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October 2, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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October 2, 1920

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" PAc,00 six aVARDIAN, SArUa,AY, OCTObeR 2, 1920 :': UlOOb/%M ID/Di iM these missions has (ome from the [/'..2--I..#-_.C/_I._...I..___ Perate, guardian of the museum, and Thought for the week: CORNERSTONE LAID :./e  , " |Ui|Ui'I [[kUDlalUtJ En, glishmen. /kT'ftt" {]J Lz{)LUTfUI45 M. Paul Leon, director of the beaux- Loyalty--it calls for the considers- FOR NATIONAL SH by, ' IMMACULATE C0i ' IO n|{/|] y I am rather sorry that there is an  ,  _. .,. Arts, who explained to the American tion of the Order s welfare as well as I:f : ILI[U i|OUOOiII 1# impressiongthat the difficulty is en- tocey z/-cves visitors the interesting associations its support in other respects. 0g Fridnds: Cardinal Gibbons 0fficiatd MOIg,If, NOR K00LEY tirely settled. It is only partially set- . connected with one of the most richly M.P.M. Ying farewell to S, sive Ceremony in Pr ................ tied. There is an honest effort being Little Rock Council No. 812. historic monuments in France. -- ! you of St. 1H Thousands on Groun for the twent3 made to remove all the obstac]es, and After visiting the Gallery of Bat- K. OF C. PILGRIMS RETURN is dedicated t, i!'emind ' mel, f( ,i - GERMAN AND AUSTRIAN QUES- I am very hopeful of further results OFFICIAL NOTES. tles, the King's apartments and the HOME ON THE LAFAYETTE Catholic Universl,:, is . TION NOT FINALLY SETTLED. I do not like to be too optimistic in . chapel, the Knights were shown the i,e armies of Goc '.i:...:.; IRELAND'S EXCELLENT WORK the face of a tangled situation that Reception to Br0. Donahue. room dedicated to the Alnerican Inde- Supreme Knight Flaherty Tells of I (By N. ( W. C. Newsy:the head of the f '!' IN CHINA. no one really had foreseen. In war We do not recall a more deeply in- pendence, on the walls of which hang Ovation They ReceivedFrance Washington, D. C., Se ted: "Who is lik( ; ,., -- things are done that. look very an- teresting program than that of Sun-. portraits of Lafayette, Rochambeau Grateful to United States. first step in the erection),; e becomes man, w ; (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) reasonable in times of peace. They day afternoon when a reception in" and Admiral de Grasse, and in the most magnificent tempM,:. '''We will adore Him Washington, ). C., Sept. 24.LMsgr. were really ahvays unreasonable, but honor of Bre. Florance J. Donahue centre of which stands the bronze (By N. C. W. C. News Service) was taken here today or He is God a - Francis C. Kelley, President of the the smoke of battle is a blinding was given at our hall. For three statue of General Washington, the gift New York, Sept. 20.--The lers of foundation stone of th!!Ws he not a c good hours he narrated some of the of the State of Virginia. the French line have been the scene Shrine of the hnmaculateibering ? Catholic Extension Society, who has thing. _ just returned from London after pro- Ireland's Excellent Chinese Mission. main incidents of his trip. Corn- Crowds at Marble Court. of many enthusiastic receptions to a memorial to the men wh.mber thirtieth w longed negotiations with the" British "Bad as has been the setback for mencing with a visit to the Supreme After luncheon, which was preceded voyagers in the months since the lives in the world war,  recall St. Jerom Government as a representative of the Cathoic missionaries because of the Convention ,held at New York, .and by a tour of the park and gardens, the great war, but none to vie with tlmt by Cardinal Gibbons befoolar, who spent th i Holy See, was in Washington today war and its evil c0nsequenceg, yet the grand farewell demonstration visitors returned for the ceremonies which met the home-coming Knights greatest gatherings of pIn penance and pra attending the ceremonies in connec- there is a consolation in the new given the delegation, he revisited in in the Marble Court, which attracted of Columbus' when the Lafayette assembled in the United q'! desert, after wh: , tion with the laying of the foundation growth of the missionary spirit of the story, one by one, the important an immense crowd of citizens in addi- docked today. There w.ere 92 of the Prominent GueS: Rome by the Pot stone of the Immaculate Conception world. Holland is organizing her places, some of the functions given in tion to the Knights and distinguished 200 pilgrims who left here six weeks Cardinal O'Connell of :lhe task of revisiI Shrine at the Catholic Univers'ity. churches and laity most intelligently honor/of the Knights, and a number guests invited. The grounds were ago. They were headed by Supreme