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October 3, 1969     Arkansas Catholic
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October 3, 1969

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PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 3, 1969 *AAAAA ............. AAA ...... AAA ............................ Qui Vive?. by The Sentry Long Haired Boys The practice of wearing long hair which has been adopted by some teen-aged boys has given rise to considerable discussion. As a result of this, Eugene Gilbert, who makes a practice of polling the young folks on current vogues, has conducted just such a poll on the long hair-do. This style did not receive very convincing approval from the boys or from the girls, who were asked how they would like its adoption by their boy friends. Among the girls questioned sixty-two per cent were not in favor of the style. But since only fourteen per cent of the boys, who were polled, admitted wearing the long hair-do, it must not be as popular as many are led to believe. Hair and the manner of wearing it by both men and women have been in news frequently through the years. There was a time when college boys were a distinct species, as regards both clothing and hair style. At one time, early in the present century, the college boys decided to go "baldy" and had their hair clipped close. This custom among the college boys of that day was much more generally adopted than the modern girlish clip. The Beatles are usually associated with the long hair-dos of the present era, There are vey few readers of this article who are old enough to remember the time when wearing long hair was popular among football players. As the grid season approached each year prospective football players allowed their hair to grow long. However this custom was not a fad, but the hair was worn long as a protection for the head in lieu of helmets. When the modern foot ball helmet was introduced, it was not popular with the players of those days. Head gears were for sissies and usually, even donned before the game, they were discarded after the first play. Later a rule made them compulsory. In contrast to the long hair once worn by football players, a coach at Haverhill, Mass., recently banned the long-haired candidates for his team. He said, "Either get a hair cut or don't play football. I'm not coaching a girls' team." Speaking of girls, there was a time, when all women and girls wore long hair and her hair was considered the crowning glory of a woman. When they started to cut thelrhair short,, protests arose from fathers and husbands to such an extent that barbers demanded a note from the one or the other before they started the cutting. One girl alleged that the wearing of long hair by a boy is an ex- pression of individuality. This depends. There is a deplorable shortage of those with the courage to assert their individuality at the present time. This could be done if the great mass of people would avoid adopting the freakish practices and styles of the "Maddening Crowd." The exercise of individuality by more people would solve most of our modern problems. Gallup Poll Morals The Gallup Poll which is used periodically to feel the popular pulse onvarious subjects recently tried its system on a moral question. The subject submitted was whether birth control information should be available to anyone who wants it. The question was proposed to three different groups of people -- to the general public, to Protestants and to Catholics. In each case the result showed that a majority favored making such information available to all who desired to have it. The pollster tried to soften the fact that a majority of Catholics -- 55 per cent to 38 per cent -- voted in favor of making the information available to those who seek it, by adding, "this does not mean that they are in favor of the use." A misleading point was made in the explanation, namely; that the "official doctrine of the Catholic Church forbids birth control by artificial means and does not encompass all means of birth control." This statement makes it appear that the Catholic Church. is the sole authority for the condemnation of birth control by artificial means. This is not so. The Catholic Church merely upholds the teaching of Almighty God on this point and all those who profess to believe in God and all Christians such as Protestants claim to be, should do likewise. It seems rather disrespectful to God, to say the least, to put one of His laws to a popular vote. It this can be done with one law, it can be done with others. Thus in the same way Mr. Gallup could poll the people on their willingness to make it legal to steal, to murder and to lie. In fact there are indications that a vote may be asked on the matter of making it legal to murder unborn babies under certain circumstances. It was also announced in this Gallup survey that the Department of Health, Education and Welfare revealed that the study, "Research in Birth and Population Control," would be released before January 1. What about the Amendment that legislates the separation of Church and State? The Supreme Court ruled that the Regents of New York, an educational organization, violated the Constitution, when it formulated a prayer to be said in the New York public schools. It seems that the Dartment, of Health, Education and Welfare is meddling in religious affairs, when