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September 29, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 29, 1923

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i i [/[ i I r / S .... PAGE SIX NORTH LITTLE ROCK St. Patrick's Parish Notes Sunday Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock. in spite of the good arguments u'd by the opponents, Washington won. Here, as I speak of the Judges, 1 wish to say that the entire "debating club" extends their sincere thanks to Weekday Mass at 7 o'clock, them for having assumed the office Confession hours on Saturdays and of judges. t!le eve of all holydays and First] Sects r{day.': 4 to 6 and 7:30 p.m. . ] The Ladi of the Altar Society at Cypress ar,l Ea;t Seventh Street. la recent meeting planned a social Reei-v," i l.,ne: 45075. , Iwbih will be held Friday, September "',-'.. in '-, School bas the largest]28,,;at the Knights of Columbus hall at "' , wo. history, and the good/:.,,, ' " Sister .rl,,: .,C'; 11 taken up ....... THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 29, 1923. tumg the. benefits .to membersla large number of representatives to'llAfl[/itP{ CATHOLICS m Imanclally and spmtually, and come, as everybody wants to make a 11tliUll 0 urged closer organization. Then the visit to the State Fair. Rev. Father McQuaid introduced the Immigration Committee of the D. R. Supreme President, Dr. Felix Gaudin, I K. Staatsverband who also spoke on the order, and then Article VII of the Constitution reads gave thg beautiful illustrated lecture, as follows: "The Founder of the Catholic Church The immigration committee is ap- and His Followel:s." The meeting pointed by the president and consists was a grand success, same being at- of seven members, which may appoint tended by a large audience as well as others, should it be deemed advisable. the Sisrs. Thus ended a most en- It shall exert its best efforts in the joyable and successful trip in Arkan- interest of immigration. Therefore, WILL JOIN IN NOVENA TO 'LITTLE FLOWER' A national novena in which thous- ands of Catholics from every state will participate, will begin Saturday evening at the Mt. Carmel national re- treat house here, in honor of the noted nun, Blessed Teresa,, "The Lit- died September 8th, 1923, and the still heavier loss sustained by those who arb nearest and dearestl._to him; therefore, be it resolved i'it is but a tribute to the memory of the de- parted to say that in regreung his re- moval from our midst we mourn for one who was in every way worth:? o our respec and regards. Therefore, be it resolved, that we sincerely condole with those who are nearest and dearest to the deceased, on the dispensation with which it has Y pleused Dlwne Provideuce to afflict ahem, and commend them/or consola- tion to Him who orders all things for! the best and whose chastisements axe meant in mercy. I herefore, be it furth r resolved, that this heartfelt testimonial of our l sympathy and sorrow be sent to the[ family and be publLhed in the Star-I Herald and the Southern GuarJmn, 1 and bd spread upon record of the local branch. George I'romberger, Mrs. Dan M. Burke, Martin J. Jansen, Committee. r *  . Any returns ,:.I. arc due from the "" .- sas for the Supreme President, who in accordance with above. I hereby J " left for his home at 4:15 p. m. Sept. appoint the fol owing: John Kirspel, a,,, ...... Carnival will be received by the pas-I tie Flower," the anniversary of whoe 20th, crossin t rea . . . . . . . . ,,a.,, epemoer 30, has just bceu tot pro tern. All are requested to I Sisters "Raphael, Antonia and Ma ..... g l g t Msmsmppl Lttle Rock; Fritz Smber, Little Rock; "reel-in .....  D- xver homeward bound. I John Maus, Jr., Atkins; I,ouis Vels- nun I church feast da on which - make eturus this coming weel. [garet Mary, left Wednesday after- ,  . p :a e y o1 xms, as an an- Visitors from across the bridge ad[noon of the past week for Little Rock, North. , Little, Rock, Sept. 23. St enfels, S(ranton:, Carl, Gisler, , Fort .... ".. , y, Cath elsewlere were loud iu their praise of/to take the state teachers' examina- Patrmk .s Branch No. 1133 C. K. of, A., Smith; A. ,,. Za.t,,,. ,onway, . ram' ' l"] .yarUCS-- oertnrughut''-- honor' theo. .wrud shall each me t at the school hall after 10 oclock J. Baltz, Pocahontas. This commit-I" T .... her. the work done at the Carnival by the tion, returning to Mena Sunday on Mass, wa called to order by the I:res- tee is  organize itself, and in fact,/ . . .. _ pt of tim V t various committees. ]No. 3,  , " , ne anosonc rescri ,  "_ ident, Will Iesch],'ner, and opened it would be a good time to do this, on/bere to cc ebrate ...... Repair work is beiu done on the I Miss i, Iorence Milfeldt, of Okeene, " |can permits the Carmelite father, svhooland parochial house and is pro- I O!la., a former resident of Mena is wth prayer. On roll call it was. Sunday, Oct 7th, when . district  .