the Most Rev. John Be@_ Msgr. Kelley discussed with a staff and successfully. Italy and Spain aro of the notable personages he met guarded by a regiment of French in- Knight Yttmes A. Flaherty, who, in tolic delegate, occupied ]of angels and pray , correspondent of the N. C. W. C. News becoming keenly interested. But the while on the tour. fantry and a detachment of Marines the breaking of all Xprecedent, was cmlly erected thrones, s good works remit Service the diplomatic work he has most marked and at the same time, Visits Rome. In addition to M. Landry, who took made a commander of the Order of more than fifty archbisbolght be interested in been doing abroad to make new dr- perhaps, the most useful of these The greatest interest naturally cen. occasion to recall the war achieve- St. Gregory by the Pope in person ts.. Thronged around tIen t to mass vest rangements for nssions disturbed by missionary lnovements is that of Ire- tered arouncl their visit to Rome ments of the United States Navy in from his throne, ne eep pit, in which ell You. the war. He said.", land. II will be difficult to find a where the delegation were accordec co-operation with the navies of France The pier and the street in front of 'stone, a magnificent, sllt_xt of our city wt Involves Many Nations. parallel in the world for the remark- honors and privileges by he Holy and Great Britain, the speakers in- it were thronged by those who had Hampshire granite, asareh0uses, freight "It is not entirely in accord with able and wonderful work done by the Father that have not been customary cluded Supreme Knight Flaherty, M. gathered to welcome the heme-conmrs, were thousands of the [, there are still a the facts to say th,t the German and founders of the Irish Chinese Mission. heretofore. Chaleil, Prefect of the Department of There-were priests and laymen from had gathered from all P._homes, occuttied b Austrian Mission question has been Ins few years it has actually occupied It w:as, for instance, the first time Seine-et-Oise, Bishop Gibier, M. all sections, and had it not been for country for '.o f cere e instances andtlie in finally adjusted. Progress has been its field .with about forty priests. It in history that any Pope posed for Hugues Le Roux, Senator'of the De- the stringent regulations, they would scntatives of oreign d'p . e who cannot aft, / made and good-will has been estab- has its seminaries growing and pros- the "movies." It was the first time, partment, General Tanant, of the have swamped the sections of the and high officials of the gher rents asked in lished, but the main question is more pering. It has the backing of the far as we know, that an entire day Saint-Cyr Military Academy, reviewed great dock reserved for passengers and state department, i:e" city. These peel5 difficult than appears on the surface whole people as well as the clergy, was set aside for any single lay dele- the troops of the Versailles garrison and customs officers in their eagerness miral William S. BenSlPan and of course and is one that does not actively con- America i now looming up. And the gati0n, and it was the first time that after the ceremony. Mme. Millerand, to give a handshake to the homing McGowan, Major General,r u from the sunny 1-" cern a single govermnent, developments here are significant. If any ay organization has been re- M. Andre ' Tardieu, M. Leredu and Knights. But the line of demarca- Bliss and J,ustice McKlid much handicapr Nature of Difficulties. the present loss of missionaries, can quested to establish a residence in Father Soures were among the not- tion was closely kept. There were Supreme Court were pre, to speak our lan "The difficulty rests chiefly on some be stopped,there will be no question Rome, the custom being for the or- able persons present. $10,000,000 in gold ingots on board, )rocession of, H..amost a mile fro articles in the Treaty of'Versailles, about the future." ganization to make request for the Reception at Embassy. sent by France as part payment of The exercises, for whi. There is no transferring mission property former- grating of such an honor. From Versailles, the Knights re- her money debt to American bankers, had flocked to'the Cathy! t them, no sidewal] .