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October 1, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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October 1, 1943

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[ THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER I, 1943 PAGE FIVE II [rchbishop Will Lead 000,000 Taking Part In York Holy Hour New York. (E)--Contingents from the Army, Navy, Marines and tat Guard will form a guard of honor for Archbishop Francis J. fllman and other prelates at the mass religious-patriotic service be held at the Polo Grounds on Rosary Sunday, October 3 under auspices of the Archdiocesan Holy Name Union. More than 3,000 altar boys, 700 choristers, 750 priests, 50 Mon- lori and six Bishops will take part in the religious ceremonies, 0h will include a memorial service for our heroic dead conducted Lieut. Thomas M. Reardon, Plain Corps, U.S.N.R., First good will everywhere, we shall Plain on Guadalcanal. The Ca- ic priest saw some of his itual charges meet death on :field of battle. ore than 70,000 lay persons expected to attend the ser- !, among them Catholic moth- of Greater New York whose have been killed on active Y in this war. Special seats the Gold Star Mothers will be in the upper grand stand of the public seek- admission to the service are to present a petition for for a member of our arm- The form of the peti- is supplied by the Holy Name ceremony will be broadcast and from coast to coast Name Union announced A special broadcast to America will be made in by Bishop John F. C.S.C., Military Delegate. letter to his priests regard- Holy Hour of Prayer on 3, Archbishop Spellman shall pray for our country Pride and patriotism. We for our Holy Father and love. We shall our living with fervor We shall pray for our dead in a litany of sor- of glory r President and the Com- ,.er-in-Chief of our armed s has described America as Efl'fearirl, courageous people, throughout its history, has ltsi. freedom under God before IIJUrposes This high spiritual Ilve is the strongest motive for I devotion to America's cause. America we are sacrificing, Arnerica our boys are giving lives, that under God, we [ Continue to be a free people. ['i..Aerica we shall pray, for ,,tca's national and temporal !]re, for AmerJ, ca's national Piritual power. Prayer is Wernot human but divine. er is a power that, more than thor weapon, brings about iumph of right over might, e over hate, of justice and mm y over greed and selfishness. ,idual prayer is good, but Prayer is better."  bishop Spellman added :'ia unison, therefore, with er and with men of pray with one mind, one heart, one soul that after this holocaust of carnage, nations and men will be brought closer to God because whatever be the alleged cause of this world catastrophe, the real: cause is man's abandonment of God and the only real cure will be man's return to God." Catholic Social Leaders In Italy Restored Fribourg. (E)KIPA, Swiss Ca- tholic press service, reports that the ousting of Fascism in Italy has restored to influential posi- tions several Catholic leaders who had been completely pushed into the background when Fascism came to power. Achille Grandi has been ap- pointed president of the Trade Union of Agricultural Workers. Until Fascism got control 20 years ago, Grandi was one of the main leaders of Catholic trade unions in Italy and also a member of the Catholic Party in the Italian Parliament. He was one of the, protagonists of Christian-Social thought in Italy but the march on Rome put an end to his political activity. The nev vice president of In- dustrial Workers is Gioachino Quarello, who came from the ranks of the Catholic trade union movement at Turin where, be- fore 1923, he was one of its fore- most leaders. He too is a faith- fu'l representative of the Italian pro-Fascist school of Catholic so- cial thought. Ezio Vanoni, appointed presi- dent of the Trade Union of Com- mercial Workers, and Pietro Ger- mani, new vice president of the Italian Farmers' Association, are university professors who belong- ed to the Catholic movement in "the TwentieS." . . :.t I cannot, conceive a marl being spiritual who does not habitually say the Rosary. It is a complete abridgement of the Gospels, con- sisting of fifteen mysteries in de- cades, expressing the three great phases of the work of redemption, joy, sorrow and glory.