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October 2, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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October 2, 1920

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; given at thiJ e. '., Academy and ,%hool messes s ROCK COLLEGE. / didates Turn Out for ' |e|ollege Is Promised a :anmt00 .y and Coyne. t I'F : Coll6ge is'making long ,lly 'd a fast team for this )Wing the opening of the i a call for football prac-. IRa Sr rought twenty-five can- the field. All of these LStrate in great shape, d material to work on, ill probability, be retained d as a whole. Mr. Scott Re, coaches of the "back- they are certain of pro- :edy temn out of the ma- ;i*S scheduled for this sea- wd ;#to take place inxabout Definite information is )fl][l Vailable. cuts have beenl given the t so far, and very little :co has been done. The romising that, except for rill be hard to decide the A 0ut of present prospects. Lne weight is not exactly [.the coaches did expect Re reports, the actual SUpe.ior to that of last 100,000 -10,000 I-and Fr. Flaherty, both tar Players, and at pres- CCOUllt$ tChes,, for the Little Rbck ,tisfac.t ' express the opinion that )rOU Wlt. fatback in weight will be [lormB 0Wered by the noticeable a of speed and accuracy ' P Pesent prospects. With ;qnterest and coaching v( ".Y" line will be developed .OPposition in their first , who showed sone of |  |  Work on the girdiron || | :been elected to captain I M I. IIl,,Ven for the coming sea-, |HU tSdoing much to increase i every player and create ,nd 'Sto][',Within each individual 1 l will make a strong - -o#:Whole. The final sched- ,Al.t incomplete but will re. CULOUS _,L $5009  VENTS REPORTEu J  'V. .N.e,vs Service. ) ' 20;/Pilgrims continue  ;Y in thousands in Tem- !;many additional Lmira- .are reported. It is com- , t least 20,000 pilgrims town last week.  "The e' lg ,sa: I Templemore the more re SIlP] a visitor, "I see of the t with:] d With the mystery "of :S and '01 e glamour of the occa- ,ski ae! Ltyf the people's piety, )leased!_ es of the people's ' ' eceived from a member ,_ .' order states, "Statues ].]t Presence of priests. ' "" 2sitive proofs." tS . d that on Sunday night .j7 Blessed Virgin in the :  Grey, bootmaker, to :,' Walsh frequently re- m'?-lsh',a" was. the first to ob- IthMfestatlons), wept co- Presence of Mr. Walsh ST RUST ny. that a soldier told Mr. saw a beautiful lady of the Town Hall and to me and you and placed a beads When Mr. Walsh two priests he be- place where the saw the y and had his residence. Ac- reports the sol- Ca,he- Who was taken to the apparition is said to Was cured of dumbness SWISS SHOWING MORE LIBERALITY Dr. "Ming of the Federal Assembly Tells of Notable Changeof Attitude. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, D. C., Sept. 27. Dr. P. A. Ming, member of the Federal Assembly o Switzerland, who was a delegate to the International Congress i Against Alcoholism, in session here last week, gave a cheering account of Catholic conditions, interests and ac- tivities in his country. In the course of an interview with a representative of the N. C. W. e. "News Service Dr. Ming declared that indifferentism among the formerly Protestant population had-for the present, at least, redounded to the ad- vantage of the Catholics. Aggressive Calvinism Disappearing. "The old, tenacious, aggressive Cal- vinism is fast disappearing, and in its place is coming a spirit of indifference regarding religion,' said Dr. Ming. "This situation is not perhaps good for the future of the country, but at the moment it is tending toward a liberalization of laws and practices which have for a long time hampered the Catholic Church and wrought in- justice to Catholic citizens of the Swiss Confederation. "One evidence Of this change of' view toward th Church is the Swiss Government's authorization for a Papal Nuncio in Berne. A few years ago, when Protestantism in Switzer- land was strong in its adherence to its o tenets, the proposal to permit this recognition of the Vatican would have been rejected. Jesuits Not Feared. "Another proof of the new attitude of Protestants--o,better say, non- Catholics--in Switzerland, is the agi- tation for the repeal of the Constitu- tional prohibition against the admis- sion of Jesuits to the country. As a matter of fact there are many Jesuits in Switzerland and they are enjoying the same rghts and protectmn that are accorded to other clergy or lay- men. The non-Catholic people have convinced themselves that there is nothing to be feared from Jesuits, but on the contrary that they are very loyal ad useful citizen ' "It will not be long, I think, until Switzerland is formally represented at the Vatican. Many