- -  even trians to trustees appointed bythe AMERICAN FLAG OVER VATICAN Pope Gives Communion. turned by automobile to Paris, pro- sibleand itattackWaS tObygUardBolsheviststhese, fromthat pos-the ly ir control of the Germans and Aus- grounds early in the tteetsnot The honor, perhaps, most deeply ceeding to the American Embassy, preceded by a processionS(here in the mid,st local governments. These articles re- fer only to former German colonies, Returning on the French liner La- appreciated by the Knights was that where they were greeted by Mr. Hugh strict cordon was established, archy, headed by Car "vaatages these but so much bitterness was stirred up fayette from their four weeks' pil- of receiving Holy Communion from Campbell Wallace and Mrs. Wallace. Supreme Knight Center of Cardinal O'Connell and g0tten the faith oJ during the war that repatriations of grimage in Europe as guests of the the hands of His Holiness when they In his address of welcome the Ameri- Enthusiasm. Delegate, and escorted .! it must be in missionmes, Catholic and PrOtestant, French government and of Pope were present a't Mass in the Lourdes can Ambassador characterized the pil- , Supreme Knight Flaherty was, of honor of fourth degree:e of some of the were made by France, Great Britain, Benedict, the Knights of Columbus Shrine, where he was the celebrant, grimage as "the most unprecedented course, the center of the enthusiasm, the local assembly of tMt,! they, are now a Japan, and even the United States. Lafayette-Metz delegation declared The Guardian next week will carry visit in French-American history." He was rushed hither and thither, to Colmnbus. A choir ofly sacrifice of the These repatriatiors continued after yesterday, through Supreme Knight a fine picture of the Holy Father Thi morning, at ten o'clock, the be greeted here and cheered there, and voices greeted the prelg their rwn co James A. Flaherty of Philadelphia, celebrating the Mass with the K. of C. Knights are to "pay an official visit to then photographed and talked at. He entered the enclosure pr:,: the Treaty had been signed, who led the pilgrimage, that the in attendance. - Marshal Joffre, after which they will was in a dsperate hurry. His tenths, ceremonies. ss outfit such a 3span Active. strongest impression brought from Memorial Medals Preseed. go to the tomb of Lafayette, in the people in P.hiladelphia had arranged Message From t'renches,-and on The question then is one that-in- France m that the people of America Another little incident which went Ppus Cemetery, accompanied by a parade to meet him at the station The Right Rev. priest  whose volves a number of powers. Japan should desire their hero dead to re- to show the thoughtful solicitude of Marshal Joffre, M. Jusserand, Colonel and pay him high 'honor and natur- rector of the Catholi t two or three sent a representative to the Holy See main in France as a perpetual bond the Holy Father for the Knights of Bentley Mott, Marquis de Chambrun, ally he wanted to be there. The La- welcoming the prelates  ,the holy sacri to treat the matter and secure other between the two nations. "Not only Columbus was evidenced when hc Colonel Fabry and Mr. Brooks Parker. layette was slow on the last leg of read special messages:e:hich had been missionaries in place of those ex- as head of the Knights of Columbus, pesented to each of the 287 dele- A reception will be given by the her trip and did not get up to her ness Pope Benedict and pjzP.w kind women pelled from the Mgrshall and Caroline but as a member of the United. States gates a silver medal commemorating Municipality of Paris at four o'clock pier until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Bourne of England, d; in placing upc Islands. Japan,i however, refused to government's war memmials commis- the occasion of their visit. It would at the Hotel de Ville, and at eight By the time she had warped in and the Pope had granted on the wi expel from her own fountry and Ko- sion, I shall constantly urge that our take pages to tell of the places of o'clock the ,grand farewell banquet tied up, it was five, and then came blessing to' Cardinal "curtains and in. red, and even paid the expense of sub- honored dead remain in France. More Catholic and, historic interest, such as will be held at the ]alais d'Orsay, the ordeal of getting baggage passed the message was addreSich" occupied a stitutes for the other colonies. Grelt than 100 of our 250 pilgrims were the Catacombs, the Leaning Tower at presided over by M. Andre Lefevre, by the customs men. All of these and the faithful prese. of this ima Britain expelled only in part arid re- fathers and brothers of .Americans Piss, the Great Clock at Strassburg, Minister of War. tb, ings Supreme Knight Flaherty mony, and to the zeal  tained quite a number of German mis- killed in action. They visited the etc., but there was one place we Miss Anna Case will sing, and the wanted to do in time to catch a 6 and contributors to the v0li t; without seeing sionaries. The expulsions_ from cemeteries where these heroes lie must not overlook and of which Bro. guests will include the American Am- o'clock train for Philadelphia, and at happiness American territory were very few. In buried and tkey saw the ceaseless care Donahue made it his business to pho- bassador, M. Jusserand, Judge