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October 3, 1969     Arkansas Catholic
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October 3, 1969

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THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 3, L Ild A-SECTION 1 Horse; Devil by the Tail; Detour. High in Fidelity; Hurry Sundown; Bell's ,&'SECTION 2 i'!;dUtt S, ,.ttdolescents) ec000000,:of Dr=ula's castle. tll tlly Giri'; FoolKiller, The. hal;.:t{ead; Hell in the Pacific. u, 10 Far Side of the Sun. :'tracks, The. i Cle, " Tumbling Down. IiI }Cocket; Popi. 'ey; Star; Savage Land, The. i|,l,=f and , A; Sweet Charity. !S, The; Those DarlngYoung jl,0000,00Jaunty00.._ Jalopies; Trouble  #l;ll':?i I[1 Wax, ll#ilF$ilence; Very Happy Alexan- Firemen's Ball, The; Fixer, The; Frau- Angels on Wheels; Here We Go Round An. lein Doktor. the Mulberry Bush; Hagbard and Signs; Ben Hur. Great Catherine; Ghosts, Italian Style; Hugs and Kisses. Bang. Gay Deceivers, The; Good Guys and the l Love, You Love; Image of Love; I'll Destroy All Monsters. Bad Guys, The; Gypsy Moths, The. Never Forget What's 'is Name; If Be Gray Flannel Suit, The. Hunger; House of a Thousand Dolls; Hollers, Let Him Go; Inga; lamCurious; High Commissioner, The; Here's Your l Married You for Fun. Life; Heaven with A Gun; HeWs BeN Jules and Jim; Jean of the Angels; : les; House of Cards. Jig Saw. The; Strategy Isadora; Impossible Years; Immortal Knife in the Water; Kiss Me Stupid; Submarine X-I; Stalk- Story, The; Identification Marks. Killing Game, The; Killing of Sister Katerina Izmailova. George, The. Lion in Winter, The; Live a Little, Lady Chatterley's Lover; Love Game; Love A Little; Les Gauloises Bieues; Les Liaisons Dangereuses; L'Aventl, ra; Lost Man; Learning Tree, The; Love LaNotte; Law, The; Love on a Pillow; God, The. I.'s Talk About Women; Love God- Man Called Gannon, A; Money Jungle; de s'i'Ti; Love in 4Dinwnslons; La More Dead Than Alive; Model Shop; . MancL..gola; LeBonheur;LoveandM- Mayerllng; Martyrs of Love; Marry Me, r!ai;Loving COuples: LovesofA Blond: Marry Me; Me, Natalie; Madwoman of Lt 'lelqre.Est Finte; Love in OurTime; Chaillot, The; Monterey Top, Libertine, ,The; Night of the Following Day, The; Nice; Matin Ur;MagdRtena;MyLlfe to Live; Girl Like Me, A; Number One. Molesters, The; Mistress for the Sum- Only When I Larf; Otley; Once Upon A mer, A; I Monde Pazzo; MarriedWoman, Time in the West; Once You Kiss a The; Mademoiselle; Masculine-Femi- Stranger. nine; My Sister, My Love; ManWlth the Princess; Payment in Blood; PlayDirty; Balloons. The; Magus. The; More. Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The; Peach Never on Sunday; Nude-Odyssey;Night Thief; Place for Lovers, A. Game; 99 Women; Nanami. Report on the Party and the Guests, A; Odd Obsession; Of Wayward Love. Rain People, The. Private Lives of Adam and Eve; Pri- Stranger Returns; The; Shalako; Subject vats Property; Port of Desire, Prime was Roses, The; Sergeant, The; Sea Time; Phaedra; Please, Not Now; Play Gull; Shame; Slaves; Secret World, The. Girl After Dark; Pawnbroker, The; Pent- They Came to Rob Las Vegas; Twisted house, The; Paranoia. Nerve; Thank You All Very Much; Take Repulsion; Run for Your Wife; Reflec- the Money and Run. tions in a Golden Eye; Rosemary's Up Tight. Baby; Revolution. Winning; Walk With Love and Death, A. Savage Eye; Saturday Night and Sunday ;:" Morning; Sins of Mona Kent; Seven Cap- ll ie; What Ever Happened to Wt, alkover. CLASS A-SECTION 4 ital Sins; Silence, The; Sweet and Sour; l! (Discerning Adults) Swedish Wedding Night; Savage Seven, 0Ung  The; Strange Affair, The; Sweet Body of ; Bad Company. Deborah; Sweden, Heaven and Hell; 1 ASS A-SECTION 3 China is Near; Closely Watched Trains; Scratch Harry. 