--Father F. W. Faber. LEGION OF DECENCY estimate of current entertainment fe;ture motion pictures prepared direction of the New York Archdiocese Council of the Legion of Decency co-operation of the Motion Picture Department of the International Fed- Catholic Amnae. REVIEWED THIS WEEK and a Day Power of the Press Se]geant. The Two Flared Justice ! CLASS A---Section lUnobJectionable for General Patronage ;' PREVIOUSLY REVIEWED tres of A Rookie Henry Aldrich Swings It Saint Meets the Tiger. The t el Tropico lce-Capadcs Saludos Amigoe It  We Die It Ain't Hay Sherlock Holmes in t e Kid in the Johnny Come Lately Washington  'Frontier Kansan, The Sky's" The Limit, The Larceny .Vtth Music Sleepy Lagoon l'?wn Gunfighters Law of the Saddle So This Is Washington li_It'd let  13uckaroos Leather Burners, The Spitfire Wild Man Trap, The Stranger in Town Bill Eliott Merry Widow Sued for Libel i '| larol Mrs. Miniver Sundown Kid ity Cyclone My Kingdom for A Cook Swing Your Partner Rides The Plains Night Plane from Chung- Reville with Beverly Valley Manhunt king Riders of the kin Grnnde Robin Hood of The Range ; Victory . Nobody'e Darling This Is the Army PtdOes. The !,Age t One of Our Aircraft Is Tiger Fangs ! lu Gift. The 'CreoMissingDios' Tornado 'i en True to Life lrrow, the 'tll  Valley Outlarws of Stampede Pass Underground Agent " Fury Passport to Suez Victory Through Air J (.lZy Purple V, The Power #'ellws, the Pride of the Blue Grass We've Never Been Licked laJar r (formerly entitled "Gantry Wild Horse Rustlers tttlle Rangers the Gret") Wild Horse Stampede ,, Pride of the Yankees, The I: for God's Country Queen of Destiny Wolves of The Range tes Kelly (formerly entitled "Sixty World at War old Glorious Years") Yanks Ahoy % :$ ii! CLASS A---Section IIUnobJectionable for Adults i' REVIEWED THIS WEEK mK I lall, The Honeymoon Lodge Someone to Remember : the Great Divide I Deed It / Tartu I PREVIOUSLY REVIEWED tlSPicion I Escaped from the Preseting Lily Mars : Gestapo Prison Girls (also entitled flniht with I Walked With A Zombie , "Gallant Lady") Blackleg Isle of Forgotten Sins Prisoner of Japan --iith Rising (now "Prisoner of Ja- (formerly "Isle of For- Son pan") gotten Sins") -ent in Berhn Isle of Forgotten Sine Queen of Broadway iithout Men Jitterbugs Ravaged Earth ,l])lve Journey for Margaret Redhead from Manhattr II 'ungle Siren Reunion s i Lady From Chungking Rio ,e's Criminal Life of Simon Boliver, The So Proudly We Hail mCtve t Leopard Man, The Swing St(if( Maisie =0rnes Courage Midnight Taxi Mister tl t o tairo Mission to Moscow This Land is Mine ,Moon Down, ' Terror House .feina Meets the is The g Judge Next of Kin, The Undying Monster, The -----;"elc, Hello Noche de Recien Casadoe Voice in the Night, The , ; *a an Wait Ox-Bow Incident. The X Marks the Spot Petticoat Larceny Young Mr. Pitt ::i' Prelude to War J CLASS B--Objectionable in Part REVIEWED THIS WEEK For Whom The Bell Tolls rward Hi Diddle Diddle nxph, The Wings Over the Pacific ' PREVIOUSLY REVIEWED idto;s Wife Heart f Paris Scream in The Dark, A :l:ht PII Sell My Life Seventh Victim, The tol)Ped Hitler Kliou This Thing Called Love -l !Ti: Passion Island Time in the Sun (La Isis de La Pasion)Traitor Within, The Seen (Mexican) Virgin Bride, The I I , CONDEMNED Lady of Burlesque I No. 45 The Story Of The Bible In Pictures And taking Simeon, and binding him in their presence, he commanded his ser- vants to fill their sacks with wheat, and to put every man's money again in their sacks, and to give them besides provi- sions for the way: and they did so. But they having loaded their asses with the corn, went their way. And one of them openinlb his sack, to give his beast pro- venderin the inn, saw the money in the sack's mouth. And said to his brethren: My money is given me again, behold it is in the sack. And they were aston- ished, and troubled, and