Elbert there was no time to get an extended Cardinal PiaceSl#p l wl England, German clergymen remained bestowed on these graves for which tograph, it was the room in the City H. Gary and Mr. John Slevin, who talk with him. The ceremony of the L:  e to be able to : throughout the war. The difficulty for French men, women and children have of Genoa were the great Discoverer: ioined the Knights in Rome and who "We had ovations everywhere," he altar-site and the fo', fl You realize the Catholics is "found in the impossibility amos t tender regard. Here in Ameri- the Patron of our Order, was born. is again going to take .charge of the said. "It was touching to note the one of the most anciei!] t, having seen of replacin so many missionaries, ca we could not care for these grav W might say here something thv/t Vatican Choir in its second tour of kindly feeling of the people toward of the Churcl, had beei, pictures and a gince America has not yet better. The American ceeteries m has often come to our mind, the the United States. us, not because we were Knights of by the erection of a w.= be blessed--yes beguneSpeciallYto sehd many into those fields, France are the most beautiful and scanty knowledge of the life of this Tomorrow an official luncheon will Columbus, but because we were the exact spot where hehave the good p while the Church has only about touching sights that any American great Catholic and how little we do be given by M. Francois-Marsal, Mi.n Americans, of the same "blood as be raised. Cardinal Gil) a left to say a 2,000,000 members in England and can see." in the way of self-instruction 0 tom- ister of Finance, and in the afternoon those who had suffered and died with headed the procession _,r parish. -ScotlaL-- " " bat the endless workings 5f propa- Mgr. Baudrillart, of the Academy, willand for them. France is grateful and hiSinto robethe pitf cardinaland ,OUnd. thathaveit WaSma Mr. Flaherty described the K. of C. French Decreasing. pilgrimage as a triumph from begin- ganda fostered to discredit and bed'will hold a reception for the' Knights never forgeL That is why I urge was cu'd "The numoer of French missioo ning to end. "Pope Benedict," he little the Church and all things Cath-i in the Catholic University. those who have loved ones buried in white cope and mitre 1 their gratitud aries is decreasing. It is a serious said, "has sent through th Knights olic. As he talked, Bro. Donahue il-  ' French soil to leave them undisturbed, mony. After the exorcita w#/raetellfromYU of theop ing of the salt an "i the missionaries of both sexes 1,100 have of Columbus his blessing to the en- lustrated. , many of his points with "Florrie' Distributes Souvenirs. Ahvays will France guard and honor hal proceeded to the b!@h to play for the vmws site of the altar, assist.t creditably the] / misisonaries of both sexes 1100 have tire American nation. The PQpe made of hundreds of places he vis- That Bro. Donahue was not un- their graves." / been repatriated. It takes a long it known to us that what tile world ited and dozens of souvenirs secured mindful of his friends has been shown Stars and Stripes on Vatican. EdwF0 aeartand to thd time to work out a question of this needed for permanent peace was spir- as he went from place to place, such m many ways by the large numbers Touching upon the Rome'part of the key. Monsignor . the Field Secret: kind, where so many countries and itual insurance. He spoke in emphatic as the partially ruined Cathedral at of cards, letters mad. papers sent by visit, Mr. Flaherty said: "We found of Brooklyn and  'C colonies are involved.' terms of praise of America's part in Rheims and a pistol picked up by him while abroad; nor did he forget the Pope in excellent health and DetrOit. He then d Cathlic Welfare the way-and subsequent reconstruc- th  .... aided , ,, ,and, wi ? those inte "In'spite of the fact that I remained him on one of the battle fields. It our "Little Umvermt}, for to each keenly interested in American mat- into the p!t sseS #this particular a long time or,-the other side, I am tion and requested the Knights of would be impossibleto convey any ade- Fellow 'of this great institution he ters. He ordered the American flag made the mree ere ti igo::: te0r here only n a visit while documents Columbus to renew welfare activity quate idea of the great honor shown presented a Rosary blessed by the flown over the Vatican throughout our six sides stone, " " In the meantime in Rome. He urged us to continue our the delegation by the various govern- Holy Father. This kindly remem- stay in Rome, the first time in his- :fmh;her , areno furtherbeing studied.repatriations are taking educational work for American service ments and the many events stage brance.was deeply appreciated by all. tory that such a compliment has been "Bless, place. A halt has been called which men and gave the work his cordial for the Knights as they traveled. Secures Great Honor for No. 812. paid to Americans, and it was in and I sincerely hope will be permanent, blessing. We found the Pope in ex" , / Glowing Account.. 