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September 29, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 29, 1923

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i I PAGE EIGHT THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 29, 1923. : * * * ' '* * * " * " " : more solidly that which they are de- TR0 hierarch the cinem LISTENING IN stroying . TSK WOULD USE [ . y a produces on their, --,, -,,- , ,  Autalyctm Wide Differences [ llmn1t, .#mr,,. [ wrote screen pictures more fascinat-I 1, Uf  IU V [ e r e(mcat!on o negroes in * * . , , , . , , , , Nt eve? Presbyterian ministerl IUUIIUIIYIL|UK]k }:ggogth:?:ny:h::c.h, Mosque, orSyn - ] P'Di' Ownnnl,. r:y:n::ts It was.n All + ...... wants to .ee boxing outlawed n, I # mw,m .....  . . .creating than the[ kLtU. I]|D ee that this . as . --:..aese prophesies aoout the end in Michigan City wa ......... ",, qn'l 1 |l'l] |H|lg| richest of these Houses of God can] __  one of he great works on, oz the. world, are a little disturbing  ...... If is *- ..... maLer wits'"'" ,,Vour VacnlOW wna]. .... va=.,aa show after thousands of ..... vent- of ex- / NEff0 INS00T00E the late Cardinal and one a Chinese prophet is rfht the w ^' .......... ers ot/ perience In th '- ...... " - - ! ver,. de ........... ", .., L_ . " vul morals, ann aerobes a serm-- +- *-! -- , ,,,ucn nere is al-] - J -, o aim, out wal, ,,, ve more or less dstroyed on praising of the "hones -":-" ...... Russian Leader Says Cinema Can be ways represented only one act, alwa s -- nately he was unable to eompl eptemoer 26th; in which case there brave use of , .... :_ :au _anal Made Great Competitor of fh,,.h the same, year after year The ci: y / (By N. C. W. C News Serv; I a memorial to His late Emnlg . . Y y to read all this. But/In the course of 't o ---- ..... | and Must be Seized U n b- .. will show on the same day and at Washington, D. C, Sept 24Of Grace, Archbishop Curley, M perhaps it '/,: ,ll(1 be hardl safe to[ .........  - -,,,.,_u ma viet for That po  SO-lane same hour Pa an lufiCial notice that " " " '"/tined the a , " nc --,- -- ,- Y /" ,,,a,, wan coum o w ar II Purlme. , . , g Easter, Jewish an assessment  ppeal for aid I . ,,,,mron our 'mmese friend's kind]did to Firn, ",,; ..... _n=_ -empsey ]Easter, Christian Easter in their his- five cents per capita will be e this work. Therefor in o. promme, and take a holiday. Suchhealthy, h, trill:' ae worm..a I B,. Dr " ......... ]torical scmes and ritual imitations pen all members of the Kni lt:l:df that the Knights of'ColubU nnlgs have gone wrong before. I I preacher's ^-:--" - ..repea,...tne / ,Vienn-",^f__'_"cu.r'c.  t,.unuer / The cinema will amuse, teach sur- I Clumbus in behalf of the Crti,,! afford to remain aloof fr0i suppose I'd better fil w-,ng questmn: what  , ,wresponaent, . C. W C Hse eo " Gib " ..... .. 1 my space m lis the matte --.: ........ /  ........ " "] p p pie, stimulate the imaina- I  boas Institute for the hirher d- I movement to erect a fitting case tle world should survive l ......... ,, . ,..n ]ur eacners o ...... -,-7.ervce) . ]tion and liberate them from the ne ucation of negroes has been receivel to Hie Emiuence, Cardinal Gtl " -,s. as that all they have to wenna, ep. i0.The rulers of cessit of atte " ' ,, - here b f End of W')rhl Italkabout? Is theworldso-ood ..... ]Soviet Russia, havin failed , /.  y ndmgChurch. Ihemo_] I ' Y Col. Arthur C Monahan, ex_/ romanyprojectwhichwillU Vohva has changed his mind aboutl the old moral exhortations are su::lpress Christianity Sbv ,lu?.tuY {t_l. picture s the great competitorl ecuhve secretary of the Institute. / Catholic negro who has been! the prox/mity of the cud'of the world, fleas ? Or is it that a preacher has [ churches and.persecutin:-r]ests'a'v |?t me aJe-snops and the Church We [ ' !s expected tha't the Institute will/neglected by the more irttma He told us the other day that this/steer a cautions theolo;ical n, .... /now turned to other me3oVj :'" .... e ]mus,seme ths instrument at any lb e aided to the extent of more than [bers of the Church, this c0 !at earth of would cease to func'-I in order to avoiI "offemting i]eus/ing on their war agains't", rel'g]:Y: lPrTc,e ......... I $30,0y? through this action of the comurs. in the recommence! on two years hence Two years isn't ceptibilit/es of Deonle wh .... ; .... |They have worked out a ., ....... '.