said to one an- other: What is that that God hth done unto us? And they came to Jacob their father in the land of Chanaan, and they told him all things that had befallen them, saying: The lord of the land spoke roughly to us, and took us to be spies of the country. And we answered him: We are peaceable men, and we mean no plot. We are twelve brethren born of one fa- ther: one is not living, the youngest is with out father in the land of Chanaan. And he said to ns: Hereby shall I know WILL NURSE AT ARMY HOSPITAL Nazis 'Arrest' Cardinals Reports Assert These three nursing nuns, from the French Hospital, New York City, have been assigned to the Army Base Hospital, Normoyle Ordnance Depot, San Antonio, at the request of the Commandant of the depot. They are natives of Ireland and are members of the Marianite Sisters of the Holy Cross. Upper left, Sister Edna; upper right, Sister Celine; lower photo, Sister Bridget. (NC.W.C.} Musician Learned To Play Church Bells On Old Harp New Orleans. (E)--The chime- playing at the Holy Name of Jesus Church, here, has occasioned muh praise from residents and visitors alike in this city. Arthur C. Sharon, whose dulcet hardiwork can be heard for two miles on clear', windy days, re- vealed he worked out the music for the chimes on an old Irish harp. The chimes are composed of 13 bells, ranging in weight from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds. "I have an old Irish ,harp with 13 strings on which I taught myself to play the bells," Mr. Sharon revealed. "I took the harp to the bell tower and tuned each string to one of the 13 bells, which range from D-fiat through an octave and a half to G-fiat. I had to work out my own music on the harp before I could try it on the bells. There are so few chimers in the world that no chime music has been printed." Mr. Sharon is employed in'a war industry plant and reserves the playing of te chimes at the Church for cool weather. The reason for this is each of the bells in the Church tower is connected by a rod and a strap to the play- ing rack and the chimer must strike a wooden lever by swinging downward through a large arc which requires considerable ef- fort and is too exerting for warm weather. ., -- ...., i Allsopp & Chapple Booksellers and Stationers 307-309 Main Street Call DAN DEARASAUGH For Office Supplies--Ph. 2-1848 | Fentmss Mortuary ...... ,.#i::>:!::  ............... i:.'" lrkanexs  dlSigned, built and dora. I sated exclusively for Funeral Sore. I lell. t i PHONE 6178 I i , ,,,,  Berne (E)--Three members of the Sacred College of Cardinals, whose names are not given, are reported here to have been placed under "house arrest" by the Nazi occupants of Rome. The word is said to have been heard over a clandestine radio operating from somewhere in the Rome area. The Cardinals are identified only as among those making their residence in the Eternal City. Reports attributed to other and private sources said that days ago sentries had been placed about the residences of at least two Cardinals in Rome, and that the Nazis attempted at that time to give the impression that this was for the Cardinals' "pro- tection." Washington. (E) The British Radio has quoted reports from the I Swiss-Italian frontier that thee Peruvian Ambassador to the Hol See, previously reported arrested by the Nazis as he was returning to Rome from Switzerland, has been released by the German military following vigorous pro- tests made by the Vatican to Field Marshal Albert Kesserling, Com- mander of the German forces in Italy. The British broadcast was heard in this country by U.S. Gov- ernment monitors. : Norwegian Clergymen Expelled By Gestapo New York. (E)A total of 44 Norwegian clergymen have been expelled from their congregations by Quisling authorities and the Gestapo, the Swedish newspaper Stockholm Tldningen said in a dispatch reported to the Office of War Information. The exiled churchmen include two bishops, Herrik Grove Hillo nd Wallrt of Hamnr. Krohn- Hansen of Haalogaland; four deans, Johannes Hygen of Oslo, Arne Fjellbu of Trondheim, Seviere Jervell of Hamar, and Anton J. Boeckmann of