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September 29, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 29, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 29, 1923. PA(E SEVEN General THE CHRISTIAN EI)U OF CHILDREN L. Iakely, S. J., in the Mes the Sacred Heart: ' of many a Cath- are graven the Words "To Clnist our ami significance Phrase. All that w.e lave, to be, as followers we consecrate to eart. 13ut we rPnember day, flineteen ,enluries Galilee, our dear Lord little children to ttim, and to His Sacred Heart, them. h the ehiM who nestled near His loving see the little once Heaven has given We know that we cannot be faithful We know that on the the Last Day He will require an ac- so, althougla the world us and would forbid us, our Catholic childr to our that the blessing give them in the Chris- the Christian school safeguard in time and their eternal salvation. HOme and School Intention are not kind and charitable, but that, on the contrary, they are impatient There is only one sight more heart- !rending in this sad ohl worhl of ours, than the children's ward in a great hospital, especially if il; contains little ones scarred and maimed and crip- pled by the brutality of inhuman par- ents, and that one sad spectacle is the child whose soul has been%carred and" maimed and crippled by the bad ex- ample of prents. We all remember the old story of the chaplain who was all'pealing to a murderer condemned to death. When nothing could moire. the miserable man, the chaplain begg- ed him to think of his mother, and do as she would wish him to do. "My mother," he said, with a fearful eath, "if sile had taken care of me I wouldn't be where I am today." Per- haps the story is true; perhaps it is only "made up" as an illustrntion. Harm Done by Parents However this may be, it is certain sense, as, God rest them and rewa-d t4mm, our own mothers were. That, as it seems to me, is the only point that is important. Almighty God Himself could devise no more appeal- ing description of His own infinite love for us than His revelation that it was even stronger and sweeter, and more long-suffering and more or unldnd, and given to converstiJn forgiving, than the love of a mother that is quite the rever;e of charitable, for her child. '1"he child will not reason, but he will I loather the Head, Mother the Heart imitate. What he hears in school willl That is what I mean whm by degrees, fail to appeal. Father and 'I say that if the father is the mother do not seem to attach mucllhead of the family, the mot2mr must importance to the teachings and moni- tc its he, art. An American humorist, tions 6f Sister. Why shouhl he? Stephen Leacock, in an indictment of Sad Scenes modern "feminism" with its many pagan and even (liabolical tenet ridicules the excuse given I)' som mothers, that they can entrust the care of e home to servants, and even to machinery! "Machinery and ser- vants," lie writes, "carrnot replace a mother. No man ever said his pray- ers at the knees of a vacuum-cleaner, or drew his first lessons in nkanliness and worth from the sweet old-fashion- ed stories that the phoograph told. Feminists of the enraged type may talk as they will of the paid attend- ant and the expert baby-minder. Fid- dlesticks! . . . But the point is one that need not be labored. Sensible people understand it as soon as said. With fook it is not worth while to argue." The Model Woman "Oh, what the world sadly needs today is not women who ar learned or famous, who are civic We have two great fac- tst unite to impart to the of that Christian or Which we ae asked to the coming month the and the Catholic school. indispensable, atholic school to be, Unless sustained and sup- the influence of the home, will loe much of and may even be en- In his Encyclical of Christians as singling out for spe- Catholics who in incur considerable much zeal in found- the e,lucation of that the harm done by careless par- ents is often exceedingly grave, and that the harm wrought by parents whose example is a source of scandal is frequently irreparable. In the intention of our Blessed Lord the home ought to be the holiest place on eartil,next to His own dwell- ing place, the sanctuary and the altar. A weak and harmful sentimentality has led some of us to underestimate the place of the father in lhe domes- tic circle, but after all, it is true, in most cases, that the holines and hap- piness of this sanctuary depend chiei'-J ly upon the mother. In the wise (tis- I pensation of Divine Providence, the I father has heen constituted the head l of the family ! went on to poiat[ The Mother be most intimate- Perhaps it is perrissab'.e to ,that the minds of chil- say that the mother is its influenced by the train-heart. It does not make much differ- receive at home." ence whetiaer she is beautiful or learn- and Experience led, an orator or a singer, or in any of l?i(, t" reason itself,[ way noted in the eyes of the world '  observation To ever c ....... ' ' I y .n]t( a:ne true mother is the our Sisters anti Bro-lmos t beautiful creature on earth With is the daily immola-" the '" " ..... " ' - I ossn)te exeepiov of father, she m out" prish is the most le:trned. From