it attempts to give information upon a moral question. Why has there been nn nultnrv n nl-n -^ , .... .,--- liberty who are so careful to keep the Church and the State separated? It is a strange theology that depends upon the Gallup Poll for the solution of the moralRy of artificial Birth Control. Rosary Month Time to Wake Up Parents Responsible For Nation's Sex Binge / (What follows is an article from the current edition of The National De- cency Reporter, newsletter of Citizens for Decent Literature, Inc., 5670 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1680, Los Angeles, Calif., 90036. The article is entitled "How America Got On A Sex Binge." The author is Dr. Max Rafferty). Let's face it. Americans today are sexually pathological, no mat- ter how you look at it. The evi- dence: --A massive rise In the increase of brutish and revolting sex crimes. Everything from the Bos- ton Strangler to the Chicago nurse butchery. --The puffing of pornography into big, big business. --The rotting away of our once proud motion pictures to the sor- did status of stag movies. Every vile nuance from lesbianism to fetishism is now deemed accep- table for what has always been a family entertainment medium. --The decline of the American novel to a mere vehicle for four-letter words and dreary sexual perversions. --The nauseating material on our neighborhood magazine and pocket-book stands, which more resembles the private collection of the late King Farouk. Regardless of how broadminded you may be, or how healthy and beautiful you may think sex is, you'll have to agree that this kind of leering and lip-smacking preoccupation with a single bodily function is at best bizarre and at worst maniacal. WHO'S TO BLAME? media which grant geggle-eyed, respectful attention to some pitiful apologist for pederasty. But the folks most to blame for our present sex syndrome are you, Morn and Pop. You let your children grow up thinking that premarital sex is OK so long as nobody gets pregnant, diseased or jailed. It isn't, you know. You let the schools take over your own immemorial job of telling your children the facts of life, and you didn't care that the resulting school sex edu- cation programs were as devoid of morality and personal dignity as a third-generation computer. You let the tax-supported col- leges abrogate all standards of simple decency. You didn't raise hell, cancel your endowments or yank your kids out of school. So now we have mixed dormitor- ies, obscene school newspapers, free-love assemblies, and dirty movies and drama projects on campus. You dropped out, didn't you, Mom and Pop? And now your're blam- ing everybody you can find for the mess we're in --teachers, legislators, Supreme Court jus- tices, movie producers and mag- azine publishers. Stop blaming them. They'll do whatever you let them get away with, and they'll stop in a hurry anything you show them you won't stand for. So far, they've been able to find darned little you won't put up with. Why did you drop out of this sex push? Why did you consent to exposing your own kids to the sexual Typhoid Marys of the Sick Sixties? Because you allowed -- Some of our ministers, such as those who organize well- financed and slickly publicized as- sociations like the one in San Francisco which exists topromote the cause of homosexuality. --Two darn many judges, who c al 1 hard-c o re pornography "avant-garde literature." --Quite a few psychologists and psychiatrists, who seem dedica- ted to the uplifting proposition that everybody ought to be able to do his own thing any way he wants to, the nastier the better. --And of course those news From the Managing Editor's Back in the good old days when journ- alism was less sophis- ticated -- and less confus- ing-- news- papers tried to outdo one another with stories about the ,,meanest It might be an account fldence man who ow of her life's savings, transient who robbed a candy money. There was great "meanest man" stories all had one thing in the helpless being the strong. Newspapers seldom this type of reporting they could if they wished. would not have to go own business to find the matter. It is a sad commentary ern society that so people deliberately newspaper delivery boYS, is surprising how "good" people, while paying what they owe, their way to make things sant for the paper boy. There are some who swer the door bell when comes-by to collect, disgracefully rude even child's parents when they collect for him. Small wonder that are finding it more difficult to engage carrier Do 50 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK., The Guardian repOl4 Little Rock -- The issue Guardian may be in delivery. Removal of tire printing and quarters in the rear of sent Guardian office oll Street has hindered our suance. As it is we are courtesy of the Western per Co. for the press work. We kindly indulgence of readers. THE 25 YEARS AGO THIS WF The Guardian Little Rock -- The cipai of Catholic High Rev. M. F. Donovan sumed his new office 25 at an assembly of hers and students, Unusually fine schoolman has fitted van for his new duties, In the interest of the yourselves to he sold a bill of gram.for the past two badly damaged goods, er Donovan has attendedS The dirty novelists bellowed at Adams "freedom of expression" and you holds an instructor's aerial navigation u,0t, -.. ,, 6tZJ See SEX BINGE ON PAE 5 eronautlcs-Association"