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October 7, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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October 7, 1911

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,luo&apos;" ]. I. THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN Little Rock, Arkansas, October 7, 1911 t LITTLE ROCK KNIGHTS LANDING DAY TO BE TO HAVE BIG BANQUET At Capital HotelChaplain of Local Council to Celebrate Mass at CathedralColumbus Day Celebration. On next Thursday evening October ]2, beginning at 8:3o, Little Rock Council No. 81z, Knights of Co- lumbus, will give a big ban- quet at the New Capital Hotel in honor of Columbus Day. Tile enter- tainment committee of the local coun- OBSERVED GENERALLY. One day in the calendar belongs to the Knights of Columbus. October 2 is set apart at the special instance of the members of the order for the proper and patriotic recognition of the discovery of a continent, the greatest temporal favor yet bestowed upon mankind. in Greater New York October 12, 19II, will be a historical day. The thunicipality itself is the prime mover in the preparations. The assembly has appropriated the funds and the cil has all arrangements completed Mayor has appointed the officers and for the banquet, and the coming event committees to carry out the arrange- gives promise of great sdccess, ments. It will rival, if not excel, the greatest civic days in the history of the greatest city in the western world In Boston the Liberty Bell, the same that proclaimed our liberties, will ring again in commemoration of that earlier and more important event --our country's discovery. <5"  The President of the United States will be present and participate in the day's events. This, too, will 'abe a noteworthy observance. Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Indianapo- lis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha. Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles and scores of other cities, large and small, all over the United States will I join in a tribute of love to the gener- ous Catholic man and of honor for his great deeds. dent Taft Were the Guests of Honor. Makes Strong Plea for Sanctity of Home and Marriage Declaring that the home is the life stroy thousands of homes, but the lat- er the State and that marriage is the ter is much the greater danger. strongest bulwark of the home, Con- "I regard divorce as the nmst se- gressman Ransdell, who made the rious menace to our national life. If principal speech at a recetn hanquet we allow it to continue at the pres- in Peoria, II1., given by Spalding ent ratio of increase there will be one By no means the least of the dem- home what the Creator intended it to onstrations will be that of Chicago. bethe earthly prototype of heaven, Guy. Gee. W. Donadhey In the events of the day Columbus, the sweetest spot in all the world, the Governor Donaghey, the man who his times and conferees will live again, one place on earth consecrated by the signed the bill making Columbus Day Like Columbs, in his every under- mother's unselfish love for her chil- in Arkansas a State holiday, has ac- taking, the day will begin with re- cepted an invitation to be present ligious observance. At the chief al- tar, the Cathdral, as is proper, the chief pastor, His Grace, the Arch- bishop, will offer up the supreme sac-' rifice to praise and thanksgiving for the stupendous favor granted the past, present and future generations in this glorious land. "How do you go about ordering a dinner?" inquired the man from the rural districts. "Well, I see how much money I have, take out the waiter's tip and then spend the change on myself." COLUMBUS AND HIS GREAT DISCOVERIES The Life Story of a True Christian and Peerless NavigatorThe Second of Two Great Liberators. Council, Knights of Columbus, among many other good things, said: "A good citizen may be defined as one who lives in the fear of God, re- spects himself, leads a reputable life. performs the duties required of his station, obeys the laws of the land and does what he can to secure the repeal of unwise laws and the enactment of just laws. The nursery of good citi- zenship is the home, the model of the state; indeed, the first State, for under primal conditions of society the home was the State. If we are to have good citizens and a good State they must be trained in the home, for as we cannot expect to see a foul shepherd and clean sheep, so we must not look for men and women of pure and strong bodies in improper homes. "Our highest duty is to make the dren, the father's deep devotion to his offspring, the children's unquestion- ing trust in and obedience to their parents, the wife's ministering care of the entire household, and the