dawn to tlley ctJnsider the dusk lie 1)lies her witfi questions ant to their work, many never faii: )f a satis['ying answer, I am sure, that their pity to tim poor child ] that is Catholic in his *l, with gentle insist- the children thatl say their prayers every that they must and holy(lays; be kind and charita- in the Way the unfortunate that father and motl:er alive with wisdom (lmlwn for her motherly heurt. She is the behlL, who can thrill him as no orator will ever nmve him, with stories of charm ant ;(Iventure drawn from earth antt sea and sky; and as lie grows older he will remember her votce as the music lie hopes to hear when, after this weary World has closed upon his eyes, the Angles of God come forth to receive him. Beauty and learning in his mother the child takes for granted. But what is of genuine importance is say their prayers, that that she be good and sweet and self- hiss Mass, that they sacrificing, in the truly Catholc 00ELCOME GOOD COUNSEL FALL FESTIVAL October 16th, 17th, 18th. .. leaders or political directors, who are architects, or lawyers, or doctors, but womem who love our Lord with all their hearts, and mothers who serve Him with true devotion by giving themselves without reselwe to a flock of little ones, growing up m clean- ness and holiness in the sanctuary of a Catholic home. If we lack such mothers, d)mestic society disinte- grates, and with it, the only basi:; up- on which a stable Christian cixiliza- tion can rest. Lettus then pray with all our hearts that our Blessed I ord will strengthen Catholic fathers aml mothers and Catholic teachers in our clear land, that they anay not grow weary in their sublime vocation of training our young people, the found- ers of the Catholic homes and sanc- tuaries of the future. The Catholic Schdol The influence of the Catholic home then, comes first', but we must not un- derestimate the importance of the Catholic. school. It is indispensable. The Catholic position is that since the PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES DESKS Our printing plant is very complete, antomatic feeding presses doing finest of work. Send for illustrated, price list, of Office Supplies. ,...: PARKIN Printing & Stationery (Jo. Little Rok, Ark, ReMdence Phone Office Phone 4-3572 7834 DR. E. J. MAHONEY DENTIST child belongs to its fathers and moth- er, and not to the State or to any so- ciety, the right of providing for the child's education belongs first of all to the parents. This right which de- rives its validity from the natural law and is clearly contained in the pro- visions of both the Divine and eccle- siastical laws, cannot be destroyed or usurped by the State. But in the 'present condition of society the prent is rarely able to exercise this right personally; hence what the Canon Law calls "a most grave obligation" (Canon 1113) mus,be committed to others, either to a teacher in the home, or, as is usual, to some school. But to what school? For Catholics this question is not debatabre. The only school to which the Catholic part may with a safe conscience entrust his ciild is the Catholic school, since that is the only school which can aid him in the ful- fillment of an obligation which binds under grave sin. If this obligation were ever dubious, al! doubt was moved by the promulgahion of Code of Canon Law which not only sets forth in unmistakable language the duty of parents to provide for the Christian training of their children, but defines their attitude towards schools which are not Catholic, "Cath- olic children must not attend non- Catholic, neutral, or mixed schools, that is, such as are also open to non- Catholics. Bishop to Decide It is for the Bishop of the place alone to decide, according to the instructions of the Apostolic See, in what circumstances and with what precautions attendance at such schools may le tolerated without danger of Catholic school" is the spirit of the Church's legislation. She ordains, therefore, that Catholic schools be ev- erywhere established: She calls upon the faithful to contribute, according to their means, to the support of these schools. She impresses ripen parents I their solemn duty to place their chil- idren in schools in which "re4igous and moral training takes the chief I0Ys UNDER TWELVE ADMITTED Pritaary; Grammar Grades, High School and Full Commercial Courses. The MUSic Department Gives Full Courses in Piano, Violin and Voice. TERMS MODERATE For Particulars Apply to Sisters.of Mercy , Rens the Second Monday of September place" (Canon 1372). She enacts "hat "Catholic children must not attv ,classroom, for the Chri non-Catholic, o".utral .... , m: :' schools, and she reseive..o the ilish- op excluely the right to decide un- der what circumstances the attend- ance of a Catholic child at a non- Catholic school "may be tolerated." Discussion, then, is at. an end. The Church has spoken. The obligations imposed by obedience are alone to be considered. American citizen, he will use his in- true sanctuaries in the midst of an almffst pagan world. Let us implore Him to take under His special pretec- tion the prish school and all Catholic institutions of learning; to enlighten our Bishol)s; to strengthen our pas- tors to refresh with the love of His Sacred Heart our teachers, priest, Sisters and Brothers, .g-o giw their liv in the daily mart. 