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October 4, 1974     Arkansas Catholic
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October 4, 1974

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KNOW YOUR FAI  Sponsored By Arkansas State Council II/ Knights of Columbus THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 4, 1974 An Active, Dynamic Force There Is Evil in This World By William J. Jacobs THINGS CHANGE, new views are accepted, knowledge of man and his world increases at an explosive pace. But few things state the tensions and basic issues of man with the strength, clarity and depth of Chapters Seven and Eight of the Epistle to the Romans. Best known to most of us is: delighted with the law of God "For I do not understand what I according to the inner man, but do, for it is not what I wish that I I see another law in my do, but what I hate, that I do.. members, warring against the ,r, i For I do not the good that I wish, law of my mind and making me le but the evil that I do not wish, a prisoner to the law of sin that Gandhi, a Peacemaker that I perform... For I am is in my members. Unhappy us' Resurrection Shows 00veryone Has Light, Resurrection. Consider Peter. Surely he remembered his betrayal of only three days before. How could he face Jesus again? It was almost in- conceivable that Peter simply repressed his error and forgot it in view of His Lord's Resurrection. His error must have gripped his spirit like acid on flesh. PERHAPS IT WAS remembering that he had done wrong that caused Peter's magnificent conversion. He brought his weakness and scar to the Lord for healing. He then did not persecute himself by anguishing over the past. ,He remembered his sin; we see that in his letters. But he knew that it was forgiven. Far from a lodestone of guilt, his denial made him humble and ac- ceptable. Psychologists tell us that we do not forget hurt, experience that may scar us. Our spirit is like a photographic film, im- pressions are sealed on it. Often it is the past hurts, unhealed and festering (but repressed) in our memories, that make I Sister Mary Mahar, O.S.F. I1i.  YOU THINK that the rreetion of Jesus has ..g to do with the slogan iyve and forget"? I  strictest court of justice  ever experience is our 0ry. Any salvation that es to us will involve .ry-healing also. Memory 'rCJwer in us that gives us ength to reconcile and be "iled. It was this aspect of oat Jesus seemed to heal "st immediately in His Insurance Rep. IOHH E. BUSH L FORMS OF LOW COST talONAL COVERAGE  THE ENTIRE FAMILY ' -it-IIEALTB ACCIDEI Little Rock 847-0142 , Box 813E, Benton Forest. Heights ! Shopping Center | - I %?---:_ I o,..o.os I I I .663-8383 -5918 "R" I Cantrell & Grant - 666-6651 I I Height s Slaopping Center ,j ! KAV.',..',U(;" ................. 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We are talking relating to that person by about the ordinary, healthy subtle, angry patterns of person and his very ordinary behavior. Forgiveness is no rate of failure. more than a token if we have not openly faced the wound that is BROADENED and taken into there. If we think that Jesus' other areas, this moves us into Resurrection gives us the power one of the classical questions of to block hurt by forgetfulness theology, called the problem of we may be in for trouble. It evil. How can an all-loving, all- gives us the power to look at just, all-merciful God who hurt, to see why people hurt us wants our love permit these with malice or unwillingly do things? It would take volumes so. It gives us the power to to discuss that and our final forgive sin and to be reconciled, answers would satisfy few. It shows us that we are capable of the very sin we condemn in Right now, though, there others. The Resurrection of exists among us a spirit that Jesus shows us that each of us would remove the problem, that has light and darkness in absolves all men from all wrong himself. Human life is not a on the grounds that their con- case of getting rid of all duct isinevitable. And thereare darkness; it lingers with us like partially true but dangerous a brother (Jung). attitudes like: "I did no wrong because I didn't mean to hurt THE GREAT reconcilers of anybody." Down the street our race have been people of from that lives: "If it feels great understanding about good, do it." themselves. For reconciliation is more than manipulation of MANY HAVE "removed" people's motives so that evil by denying its presence. everyone is happy in the end. After all, the words of Romans Reconciliation means conflict, make sense only to one who breaking open our own inner cares, who tries to do the good tombs in the fight of the truth or thing and better thing, and if the resurrection, understanding possible, the best thing. that we must be gentle with ourselves, as well as others, That should be the orientation when we sin. Francis of Assisi of the ordinary Christian. If it and Gandhi were two such men is, there is no reason for despair of great peacemaking qualities; because the same text answers both of