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October 2, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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October 2, 1942

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PAGE FOUR THE QUARDIAN, OCTOBER 2, 1942 THE GUARDIAN PUBLISHED WEEKLY We cannot blink the sad truth that te more actively we Q UES TI ON B OX THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY engage i.n war the heavier our casualty list will become. Armed Of the Diocese a| Little Rock. Arkansas fighting means death for many. Some will be close relatives 3091/2 WEST SECOND STREET qotice--lt is important that all questions be slgncd with the sender's Entered as second-class matter March 21, 1911, at the post office at and friends; all will be brothers in Christ. As they are hast- namenot beandanswered.COMPLETENo namesaddreSSare(nteverinitials):published.therwiSeQuestionsthe whlchqUestinSask willfor Little Rock, Arkansas, under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. ened prematurely to the grave it is our Christian duty to pray private answer must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We invite only honest and worthwhile questions. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $2.00 the year that they will enter eternity at friendship with Almighty God. OFFICIAL D'OCESAN ORGAN This is not merely a piece of pretty preaching but it is the Why D Cath li Fa 0 Tha Guardian Is the of/lclal organ of thv Diocese ol Little Rock and I bald statement of a solemn duty. The world has wandered 0 0 CS 3i '1 pray God that it may be an earnost champion o| the cau$. of right, Justice far away from God because the ancient faith in a world to come The Day Be[ore So Feasts? and truth and an ardent defender of the religion we all love so well. me 1 extend to it my blessing with the sincere hope that its career may ba has been sadly weakened. Men are living for today because The day before a feast is called the vigil of the feast. In the long and prosperous.' they have ceased to believe in an eternal tomorrow, first ages of the Church, during the night before every feast a vigil JOHN B. MORRIS, Bishop of Little Rock. We who have the priceless heritage of faith must give was kept. In the evening the faithful assembled in the place or church where the feast was to be celebrated and prepared themselves EDITOR evidence of our strong belief by deed as well as word. When by prayers, readings from Holy Scripture and' sometimes by hear- VERY REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph. D. we give concrete evidence that we believe we live not only in ins a sermon. Towards morning the people dispersed to the streets and houses near the church to wait for the solemn service of the BUSINESS MANAGER time but shall live in eternity, we help insensibly in bringing God forenoon. This vigil was a regular institution of Christian life and All communications about The Guardian must be handled through the back to the world; in ending the exile of the Creator from among The morning intermission gave Business Manager, and all matters intended for publication should reach was defended and highly recommended by St. Augustine and others. The Guardian office not later than Tuesday at noon. His creatures, rise to grave abuses; the people DO you have to say your pen- REVEREND THOMAS J. PRENDERGAST In these dread days when the men in our armed forces are caroused and danced in the streets ance from confession before you Business and Editorial Office, S09 West 2nd, Telephone 5486 and halls around the churuch, can go to Communion, and if you -- shedding their blood for our sakes we must take time to pray As feasts multiplied the number of forget to say your penance, does SPONSORS OF SERVICE every day that these heroes of the battlefield will turn to God vigils was greatly reduced. But Picture Service--Knights of Columbus of Arkansas the abuses could not be stopped by that make your confession no Paragould Council, No. 1713 ............................ $12,00 with sincere sorrow for their sins when death is striking them abolishing the vigils. In place of good? Would you have to make Little Ruth Council, No. 812 ......... 22.00 Pocahontas Council No. 2443 .............................. 