'to,. "" the 1| In , the ,rt of children. ,,r.. The Mornl Ofring 0 Jesus, through the Immaulat Heart of Mary, I offer Thee my pray- ers, works and .ufferings of this day, for all the intentions of Thy Sacred Heart. in nnioa with the Iloly Sacri- fice rf ffhe Mans t,hreugb,:;at the world, in rer,rlon for my .-.ins, for the in- The Soul of the Child tention:, (,f all our kssociates and in But every loyal Catholic, every )articular o Catholic who realizes the vlue of the l -I :" :'' Christian education .wml of the Catholic chihl for whose/el children. salvation the Son of God gave His life / upon the cross, will rally to the de-] lense of'the Catholic sepol. He will ': gladly contribute to its spport; as an 2r fluence and, when necessary, his vote. to curb, the dastardly, un-Christian and un-American movement which m Oregon makes a criminal of the fatlr who will not patronize the public school; most of all, he will show his genuine appreciation of the Catholic school by entrusting his children to its care. Pray Against Peril The perils which in these days encompass the Catholic home and the Catbolic school are very great. Let us beg our Divine Lord to shower His perversion to the pupils. (Canon graces upon Catholic fathers and 1374). "Every Catholic child in a mothers striving to make their homes | I Mr .Traveler' Tourist, Motorist Visitors, Stop at the Coolest Quietesf, Neatest a Just Like Home Place The Freiderica . C'pitol Ave. & Gaines St. ]ive minutes to the heart of I,ittle Rock. Send the Guest, we'll do the rest. SAFETf CONVENI00CE PROFIT In Depoiting Your Saving With t SOUTHERN TRUST COMPANY you not only ebta2m mtplete tmet' for 'your fund, and 4 per een interest Ompoundd twice a year, but you also ow that your money is readily avail able wheuever you may require it. Remember that a .small .amount d 9osited regularly at fixed intervals will produce far better results thav the ifrequmat depositing of large ametmt. S OUTPIERI00I qFREIST COMPANY "gz ,, .r. Afternoon and Evening. Suite 521-22-23 Domaghey Bldg. Olrtt. lb. P,0,,,'.. ' O.z} Sch eel Ground s,,Ni n th and B isho p. LITTLE ROCK, A RK. WILL BE SERVED WEDNESDAY NIGHT, =------- FROM 5 TO 8 " ---, looths of all kinds willbeon display. BOYS' PROTECTORY I ---- ARMSTRONG SPRINGS . , [ JOSEPH'S ACADEMY Condueted by the Brothers of the Poor of St. [ Francis, who have taken over the famous health / l00oardi Mena, Arkansas resort, long known as "Armstrong Springs" and / adapted the proper equipment for the purpose of ng and Day School fox Girls. giving to Haley & ltorn00brook. " VEN. Route No. 3 BOYS FROM 10 TO 16 YEARS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Up to and Including Eighth Grade HEALTH -- DISCIPLINE  KNOWLEDGE Acqnired Within Pleasing Environment For Information and Terms Write: BROTHER ALBERT, SEARCY, ARK. VNTILATING AND ALL K!NDS OF ROOFING PHONIg MAIN IM _ J ........ + , ? o/Beaut), always expresses to the passer-:b), the loving ease with which it was selected. If you have an idea for such a men@. rial, we will cam.y it to the last detail in accordanoe with your desire. We are at your service for monumental work of any kind. No Agents--No Commission. Writ /or Cgal.a M(00N0000HAN & SON 412414 West Markham St. LITTI ROCK, ARK. DIOCESAN BUSINESS LIST '[ PREFERRED Our Advertisers whose announcernent t THE . . . al  _ GUARDIAN are leader s in thetr hne of buainL  a want your trace and solicit your patromtg  I own paper. PATRONIZE THEM. They are ef operatmn. In deahng With them make met/a  | ,our co- ' " " your appreciation of their material aitane  v,---.,_ i o11; Tell+them that you "e in THB GUUW'j | ney Will +De encouraged to continue to  thet I | " III " " ' S. Vincent s Inhrmary LittleRock's Foremost Hospital IN AGE .EXPERIENCE-. EFFICIENCY " 'Oflicml Rating: Class A By American College of Surgeons After Critical Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN STATE :'* 'Con d u e t"'"'"'i "- by 1887 The Sisters of Charity [ 1923 of Na.areth _ art. ! ST. VINCENT'S TI00NlflG SCHOOL FOR NUP6ES Offers exceptional opportunLties for experience and training in all classes of nursing to young women desiring to vooationalize in this enoblig and remunerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical and surgical staff connected with them, provide a Three Years' Course of theoreti- cal, practical and modern training, fitting the graduates for successful future effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and surgical, and all cases pertainin to general hospital work. The Infirmary s acknowledged to be one of the best equipped in- .+' stitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 beds, 100 private rooms and about 5,000 patients are treated annually. e next class is now being formed. Applicants must have one year of High School or the educational equivalemt, and recommendation from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDRESS SISTER SUPERIOR ST. VINCENT'S IIFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets Little Rock, Ark. []