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October 2, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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October 2, 1920

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LAID SH Ofliciab in n Groum : UniverJ erection, Home Lamp rang Friends: farewell to Septem- you of St. Michael, for the twenty-ninth is dedicated to this ithe armies of God. St. i:the head of the faithful i "Who is like unto i becomes man, we will t temple will adore Him what- today or He is God and we Le of t tJas he not a captain miaculate bering ? le men wraber thirtieth we are [d war, v recall St. Jerome, the ,ons beforel.!ar, who spent three or ngs of p,/la penance and prayer in . United-[iaa desert, after which he lent Gucsfil:t Rome by the Pope who ,nnell of:lthe task of revising the John Bo. ccupied s0of angels and prayer and rones, surllgood works reminds me archbishol ght be interested in know- aound t,I:ent to mass yesterday, of the : es there are still a num- om all  1 homes, occupied by their ) ceremc e instances and in other eign dipl 0se who cannot afford to s of the [her rents asked in other teenS, iz I le" city , S. BenS aa ann These people are ! of course Catho- r Generf  from the sunny land of ce McIl I and much handicapped by ,yore pret I te to speak our language. i of Hic.Y most a mile from the for whfi h, 'There is no street them, no sidewalks and etsnot even street I-)here in the mid,st of all 1FaVantages these people Itgotten the faith of their ld it must be in answer Y,t8 of some of the pious they are now able to I,lY sacrifice of the Mass IViag their .'n commun- f%ass outfit such as treiaehes,-and on a rude Itlag priest hose llrst hut two or three years d the holy sacrifice i: Which had been 'mad Iew kind women whose fl in placing upon the rug, on the windows I Curtains and in'secur- 1 Ihich'occupied a place l, k of this imaginary Le Catholi the aft, recession )v CarW ell ann ' ;corted b] degres Hy of t :hoir of the prel >sure prO! From 1 r_ Thoffm atllollC  relates saes , [let anu land. v, .,rantea inal GiD addre F reSelt F': h e.v PlaCeS ', f the gi [ha fOt, ; gnCle.  ad beo : of a W, where . inal GiP 2esslon  rdinal *" id wa . I mitre , g g ,Kor m. and W*': n the u,-: assiSV .lohn 3v an d ,vitB nroSSC "! he gr%" 1 inV maY ov altl % tal ca . !  n,I ,: rnaSOJt n orOO f_, [nnlr .,j .- .l:,n  v .rleho  L sel'ra'." 2 tee. :ri whO u- 1 ned u' .a :]lal* : ," the eC" . blOO.t:: vchblp' t without seeing them, happiness which it to be able to attend you realize their de- having seen them pictures and articles t  be blessedyes, even have the good priest's .';tlie left to say a a'ter merpaish.. . .u,00e ,tcofftd have mass at ls their gratitude was tell you of the kind ..earne from the opposite ty to play for the little -so creditably the hymns Iteart and to the Bless- I f the Field Secretary of iCatholic Welfare Coun- I aided those interested . this particular c0mmun- IiW -- I-',ne very great work entle, gracious, young s devoting her young etterment of her own ieatiic and sympathetic 0e who must have been I,sed Margaret Mary led by many trials be- l? Strength and to grace lii:evOtion to the Sacred }:" Iass yesterday morn- 0ong the children with m she has worked well . for several years, I how grateful she, too,  to see that her work [fl grown and that every :aong those people must ld joy to her. She has  eeping the lght of and now her reward is i.'nger must she labor dal'aY have the co-opera- [ ;:'.and desires. And, my ends, our good Bishop raass i this house a l'  COuld have seen the !d ht eyed boys aml girls the front chairs; he fathers who no ' th:ays 'h of their own }, they received their reunion in a different [ among the marble arrara, in a little vil- Iga [e hills, in Naples, ! or Rome. I am go- . all to say a IIail  tttle congregation every ten, ember them and CONCHESSA. Des Moines, Iowa. histO]] k.llnu,: ' Dear Conchessa: I am twelve years old and go to Saint Joseph's Academy. I want to belong to the club. I wish you would send me a badge. I have written be- fore but I haven't received mybadge yet. Please send me one. I enjoy the song, "Star of the Sea," very much. I must close. With love, Rose Dapolouia. .iL_.._ - Norwalk, Iowa, Sept. 11, 