1"/.00 down. Our firm belief in the Communion of Saints burdens the nocturnal observances, the that confession over? bishops introduced a fast on the There is no obligation to fulfill our conscience with this sacred obligation, day before the feast. Though fast- OCTOBER 2, 1942 Cleveland Universe Bulletin. ing on the vigil of feasts like Chris- the penance given in confession, tmas and the Epiphany existed before going to Holy Communion. ................. long before the abolition of the We may carry out the penance at "'It by liberty el the press, we understand merely  nocturnal meetings, the rapid ob- any time before the next confes- the liberty ot discussing the propriety ot public  #I I* E-  {atholtelnformaflonSoctety servance of the fast on certain amouc essence P O. Box 35  vigils can be traced largely to this stun, but it is always urgently re- measures and political opinions, let us have as much ' they were a substitute commended that we fulfill the pen- t the celebration which ance as soon after confession as ot it as you please; but it it means the liberty ot at- Narberth, Pa. fact--thatfor nocturnal tronting, calumniating and detaining one another, I What: an integral part of the child's daily too often led to abuse, possible. Forgetting the penance no life. * * * own myselt willing to part with my share of it when- It is because Catholics believe Are we considered to htve ful- does not render the previous con- ever our legislators shall please to alter the law; and Arithmetic! this so firmly, that while paying filled our obligation of heaxing fession invalid, hence there is no "No arithmetic?" gasped the their full share of the support of Mass on Sundays and Holy Days reason or necessity for repeating shall cheertully consent to exchange my liberty ot boy's father. "Do you expect me the public schools, they are also of obligation if we arrive before the confession, but we must con- abusing others for the privilege ot not being abused to send my son to a school that buying land, erecting buildings the first Gospel is completed? less that we failed to fulfill the eliminates the basic principles of and educating with their own The obligation to hear Mass on penance enjoined. mathematics, a knowledge needed money more than 2,500,000 pupils, Sundays applies to the entire Mass. * * * myself."franklin, in every walk of life?" thus saving you and other tax- If one delib'erately avoids corn- Is It necessary for persons who . THE DIGNITY AND POWER OF MARY A school with no arithmetic[ payers more than $250,000,000 an- mg to Mass until the time of the receive Holy Communion every What nonsense? Y:t it is more nually. And this Catholic educa- Gospel he is .committing a de- day, week or month to go to con- nonsensical than school that tion in its academic standing, in its liberate venial sin. Another point fession when such a person has As the Bride of the Holy Spirit and the Mother of the In- teaches nothing of God, our first teaching ability and in its eduea- to keep in mind is that we fail eonnltted no mortal sins? I earnate Word, it was befitting the dignity of Mary that she beginning and our last end--of tional results, averages welt up to to fulfill our obligation not only never hear this subject commented should be the Queen and Mistress of all ereation Therefore Jesus, our Redeemer and the great- and in many instances far ahead by missing one of the principal on in church. est of all teachers--of the Ten ofthe public school education to- parts of the Mass, but also by mis- A person in the state of grace God constituted her the dispensatrix of all His riches, with the Commandments and the Sermon on day. sing more than one-third of it. may receive Holy Communion the Mount---of love of neighbor for The United States of America Hence, should someone deliber- without going to confession. How- privilege of distributing His gifts and graces to whomsoever the sake of God--of obedience to was founded on religious prin- ately come at the Gosp'el and leave ever, it is well for even daily com- she wills. To her was given the privilege of communicating, ae- our civil rulers because their pew- ciples. All our schools, up to 1840, after the priest's communion, his municants to go to confession fre- cording to her good pleasure, the graces and favors necessary er comes from God? were essentially religious. George obligation would not be fulfilled' quently. Penance is a sacra- To the Catholic the elimination Washington said: "Reason and due to defect of time. ment and confers the special sacra- to mortals, especially to those who should invoke her as their of religious teachings is more than experience forbid us to expect that * * * mental graces proper to the sacra- nonsense. It is tragic. For re- natural morality can prevail in I have been alked why Catho- ment. Also it must be remember- Mother and Queen. The Holy Ghost delights to,grant hear- ligion is the only solid basis for exclusion of religious principles"; lies place so much stress on the ed that the conditions requisite for enly favors to mankind by the virginal hand of His spotless morality -- religious instruction and this sentiment has been echoed Mass? gaining certain indulgences include Bride, for it is the will of God that we possess all things through for the mind, religlous training for by nearly every President since. Because the Mass, instituted by the reception of the sacraments of the will. Home teaching or an Who can then say that the Catholic Jesus Christ is the most perfect both Penance and Holy Eucharist. hour in Sunday SchooPcannot suf- School, the nursery of Faith and offering that man can make to To gain these indulgences a per- Mary. , Jce. God and His will must be ciitizenshio alike, is un-American? God, his Creator and Redeemer. son who is in the state of grace Before the tribunal of the Most Holy Trinltj;, nothing is ........ By the Mass we call to mind parti- must go to confession. denied to Mary. As Treasurer of the infinite bounties of God, The Society For cularly the Passion and' death of , , Christ. But around this central What circumstances about  Sill she holds in her pure hand the keys of the Divine will and good worQ$or  thought of Calvary is built up also must a penitent tell to his con- pleasure, by which she unlocks the storehouses of His mercies The Propagation I the other events of Our Saviour's fessor? and freely distributes the gifts of His grace. With maternal love Of The Faith Encouragement daylife" Cycle"In whatwhichiS calledbeginsthewith"Sun-the thatIf whatthe circumstanCeSordinarily wouldare beSUCha first Sunday of Advent we fol- she employs her powerful intercession, particularly in behalf of Too Little--Too Ltte Avoiding Idle Talk. low . the earthly life of Christ venial s/n would under the cir- those souls who commend themselves to her care. As a devoted One of the greatest tragedies Shun the gossip of men as much through its every stage until we cumstances be a mortal sin and client of the Blessed Virgin Mary has said, she is the Queen and of the present war is the tardy ar- as possible, for discussion of world- come finally to the last Sunday you deliberately refuse to tell such rival of inadequate supplies and ly affairs, even though sincere, is after Pentecost which describes the circumstances, your confession is Mother of mercy, who dispenses to command the demons and equipment. As a consequence one a great distraction inasmuch as Last Judgment and the coming of a bad confession. Frequently penitents do not realize this and of the dread slogans is "TO0 LIT- we are quickly ensnared and cap- Christ in power and majesty to may not be formally guilty of to those who have recourse to her because she is our Queen, and TLE---TOO LATE." Certainly the tiwted by vanity. with so much love, because she is our most tender and loving ever enlarging areas of attack, the Many a time I wish that I had judge the living and the dead. The "Festal Cycle," i.e., the Masses in sacrilege. Should you believe that huge distances to be traversed and held my peace and had .not as- honor of the saints, is interwoven the circumstances of a sin would Mother. the difficulties of transportation all sociated with men. Why, indeed, with the story of Christ's earthly materially change the nature of God also has given to Mary dominion and power over the constitute extenuating circumstan- do we converse and gossip among life in the liturgy of the Mass. the sin you should tell your con- ces to exPlain and to excuse this ourselves when we so seldom part But in the very center and heart lessor. spirit of darkness and all his allies. Her presenceyes, her indictment, without a troubled conscience? of it all stands the hill of Calvary * * * very name---is a source of terror to them. To her protection, These do not exist in the matter We do so because we seek cam- with the Cross of Sacrifice. The Can the godparent In Baptism be of aiding mission work. Every fort from one another's conversa- Mass is the unbloody renewal of represented by a proxy? as to a fortified city, all mankind may take refuge from the possible means of contact is era- tion and wish to ease the mind this Sacrafice of Calvary. Through This is permitted. I the apt enemies of their salvation, for she has power from God to played by The Society for the warJed by diverse thoughts. Hen- the Mass, then, men of every gen- pointed sponsor cannot or does Propagation of the Faith to in- ce, we talk and think quite fondly eration have been brought to the not wish to attend the baptism in command the demons and to deter them from harming souls, sure the safe and speedy transmis- of things we like very much or very scene of their redemption and person he may appoint a repre- In heaven, Mary reigns supreme over all the Angels and sion of alms to the priests, broth- of things we dislike intensely. But, every land' has become in reality sentative (proxy) to take his place. ers, and sisters who are still func- sad to say, we often talk vainly a Holy Land. Believing as they The Code of Canon Law does not Saints. As a reward for her profound humility, God has given tioning. In-most instances the and to no purpose; for this ex- do that the Mass is the perpetua- lay down any restrictions as to her the power to fill the vacant thrones from which the rebel- cable and air carrier have re- ternal pleasure effectively bars tion of the Sacrafice of the Cross the persons who may be appointed placed' ordinary mailing to dis- inward and divine consolation, with all that means, it can be as proxies. Therefore, the only llous