hus- band's haven of rest and comfort. Out. of such homes come forth citi- zens who will be true to themselves, their country and their God, and if we can maintain such conditions in a fair majority of our homes there will be no serious danger to the peace and perpetuity of the Republic. "The foremost duty of th$ citizen is to safeguard the home, for on the preservation of the home depends the life of the State. The home is the foundation of the State, the rock upon which it is built, and if the home be destroyed or its walls rudely shaken by storms of discord and evil life, the State itself will totter and fall. No nation can long exist and prosper un- less the homes of its people are places where the husband and wife, the father and mother, dwell in the midst of their children, leading decent lives, and will respond to a toast. His Lordship, the Rt. Rev. John B. Mor- ris, Bishop of the diocese of Little Rocl, will grace the occasion with his presence and will be the principal speaker of the evening. Many other men prominent in Church and State will be present. More than 2oo Knights anti-their ladies will attend the banquet and participate in the Columbus Day cele- bration. At 9 o'clock in the mbrning of that day, at St. Andrew's Cathedral, the Very Rev. P. Enright, V. G., Chap- lain of the Council. will celebrate Mass, which the Knights and others will attend. The club rooms of Morris Hall, the new home of the Little Rock Council, as well as the exterior of the building, will be decorated in keep- ing with the day. The Knights, as- sisted by the ladies, will keep open house throughout the day, and noth- ing will be overlooked that will add to the pleasure of the occasion or the (By J. Vincent Falisi, M. D., A. M.) H!story has recorded many events divorce in every five marriages by the middle of the century, and as di- vorce is tlae destruction of the ht3me, that means that within forty years from today one home out of every tive will be destroyed. By'the close of this century it is proboble that one marrmge out of every two will end in divorce, and the Republic is sure to fall if such an awful state of affairs should come to pass. "There has been mudh agitation el late on the subject of uniform di- vorce laws, but that does not strike at the real root of the evil. Uniform divorce laws would imply that for certain causes divorce should he al- lowed, and the same rules should ap- BISHOP'S KIND WORDS HELP AN ALTAR BOY. Once an altar boy was invited to call on the Bishop, who was a very kind man The littl boy felt afraid and eml)arrassed, not knowing how to act or what to say. Carefully, very carefully, he hrushed his clothes and polished his shoes, and took good care not to soil them on the way. The Bishop received him very kindly, and, noticing how clean he had kept his shoes, said to him: "Why, nay dear boy, how could you keep your shoes so clean when the roads are so muddy?" "Oh, I was very careful to pick my way." "But this morning your shoes were soiled when you served MassY "Yes; but 1 did not know that the Bishop would he there, or I would have cleaned them before." "And do you not know, nay dear boy, that when you serve Mass you are before a far greater Lord than I ambefore God himself, surrounded by thousands of angels. Why did you not have your shoes in good condi- tion?" Number 29 ply throughout all the States. Such showing how well he had profited by laws ntay do some good, but if di- the Bishop's remarks. vorce be once permitted for one :'- cause the selfishness and passions of HOME RULE SOON. men will induce constant changing Ireland will have home rule within of the laws, loosening the time from two years, says the Rt. Rev. John time to time, increasing the number Clancy, Bishop of Elphia, Rosecom- of causes for divorce and in a short men county, Ireland, who arrived re- FREQUENT COMMUNION FOR THE LITTLE ONES while the situation will be just as bad as it is now. "lf we wish to destroy the evil let us pluck it out by the roots and say in the language of the divine Master, 'Whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder.' One of the strongest Protestant States of the Union South Carolina  in which there are very few Catholics, has taken this noble stand and positively prohibited divorce under any and all circumstances. All honor to South Carolinal Let all the other States emulate her splendid example in this respect, for it is the only 'safe and sure remedy. "In our great Republic there are many men of many minds, many who profess no religion and many of widely divergent religious creeds, but all of them love their country and should be willing to unite in combat- ring its mortal foes. "National self - preservation de- demands that we save the State by killing divorce, the