influential per- sons and elements favor that policy, not because of any affection for the Holy See, but as a means of keeping their country in touch with one of the great forces of Europe. Catholics Prominent. "Catholics are taking a large and productive part in social and indus- trial movements in Switzerland. They have organized Catholic ' workmens yndicates, have co-operated with the Christian Socialists in opposing ex- treme Socialists and Radicals, and are furthering a program, that only a dec- ade ago would have been cegarded as very advanced. They have been brought into a fine slidarity and in consequence are making their influ- ence felt in social ,econonfic and po- litical affairs*as never before. ! Catholics on Federal Council. "Two of tim se'en members of the Federal Council, which corresponds to the American President's Cabinet, are practical Catholics. A large number / . I of Cathohcs are m the membership of the Federal Assembly. They are represented too in the executive branches of the government and in the diplomatic service. "Whatever the serious results of the war in other European countries may be, "the iaact is that Switzerland has prospered greatly since the armis- tice. Along with the material bene- fits which have accrued to Catholics, they hav also profited greatly i'n a religious way." GEORGETOWN'S IIEAD GETS DECORATION (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, D. C., Sept. 20.--Dr. Guilermo A. Sherwell, head of the Spanish Department of the school of p I Foreign Service at Georgetown Uni- riests There.  versity,.has been .awarde d the medal rlms m Templem.ore of ptbhc mstruetmn granted bYsthne bers of Amerzcan ] Venezuelan government to L Christian Brothers; guished educators. I tares Consul at Cove. I The decoration comes as a result.of [ diredtion of traffic I Dr. Sherwell's trip to Venezuela zth hhe pilgrimage party of Georgetown students last . Y the TipperarylJune, to study economic conditions in e wl have fixed]the southern republic, and is proof LffS and'charges for]that this pioneer work in the feld, of\\;the Volunteers, ! done by a Catholi institution, has the e traffic, was arrest- t commendation f the Venezuelan gov- Motorists visiting I ernment. s been' held up and] ers. [ ,. FALSE HISTORY. ?.0 PURITY. I It was the great French Catholic ]publicist, De Mats,re, who said that ?hat since society iS]the history of the last two hundred i, of the family the[yeas has been a conspiracy against e regulate the familY]truth. One of our great New England cy. Our Holy Fath-Ipoets speaks of Right forever on the )on the Patronage of]throne. How difficult it is to dislodge most important con-lan historical lie from the mind of the nation of so-]public is shown by the errors of his- the world the I tory that'the Church has hd to corn- of family life I bat. , The present day is spreading 1 n the Holy (its false interpretations of history. i' It will take years to correct " : ' : '"; !:7' i TI[E ' (:]UARDIAN, SATUR1)AY, OCTOBER 2, 1920. Latest Cab'e News ANTI-CATHOLICS QUIET. (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) ROME, Sept. 26. Celebrations of the "Twentieth of September" on last Monday received additional signifi- cance this year from the i'act that it was the fiftieth anniversary of the en- try of Italian troops i,,to Rome through the "Porta Pia." An aG tempt was nmde to give a deliberate anti-papal character to the ceremo- hies. The Giordano Bruno Society held a congress of "free-thinkers," to which were invited all the Masonic organizations. The program also in- eluded one or two minor items of anti- clerical flavor. The general feeling of the people indicates tlmt they have no interest in anti-papal demonstrations, and, ex- cept for a small band of fanatics, none took any notice of these exercises, and the day's political doings were simply patriotic. American Help. The Corriere d'Italia has received frcqn the provincial of the Friars Minor of New York and handed to Pope Benedict fifty thousand lire for the sufferers in the recent eartltquake. The Holy Father expressed the sin- cerest appreciation of this further American charity, and has ordered the bishops ofthe different localities to distribute the gift anmng the unfor- tunate people. Pope on Retreat. From tt)e evening of September 26 until the morning of October 2, the Pope and the prelates of the Vatican will be in retreat. Two Jesuits will conduct the exercises. The old cus- tom was revived under Plus X and is observcd every three years. The re- treat is condueted in the Chapel of Santa Mathilde at the Vatican, the Holy Father assisting in a reserved side chapel, thus being able to dis- pense theprelates from full ceremo- nial dress and formalities. DUBLIN CABLE. (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) DUBLIN, Sept. 27.