them suffered crises of the question: "Who will deliver self-acceptance. They came out me from the body of this of these crises healed and un- death?" derstanding of man's basic "The grace of God through glory and also his capacity to do Jesus Christ." evil. There is similarity between TO UNDERSTAND sin and the Old Testament story of how to overcome it, to un- Jacob's wounding and the New derstand reconciliaton, one Testament account of Jesus' must first know there is evil in Resurrection. Jacob struggled the world and that it is an ac- with God as enormous persons five, dynamic force. It isn't usually do. He came off necessary to dwellon its precise "wounded" and knew that if he sources, just to know it is there. remembered his wound it would It is there because of be a source of healing for him. weaknesses that occur in all He received a new name, men. It is there because con- "Israel," which meant one who sciously or otherwise, people of struggled with GOd. He built up all ages have lived and do live a people for he knew how to by greed, envy, selfishness, lust reconcile, having once been and disregard of both God and unable to do so in his own man. The effects of their living personal life. Jesus in his resultin a climate all of us must human consciousness struggled live in, where sin is easy and with the Father's will during his virtue the exception. last hours. He bore the wound of Few serious thinkers want to all humanity in its search for say precisely where and how justice and peace. He came off the devilenters, but anyone who wounded unto death and takes a look around him must received a new name, "Lord," suspect that diabolical forces for He was to build up mankind are at work near us. The ira- as a people. He kept His wounds portant thing to remember is to show us how valuable the that it is not a contest between truth is that comes through God and the devil with the them. outcome in doubt. We have full assurance that nothing can or RECONCILERS are such will triumph over God. But each great people for they genuinely individual is still faced with the gather others but never at the challenge of overcoming evil expense of truth. Perhaps that every day. is why sometimes they do not seem to be peacemakers at the IT SEEMS to come down to a cultural level. They cannot exist set of fiat points in terms of comfortably in societies where practical Christianity. There is injustice between classes goes evil, It takes many forms and on unexamined. Like Jesus, affects all of us. Of ourselves we they want remembering, not can do quite a bit in terms of forgetting, as the foundation of determining what is good and their work for peace, trying to do it. We must be patient with ourselves when we 1974 NC News Service fail, but never simply condone PAGE 5 failure. We need something more than ourselves, but it is there for the asking. That something is grace, the grace of God and for "grace" read "love," "presence," "active help." THIS GRACE comes through prayer, the sacraments, day-to- day interaction. And sometimes it is simply given. It is boun- dless, even runs ahead of us. The Church remains a sure and steady guide in the whole matter. So I walk the streets and see the tempting pictures. I go to parties and hear whispers which promise joy such as I have never known. I enter into business and become convinced it cannot be conducted honestly and still survive. A dozen times a day things happen to drive me toward rage which could be a path to murder. I say I value certain things, yet constantly choose their opposites. I promise to speak kindly or not at all, but I gossip and ridicule and put others down. And when I reflect seriously on all of this, I am near tears or else have been numbed by evil. BUT I NEED not live in fear or withdraw or give up on myself or anyone else. My life and the places I live it may separate me from GOd, but God does not want that and will, in fact, overcome it, so long as I think straight, call things by their right names and keep trying. Again,. Romans: "But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, then He who raised Jesus Christ from the dead will also bring to life your mortal bodies because of His Spirit who dwells in you." @ 1974 NC News Service THE WAY TO A BETTER WORLD THE HOLY FATHER'S MISSION AID TO THE ORIENTAL CHURCH ONLY YOU CAN DO THIS How can you make this troubled world a better place.  Pray for our native priests and Sisters each day, and do all you can to give them what they need. They are your ambassadors to the poor, and they get lonely, hungry, tired. Month by month, have a share in all the good they do! MONTH BY MONTH . YOU CAN HELP IN 1974 [] For only $200 in Indi a you can build a decent house for a family that now sleeps on the side- walks. Simply send your check to us. Cardinal Parecattil will write to thank you also. [7 Send a 'stringless' gift each month to the Holy Father to take care of the countless num- ber of mission emergencies. He w!ll use it where it's needed most. 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