deadliest of all Tim little hey burst into tears, but children of this county, in union with he ever after that appeared about the the children of the whole Catholic altar with well-kept shoes, clean hands world, were called upon to offer Holy and face and neatly brushed hair, Communion for our Holy Father in he said, "have been talking of home r{tle for a great many years, but we were never so close to it as at this very minute. It is safe to say that it will be an accomplished fact within two years." PRISON CONGRESS. Tile National Prison Congress will meet next month in Omaha, Neb. The Rt, Rev. Bishop Tihen of Lincoln will deliver an address before the congress at a public meeting on Sun- day, October 15. School Children of Catholic World Offer Holy Communion for Our Holy Father on Sad Anni- versary Day. In Iris weekly letter to The South- ern Guardian our Morrilton corres- pondent urges frequent communion for the children. He says: "It is a most consoling sight to ob- serve the true love and fervor of some of our little children under 8 years of age, to go to Holy Communion every Sunday, and even on week days, ac- cording to the great desire of our Holy Father. "In this snmll congregation, and in " ninny more parishes of our diocese, I am confident, there is a certain num- ber of little school children, having been admitted to private Holy Com- munion, who, with their pastor's per- mission and encouragement, receive daily the Body of our dear Lord to preserve their souls in holy innocence for life everlasting. "Last week, when all the school ceutly at New York City on the White the Vatican. Some children even, in Star liner Baltic. Bishop Clancy is an their love and fervor asked for and ardent home ruler. "We in Ireland," gladly received permission to offer order to console his heart on the sad anniversary day of Rome's capture, September 2o, all our school children (with scarcely any exception) march- ed in a body to the Holy Table to re- ceive our Lord into their loving hearts and to pray Jesus for their common father, the august captive in ' Jl that have made, here and there, proper observance __ =of Columbus Day. changes of vast importance, but of CARDINAL OBJECTS TO those that affected the whole existing HOLIDAY IN HIS HONOR. world two stand out most clearly. An ordinance declaring Monday, First, the coming of God made man, October 16, a municipal holiday in which coming revolutionized ideas honor of the ecclesiastical celebration and ideals. The second, one that pro- of the fiftieth anniversay of Cardinal Gibbons' ordination to the priesthood .and the twenty-fifth of his elevation to the cardinalate was lald on the ta- ble in the second branch of the Balti- -more City Council Wednesday night at the request of the Cardinal. When it came before the body Councilman Heiler announced that duced the greatest geographical change that the world has ever known, was that which took place in October, 419 years agothe landing on the shores of a new world by that greatest of natutical heroes, Christo- pher Columbus. Him who stands a model to us of morality, honesty, faith, patriotism and energy, and who the Cardinal had sent word that while today stands vindicated throughout he deeply appreciated the honor pro- posed to he conferred on him, he did not wish to disorganize the public school system for a day or to deprive thousands of laborers of the pay they would lose if the holiday were de- clared. FATHER SHERMAN BETTER. The condition of Rev. Thomas Ew- ing Shreman, S. J., head of the Chi- cago province of the Jesuits, who was committed to a California insane asy- lum Wednesday of last week, was re- ported to he improving so tat an early recovery is probable, according to dis- patches from San Jose. Dr. E. W. Mullen of the staff of the the ages yet to come of the malicious falsehoods and calumnies of his ene- mies. Why do we celebrate this event? Because he is our patron; because we should strive to make his ideals our ideals; because his character and works are worthy of our praises and emulation; because we are true Amer- icans and love Americathe America which he gave us after so much study, for which he endured so much suf- fering and ridicule, so many insults and privations and which finally cost him his life. By those who seek to disparage Columbus great stress is laid upon the probabilities that others came to Agnew State Hospital, where the dis- America before him. Since we believe tinguished patient is confined, said after passing several hours with Father Sherman that all that was nec- essary was complete rest. He did not state this as a positive brilliant Catholic lecturer would soon ,5 ) be out and around, httle the worse :"GK nts temporary mental trouble H , did not State this as a