1920. Dear Conchessa: Well, I am back in school and like it very much. I had a very pleasant vacation. I stayed 'ith a lady who lost her little girl and who was very lonely. I remained with her aboul two weeks and with a friend of mine who is a cripple ,about a week, so tried to make some pleasure fo :others too. We have the same Sisters back ir Churchville again this year. I am in the eighth grade. There are seven in our class. I am sending a picture which is the best one I have of my- self. I hope you will get a large number of pictures as I am anxious to see all the members. I received your C. F, C. pin and ] like it very much. / Your old fmend, Florence McCusker. Audubon, Iowa, Sept. 3, 1920. Dear Conchesa: I belong to a Conchessa Club in our parish and it is my turn to write. I am eleven years oht. We did not have a meeting last Wednesday on account of the rain, but I want to have one next week. Our school will begin Monday and my little sis- ter is going to start. , I am in the sixth grade. Well, I shall close. From a new member. Gertrude Kerwin. Audubon, Iowa, Sept. 3, 1920. Dear Conchessa: "I received the buttons and I think they are very nice. I want to thank you for them. I am at my brother's home anc thought I would write. My school begins Monday. My sister will be the teacher. She has been at Niagara Falls. and has seen many intere.sting things. She is com- ing home Sunday. She has been vis- iting my brother. I am coin to catechism Saturday. Well, I shall close. Thanking you again for the buttons. From a C. F. C. member. Helen Kerwin. CATECHISM. The Church (Continued). When does the,Pope speak ex ca- thedra ? He speaks ex cathedra when, as head of the Church, he defines thflt a doctrine of faith or morals is to be held by the universal Church. What is a Christian's duty with re- spect to the truths taught by the Church?,  He must accept them without-re- serve; h must believe them and love them. Is the Pope also impeccable? No; .it is possible for the Pope to commit sin. How may the true Church bc known? It may be known by the distinctive marks which Christ has given it. Which are these marks? The true Church is one, holy, catho- lic, and apostolic. Why is the true Church one? Becausa all its members; (1) Pro- fess the same faith; (2) Receive the same commandments of God /nd of the Church, and partake of the same sacraments; (3) Obey the 'same su- preme head, the Pope. FORTINY TOTS. Will your soul die? No; my soul will not die. Will your soul live forever? Yesj my soul will live forever. BIust we take more care of our soul than of our body? " Yes; we must take more care of our soul than of our body. Where will people go after dcalb? Good people will go to heaven after death. Are Ihe people in heaven happy? Yes; the people in heaven are hap- PY. How long will good people stay in heaven? Good people will stay in heaven forever. Where will bad people"go when they "die? Bad people will go to hell when they die. When will bad people get' out of hll ? Bad people will never get out of hell  Is there fire in hell? [ Yes; there is fire in hell. I iti0P ana,,;:; THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1920. BIBLE STORY. Moses Is Born. After the death of Joseph ,the He- brews, who were the descendants of Jacob, increased so very fast that che king of Egypt was afraid they would become too powerful. To prevent this he ordered that they should do all the hard work in the country, and ,as that might not be enouffn, he commanded that every baby boy should be drowned as soon as he was born. About this time a lIebrcw woman had a little boy, whom she loved dearly. She wishdd to save her baby and so :for three months she hid him. When she could hide him no longer . . she made a basket of rushes, which she daubed over with slhne pitch, so that the water could no enter, and with her heart ahnost breaking, she put her baby in it, and laid it in the high grass along the river's side. The baby's sister, whose na]ne was Mary, hid near by to watch. Shortly after, the king's dau'ghter came down to bathe, and seeing tbe basket, sent her servant for it. The princess opened it and saw a pretty little boy, and her heart was filled wit pity for this poor mothem She made up her mind to save the child and bring him up as her son. The baby's sister now ran up to her, and asked if shb should find a nurse for him; being told to do so she brought his mother. The babe v:as named  Moses, which means, saved from the water. AN ACT OF CONTRITION. 