'WhilenhistripBr'Dnahuese" marked cntrast t the general atti" hly hcl u vhomusth:: In fact I have some reasons for be- cellent hefllth and keenlY" interested One fllustratmn, however, will give cured an honor for our Council which tude of Romans toward us. Italy mind s lieving that it will be permafient. A in American matters. He ordered the an idea of this; it is an accounttaken ranks among the highest ever be- seeded shocked by the unrest that is of this r plan has been arranged by which mis- American flag to be flown over the from the Paris edition of the New stowed to our local body. The Su-. sweeping the land." of body and and triSgr sionaries going into British colonies .Vatican throughout our stay in Rome. York Herald hnder date of September reme Knight has promised him io There was a cable message of Tel-, through Christ Our : ilWOtion to the t may be vouched for on the authority This was the first time in history that 9th as fpllows: pay us a visit sometime in the near come from Marechal Foch, who-had While the metal bIass yesterday of the American Hierarchy. Final de- such a compliment was paid Ameri- The friendly spirit which unites future, when he will be the guest of unveiled the Lafayette statue at Mbtz, placed, an attest on the childre cisions will probably not be reached cans, and it was in/marked contrast France and America was the subject Little Rock Council and not of a given by the K; C.'s to France, and coins and other until early in 1921.  , to the general attitude of Romans to of a glowing address delivered by M. chosen few. ' . the dedication of which was the main certed in the cavity she has worke Germans' Good Work. wards us. Italy appeared shot Adolphe Landry, Minister of Marine, / cause of the' pilgrimage. The aes- the huge bloc for several ye "It is only fa to say," continued through with unrest." to the delegation of Knights of Meeting Nbxt Week. sage reiterated the gratitude of place by expert ow grateJul sh Msgr. Kelley, "that the question has The Knights were unanimous in de- Columbus in the marble court of the All the brothers are urged to be France to the Knights and also, carried faced the wooden see that her of the Saints was grown and that ben discussed in a spirit of fairness claring that the French gobernment Chateau of Versailles yesterday, present at the very important meet- the information that the Marechal is peopb and with all appearaflces of n ,honest and people showed them unexampled where they gathered in honor bf Ad- ing on next Tuesda. evening, October surely coming to the United States, choir, followed bY joy to her. S] desire to come to a just arrangement hospitality. Thirty governmental miral de Grasse, who, after bringing 5. The newly elected officers are to fo" in it he says he expects to see Psalm 126, ' on the basis of saving Christian mis- decorations were given to the French naval aid to the young repub- take up their respective duties with a with his own eyes the work the "Unless the the lg sions fr2m injury. In fact, great ap- Knights, including two commanders of lic, prepared the Treaty of "Versailles formal installation to follow at the Kniffhs have done in this country, they labor in nOWnmsther shere \\; lreciaon has been shown, especially the Legion of Honor and faur Cheva- signed by the United States and Eng- succeeding meeting. Beides Mr. laherty, thirty other Bishop have the co- on the part of the Indian officials, for liers. Pope Benedict broke all pre- land in 1783. New Class November 14. members of the delegation were defer- An eloquent anddesires. Ar the good work of the German mission- cedent by naming Supreme Knight "'If America has cherished for near- Work is progressing on the prepar- ated by the Holy- Father. Others of by the Right ReV. , . our good ] I aries, especially of thb teachers. Flaherty a commander 9f the Order ly a century and a half the memory story arrangements for the initiation high rank who returned were Dr. E, las of Duluth, whO raass i this h Exchange of Compliments, of St. Gregory personally from the of France's assistance," said M. of a "large class on Sunday, Novem- W. Buckley, St. Paul, Supreme Physi- world at large "If the matter rested entirely in the papal" throne/Marshals Foch, Petain Landry, "who can doubt that France ber 14. - clan; MartinH. Carm6dy, Grand Rap- late today more COuld have se hands of the negotiators it would be and }/offre, Generals Mangin, Lyautey, will ever be capable of forgetting that Musfc