(   um new least any "essing rapid,y. ,vidting Mrs. James Maloney, on i!:;:iibt]:ioe:i:A!ll t!!t:ie:!i:i:l(:!!ti::f !!iti:i:!,::h:iiiil!ii'eiiiiJii l!!yilt!ii! Rev. ,atlmr George H. McDermott, / Jones St. " ""' " " ' ' ...... . glrl. ] pastor ot' St. l'atrick's churela, and/ ]Iass on Sunday was celebrated at l J elect the other officers. The follow- As it is expected that all will want to managing editor of The Guardian, eight o'clock by Rev. I?ather Boyle, . . ., The Carmelites here ah'eady had in- ID :to::, "R'ev th:offHersI Supreme lake a visit to the Arkansas State tended to prepare by a special nation-and o,' supernatural commenced l fis vacation on Sunday, of Texarkana, ,Ark., who is lo?king e ft, r St A nes arish drain I, *e- ' ' " cDermqSt, ai xhi(h will bedn on Oct 8th Sept. 23. lrobably lie might havef=  ' g " I" z g z ...... "  ' " " " " " " ' " g " " al novena for the commoration of her 'Gall ,,her's absence Accmded the 'resimnl Will Bescherner; Vi Jos H Dolerk taken it earlier in the season, but the l *' g " ' " ' . . .. '  . , personal troubles necessities o the parish needed his  closest attentmn by the large congre- ::i: eat' M.. A. I/ukvzewez , Re_l Pres. Staatsverband. death, which oecured twenty-six years the Carmelite :fathers. continuous attention up to then, andJgvtion present, Father Boyle delivered L   fit: t an:at ecretary, Dr. I  tionsag' andfromthousands of commumea. Pilgrimages will be made o he attended to duty first, All the a forceful sermon on the Gospel of " "  "4 "surer, Wm. Jes. $200.000 HOSPlrAL all p'trts of the country olics of New York, - Y ' o ' I IBauer, Guard, J L Wesbrod, Trus FOR CORPUS CHRISTI parishioners hope that he wilt aut'n the (lay. Couhl Father B yle s ucid ' " " " -- ,' S brought requests for paticipation in Baltimore to the  . tee one year, Joe Prause Trustee two im rood river and spirits [ and irrefutable explanation of th m- . ; . . . the novena, which will end on'the 'm- the f s .... . , , ' ea l; Ol tile new _Personals !itution of the Sacrament of Penance, I years, Catherine Froley; Trustee three y ............. . w. w. ..News ervce') t niversary ... of 2eresa. ,s death. lar-" ,s ., -ese*h from No Hletofore, the annlversaiy h  tel: a N Mad .... 00 West 5tb .qt i,;'and the necessity thereof, have been l years, F. H. Kordsmeier; Medical Ex- Corpus Christi, Sept. 24.--The new I t" - " "..  s will attend the mass , been masked accmdmg to church U ill'at his'laom; '7 "  Ibroadcacd for the enlightenment of l ammer, Dr. F. E. Hurrle.. It was de- $200,000 hospital to be conducted by/ " "" "' the first time wi" he o leaders, by wonderful and frequently ' , m  It Misses Mary Frfle ,-'-a ..a,aa In -I non-Catholics "who think evil in their] clded to hold meetings on the 2nd and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarn- a . " ' : l rite in teresa s honor. , I upern ffural responses to prayers of t -r ......... :': : .thearts," many an honest antagonistl 4th Sunday after 10 o'clock Mass in ate Word has been opened here and is. :  ' " "" " " : " celebrated b - ReV 'fered to the stunt, m keeping h ari '/;t;n_nfre:d/:::ma'l'vould have revised his opinion on the/the school house. At the next meet- ' ' y me said to be comparable to any similar[ , "" " " ,," "' Meriz, superior' of the C her death bed promme to let fill a .. . g -,. ,. yes. confessional ling it is expected several new appli- institution in the State of Texas - "  Catholic University vi:rs,?wetl z,tzparmk of Bartles-| Among other things, thereasonwhv cations will be presented, as every Corpus Christ," " has been without" " a 'shwer of roses. ...... from Heaven" after 'r , uKa s ne gues o.f Mr: and]the enemies of Catholicism are so re: member is very enthusiastic, and just modern hospital since the storm of! her death. DON'T TAKE CAL0 