0 my God! I am heartily sorry for my sins. I detest them because they offend Thee, who art so good; and I firmly purpose, by Thy holy grace, never again to commit sin. AN ACr OF FAITH. \\; O, my God! I firmly believe all the sacred truths which Thy Catholic Church believes and teaches; be- cause Thou hast revealed them, who canst neither deceive nor be de- ceivgd" ' X COURAGE. Part II. (Continued from last Week.) The two Sullivans were silent for a moment. "Georgia, you are right. Though we might have fun, it would )e mean, and a sin besides, to play :his trick on Old Sam. Willie, let us trop our plan." Willie was satisfied. And the three boys warmly shook hands with each other, to confirm their mutual riendship, which came well nigh be- ing broken up by this difficulty. Now, my dear readers, what is your opinion of George Steiner? Consider I the circumstances in which the boy I was placed, and you will agree withJ me when I say that George,'in the iiY stance related,r showed a beautifuL! manly courage. No boy was fender than ]e of ticks and fun; here was a fine occasion for both. Wasn't it a strong temptation for him to join his companions in Maying the trick ,though he knew that by doing so he was doing wrong and committing sin? Mdreover, he could foresee that by resisting the wishes of' lvis two comrades he might provoke them and break up the friend- ship that had so long subsisted be- tween them, another temptation to yield to the wrong.. Ite wa" sneered at and called a coward; pride aud human respect were for him another great temptation; like so many others he might have been led by them to do evil. Here was a three-fold temp- tation; George overcame it bravely, and by his manly courage gained o}er his two companions for the right. oaI am writing this, I Just today, a read the life saint who showed such courage that the whole world dmires her for it: St. Agnes. She stood undaunted before the prefect, and rejected all his kind and most tempting offers. She wa. exposed to the eyes of the whole city of Rome, and God protected her innocence by an astounding miracle. When the ex- ecutioner raised his sword to Dehead her, he trembled, and St. Agnes said: "What are you afraid of? I am not afraid!" What admirable courage in a child of thirteen! On the day before the feast of St. Agnes, we celebrate the festival of example of true Christian courage. He renounced all the honors of rank and position to keep to his faith; and being shot witb arrows, was left for dead. Having, however, recovered, he again placed himself before the cruel emperor, to plead for the right, for which he was again ed away to be hipped to death, thus suffering a two-fold lnartyrdom. Such, my read- ers, are the examples for your imita- tion-examples of Christian courage, In vain, however, are aH these words, if parents will not do their part to lay into tthe hearts of t]}eir children, the one principle of this courage--the fear of God. Shall I tell you howthe parents of George Steiner did this? May you strive to do the same with your children, dear Christian father and mother! George's mother, almost from his very infancy, impressed on the mind of her son the idea of God's knowing] TI... PI ..... /l and seeing all things. If he said t I {Y jFII{/ so,nething improper, or did something [ ,fthe S9 wrong, may it have been ever so /th slight, she always - asked him: /  ' "George, who heard that? Who saw/ LOUISIANA. ,,  New Orleans that. She often spoke to lHm of the  presence of his Guardian Angel. As When the St. Margaret's Daugh- , ' ters bade Godspeed to Very Rev E A often as she, or also his father, xxould ' see sometbing improper in his dress Cummings, S. J., on his way to Rome, or manners, they would point to it and tthey had the largest group of the say, "Fie! shame on you, George! season enjoying the pleasures of the What must God and your Guardian Blenk Memolual IIome: Forty-rex are Angel think?" George ever looked }new Demg entertameo. oouz one up to his parents with the greatest! hundred and fifty beneficiaries halve respect; for he saw in them models of every virtue. He never nqticed them committing the same faults for which they had to correct him. By thus 1)lanting into lis heart the fear of God, and nourishing an early sense of shame, they grounded in him that manly courage which we have just heard of, and which we must traly admire--of all and at all times doing what is right and resisting the wrong. Their own lives were regulated by this same principle so early laid into the heart of their son, and which, as been at the.home since July 1. 