, why not do it?' " 'Well,' said the man, 'you are not Paul and I am not Timothy, and-- there's nothing the matter with my stomach.' "Sacred Heart Review. RUBBER STAMPS. Reynolds Stamp Co. Steel and Rubber Stamps, Stencils, Seals, Badges, Trade Checks, Etc. xzo Louisiana St. Old Phone 4984. Little Rock, Ark. BEAT THIS -- $7.oo CASH for No. 2 Smith Pre- miers and No. 6 Rem- ingtons; former price $Ioo. Sold at $3 per month at an ad- vance. Guaranteed far one year. Ready for use. No. 30livers, $3o; L. C. Smiths and Underwoods, $57- Sold over 3,5oo. Write for catalogue PARKIN- LONGLEY COMPANY o6 Louisiana Street, Little Rock. Desks, Chairs, Office Supplies, Etc. BEMBERG & BLANZ, All Kinds of Blacksmithing and Fancy Iron Work. Largest Stock of Sheet and Boiler Iron. Angle T and Channel Iron. Second and Rock Streets. Old Phone a7. HILL'S BUSINESS COLLEGE We teach Bookkeeping, short- hand, Civil Service, Salesmanship and Telegraphy. Modern conven- ience. Everything sanitary and up to date. R. H. HILL, W.W. BROWN, President. Manager. Movln00, Pack- in00, Storal00e CARPET RENOVATING. Knight Furniture Co. zzoz W, Markham. Phone 5570. Bartholomew Paint Company WHOLEsALE and RETAIL 1 15 East Fourth St. / : Phone 5637 BROTHER STEPHEN DEAD. Xaverian Passes Away at St. Xavier's College, Louisville, Ky. A record seldom equaled by teach- ers is the case of Brother Stephen, the ohlest religious in the St. Xaverian Brothers in this country, who died this week at St. Xavier's College. Lonisville, after coml)leting a period of sixty-three years' active service in the congregation, being engaged in his daily duties until three weeks ago, when the illness which caused his death alienated him from his onerous services as professor of languages and secretary of the college as well. Brother Stephen was one of the fouuders of St. Xavier's, an institution which has given Kentucky some of its ablest sons. At the invitation of ArchMshop Spalding in 1852 the rst colony of Xaverlan Brothers number ed this honored jubilarian among rheim, their first foundation being the now famous St. Xavier's. He saw the college rise from its humble beginning to its present proud position, with an enrollment greater than any school for higher education in the State, The distinguished pioneer had sel- dom heen ill, and had never been ab- sent from }he class room. An active and zealous teacher, lie endeared him- self to all by his gentlemanly bearing and successful educational career, and this week Louisville saw a pageant worthy of its able citizen. Brother Stephen was a pupil of the founder of the Xaverian Brothers, identifying himself with the infant congregation after finishing school Following his normal training he was sent to this eonntry, remaining at St. Xavier's since its incipiency. Despite his years he was /ar from being an incubus, attending the community and school exercises with the utmost reg- larity. He had seen the Xavierians' growth from the first fonudation in Louisville to forty-one isastitutions now under their charge throughout the United States, the latest acquisi- tion being old St. Joseph's College, Bardstown, Ky., the sometimes "Ath- ens of the West," the oldest Catholic college earth of the Alleghenies and the third oldest college in the country, which came under the Xaverian Brothers' control a month or two ago. WHAT'S THE ANSWER TO THIS MATRIMONIAL PUZZLE? Under the head of "A Matrimonial Puzzle" America prints the following mix-up, which is a fair sample of what civil marriages will lead to: "One of the perplexing prohlenls which clergymen freqttentl3 meet itb when a couple present tl+emselves for marriage is to ascertain the exact degree of affinity or consanguinity that may exist between them. The genealogical tree, if one may mix met- aphors, is the asses-bridge of theolog- ical students. It was a test of pa- tience in the clays wllen marriage was marriage, but now that divorce has become fashionable it is almost im- possible to see one's way in the nmze. How, for instance, could a searches, lay or clericl, solve the problem that is now before the courts of New York if affinities had to be considered? "In I879 a certain Robert Tysen married ]da Rowe. After a divorce in 892 Mrs. Rowe-Tysen married Harry Kane and Tysen marrier Fannie Daw- son, who had been divorced from illiam Pollock, while Pollock, not to be left in the lurch, married a Mrs. Kernochan. After a few years the second wife of the original Tysen di- vorced lfim and married J. Campbell Thompson, while Tyson made a third venture and married a Mrs. Benrimo, Mrs. B.'s husband meantime tnating with an English actress named Roh- ertson. A fourth time the terrible Tysen appears on the scent and seeks to get rid om Mrs. Benrimo. To make ite easier for himself the judge ap- points J. Campbell Thompson as ref- eree. But Thompson is objected to, for he or Iris homonym had heen mar- ried to one or other of theTyson wives in 1899. Bad as the muddle is, another complication arises. The for- mer husband of the Tysen-Benrimo woman appears and asks to be a party in the divorce proceedings, so that he might know where he stood in this matrimonial circus with regard to Helen Robertson. What the court did to Benrimo is too technical for anyone but a lawyer to make out. Such is the pass to which civil mar- riage has brought the most sacred of human obligations, It is worse than progressive palygamy; it is a descent into the grade of the animal. It fur- nishes a suficient reason for the re- cent Ne Temere decree of the Sover- eign Pontiff, forbidding Catholics to to contract civil marriages.' SOCIETY OBSERVES I'S FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY. When the Catholic Total Absti- nence Union of Ohio meets in Akron on October o, 11 and 12, it will cele- hrate the fortieth anniversary of its foundation and meet for the fortieth time. Rev. Peter J. O'Callaghan, C. S. P., National President of the C. T. be .sent; Past Presi- del .