reef. ac tromp, lau? ape ... |lea,less in their attacks upon the pc- watch St, Patrick's Branch grow. September, 1919, destroyed the Spohnl Canonization in 1925 17(}Y INTA(',|V] I ]rs. nnle .'lltCnell ana fftiss uut[, "" " " ' " " " " ' ' i " ' " -* -" ..... . ' rtocflla! scflOOl, t;n  conlesslonai, an(i T?u:err::.:,ed:ehe: home, 1701 the celibacy of the Priesthood, wa D, n  00raa00v00na00. Sa:'Sa00'u00" lhe"S'st'ers' althughl So amazing ,lid chul'ch leaders re- BOND'S LIVER FII: gal::::wen f ms (nsaster, espec- I gard the steady '*torrent of ros ARE BI:!TEI  , . " y penmng the e'flaiied .so (learl y" and im-ressivelp ., y," ,, at. ,a,,aa,aaaa-a Y o the fact that one Nun, I tbat be-an when - ,. . ' They are intended so aum:er n Colorado and Knsas: .., that it will be an easy matter in the -- " .g. , um cause o ,er .. , .... r0 a nursa and two patients were drown- beatification was resented at th- hver an towes anu v  vtr.. wm. nacrmrnan, zi future for those who were so fortu- District Meeting ed in the catastrophe, were not dis- ,,'- .... :': p " . .  .e move the bile and poison0ts ., s visiting in St. Lout,;, Me. ' vaman, tna ne process o neaifi- hate as to be present, to answer in- A feint mein,,  ..... ., -- ,u_ heartened, and continued their work cation wa,', pressed with speed, Mrs. M. Rapillard entertained the +.u;L.. ..............  .v s , ,,,, ,, ,,e a mihl, yet effective Tue:ds Brdg:" C]yUb :eh::h ...... ; ...... a,( c,mvmcmg,y any sues-E,t,;tern. Distri-. 0 v.- ,,,;-- ,-,.'a ,." ,.r M: f,;:l: Y;(a:n inn home donated.bY[the nun was beatified last April. S:' ness, l)izziness, HeadacheS, ome;,707 tions put to them on the subject, by Staatsverband (Catholic Federaion o . . n coy.. on rorth Bro,ul-leral centuries usually elapse before, etc., can't continue when " ,, "( their Protestant acquaiaumccs .... Arkansas), tnd el" the Cathohc' . " e recess as fro,shed Church au Only 25c. Iefuse The lev. Iir. P. Bartodzieg returned In annouming Mend y as he aast , , , wy. l th Liver Pills are used. One i ,  :  .' '.' I Knights of America, will be held at Pries here are still more sur- home after five months vacation in , ,   ......................... ___-, ........ of Our Lady of Mercy, 1 ather Boylel .q, I,,! ..... v,, ,am, , ..... , w .... e w The new hosRlt,d, grouml for w. hmh[ tho r urope. ,,r. ,aarodz,g. is pastor of to-I .......... ................. ,,on to -,.,m, ne a t'ents' I .................................... . , , ..... sit: oOfr:: ;:s o:tes ' oecup].s a! prised by the announcemen't of Pope Ira'--  St Mary's narish of th' o,tv . .... P . L.R., at2 p. m., Oct. 7. All branches he city An;on" thl a j:'::e:i] TM  [,?ius that Teresa will be canonized [ . . .na cnmren of the great bless,ng[o f the C. K. of A.'and all Societie, of beautui ch 'g "' "" "  th, in ]925, when tile usual interval k/ COF00 l//&nrtlllo. ,Cy ]n l?a,.?ng the S, sters of/the Federation, are requested to send : ape, of um new institu-!a long period of years [ ' mercy t:o conll]('t tllelr scflool, rl(l I ve ' " ,' rUUJUII " Irep'esentat s. [he fo/lowm- ntr-I tin' is one of the Infant Jesus, xbieh .... ..... "' . . .. I that their grat rude i. best expressed ',sh^s - - " .......  ' ' '" iis, hi-Myg . prized.., ,'t,s ]'" is. ne .... omv (n)- I .. mee ne esaDnsnmen, o me ha-  Our Brands aro perf ' "', " . .... : " ar mcm(m(x mum asern /3s-I ......... : , I uonal shrine of the Ltttle Flower at / the result of more ! by loyal spport. ' ....   " ,ect, um was save( rom ne cnape, ...... ..... ! years experience in tact: Little Lock, North Lttle Rock, I of the ohl sanitarium ]viu warnei etroa house nere las Resolutians of Respect | Monday, the feast of Our Lady of Pine Bluff tie ......   ' and blending only the , ......... , lena, wemer, 1 0cauon- ' .... I March, thousands have visited the selection-- Adopted by St. Paul's Branch No. 476| Mercy, was a day of special rejmcing ,as Debow r_  .... ....... , , ..... ,asern ArKansas : ]institution Trom all parts of the A trial will convince: Catholic Knights of Amerma | by the ven. Ssters of St. Joseph s ---: .................. / .... , ....... p,- na nave amonc ocieues God's will is as energetic ine be-leountry to offer prayers and novenas t Whereas, in view of the loss sUS-! cha::?:I-Ii M:=:::::l:brY:e]d?t t;:e[SA:et?:;d=nsd represents" wildering rush of the current "Jln the i for help from the "Little Flower" in I D. tained by the deceased of our friend St. Agnes' church, by Father Boyle, at -ins'Oct 8tb ..... ate Fair be- quiet,, sheltered backwater.Th& difficulties. Reports of cures where .