1  Chastity. The Truth; Temptation; TaiesofParls; $ (Adults Only) Easy Rider. Two Young, Too Immoral; To Love; Ter- Faces. S, ! The; Assignment to Kill; Graduate, The; Great Bank Robbery, The- race, The; Take It All; 10:30 P.M. Summer; Trip, The; Therese and .:elng Machine, The; Alfred Helga. Isabelle; Trans-Europ-Express. " IEt' Inadmissable Evidence; If. Viridiani; Viva Maria; Vixen. @, i re. Blossom, Bullitt, The; Long Day's Dying, The; Les Biches; Wasted Lives and The Birth of Twins; t,2". Idrs. Campbell; Better A Lola Montes; Last Summer. Women of the World; War of the $..wjrhood, The; Birthday Par- Michael and Helga; Midnight Cowboy; Buttons; Weekend (Danish); Woman in  lute and the Beast, The; Matter of Days, A. the Dunes; White Voices; What's Up Cl!; lUtch Cassldy and the Sun- Romeo and Juliet; Riot. Tiger Lily?; Weekend (French); Where n,: Strange, The; Secret Ceremony; Stolen It's At. S;thgqmer; Charge of the Light Kisses; Simon of the Desert; Staircase. Young World, The. ffhe; Cobra, The;Corruption; Uninhibited, The; Up the Junction. [0 ]rro; Change of Mind. bto Fail.. of a Blrdwatcher; CLASS B d 'lld, Risen from the Grave; (Obctionable in Part) Priest in Front Lines ,f $I A-Bunting; Death Hides A ....... Africa Add;o; Anniversary, The; Am- AGainst Secularizinq l;'/itilount Girls bushers, The; Anyone-Can Play. Belle de Jour; Big Gundown, The; Bos- J'i!: ton Strangler, The; Beyond the Law; Religion, Cardinal Says 'u .emifinalists Baby Love .... Conqueror Worm, The; CastleKeep.  kc0:::lz 0Moat Danger, Diabolik,; Devil in Love;De-Pinerolo. ,taly (NC)-- It is the For Singles Only. lines in today's battle against y Good, The Bad and the Ugly; Grazle, the secularization of religion, and , o'S.M., has n unced Hammerhead n;"h; h;;e "le'en ']hdo.,rea. ,,u.,.q, Impasse; I Love You Alice B. Toklas; he must remind men that theyare Jonanna; Justine. above statistics and technology, ,.'lf6:n'Ifinalists in the Kona Coasti'Klss the Other Shiek; John Cardinal Wrlght, prefectot Killers Three. the congregation of the clergy, :Rtional Merit:Scholar- Lovely Way to Die, A; Last Shot You  . Hear, The; Legend of Lylnh Clare, The; ! S are DonnaClay- Lady in Cement, The; Listen, Let's The. lt'!ClaYton, a On My Wat to the Crusades I met a, resident stu- Girl Who... ,the Mount, is the daugh- Poor Cow; Prudence and the Pill; Pier- l[ d Mrs. H. W; Clayton rot LeFou; Putney Swops. S ; tlUffo She is a member Hun, Hero, Hun. :iSr s Episcopal church Stranger in Town, A; Sweet Ride, The; ]lei ' Secret Life of an Ame[lcan Wife, The;  liegel is the daughter Sorcerers, The; Salt and Pepper; Split. tl/kt d,Mrs. Leo J. Hiegel etto.The; Skidoo; Spirits of the Dead; St;l- Ie :,,i lck s parish, North Lit- waiting for Caroline Jet Ann Stover's parents CLASS C O"ld Mrs. Joseph E. Sto- (Condemned) .d0 rely Souls parish, Little An Affair of the Skin; Adelaide; Angel, I  ! Angel Down We Go. lfinalists were the Breathless; Bell Antonio; Boccaccio 70; SCOrers  their states Balcony, The; BonneSoupe, La; Bambole; Rl0nal Men Scholarship Blow-Up; Beach Red; Benjamin, Barba- } test, which was given relic; Birds in Peru.. Big Bounce, The; '.ary. . Best House in London, The. cent of the semi- Come Dance With Me; Cold Wind in 11  exechtedw ?beC:o e- August; Cristine Keeler Affair; The; id e Contempt; Circle of Love; Cloportes; 0X" *- i Cul de Sac; Carmen, Baby; Coogan's d ]l er one of 1,000 national Bluff; Candy; Camille. :lt C Olarshi,,s Many will During One Night; Doll, The; Dear John. ;lioi,  _ v .IB aSidered for the re- Expresso Bone, Empty Canvas, Eric Uf fotlr Year Merit Schol- soy's I% 0t.irovided b 400 cor or- Five Day Lover; Fuga, La; Fear, The; , l Y P 491; Fox, The; Fifth Horseman Is Fear, " organizations. . The. I0 Of the 1969-70 Merit Green Mare; Girl With the Golden Eyes; te l(. Will be announced April Game Is Over, The; Girl on a Motor- i cycle, The; Greetings. 