*s. i Haley & Hornibrook TINNERS i COMBINATION GAS AND COAL BURNING FURNACES IllllU Illllllll:l:l illl:l Stlillllllllll31:781lllllll rllllllll Only Evclusive Manufacturers of TRUNKS AND TRAVELERS' EQUIPMENT In the City. REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY. 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Most gracious God, father of mer- cies, God of infinite goodness, behold us htbly prostrate before Thy throne; we pray and beseech Thee to have mercy upon the holy souls in purgatory; cast a propitious look upon them, and in partictdar upou. Deliver them from their sufferings and put them in possession of their everlasting inheritance. Rementber that they are the works of Thy hand and bought by the most precious blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus; show Thine infinite mercy towards them. Hear, oh, Lord, the prayers we offer to Thee with contidence, through the merits of the Passion and Death of Jesus, Thy most beloved Son, in order that they may be con- soled and enjoy without delay that immortal glory which Thou hast pre- pared for Thine elect. Merciful God, have pity on them. Amen. MESSAGE OF PIUS X. To New Archbishop of Dubuque on Occasion of Installation. The following is the text of tile let- ter of the Pope formally installing the new primate of the archdiocese of Du- buque : "l?ins, Bishop, servant of the serv- ants of God, to his beloved children, the clergy and laity of the metropoli- tan Church of Dubuqe, health and ;tpostolic benediction. "We this day, by the plentitude of our apostolic power, do release our venerable brother, James John Keane, from the bond which bouud him to the Cathedral Church of Cheyemte, and, with the advice of our venerable brothers, the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church. do by apostolic au- thority transfer him to the metropoli- tan church of Dubuque, which has been bereft of a [)astor, attd we place him in charge thereof as Archbishop and pastor. "Wherefore we bind you all and ex- hort you to receive graciously the aforesaid James John, your chosen Archbishop, as the father of your souls, payihg him full honor and giv- ing full obedience to his salutary ad- monitions and commands, so that tie PRESIDENT TAFT AT ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY. President Taft on last Saturday vis- ited the St. Lotfis University campus grounds to witness the tirst football game of the season. Mr. William J. Kinsella deserves n',uch credit for the honor of having the President pres- ent, as it was mainly through his ef- forts that President 'raft consented to attend The party arrived at the grounds at 1I:5o a. m. amid great cheers. Arehbishop Glennon introduced the President to the crowd in the follow- ing well-chosen words: "W+e have with us the best Presi- dent the United States ever had, and St. Louis is trying to give him the best welcome she can. St. Louis Uni- versity has never been more honored than today, and I, in the name of St. Louis, St. Louis University and the boy scouts, thank President ".['aft for visiting ns today. It will be needless for me to introduce him to you." "I always knew the Archbishop was an able man," President Taft replied, "and I have a high respect for his opinions, but 1 think he displays poor judgment in the matter of Presidents. I agree with him that his views on peace and out-door .ports, however. In fact, we agree on everything that has the basic principle of fair play. 1 am sorry that I must leave you without seeing the game, but may the best team win. "Can you catch this footballV' he suddenly cried, picking up a football on the seat and hurling it at Captain Painter of the St. Louis University team The President threw it with great force and Painter caught it, nearly losing his balance in doing so. Westeru Watchman. THEN AND NOW. Attacks on institutions of the Good Shepherd were a notable symptom in the rise of the A. P. A.ism in 1892, says the Catholic Advance. The Cath- olic Citizen, recalling this, says that these attacks are again appearing. Seattle, Wash., witnessed the latest. The Seattle Star recently published a hitter attack on the House of the Good Shepherd in that cry. It is charged that the girls were compelled may find in you devoted children, and to stay long hours at work too heavy that you may rejoice to find in lfim a for their strength and in unsanitary kind father. We wish, moreover, and couditions, etc. Promptly the Sisters command that the ordinary who now sought official vindication. State governs the archdiocese of Dubuque Labor Comtnissioner Charles F. Hub- make it his care and duty to haye this, bard of a'Wshington investigated the our letter, read from the pulpit in the institution and announced that he had metropolitan church on the first day found it clean, sanitary and satisfac- of obligation, tory in very particular, "The House "Given at Rome, in St. Peter's, this of the ood Shepherd is an institution: Ith day of August, 9II, in the ninth of which Seattle may well be proud,'" rear of our pontificate, said Commissioner Hubbard. "I have PIUS X, Pope made a thorough investigation, and I Antonio Cardinal Agliardi, found no abuse of the inmates, no un- Chancellor. cleanliness, and the conditions gen- , = erally were as pclasant as cotfld be A well-dressed woman paused in desired." .. ront of the chestnut vender's stand. often struck "No, answered lightniug than other tree; them with worms?" four stn