--A protest against the terrorism and wanton de- struction of property, rife in Ireland, is made by Dr. O'Dea, Bishop of Gal- way, in a letter to' the press, in which he declares that every one knows that the perpetrators of crimes and evils are permited to go unchecked, if not indeed encouraged by those who pre- tend to rule for the benefit of the country. The American commission on atroc- ities in Ireland has cabled the chair- nmn of the Balbriggan Town Council to come to the United States as a witness. The chats'man is in jail, but J. Derham, member of the council, will go. Two American Knights of Colum- bus have been refused permission to enter Cork prison. I'ARIS CABLE. (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) " PARI, Sept. 27.--All the French Catholic papers comment most sym- pathetically on the election of M. Mil- lerand to the presidency of the Re- public, and state that his success is now a pledge of religious peace. The last partisans of sectarian policy, gathered around Combes, opposed to Millerad the candidacies of Leon Bourgeois for the presidency of Statue, and Raoul Peret for the presidency o'f the Chamber.' Their defeat shows that they are now powerless to con- trol the national policy. All Catho- lic deputies and senators gave their votes to Millerand. The new premier, M. Leygues, con- tinues exactly the ministerial pro- gram of Millerand, and will support the bill for the renewal of rlations with the Vatican. DIOCESAN NORMAL INSTITUTE. Latest cud Only Official Returns Re- ceived at Guardian Office From Treasurer of Summer Normal In- stitute Maintenance Fund. $ St. Mary's Paragould ....................... $130.00 DIOCESAN NOTES JONESBORO7 [ Parent-Teachers' Association. St. Roman's parish continues to keep up with the activities necessary to the well being and advancement of [ the people Our Parent-Teachers' Association began its earnest work of tim year with its annual meeting last Monday at 3 p.m. The following new 0flcers were elected: President, Mrs. F. V. Johnson; viae-president, Matt. J. Kolb; secretary, J. P. Hopkins; treas- urer, H. A. Lesmeister, re-elected; press correspondent, Mrs. Fred Pur- year. It was a well attended and a very interesting meeting. A card party and lunch next Wednesday, October 6. LARGEST CHURCHES. The largest churches in Europe will contain the following numbers: St. Peters, Rome, 54,000; Milan Cathe- dral, 37,000; St. Paul's, London, 25,000; St. Sophia's, Constantinople, 23,000; Notre Dame, Paris, 21,000; Pisa Cathedral, 13,000; St. Markts, DO0. / Rev. Joseph M. Hoflinger. St. Patrick's, North Little Rock ............................................................. 120.00 Rev. A. Demurger. It. Benedict's, Subiaco .................. 164.00 Rev. Geo. Binkert, O. S. B. Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Slovactown ............................................. 70.00 Rev. Louis Glinski. Holy Rosary, Stuttgart .................... 80.00 St. Anne's, Gillett (Mission) ...... 16.00 Rev. Jos. Schlatterer. St. Mary's, Itot Springs .................. 182.00 St. John's, Hot Springs ..................... 90.50 : Very Rev. W. J. Carroll. St. Paul's Pocahontas ............. .......:.. 150.00 Rev. Jos. Froitzheim. St. Edward's Little Rock ............... 400.00 Rev. Maurus Rohner, O. S. B. St. Agnes' Mena .................................... 80.00 Very Rev A. Gallagher. St. Mary's N. Little Rock ............ 114.80 Rev. Peter Bartodziej. St. Edward's, Texarkana ............... 134.00 Rev. O. B. Clarendon, S. T. D. St. Roman's, Jonesboro ..................... 234.00 St. Anthony's Weiner ....................... 45.00 Rev. J. A. McQuaid. St. Januarinus', Center Ridge... 30.00 Rev. A. G. Haei'inger. \\; Eureka Springs and Harrison 68.00 Rev. A. Metz. St. Andrew's Cathedral, St. Scholastica, Shoal Creek.. 55.50 : Rev. A. Baumgartner, O. S. B. Charleston and Barling ...... 112.00 Rev. Alphonse Mueller, O. S. B. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Marche ................ 131.00 Rev. Chas. E. Hertel. SPECIAL NOTICE. Parish returns for the Normal In- stitute hereafter will be forwarded to Rev. H. H. Wernke, Treas., 1615 West Ninth St., Little Rock. "F"ff[IOORE NOW CHAPLAIn. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, D. C., Sept. 27.