^ .... ,., uucumcnl; is mstruchve pre-I mgns, wmcn was reported to Col-I talnen m the resolution o w* very lon, and I ....... : ..... ,,,,-; ...... 1.._ :.._ r . -. "' '|th ....  ........ :'-:. ,,-: clseiy ecause its cynicism is so re [onel Monahan by William R of Directors that five cent na creditors whose bills are ,1,, ;. ]thought? . o by a methodical c ....... " ...... 2""'." .... ., auaaclous. The Bolshevist J.0 t miumore, Past State Deputy of a oe added to the next annU say lhr6 v ............ 7 ..... I .; ...... "",v,,,s,,_ o eouca- lea(mrs have recognized th . the Maryland I{ of C.. . - meat to as i' inal " - .... ,.-s ,,.g,lt want to ,+' --'--- -, .- ,-w.. ,,ong nmasse. r,.. r, .... . . e educa-I t] . and a member] .s st the Card vu ttliC el lalle , ,. o. -- , ,,a,- 1;lonal im or- . {0 | .'- their cash a httle earlier if i.IV ;-! ...... 'lmumst newsntt':r nnhHth,n :- ,. .2. p tance of the motion pie-' f the Executive Committee of the Institute. " -s ........... :::" .... I ,vnen e recall the .sacrlfices__lan d financed ";;'o-m 'Ioie:: V, eh,.,, ture. Tlley are trying now, wherever J Board of Trustees of the Institute. [ Secretary Monahan has ,, asu, ance o conedt//g "efore even to the sacnhce of lifethat]Trotsk, ... , ......... " , J:eon they have any influence, to get con- 'ihe report of the Committee o his confidence that several -- " , *-*. ,vmmtsslsar Ior war. trol . . . n . . . of tlus mstlument in order to be Good of the Order relative to the In- Catholic organizations will "example of the Knights i .r D ' oomsday. However, for one reason ou'r forbears made gladl in o . or another M,Vd[va, "after a long that we ,night have the ait' .l' describes how it iS planned to use the able to mold the s ..... stitut ....... aK wire J)avid has -i--e ....  , n, 1 ls morion picture el, eat^_ ** ...... . *lprll;S 0 lnnumer- v t as IOIIOWS: i ............... . s v n us another / aimos incomprehensible that thelrlpaign to wean the p:Jl e' aw: Is ;;-m- able thousands in harmony with their "The Supreme Board of Directors special assessments in ,'-,,,-.: mamng seven in all. ]successors should sometimes tl-in . ........ P y om Communistic desi ns referr . _ _ ., .. nats oeter. Zion City is tettin [ml],, ............ .'   ", ner Ialrn ........ . g .. . ed to the comlmttee a propom- Instlcu:c. more cheerful every day.  -o .;:-.  warn :oo mga sacrifice when Trotsky's Plan of Ne . amoncs Should Be on Guard tion sponsored by Brother William . . ...... :, ..- [ canes upon to assist at Sunday Mass [ He nr-;s .......... w Propaganda In this program there it a new ad Aumen, Past State Den,,h, .v .SI ....... inimster c rate tu ' ' "' * 1" ....  Ullt rllOElOn tenure a . ' - ,-- .x ,,,-,2- . ,,, , .......... [... t that s t!e way the world run:,Ibeimr one of the ........ P s momhon for Cathohcs to watch the land, and Admiral William .q ,,,., / It wouht be rash for a hat ....... nv pulpit oI ne Church we never value  ......  popumr as wen motion i '  .......... " the United Brethren of Christ at Va: flus somethin- a tiling unless zt costs] as the most effective means of educa- its s-irefUl re: closely, to scrutinize l having to do with the erection and/keeper of no particular abilityt -i ' ,. Iris, ]  v mlluence 'anti, Whele/maintenance of a memori r pete witl : . couver, State of Washin to " " ..... -" r " . . al to Hs I Rothschild. The I lsrer made a plea for th m,,u;,,. I ,.. " ? . ,:,m mvenmn, Trot- aio ............ /. - t Gibbons, tot isible . . - . g n, a mm-I ,,.erode Sacrifices I "This wond^-.. : ..... ,, - . Ip, actlcable' to direct that influence Eminence, James Cardinal ... Iv . tlon of the Volstea .... .