Trom- see; sixteen vicars, nine per- petual curates and thirteen par- sons, the dispatch said. TO GET RID OF A BAD COLD IN A HURRY TRY S. & B. "SPRATOX" 'Itqs just the remedy to check it quickly and if used in time will often prevent it, and other troubles that follow a cold. We are mailing it out every day, why can't we mail you an autfit75c complete and guaranteed to satisfy SNODGRASS & BRACY --Advertisement. that you are peaceable men: Leave one of your brethren with me, and take ye necessary provision for your houses, and go your ways. And bring your youngest brother to me, that I may know you are not spies: and you may receive this man again, that is kept in prison: and after- wards may have leave to buy what you will When they had told this, they poured out their corn, and every man found big money tied in the mouth of his sack: and all being astonished together. Their father Jacob said: You have made me to be without children: Joseph is not living. Simeon is kept in bonds, and Benjamin you will take away: all these evils are fallen upon me. And Rufen answered him: Kill my two sons, if I bring him not again to thee: deliver him into my hand, and I will restore him to thee. But he said: My son shall not go down with you: his brother is dead, and he is left alone: if any mischief befall him in the land to whleh you go, you will bring down my gray hairs with sor- " row to hell. Approach Of Mission Sur tay Reveals Church's World 'ision The Third War Loan Drive has cosen the terse but compelling slogan "Back The Attack," for it is thoroughly understood that without the help of those at home the glorious heroism of our arm- ed forces may be in vain. There- fore we are urged to "back the attack" with every facility at our command. We must serve by proxy, it is true, but we must al- low no lull in the aid we furnish. If this is the compelling feature which faces America today in re- gard to its war effort, it must be also the motivating force that actuates our Catholic people in their mission aid. New--this monentis the time when we must consider the needs of those who are in Christ's vast army as soldiers of His Cross. They, like the men in our armed forces, are facing one of the most critical periods in history, and we on the home front must back them to the limit. A New Understanding . Out of the horror, the heart- break and the suffering of the present conflict there emerges for America a deeper, more compre- hensive knowledge of the achieve- ments o our missionaries. The world vision of Catholicity opens before the eyes of our men in ser- vice in every part of the globe. The story of a spiritual conquest is unfolded in a manner under- standable to those engaged in a grim and bitter struggle. With that story has come the realiza- tion that heroism is the mark of the missionary as well as the war- rmr. When the Marines landed at Guadalcanal that momentous Au- gust 7, 1942, they found the evi- dence of missionary labor and heroism. Some 97 years previous another landing had been effected by priests--unarmed save for the Cross of Christwho came to win the inhabitants of that and the surrounding islands to the knowl- edge and love of God. It required courage for that pioneering group to establish themselves among the cannibalistic natives, but the men and women who volunteered for that serviCe were not afraid. Thef came, they stayed in the midst of almost unbelievable hardships. Many lost their either through the ravages of dis- ease in that jungle land or at the hands of the natives. But there was never any signal for retreat for these soldiers of Christ. Then, after almost 10 decades, America discovered the quality of the work accomplished by the missionaries. Dark-skinned, fuzzy-haired na- tives exhibited a Catholicity which sometimes put our men to shame. The heroes of the Cross had fulfilled their assignment and the proof of their achievement -vas there for America to discover. Heroes of the Cross However, the incident in the Solomons was not an isolated case. The same thing is being found to be true in the Orient, in the Mid- dle East, in Africa. The order to exacuate might be sounded, but MO,00R2S2N HATS MEN'S CLEANED AND BLOCKED 523 Main St. Ph. 9976 A. METRAILER & Co. Leaders in Better SHOE REPAIRING And SHOE MAKING at moderate prices SINCE 1899 119 15. 