and Industry: 'ids, Deputy Supreme Knight; John F. that the -ations solved in very short tithe, but the Bertholet and other famous French America, in turn, came to help her The members are very much inter- O'Neil, Jersey City; John" Reddin, Christ should make eyedfrontbOySchainam gte to invite the complications are somewhat baffling fighting men personally directed the triumphantly out of her most terrible ested in the plan of the musical cam- Denver, and Paul Leche, New Orleans, again ,that His b ad fathers  and unexpected. It was a pleasure  Knights over the battlefields. Pre- experience ?" paign being set for the winter under Supreme Directors. fused 4nto the verY days of thei hear testimonies to the sorrow of mie Millerand and his cabinet per- M. Jusserand's "Mot." the auspices of the Hollenberg CO., received many of the local Government offi- sonally welcomed the Knights; every- M. Jules Jusseran[l, French Ambas- and to be directed by Mr. Robert GERMAN PRIESTS COMING nations. .-. Benediction of the 0nlUnion in a di t t ' among the  cials at the loss of men and women where they met with' the mos cordial sador to the United States, also gave Lawrence. It is just a question of TO PLEAD FOR STARVING rament, with Io.s iol ( whose work thgy had come to respect and spontaneous welcome from clergy expression yesterday to th$ cordiality putting music into our civic, fraternal and admire for the repatriations were and" people. Each city visited gave that exists between the republics, and industrial life. Music is a God- . (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Dougherty,,Ilti. (arrara,e htlls,in ainlittb phia, Officiating br t'.e started for military, not civil, red- the Knights. memorials of their visit, when he remarked, in reply to a given art intended for all the people. New York, Sept. 24,--A delegation ceremonies to aa cloScloou' '; sayI a sons. It is perfectly true, as as Pope Benedict gave / each Knight a spe$ch of Supreme Knight J. A. Flali- It is a joy of the world and the Na- of German priests, representing St. :lit!econgregatio n stated in oe of the Catholic papers, specially struck medal. 'twelve of the erty, regarding the duties of good eiti- tional Bureau for the Advancement Boniface Society for Catholic Ger- that 'no angry word has been said nights were made citizens of Paris. zens: "Every American must be a of Music sees to minister tt he mny, is expected in New York short- HISTOII' nember them ly by local religious communities on by a single priest about the Indian Through the Knights, Marshal Foch good Frenchman, and every French-reat soul of the people rather than .'dr ' CONCHE in its relation to the forwarded greetings to all the men man must be a good American." allow of this pleasing art to be but a a special charitable mission in behalf The : i:  ! L,e s administration t h n of the 'American arm , whom he " h cit earl esterda fad for the few and the rich. It is f their starving and sufferin breth- and MuseumLXmer hasCk tr  ;.l', D " Church. I can go even, far her t a  , Leawng t e y y y y .  g _ .otri51tlm , es Moines, L that, and say that the greatest ,tes- hopes to see on his fo;thcoming visit morning by automobiles, the Knights a grand work, and M. Lawrence is ren. The delegation ,which is under- recipient of a ,,? .o / timony I ever heard in favor of a colo - to the Umted" StateL One hundred proceeded first to the church o giving it an encouraging initiatio stoodto have sailed fromRotterdam of' Dermod. o'Bre'.f -. wa= , " i-'  nial overnrdent was iven bv German Knights returned on the Lafayette, Sainte-Jeahne d'Arc, at Versailles, here in our cit, The K. of C. is last week is composed of the Rev. Dr. the chmr which .,i.I ' (: missionaries 'about the overnment of "he remainder will come on.the Savoie where they Were received by Bishop warm heartedly cooperating in these Wemand, tlte Rev. Father Schlatter O'Bnen's great-U ,ii'! . , India--by nen who had then:selves and the France.  \\;J Gibier. On their arrival at the eha- efforts to make forthe joy of all ,the of Paderborn, the Rev. Father Bruen- O'Brmn, by the .., .//, been imprisoned and " pelle while ' . , .teau,. they wre  met and conducted, people. Many will attend the sin S at ing of Richmond and the Rev. Father cinnati in recOg  :' i' .... the finest" teStimon the work o l PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. ] through the Palace by M. Andre I the Cathedral Hall Friday night. I Weinhold of Genselkirchen. I se/wices to Irelan( i  ......  ' ':'-- ' ' ........ . : ....... ",.  '  X ' . ' ":.' ',' ,..,,,,. ....... . ., ......:,.,,' ..... . ...... ... . . . ...: ,. :/\\;., : ..... .,-  , ': . . /.. ., , . . . .,-' , - . ,... . :.." , . . ,, .... ., :.:.;, :.:; ;., . .....  - "'i "   "- ..... " " ',,' .