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October 3, 1998     Arkansas Catholic
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October 3, 1998

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Page 6 October 3, 1998 What is one of the most beautiful places you have ever been? What impressed you? The most beau- drill place I have ever been was to Subiaco. I was re- ally surprised by the peace and joy. Subiaco, to me, was like tim clos- est you can get to heaven here on earth. My class- mates and I really enjoyed our stay Laura at Subiaco. While on the trip, my faith grew and my love for my would really love to on a field trip. Alvarez more in Christ Catholic religion. I go back to Subiaco What I think the most beautiful thing in the world is a perlect sunsec When there are just a ti w clouds, and the sky is pink and orange, the sun beams slightly over the clouds. It's like you can see a beam of Scott Vitro light coming from the sun and re- flecting off the clouds. It's like if you put light in fog, but of course much more straight, creative and more beautififl. What caused me to like this is by just looking at it and wondering how God made some- thing so beautifid. The most beau- tilul place 1 have ever been to is called Marylake. It is so beautififl to me because when- ever I go there my heart is open to Cod. It is also very quiet and peace- rid so I can think about what I am saying to God. Being able to do all of dmse things Lindsey Laney makes me happy. Wade Bailey thing back. 1 think The most beau- tiful place I've been... I really like Phelps I.ake in North Carolina. It has beaudfifl scen- ery. The water is clear because it is rain-ted. There is a lot of wildlife around there. I like to catch turtles and fish, but we put evely- it is a great place. 1"he responses are from sixth grade stu- dents at St. John Catholic School in Hot Springs. The ]mncipal is Sister Mary Noeline Banks, ISM. ARKANSAS CATH01 HE ROE$: O F: THE B! BLE THER, EEN OF COU Do you think that all heroes are men? tLA! A lovely Israelite named Esther saved her people. Here's how it happened. Esther was an orphan. She grew up in the home of an older cousin, a man named Mordecai (mor- duh-ki). He was like a father to her. These Israelites lived in the Persian Empire. The king of Persia at that time was Ahasuems. What a name! Let's call him King Aha, for short. He was a very powerful man. People could visit him only if he invited them. He could have someone put to death with a wave of his hand. King Aha had a weakness for beautiful women. He was proud of his wife, Queen Vashti. One day he sent for her because he wanted to show her off to some people. She wouldn't come! He was angry and said, "She is no longer my queen! Bring me all the beautiful young girls you can find. I will choose one to be my new queen." Esther was one of those brought before the king. She was by far the most beautiful of them. She became the new queen. King Aha didn't know that Esther was an Israel- ite. Mordecai said, "Don't tell him. You will be safer that way. He might not want to be married to an Israelite." Mordecai was proud of being an Israelite. He refused to bow down to anyone but God. A very important man, Haman, became angry because Mordecai would not kneel before him. He asked to see the king. Then he said, Where are people in your kingdom who think they're too good to bow down to anyone. I will pay you a lot of money if you let me have them killed." King Aha said, "Okay." He didn't even ask WHO would be killed by Haman's men. Mordecai went to see Esther. "You must go to your husband, the king. mllllllllllllllmllllllll|lllllllllllllll Finish the drawing! Get him to change his mind, or our people vail die." Esther said, "I can't do that! If I just sh0~V up, he might have me killed." "If you don't, we will all be killed. You are our only hope." Esther was afraid, but she knew she had try. She dressed in her prettiest dress and we~ to see the king. He was glad to see her. "You look lovely! Ask f01 whatever you want. Even if it is half of r~y kingdom, I will give it to you." "I want to give a dinner party and invite yo~ ,I friend, Haman." The king agreed. At the dinn~ party, he was in a very good mood. He told Es~er again, "Ask for anything you want. I will give it to you." "There is someone who wants me dead, Yo~ Majesty. He plans to kill me and all my people,. "What! Who is this fool who wants to takeyu away from me?" ,,, "It's Haman." The king ordered his men to~ Haman. But the danger-to the Israelites was~tn over. The king had already given the order t~ have them killed in battle. Once he gave an order it couldn't be changed. Then King Aha had an idea. "I knowl I will give permission to the Israelites to fight to defer0 themselves." That's all the Israelites needed, chance to save themselves. They were very g~t fighters. They had so many enemies tl~a they had lots of experience in fi~htingl pltt$ "~ tile they had God on their side. They won battle. The king gave Mordecai all the ricl~ that had belonged to Haman. King Aha ~u the beautiful Esther lived happily for m~Y' BiUBBBB ACROSS 2. To get down on one's knees 4. To ask someone to come to a party 6. A person with no courage 7. Spirit; "guts"; It took __ for Esther to go to the king 8. Esther's foster father; he was the one who told her to go to the king to ask him to save the Israelites 11. Protect; the king gave the Israelites permission to __ themselves in battle 13. Having courage; Esther was __ to go to the king 14. The country where Esther became queen nllllllllllllllll many 'ears. TO THIN Esther was very brave. She had a to lose, after all. She was the c a big, rich country. She who was very proud of her. He even know she was an Israelite. could have kept her mouth out being in any danger. But she had a hero's heart. can be afraid just like anybody else. difference between a hero and ard is that the hero doesn't let in the way. A hero does what is even when it is dangerous. DOWN 1. A lady who rules a country 3. Murdered; put to death 4. One of God's chosen people 5. The Israelite girl who became queen of Persian Empire 9. A person without a mother or father 10. People who do what's right even if it is dangerous 12. Alarm; dread; being scared the