positive '. . opmmn, but after conversing with Father Sherman he said he believed it extremely probable that the afflie- that all mankind found origin in Adam and Eve, and since Columbus, upon his arrival, found human beings, it is very evident that some one did discover America before Columbus. Then we have the story of the Mound Builders, but in latter years the con- sensus of opinion is that they were simply a tribe of cultured Indians. Again, we have the Norsemen, with hazy records, yet since they left no proof, such as utensil, cattle or other tion is only temldorary, domestic animals, and since the first : :: of these records was written 2oo The Burglar (at cheap hotet)lyears after the supposed discover(, Hands ul'; I've got you" covered. I we have reason to believe, with such The Guest--Thank goodness. That [ historians as Br,ant, Weise and Bea- ts more than this four-foot blanket lmust, that "there is not a single item will do. " [ Gontiued on pqe respecting the rights, of others and obeying the laws of God and man. "The strongest bulwark qf the home is marriage, and unless its sanc- tity be preserved there can be no true home--only an arid spot unworthy of that sacred name. We should do our utmost, therefore, to render marriage inviolable and to prevent its disso- lution at all hazards. In the old days of the Roman Republic, when its people were noted for their love of its enemies. We cannot long sur- vive as a prosperous, self-respecting, law-abiding Republic if divorce, with all its evil consequences, is allowed to grow and spread throughout the land. Either the State must die or divorce must cease. I earnestly ap- peal to all lovers of their country, whether religionists or unbelievers, to join in a crusade against this hor- rible evil. Let all persons author- ized to perform marriages solenmly country bonds of marriage were strong and rarely ever broken, but as the State grew in wealth and luxury the foun- dation of the home was snapped, undermined, destroyed, and in a short while the Republic fell, a prey to the passions of its people. "As long as the rights and obliga- tions of marriage were fairly well ob- served the Roman home existed and decent men and women grew up therein to be citizens of a respected and self-respecting State. "With the destruction of marriage by the universality and ease of di- vorce the peaple grovel as swine and chaos took the place of order and good rule. It required centuries to evolve new States out of the disor- dered wreck, and the old Roman Commonwealth was lost forever. , "As a nation we are rushing rapidly towards the same vices that destroyed Rome. Luxury, idleness and colossal wealth are sapping the moral fibres of a great many of our citizens. Large numbers of the poorer classes are obliged to herd together under condi- tions that make hom life almost im- possible. Divorce is beconaing so cormnon that one marriage out of every twelve is dissolved by law. We must do something to prevent the accumulation of these vast fortunes which are as injurious to their own- ers as to the State; we must estab- lish better dwelling places for the poor man and .stop the promiscuous herding together of so many people, and we must, above all else, prevent divorce. The two former evils are l bad enough, and combined they de- I and all civic virtues the obligate themselves never to reunite in matrimony leople who have ben divorced. Let public sentiment on the subject become so strong that when divorced people remarry they will be ostracised. Let the good women of the land take a leading part in this movement, for divorce hurts woman far more than man. And es- pecially let all the great religious bodies unite and fight together as one man on this proposition, no mat- ter how much they may differ on others.. "As an humble follower of the Catholic Church I point with pride to the firm stand it has always taken against divorce, even insisting that the marriage tie, when legally per- formed, shall last until death. And I cordially invite the unity, friendship and co-operation of all believers and unbelievers in a great fight for the preservation of hGme and fatherland by the complete eradication of di- vorce." PRESS AND MORALITY. "It is not enoug," says His Holi- ness, Pope Plus X, "to publish Cath- olic papers and put them into the hands of good people, Effot'ts must also be made to secure as large a cir- culation as possible for them--to cause them to be read by all, especia-l ly by those whom Christian charity urges Catholics to save from the poi- directors will be prepared in advance and distributed at the congress on Oc- tober 6: Rt. Rev. Monsignor Moo- ney of New York, on "Diocesan Unions;" Very Rev. F. A. O'Brien of Kalamazoo, on "Monthly Meetings;" Very Rev, Thomas R. McCoy of Bos- ton, on "Personal Visitation of Mem- soned springs of an evil press. Thus, bers by Spiritual Director;" Very Rev. in seeking the kingdom of God and Walter Elliott, C. 