^ , ........ ", .  . ,  ShOUld be easy to get K ng s AchevemenL medical science had abandoned hope 121 West 5th Tele and brother, William H. Skinner, who b:;o o CroCK. 2, .Un cnmr renaerea ........... i ' " t the music of the Mass, which included -" a number of beautiful solos, in an ex- ceptionally able and inspirhg manner. That the work of the Sisters of Mercy is appreciated by St. Agne s' parivh, was evidenced by the numbe/'swho re- ceived Holy Communion for the suc- cess and continued growth of St. Jo- seph's Academy. C. K. OFA. NEWS l'hm Bluff, Sept. 17.---On M'ox:day, Sept. 17th, up. res. Dr. Felix Gnu-  din, visited lielena and presented lus illustrated lecture. Tim doctor wa introduced by the pastor, lev. Walter J. Tynin. Dr. Gaudm made a fine C. K. e . tall, and then gave !:is lec- ture, "Ihe Founder o the Cathodc Church and is Followers," to a very attentive,,good sized audience, i'n pte of the heavy downpour of rain. Tins lecture was given in the School rooms of the Sisters of Mercy Academy. A free will offering was taken up at the door after the illustrated lecture, which netted a nice sum for the Sis- Clerk will be presemt to give further explanation of the-Order. It is ex- pected that several applications wiil be taken at this meeting. Helena, Sept 19. Invitations were sent out unde:he auspices of St. Mary's Branch N. 190, to attend the illustrated lecture to be gLen by Dr. F. Gaudin, Sup. President of the C. K. of A. This lecture as leld in the Auditorium of the Sisters of Mercy at 8 p. m. he .ptstor, Rev. J. A. Mc- Quaid, called the audience to order, and introduced Organizer. 3o.. H. De terk, Who spoke of tlke Order, ex- Hours 9- Phnee Others b Appointment O f fee9890 Res. 4-2631 Founded 18.o By Sisters of Mercy ,, o : - , . ,','% MT. ST. MARY'S ACADEM Ideal Boardi.00 School for Younfi Ladies and Little Accredited by the University of Arkansas and with the Catholic University of 'Washington, D. C. Under The Direction of the Sisters of Mercy Fall Tern, Opens September l Oth COURSES-Grammar, Academic and Commercial, Music, Art Expression. For further particulars, address The Directress r ters. The Rev. John E. Gaffney, pas- TEXARKANA  o tbe colored eongregation, the Recital bl2ters, and all present, were greatly Last Friday evenfng, September pleased with the lecture. A meeting 21st, the pupils of Providence Acad- of St. Joseph Branch No. 1132 will be emy presented before the public, their held at the Jefferson Hotel, Sept. 28, first recital for ihe 1923-'24 term. The at 8 p. m.,'and Organizer Jos, H. De program was very interesting and was enjoyed by every one., The Assembly Hall was beautifully decorated, being banked with ferns and cut flowers. The hall was filled with an enthusiastic audience The program which was so artisti- cally rendered, consisted of: Violin Selection, Joseph Murray, Andrew Wald, Louis Raffaelli, Louis Graves, La Verne Thompson. Reading', John Bann. Criticism and Selection, Ivy Gull- "lory i $01ction, Josephine Picarella; et&ion, John Bann, Chorus, High School pupils. Selection, Helen Fauke, Debate--"Resolvedt That Washing- t6n wa a greater general than Napo- leon." Chairman---Jossphine Murray. Affirmative, Catherine Moore;'.ary ANNIE M. BREMYER Ahern, Frances Quinn, Louis Carrara. Chiropractic Physieian Nagative, Margaret Galvin, Lean Hyatt," Joseph Murray, Elizabeth Consultation Fre' Thomas. Selection, Caroline Cassara, House Calls Mado Dar ad' Ngh't Decision of the Jodges The debate" was well pu forth and 318 Halt Building Little Rock SIX LORETTO SISTERS LEAVE TO BEGIN IN "CHINESE St. Louis, Me., Sept. ters of Loretto left hero for Seattle, Wash., on their: China, for which country Sept. 23. Two of the been connected with 3407 Lafayette avenue St. of these being Sister Donald, who directed the for about ten years, and Sister Mary Justs Justin. rosining four of the prty ter Mary Patricia Hughes, notherhouse at Loretto, Sister Mary Stella Tom Santa Fe, N. M.; Sister as Egging, frol Loretto, and Sin,ter Maureen E1 Paso, Texas. A convent building and been built at Han Yang, the Loretto Sisters, all vohmteers for lissionary 't]mt country. Pri00ar