angels were ejected because of their pride. It is the will tant areas, for it is realized that Therefore we must watch and readily understood why Catholics requisite is that he is capable of of the 1V]ost High, who exalts the humble, that heaven and earth our missionaries must receive the pray lest time pass idly. va/ue it as the greatest treasure accepting tlm mandate and per- maximum of help at the earliest When the right and opportune of their lives, forming the material acts in the and the infernal regions how beneath the seeptre Of the humble possible moment if they hope to moment comes for speaking, say * * * name and place of the sponsor. Virgin, whom He has made the Mistress of heaven and earth, continue their work. something that will edify. Is it right to clean your teeth It would seem, however, unbe- To friends of the mission cause Bad habits and indifference to before going to Holy Communion coming to appoint as proxies all the Leader of His hosts, the Treasurer of His riches, the Dis- this Society offers the assurance spiritual progress do much to re- because you use water? those persons whom the Code ex- pensatrix of His grace, the Instrument of His greatest marvels, that every means possible is being move the guard from the tongue. It is quite proper to clean the eludes from sponsorship. The employed to continue this great Devout conversation of spiritual teeth before Communion and use name of the proxy is not entered the Reparatrixofthehumanrace, the Mediatrix of mankind, the apostolate, and continue it we matters, on the contrary, is a water in the cleaning so long as in the baptismal record but the Destroyer of the enemies of God, and the faithful Companion will just as long as our Catholic great aid to spiritual progress, we are careful not to swallow any name of the sponsor represented people persist in their prayerful especially when persons of the of the water, by the proxy. of His glory and His triumph, and generous aid to this cause, same mind and spirit associate to- How great, then, should be our confldence in Mary, the Remember ur sldiers f Christ getherin Gd'on Mission Sunday, October 18th. ::-  ! _R A _    U T T  U g" Mother ofGodl Can wedoubtthatwewillobtain from God Between nowandthatdatemake  P :/P1 -- - --707C 7ho' g a daily prayer in their behalf "A ] Little-Known Facts a i I any grace we ask of her) If hitherto we have been tepid in our Must" in your life; make daily - --.-,., - ar devotion to her, let us begin during this beautiful month of savings for the missionaries Father Stedman, ConfraternityV"* 6y M. J. MUPdAY tsa.Laa "Another Must" from now until of the Precious Blood,  " October,' especially dedicated to her Holy Rosary, to venerate October 18th, so that your $1.00 Brooklyn, N. Y. her with redoubled fervor, and frequently and fervently invoke will be ready for Mission Sunday. Officers' Model Lets Go Pisces her by the title she loves so well: Queen of the Most Holy This anecdote from a Mary- On Broadwaylights, millions of Rosary, pray for usl knoll letter describes the high re- them, cabarets, dancing, movies, gard in which Catholic missioner- restaurants, theatres. ies are held by Generalissimo A young couple stands in the "BOMB-THE-VATICAN" WELLS' Chiang Kai SAck, who is himself midst of it all. "What shall we not a Catholic. do?" she asks. "Let's call Jimmie. Maybe he can think of something , "Not long ago a Chinese general to do." Excitement! Something ..... " " --- -11:ance with the la's and is spent an evening at a Maryknoll must be doing all the time. lne present pope lS :n open us Jr J , , ..... mission with two of our priests. "/ha ammadversmn : n r he to/ h the declared enemy of our ally Russia.' " After d'n e d ow General- Recently a Chinese died' at the . . t -- -- -'----te of an insane as,,lum but from. issimo Chjang Kai Shek, the Chin- age of 197. How had he lived so long? "Inward Calm" was how he ooes nor come tram an IIIIII .it - ........ ese leader, told his student of- explained it. Where can one get ed to terrlt the Vat: e be : the history fixer, H. G. Wells. As a rein y y " ricers that th st adv'ce he could "inward calm" in a world where can out of this nefarious alliance Mr. Wells suggests the per-gvi:hemsW:U:d beitn ipitnatn Cs "if you ain't got tha swing, you ain't got a thing." suasion of "a 2000-pound bomb on the Vatican garden as a lecture the Generalissimo said: Go into a church. It is sanctU- warning now. What mysterious influence or what diplomatic 'Today I propose to speak to you dry. Sanctuary as the culpri't used  . . . ,, on the model for your lives as of- to find, whenwith the law on imbecility is it that prevents tAm clear and decmlve aetmn? It ricers of the Republic. That mad- his heels--he would run into a is waste of time to talk reason to a man capable of proposing el is the Catholic missionary priests church. Even punishment could as found in China. These men- not get him there. a viciousness that