'S. P., on "Holy His justice, that modern weapon, the Name Demonstrations the Means of printing press, will be used for the Bringing Many non-Catholics into the benefit of morality." Church;" Very Rev.'William T. Me- in the National Congress of the Holy Name Societies of the United States, which will be convened at Baltimore on October 6 and I7, this year. His Eminence, Cardinal Gibbons, and the Most Reverend Apostolic Delegates will attend the meeting of the Arch- bishops and Bishops, at which Bishop M. C., of Jersey City, on " Annual Demonstrations or Rallies;" Passion- ate Father on "Annual Retreatts or tritduums for Holy Name Men;" Brother of Mary of Dayton, Ohio, on "Holy Name Societies in Our Col- leges;" Dominican Father, on "The Appointment of a Diocesan Director Corrigan, the Archdiocesan Director for of Baltimore, will preside. Rt. Rev. Bishop Donahue of Wheeling will ad- dress the delegates in the Baltimore Cathedral on Monday evening, Octo- ber 6. The meeting of the local spiritual directors and law delegates wi11"be an important one, at which many distinguished speakers will be heard. The Rt. Rev. Bishop Conaty of Los Angeles will address the dele- gates; also the Hun. Timothy S. Ho- gan, Attorney General of Ohio. The Rev. Vincent de-Paul McGean, who has organized a branch of the Holy Name Society among the firemen of New York, will make an appeal for similar organizations in other cities Junior Holy Name Branches;" Rev. Peter L. Ireton of Baltimore, on "How to Conduct Junior Holy Name Meetings;" Paulist Father, on "Pre- pare Our Seminaries for the Work of the Holy Name Society." Represent- atives of the Society of Jesus, the Au- gustinians, the Franeiscans, the Paul- ists, the Sulpicians, the Vineentians, the Oblates of Mary, Holy Ghost Fathers, Carmelites, Capuchins and Dominicans have been appointed to attend the congress. At the meeting of the Bishops only one short address of fifteen minutes is arranged in advance of the con- gress. This will be given by the Ven- erable Apostle of the Holy Name along these lines. Sullivan, chaplain of the police de- partment of New Ybrk, who has or- ganized a H01y Name Society among his men, and who is greatly interested in the welfare of boys, will address the recommendations will be made at this meeting after the addresses. Pa- pers hy the following distinguished Rev. Francis J. Father McKenna, who began the work of organizing the society nearly half a century ago. It is recognized that the essential perfection of the Holy Name Society is of a parochial char- acter, so that every society establish, delegates on the following subject: ed enjoys the same independence that "Save the Boy by Junior Holy Name the parish enjoys. The formation of Societies." Very Rev. L. F. Kearney, these societies into a union has given O. P., former Provincial of the Do- the society a diocesan character mmtcans, will speak on the "Missiofi which has tended to mhltiply soeie. of the Holy Name Society Today in ties and encourage and stimulated Promoting Belief in the Divinity of activity in those societies already es- Christ." Important resolutions and tablished A Congress of Holy Name Societies is intended to give a na- tional character without in any way interfering with the work or independ ence of the parochial or diocesan or-. ganizations. It has been suggested that Holy Name Congresses be held every three years. This is a matter which will be decided at the congress by the Archbishops, Bishops and dio- cesan directors. "Any old legends connected with this place?" "Yes; there's a legend that the hotel used to ,be good once upon a time, That's what brought me here." Guirl of Brooklyn, on "How to In- crease Membership in the Holy Name Society;" Very Rev. P. McHale, C. M., on "The Missionary Priest During a Mission;" Rev. Raphatl M. Huber, O. At Convention of Holy Name Na- tional Congress at Baltimore, Notable Papers Also to Be Read. Great interest is being manifested DISTINGUISHED MEN APPEAR ON PROGRAM Holy Communion for our Holy Father during eight consecutive days Their demand was quite spontaneous, and therefore so much the more con- soling. "Blessed are these dear little ones who, through frequent, nay, daily communion, remain united with Jesus in holy love, being preserved in their innocence from mortal sin by the di- vine bread of life. It strengthens in them the infused virtues received in baptism and prepares them to lead a true Christian life, and thereby gain heaven. Therefore, dear parents, en- courage your good children to go frequently, even daily, to Holy Com- nlunion."