--The Rev. J. Carroll Moore, ssistant pastor of the hurch of the Holy Name, ha been elected national chaplain of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, who have just completed their annual conven- tion in this city. The election of Father Moore, who is a member of Schley Post, of Baltimore, was unani- mous. IIe served as chaplain, with the rank of first lieutenant in the great war and was cited or gallantry in action at Montfaucon, where, on September,,1918, he remained wiih his regiment, ministering to the wounded and dying, although he himself was badly gassed. He was awarded  spe- cial decoration for bravery. ( PAG THREE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. / A scholarly prelate once remarked that the growth of the Catholic school system in America was the greatest religious fact of the age. Catholics expend annually nearly $50,000,000 for their schools. This sum is suf- ficient to build,one of the great Cathe- drals of Europe every year. Tl:e ages of faith are not dead. .d The Finest Catholic Prayer-Bed, My Prayer-BooE HAPPINESS IN GOODNESS By Rcv. F. X. LASANCE Happiness ! That is the key note of Father Lasance's thdn. He teaches by pre- eept, poetry, and prayer now to secure the happiness which all men see-, but which mistaken search leads so few to find. Immitation leather, re(l edges. . $1.90 hnmitation lea{her, gold edges.. 2.25 Ame'r. Seal, limp, gold edges.. 3.25 THE BCOKERY 309 West Scconi Street LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Little Rock .......................................... 480.00 Rt. Rev. Monsignor Tobin, D. D. Sacred Hehrt, Morrilton .................. 127.00 Rev. H. J. Goebel, C. S. Sp. St. Joseph's, Conway ........................... 270.00 Rev. Peter Zell, C. S. Sp. Our Lady of the Lake, Lake Village ..................................... 75.00 Rev. J. F. Galloni. St. Bernard's, Knobel ....................... 40.00 All Satin, s, Hoxie ..................................... 36.50 Rev. S. Peoples. St. Catherines, Fayetteville ...... 50.00 Rev. W. J. Tynin, S. T.L. ,, St. Joseph's Paris ; 173.00 Rev. Athanasius zehnder, 0. S. B. St. John Baptist, Engelberg__ 70.00 Rev. J. F. Van Otidenhoven. St. John Baptist, Brinkley .... 30.00 St. Francis, Forrest ,City ..... 20.00 Re v. M. J. Norton. Immaculate Conception, Fort Smith ................. ... 480.50 St. Michael's, Van Buren ..... 38.00 Very Rev. P. F. Horan, D. D. St. Boniface, Fort Smith ..... 250.00 Rev. Basil Egloff, O.S. B. Our Lady of Good Counsel, Little Rock,. ......... :. 160.00 Rev. P. H. Boyle. t. Louis, Camden .......... 30.00 Rev, H. H. Heagney. Subiaco College Alumni ...... 10.00 Rev. Walter Tynin, S. T. L. Sts. Peter and Paul, Morrison i Bluff ................ 104.00 ev. Stephen Heinkele; O.S.B. ' St. Ignatius', Scranton ...... 45.00 Bishop Kinsman s Story OF HIS CONVERSION "SALVE MATER" "HAIL MOTHER!!' / "Salve Mater"--"Hail Mother !"--is the title of the book just published (by Longmans, Green & Co., New York), in which FrederiCk Joseph Kins- man, until recently the Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Delaware, tells the story of his conversion to the Catholic Church. ': The book was written in the silence and solitude of the woods of Maine, where Dr. Kinsman retired after publicly resigning his Bishopric, and renounc- ing the orders of the Episcopal Church, and its Com- munion. Ten days after it w'aF finished--an event which the author describes as "the last act of a life that is ended"--Dr. Kinsman was received into the Church. The Book of the Hour Protestantism Catholicism t HUMAN INTEREST STORY "\\; Rare Vividness'Exceptional LiteraryPowei: His Return to the Faith of His Fatlrs St. Meinrad's, Prairie :View.. 44.00 Rev. Peter Post, O.S.B. $ READ Our Lady, Queen ofleace, Bald Catholics Protestants Knob ..................... 20.00 St. Paul, Armstrong Spring.. 10.00 lev. Gee. H. McDermott. Sent Postpaid on Receipt of $2.35 st. Rose, Carlisle ........... 3.00 Price $2.25 (Net) THE BOOKERY, 309. W Second Rev. Thos. L. Keany. LITTLE ROCK COULEGE \\; PULASKI HEIGHTS, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS. About seven miles from the heart of the city. Its situation is a very happy one, for the undoubted advantages of a city like Little Rock 'are combined with those that accrue fr(in restrictions consequent on an out-of-town situa- tion. Te extensive grounds of forty acres are located in a remarkably pic- turesque spot between Forest Park and the Country Club. Easily accessible from Little Rock by the Pulaski Heights street car line. \\; Senio) Unit-- R. O. T. C, CLASSICAL, SCIENTIFIC, ENGINEERING AND COMMERCIAL COURSES. PREPARATORY, HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DEPART- MENTS. Highest Standard of Studies. Thorough Discipline. Gymnasium, PhysicaL Culture, Athletic Field. - / ACCREDITED TO , U. S. MILITARY ACADEMY,WEST POINT AND, ALL STATE UNIVERSITIES COLLEGE OPENS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1920. For Terms Call or Write " r- REV. H. A. HEAGNEY,A. M., LL. D., President Little Rock College, Little Rock, Ark.  Telephone: Woodlawn 530.. %