3avier University has started a campaign for a $3,000 library fund and laboratory equipment. This school is devoted to the higher edu- cation of the colored race, and is un- der the management of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrement. The clinic of St. Joseph's Maternity Hospital, suspended during the war, reopened last month to attend the sick, free of charge. The Knights of St. Peter Claver held their annual convention in New soon as he could lisp, he had to learn l Orleans. and ever afterwards say as a part of] his morning prayer: ] MISSISSIPPI. , Child-- I Bay of St. Louis. 'Think in whatever place thou art,] Our Lady of the Gulf Church, of God sees into thy very heart!" /Bay St. Louis, has purchased a beau- ]tiful set of the Stations of the Cross, NUN AND GIRL ARE in Romanesque high relief. ATTACKED IN AUGUSTA ; (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Augusta, Ga., Sept. 17.--The people of Augusta are much aroused at at- tacks upon two Catholic institutions at an early hour Sunday morning and the Catholics of the city have offered $2,000 reward for evidence leading to Not a Sister of Mercy of Missis- sippi failed in taking the examina- tion under the State Board of Educa- tion for State teachers' licenses. The examiners declared "every paper a marvel of perfection." I{ev: Luke L. tlunket, formerly of the Pass and now of Natchez, has been recalled by the Mill Hill Mis- sionary Society o England. the arrest and conviction of the guilty.  , The first attack occurred at St. TEXAS. Mary's Convent. One of the Sisters . Mentz. , ..... ' of Mercy, asleep on the third floor, The parish o wenz cerebrates tas a m face and  as severely choked in at- I occasion was3 delivered by Rev. Jacob tempting to escape from te man who Schnetzer Rev. G. Apel, former pas- held it. When she screamed, after]tor ' gave'a German address. Rev. wriggling out of bed, he threw her to Gee Berbericti, the' pastor, was the the floor and escaped. " celebrant of the Solemn High Mass. Later a man was seenat the bed- After Mass, an old fashioned barbecue side of one of the girl pupils at the l was served to 1,500 people. colored school dormitory of the Ira- Fredericksburg. maculate Conception. Her neighbor celled and the other girls i the room followed suit and the man ran away. Neither of ,those attacked was serious- ly harmed, though the Sister was hoarse the next day. Every effort, is being made to catch the scoundrel, but owing to the meagre description had, i it" is believed the police have poor !clews. MRS. PELLETIER HONORED. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Boston, Sept. 20.--Mrs. Cecelia E. Pelletier, mother of District Attorney Joseph C. Pelletier, supreme advocate of the Knights of Columbus, has been signally honored by President Descha- nel of the Republic of France. At the request of Premier, Millerand, the President has confemied upon her the gold medal of the French Republic, given by France out of gratitude for assistance during the war. District Attorney P.,elletier is himself a Cheva- lier of the Legion of Honor of France. / 75,000 CATHOLICS IN JAPAN. "Catholics of tle United States, for the most part, are not aware of the fact%hat Japan has 75,000 people of kindred faith," says Rev. Mark Mac- Neal, S. J., of Japan, who visited the K. of C. convention in New York re- cently. "Japanese Catholics," he continued, "are well organized, having an Arch- bishop at the head of the Church there, several Bishops and a number of schools for boys and girls." The Catholic University has 135 students, eight Jesuit p.ofessors, and twenty native instructors. The Government has recently passed a law favoring private uni- versities of this type and has granted them the privilege of conferring de- grees. T PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. | .....  .............. f Rev. R. A. Heinzmann, assistant at St. Mary's Church, celebrated last month the silver jubilee of his ordina- tion. Ver, Rev. H. Gerlach, the pas- tor, preached the sermon. In the afternoon after Vespers, a parish celebration was "-held in St. Joseph's Hall, and in the evening the Knights of Columbus entertained at the Blanchard's Cafe. Mission. Rev. Juan Bretault, O. M. I., cele- brated the golden jubilee of his re- ligious profession at the Oblate No- vitiate: A native of France, he was ordained at Autun, France, in 1872, soon after coming to Wexas. At the celebration, Very Rev. Constantineau ,',, . had the ahnost mcre&ble .task of toasting the Rev. Jubilarian in three langdes at the same time: begin- ning his sentence in Spanish, continu- in French, and ing them finishing them' up in English." Speculation sounds more refined than gambling, but a fellow loses equally. lUST PUBLISHED LADY TRENT'S DAUGHTER , A EW NOVEL By Isabel C. Clarke THE FOREMOST CATHOLIC NOVELIST The story of the young wldowcd Lady Trent and her daughter Olavo. Themothc'r is engaged to Guy Quinn. The daughte and Quinn meet accidentally and fall in love, neither knowing who the other is How the tangled plot is finally unravelled and how "they ltved happily ever, after" makes a great story. ,.Lovers of English prose, reader with I iearehlt lena for beauty o.pattern in the eonatruction of a atory will find profound beauty in MiIi Churke'e tale* " A r. :F. ,um .. - 8yD. $2.15 THE BOOKERY 309 W. SECOND ST. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Schmand Porbeck Candy Co. i! (INCORPORATED) W ' . ," Wholesale Candies Baker and Soda Fountain Supi?lies, :!: i Cigars, Cigaretts, etc. i: LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS " , .f.I...'.l'@@ '\\; / Eastman Kodsks I)evMoping and IWmish/n. HEGAR TY DR UG CO. , IOi MAIN ST. t \\; PAGE SEVEN CONV]RT JOINS COLORED SISTERHOOD In the convent of the Oblate Sisters of S. Francis, a colored community, Baltimore, recently, Miss Mildred Bar- rett (colored) received the habit as one of the spouses of Christ. Miss Barrett was a member ef the WesI Chester parish for years, and it was while there, as a teacher at the public schools, that she became a convert to the true faith. HABIT MAKES SAVING EASY. Habit is the leverage by which we lift ourselves more easily when once we have begun to try. Habit makes saving easy. If the child is ifiterested in small savings and they are oft re- peated the habit forms and finally sav- ing becomes second nture. PANDORA'S BOX. "If there is a habit which the world needs just now it is saving coupled , with industry. The war has opened a Pandora's !box. It seems to have let loose on a troubled world all the ills that flesh is heir to. Industry, saving and the law of kindness are needed to combat those evils." "WANTED Auto Radiator Repair Man; one that understands it; married man pre- iferred, and a pratcieal Catholic. 315 Center Street. 9-11-4t Any Alumnae Association wishing to purchase rosary heads br any ther reUgioua articles to be sent to' the sol. dier, s can obtain them at reasonable rates at The Bookery, 307 W. 2nd St. We have nice selections and orders will be promptly filled. '::.5. C c '. ' p. ' . FOR GOOD LIFE INSURANCE See J. J. RALE, Local Representative Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 1001-7 Boyle Bldg. Main 2981 - u00IC CO ' The o" stablis " 'lt"sas. "'"a.aa ",aa the _ t'Tr . "ai" Street \\; .' -" r Made by ROSE CITY BAKERY 'The Most Sanitary Bakery' Joe Jung Proprietor. OFFICE SUPPLIES, 'DESKS, TYPEWRITERS PRINTING Our printing plant is very complete automatic feeding presses doing fi,,- est of work. Send for illustrated price list Typewriters. \\; PARKIN-LONGLEY C0. Little Rock, Arkansaa '1 A. V. ROGOSKI Both Phones 478 GAS FITTING' Practical Plumbing, Hot Water end Steam Heating. Dealer in ipe, Gas Fixtures, Hoe Pumps Etc. H. T. McKINLEY JEWELER Watches, Sewelry, Musical Goods. Watch and Jewelry Repairing. 706 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. HELLO CENTRALI Give Me 192 or 1927 YOUNG'S DRUG STORE Te Store of Quality Ninth and Raster ii!l ;"%1