-. ., " I .neie are p!aces in ths country In/kYe:rtes, "has taken ts ,qace i n theltak3Si':sPs:r;m;thalttee;:ona:/:ittt:Wad:h  Cardinal Gibbons in. / t:he::delhbem r yfah: ;' c.g2 Is ?iuf/:hi:l P::P]ec]=2reh%3r:nl::d ]pidityehoUnab:;:;te:nCThweteh  :/deslgned for operation not :gily hi !o,.,.,_,_.,.,= )e (tevot]yig.h. ! I have lived too much in t , - g ead of one or|can rarel-. -o o"  "- attach: .....  . _ ' J1ussia but also abroad, It will bel | ness of God n two ministers Who denin ,u_ .- . |  g .  me oi them can l ,,,,, o me spectator for the! .... ,.^, . : .......     I and forgotte of Christ an(] Who challen:e(dlth:tYever, g" There are some people who, rehen picture, an ifiExhaustible foun-n;n3'ia; :r::: acKmg of vast f-[| B RA r /rws'--The Light nvisibl x):_. ....  /urlve wenty-five miles t - at_._ rain of im.,res" ........ | . s. osnevism has not [ ! J- x IJtkl_ / ' - nops to remove them . ,, ,uass every v ,,,,,ts anti sensatmns, et ire ' h., ,1. ...... . The fact lweek. I read the other da- ,, ..... l That is the ,)oint ....... ,- ...... / y - g n up ts plans for expansion |  ][ | If-' #'--"f' / ]M[ A ]: qP :, ..... t:y were no removed, and tha who walbo v;r+ ............ ." ........ j .......... -  - ..... ,er,. me m- and it pursues its aims with as ,;h  -lJJ.k _) k" .._J ....... u.#x me minister who nleaded -.. ,.^_ } , - ....... =,, ,,mrs o viass every -'-' ptmn where we can stage our |in t,,;t,   .... to ...... - I * pcial lenresentatl ,.. was removed, shows that',,(:---e' t.unuay'. He almost apologized wheal efforts for socialistic education "May ens i ]-(,. ::.nas suIc.ent adher: The House of uali N . " . . ...... ,ne aaded, t '-* - ...... w ....  ........ " . . . n ........... es o ennsr, sunn.rr  0 t ew Ymk Life - so Iar in a rotes ,,a ,,v rooe home. A mall = .ub ocome rulers of this mcom- for its " ,, ''.  , ........ P_. taut pulpit, but no/can not be exnected t  ...-- .... l parab]e instrumer+ x ............. f: underground work which ! Phones. 4.077 aao,o Insmance Co, .,,,er. rne c/ivinit of r , w, Xllteenl , wily no: way ma now b " . . ..... , 8 - to be a nan ....... Y, Chris.t see.m:']mlles to Mass The church does not' should not the State of the ,xr^.,.--^. I_ y . ...e (hrected towa, d gaming I onn [ ..... 01 7 Southern Trust terence of "-:-::enmi on wmcn re:t-- I demand that he should do it B,,t I be able to create a net of motf:?''ic: I*c nrl o te motion pctures. Where  ,uy YV. ec@ild St. 1:ix.Up That Life h _ win,on is reely aHoweo. .,4.^ .1. ...... " " I,.---. . . . , , 1, -l-e nrutal means emnlovea ,-,;... ! - xouav,q ..,., ,, But prohibition is., , .... /-y- .ee are peopm in the countryi ues ann mroauce more and more C,h;=+; ......... " . .  ...... i L;rtl D,,.;. ..... ' '" ,, ..... "" .''";"; [who think so much of their religion j these methods of education and di- ''-'-'-':""'Y so Iar, reaK down, tlm ] ....... ' . Phone 7446 a ttCletJonl OI l'nongut lit is reasonable + ............ ,, , ' version i-*,, +,^ ,:-^ - .... ummumss hope to gain success by ""'""o------.,.,.,_.., ,ttle Rock, Means No Certainty '|brethren will hel)" :hePr c mat then- The motion-ictur ''': v ne peop!e, the application of gentler and men . t p m. There are v e s also a compeu- msidiou .. A Chicago Baphst church has ac-|thousands of Catholics who .... ,^.{tor of the Church and m ..... 2--*: S methods. cepted as its pastor a 'young cler- a church in order tha* *'-^=- ''-;'' ''rt tion can be ma a- ' -r+"---"v,: '" --  . .; .. . . ", . v ,,vxr CUltnren ,,, t. ..... vuus tO ne MS who was leJused ordmahon m the might not lose their reclo Chinch ff we corn  GR ItOLDEN NAMED TO " I " P " us inherit- " " p.ete the separation " SUCCEED MSGR. DEVINI OUR BANKING DEPARTMENT East because he expressed open doup ance. Having read of the man who 'OfsocialistChurchstateand wlthState thebY unitingmovies, theTot (By N. C. W. C. News Set*vice) t able to extend to lt euatoa svlr mma as to the Virgin Birth of Christ. A values his religion so much that he divert the multitude from eccles{asti-{ Baltimore, Sept. 21.The Right We kave plenty of mousy on hand to ld on LMIe 1 ld newspaper lauds the incident as be- walks fifteen miles to Mass, wouhtn cal rites, irregi]ious propaganda aloneRev. Msgr. James P. He]den has been mg expressive of Chicago's "reputa- you care to do something for one of . tion for religious freedom o the rural communities " of a..erlcu{ ]s not sufficent. It is, it seems, very appointed b Arch ". or other acceptable security, mad aelleht appliim. thought. '' Bit by bit we are gettin which are an,eal;-- *^ ,. '--'- .. I necessarv but i  *- : ........ '. Y b,shop Curley to . o .  .... ,s ,, ,,, arnonc . -, . .". u,rcc )racnca] succeed the late Monsignor George W. to ?now what protestant mmtsters do{ Church :Extention So elety (Chlcago) j influence it ]s lm, ted ,o a mmority-- / Devine as rector of the Church of St. =: .:JtaTth} e dffmult.y is to find/for assistan? in the erection of a |a ver.y small minority. John the Evangelist Monm Wo B. lt _ ' y o believe Mostmall church I Supplant Church with Mot:o--" " ... . "gno- ....  nrlcureskiomen has been rector of St. Je- o the protestant ministers of the t [ Aftor this significant confession ro ' . . "nee 1577" younger generation who have aehie,, | ..... ; concerninr th .,, ....... ! me s church here for thlrty-sx a national reputation have ...... ""'/ ne literary point of view is not] a-ira ....  ---= -7.,.7. olshewstm years. Cermr l mad Maim 81t spurs by advert, sin th won melt the most import-nay  question" m" "3u(t'g I dates mn against nrlsdanity up-to- Monslgnor Devlne. " 's will, which has " g eir doubts and ling of 'a sermon The Li ht Invisi "/ , Trotsky makes the following an-Ibeen filed for robat ' 4  CINT llflR]Fl' PAID ON AYI denmls It s a g nounce P e, leaves his en " .. " pity that so man), ble " "/gram meat of the Communist pro- tire estate to his nephew, the Rev. e) t " . ' . { . . ful clerics start their career by] . "In order to aid in the struggle Edward L Dewne. h_l_ihg to pull down what faith there, There are few catastro .I Is in the world, before they know[ and iremediable , :---hesgreatl against th e Church we call upon the whether they will h .,^ , ........ . nose na IOnOW most owerf .. ...... Let CharitY issue in good deeds. Let .rWnemer ney Wiessof-7eal.__A_ ............. Winnowinwmt,. -,-theme nmolon p" Ulp.lctt!eatrmalure. WithoutmStrument'. any Wor]dUS be .fremst, in them.--Lord ox' the. OUR ASSETS E 0V M ['0N We make a Pqecialt ef investin came in '* m vmtments We --* -- _e represent with $ood   aammitrators and exoetv ! tors under Will of many eata in Pulaski a$1 other eountie in this State. We will be pleaei CONDUCTED BY THE BENEDICTINE AHERS F  to assist YOU. Two Pre-Academic Classes, Regular Four-year Classical High School Course, Regular Four-year Commercial PEOPLE'S Course, Four-year College Course, Leading to the A. B. Degree. LITTLE ROcK,SAVINGSARKANSA BANK Central Ban CAPITAL, $200,000.00 SURPLUS, Let us take care of your money for you. Let us svl] or trade your Real Estate. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Let ns write your Surety Bond. Let us rent you or for you a home. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully equipped, managed Bank can do. "Come Grow With a Growing Bank." Situated in Logan County, 110 miles west of Little Rock, 53 miles east of Fort Smith. Healthful location in the mountains. Extensive grounds, comprising baseball diamonds, tennis courts, handball courts, etc. Spa- cious buildings, up-to-date in equipment. Regular Standard Courses For catalogue and information apply to Fall Term Opens September 12th THE REV. RECTOR Subiaco College, Subiaco, Arkansas. B uild Your PR TERRA Beautiful vistas of mountainS, and wdleys. Two hundred feet than Main Street. Cool bresze ,..w& m summer time. Healthful, pure air. The place for your to grow strong and active. 201 West Second Street. Laid out in a beautiful park. dences only permitted. All buiiding Streets, sidewalk, gaB, electricity and telephone installed.