1969 PAGE 15 ii ii St. Vincent Auxiliary Officers : Newly-elected officers of St. Vinoent Infirmary Auxiliary are pictured above. Top row from the left they are Mrs. Sheldon Vlnsoaler, historian; Mrs. Harry Worley, vice president; and Mrs. C, erland Patten, president. Botton row: Mrs. Joe Stortl, parliamentarian; Mrs. Kathleen Overholtzer, corresponding sec- retary; and Mrs. R.K. Watson, recording secretary. Sunday, October 5 I:00 P.M. - Channel 7 - Good- bye My Fancy - A H. 3:00 P.M. - Channel 4 - The Raid - A I. Monday, October 6 9:00 A.M. - Channel 7 - For- tunes of Captain Blood - A I. 6:30 P.M. - Channel 7 - Flow- er Drum Song - An. 8:00 P.M. - Channel 4 - Coun- terpoint - No listing. (The following motion pictures will be broadcast on the days indicated by television stations in the Diocese of Little Rock. The ratings, provided by the National Catholic Office for Motion Pictures, are: A-I, Morally Unobjectionable forGeneral Patron- age; A-II, Morally Unobjectionable for Adults and Adolescents; A-HI, Morally Unobjectionable for Adults; A-IV, Morally Un- objectionable for Adults with Reservations; B, Morally Objection- able in Part for All; C, Condemned). 10:30 P.M. - Channel 7 - Bend of the River - A L 1:15 A.M. - Channel 7 -Char- lie Chan in Honolulu -A L Tuesday, October 7 9:00 A.M. - Channel 7 - The , Flying Missile - A I. 7:30 P.M. - Channel 7 - The Over the Hill Gang- No list- ing, 8:00 P.M. - Channel 4 - Es- cape from Zahrain - No listing. Wednesday, October 8 9:00:A.M, - Channel 7 - The told a four,day meeting here: 0n First Time - AII. "The Ministerial rlesthoo?;! 8:00:,M," Channel 7 - Two The Cardinal is ::tli form for the Road - No listing. bishop of Pittsburgh, Pa,,: ' ',,Secularization is a kind of Thursday, October 9 test," the cardinal said, "a chal- lenge that the Church must ac- cept with serene understanding and far-sighted vigilance. At the center of the challenge there is, on the part of the Church, the priest." Cardinal Wright said that the task of the priest is in "remind- ing men that truth is not that of machine, of technology and sta- tistics, because man himself is above all this." He said it is clear that in the course of religious conscience "we are facing a crisis of "re- jection' of Christianity." He said that when religion is recognized at all it is "relegated to the background" in politics, art, cul- ture and public life. Yet, Car- dinal Wright said, Christians have been active in all these areas. The priest stands in front of the challenge of secularization mainly "because of the contes- tation which fully confronts him In his very quality of sacred reality, of mission and vocation," Car- dinal Wright said. 9:00 A.M. - Channel 7 - Destry Rides Again - AII. Friday, October 10 9:00 A.M. - Channel 7 - Family Honeymoon - A H. Saturday, October 11 12:30 P.M. - Channel 7 - Dar- by's Rangers - A HI. 10:30 P.M. - Channel 4 - Blood on the Sun - A n. 11:30 P.M. - Channel 7 -Teen- ager from Outer Space - AII. No Wonder They're Odds-on F00vorites Phillelphla (NC)-- The Re- publicans are odds, on favorites to "cop the duke" when candidates in coming elections debate their causes before students at La Salle College here. Democratic candidate for Dis- trict Attorney, David Berger, and candidate for the Legislature, A. Charles refute, are scheduled to address the students Oct. 17. The Republican incumbents, District Atty. ArJen speCter and Pep. Thomas Cola, are scheduled to speak Oct. 22. The Republicans are favorites because Rep. Cola is none other than La Salle's three-time All American basketball star and cur- rent head coach. In his debut as coach last season Cola led the La Salle Explorers to a No. 2 rating in a nationwide poll. "Can I lick the Mission Sunday envelope?" REMEMBER MISSION SUNDAY OCT. 19!