4th St. Phone 4-016 while the natives remained, while there was work to be done, the missionaries remained. Twenty- one Sisters paid with their lives for that refusal in Africa, but there were others to take their places and there was no lessening in constructive work. Thus as the pendulum of war swings from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the equator to the Arctic Circle, America is discov- ering a world hitherto but little known too our people. In that world they are measuring for the first time the true greatness of the Catholic Church and the benevo- lent Christianity they have incul- cated in the hearts of distant peo- ple. iNow in the Divine Plan of Redemption Our Blessed Lord, Who has been the source of strength for these heroes of the Cross, appeal to the people of America to become His partner in helping them. Now is the time for us to prove that we are willing to associate with Christ in a truly magnificent task, and to make our admiration tangible by aid to the missionaries, t Widow Of Catholic Editor Dies; 3 Sons In U.S. Forces Philadelphia. (E)Mrs. Edward Galbally widow of a widely known Catholic editor, who has just died here, gave her three sons into the armed forces of her country. One son is serving in the Army and two in the Navy. Mrs. Galbally is the widow of Edward Galbally, who for many years was publisher of the Ec- clesiastical Review and the own- er of the Dolphin Press. He died two years ago. II IIII tOGOSKI . DAVENPORT" PLUMBING COMPANY PLUMBING--HEATING Serving Little Rock Since 1897 SO7 W. 7th Phone 9942 St. Anthony's Hospital ' MORIELTON, ARK. IIII I I II li STANDARD ICE COMPANY of \\; Arkansas Little Rock No. Little Roek Cabot Brlnkley Beebe Pine Bluff DeValis Bluff CHARLES M. TAYLOR Vatican Paper Reports Deaths Of Two Prelates Vatican City. (E)L'Osservatore Romano has reported the deaths of two Prelates, the Most Revs. Macario Saba, Byzantine Rite Archbishop of Aleppo, Syria, and Leandro Astelarra, Bishop of Ba- hia Blanca, Argentina. Archbishop Saba was born at Aleppo on February 14, 1873, and became Titular Bishop of Palmira on November 29, 1903. He was elevated to the Archiepiscopal See of Aleppo on July 25, 1919, suc- ceeding Archbishop Fattal, whom he had served as Auxiliary with right of succession. Bishop Astelarra was born at Campana in the Archdiocese of La Plata, December 9, 1883. He was named Bishop of Bahia Blanca on September 13, 1934. It is truly admirable, this Ros- ary, composed of the Angelic Salutation with the Our Father, and calling for interior medita- tion. It is an excellent manner of praying and is most useful for attaining our eternal end. Pope Leo XIII. o The Holy Bible No. 1 No. e No. a Douay Version Size 5 5/8 x 8 inches, 1800 pages Contains 14 maim of the Holy Land and 4 page family records. Bindings 1Mlmber 8, 4, 5, apd 6 also contain 82 pictures of biblical events. $ ,P qP Supplementa Features A.A double index. BIndul- gence prayers before and after reading The Holy Bible, and data regarding indulgences granted for the reading of the Sacred Scrip- tures. C.--An historieal and chron- ologieal Table of Events in the Old and New Testaments. D.--A table of the Epistles and Gospels as read in the Pulvlt each Sunday. Variety of Bindings No. l--Cloth, stiff sever, blind stamp and eross+ red Idles .............. .$0 No. 2---Morroketteb flexible, blind stml red edges $a.SS No. S.'--Mmokatte, flexible, gold stamp red under gold edges ......... $ No. 4.--Amorican Seal Leather, fleaibhb gold title, red under gold edges ......................... .SO No. S.Lavant Groin Leather, Yapp. Gold title, red under gold edges ......................... 17.00 No. 8--Moroceb leather lined, very fleedbbs, gold title, red under gold edges $tt.OO Order from The Guardian 309V, W. d, Little Rock, Ark. I C. H. RICHTER T a y 1 o r ,":;L Richter Incorporated / All Lines of Insurance Except Life Phone 4-1631 L 406 Louisiana J