makes one think of Pearl Harbor. Wells doom priests are single-hearted, constant, Weekday visits to Jesus in not know perhaps, and if he did his thinking might not be persevering, undaanted by any His Tabernacle will discover for obstacles, unremitting at their you that "inward calm" that changed any, that the present Pope's recognition of, Japan's min- work.' peace which the world cannot give. ister to the Vatican has made more tolerable the status of mis- "The Generalissimo devoted the In your church around the corner, " entire lecture period to develop- is sanctuary .from the bruising sionaries, Catholic and Protestant, in Japan and her possessions, ins this theme and exhorting the hand of the world. Contemplate Had the Vatican broken wlth Japan, we permit our readers to officers to model their lives on the there. Meditate there. Pray there. missionary. A rather rerrlarkable These can bring peace--even hap- surmise what would have happened to men and women now tribute, especially since he is not piness--in your aflictions. laboring to propagate the Christian Faith in the Japanaese em- a Catholic and most, if not all, of -== pire. Wells was not thinking of these men and women. The the officers whom he addressed Jesus is a different King from were non-Christians." all the kings of earth. He seeks to Pope was. Which illustrates one difference between the two The real story of the worth and rule by love, by His meekness, by men. Wells thinks of resounding publicity, the Pope of defense- achievements of missionaries, of His humility, by His perfect prac- the Catholic Church will be written rice of all the Christian virtues. : when our American Troops are at He seeks our voluntary and loving ANO less, sufferlng people. The Ave Maria, seehmPROPAGATIONaain" Their c0ntaCtSon pagelnbthe ish0mage'to rule byHiSlove.mst ardent desire oest # .. sroey its. 9, @'J Rural Catholic Comml of the South by Rev. Anthony C. S. Sp. (General Diocesan Farming Is Worthy Practically all investigator agree that interest and essential to successful gement. Why shouldn't the manager take a prideful in his worlf? One has mine the paintings in a gallery, the favorite poe ages, or other works lterature to realize that the culture of this and erations has sprung the open country. farming problems and occupy the most active Few occupations, if any physical and mental greater variety. From a and historical point of other calling is superior. yet to be demonstrated city industries, such as turing and mere build up a self-sustaining and economic life. Whi lecturing and commerce roots relatively deep in torical development of s occupied a very minor compared with last two or three the past century they ha very rapidly, but with some serious economic problems have arisen, h ins people the world over beginning to doubt own and other l have been wise in dustrialization to the manufacturing, commerce nanee tend to overbale ricultural elements in mic and social fabric Some of the nave arisen as a result trialization may well be since they seem to trial life is not ricultural life and since a foundation for pride in farming. Industry minimize the place of home, while the famil definite value on the Iosters its influence. children are reared dustrial setup, as shoW fact that the numbers large cities are maintain population. Breasted, eminent origins of civilizations, out, that conscience, unselfishness had their the family home. Is it bble, that many social mic antaganisms have as the family home has its influence? Industry, the "heart" years of a and then discards hire. the last depression, men could not find a they sad reached the Agriculture has wholes ployment for the childhood to old age. Industry breeds an mechanic philosophy farmer deals with anew every spring has a natural and phy born of contact Industry, separates and management, against the others an social and economic ing unites them m thus promoting stability. Much has large-unit the evidence up to this that the family farm is ficient. This permits people to organize .and own business and so to ; satisfaction of self lladustry requires isms, which become so complex as to get and cause booms with resulting ployment and wide., ing. Agriculture in form is best served simpler credit organiz Wealth is much mor tributed in an agm than in an is true that industry opportunities for wealth on the part and successful few and file live from han These points are enoU why many thinking that industrialization be carried beyond good balance with Agriculture has ages proved' its uate a economic and dustry has yet to can do as well. tional pleasures of being matched by luxuries made years to the Cities have little than the rural lost identity. E indeed, with a follow up this It was which was Mary's It was her which interprets her immense holinesS. correspondence to g l made her sanctity unparalle be but as faithfu graces as she was to we shall at last or what we may Faber. : ? [/ \