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September 29, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 29, 1923

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THE GUARDIAn, SEPTEMbeR 29, 19200 HOLY LAND CATHOLIC HOSPITAL '  PAGE FIVE . NEW ALIEN CODE r made to dump the older and less pro-',lkTA a,rn ........... ;---- --" '- ASS'N !ductive members of society upon the UlU A ]ll( NEW COURSES PLANNED.NG l EVIDENCE . . OFfiCERS TO BE PROPOSED States and to retain the OFCATHOLIC DEVOTION ,By younger element. The issuance of MUST PAY FOR WAR FOR TOTHECONGRFX00r0000,0000s, Pa00sop00s__00 to former mem- . D.C.EVENi N. C. W. C. News Service) hers of the Red Army is another sub-I New York St.-4 ..... '' Sflt00L OF KNIGHTS St. Louis, Me., Sept. 14.At the ......  I ject that has caused prolonged dis-I ........ , P. .r. uarJ jo-j Van der Hoyden closing session of the Catholic Hos- .. wasmngton, ept. 24.Immigra-[cussion and is in need of legislative[ sepn wunetm cuno, ex-Chancellor oI] N. C. W. C. pital Association the following of- non, naturalization, and citizenship clerificatibn. - luermany, and president'ot he coup#ill (By N. C. W. C. News Selwice) News Service) fleers were elected for the ensuing laws will occupy a prominent place on Nnder the laws which will be ,ro- [ of the Hamburg-American Line. ar. I Washington, D. C., Sept. 24.New [olland, Sept. 20.--Np.- year: President, Sister M. Giles of le leglslahve stage when the new posed in the next Congress tl';relr ved todayon the Reliance, for a vis-[ curses ranigng from "Every-Day I must be the progress St. Joseph's Hospital, Kansas City; o ider- Fist ongress convenes in December. An would be more care devoted to the se I l oi several weeks in this country as  sycnology to instructim i band the dOnlnlesln"--. lland'Of theCnSutchD ofrst. Mas*:imStstM'. . Y, LoulsPetra] efOrtmaz will be made to supersede the lL'h[tion of desirable immigrants a ''private citizen and shipping ]nan." lnusic, have been added to ]:,t eurri- 1 hatches continue to con- Secon d Vce-Presdent, Sister M. :! e of. statutes now governing through the use of quetmnnmres. Denying that he 'as here m the m- culum of the Kmghts of Columbus ukwarmness of their par- stance of St Anthon,,'s Hos-P:, Cn hose subjects with a comprehensive There will also be a provision deny- terest of a proposed $1,000,000,000 in. Fven ng School of the Dmtrict of Co-  ( ,a 'a. the eager and un- Louis; Third Vice-President'i:t:'r v "[enacme-nt to be known as the Alien lng the right if permanent residence ter-Allied loan to Germany or to ar- lnbm, according to Dr. Frank o their Catholic fell Al--h .... , , , ae. James J. Davis, Secretary of in the United State a ,; ...... range extension of the Hambur D Hays, Dean of that institution who To ow- p onsus o t. Johns Hos it 1  .......... he . g" , ,,.see the descendant of Joplin; Secretar,,-Wreasur;- o. ;P '/Labor! Representahve Albert John- are ineligible for citizenship by nat-I American and W. A. Harriman ship- has announced that the variety of  and despised Catholis[Iarem .... - --" ,r' lser lvl.[son, chmrman of the House Commit- uralization [ping combine, Dr Cuno declared . subjects taught durin the sehsion ry_ ago. setti,,, .... urea-- -ace^ m:" ],z,ausas ..... i y s xlosptal,/tee on Immgrahon and Naturaliza- Status of Our Islanders sole purpose of his trip was. "to re- that start next. weel will be the B ' . P Y" " - , service work, ill arts, - = tl.on, and W..WlHusband ' Commis- Another problem which t-Ira nro-lnew personal and business relations" greatest of any K. of C. School in the ; ', s not far short, of ,-'a scroll, inscribed with one of the Sa- stoner .t immigration, are engaged in jected Code will attemn. t ........ to elor,, .s I; with his American friends.. He h'ad orated. . .States'. The Exenmg School : ust how they are ..... h, ,.I wour s saying in the Hall of th Last preparing a plan for the regulation of that of the citizenshi status , no connection with politics, he said. s affflmted wth the Catbal': Uni- . dership in sci-I P a square be- ' .... he insular and terri- Y hen , ' - ..... a,, ov . - . . .. . * P  of he . . . , . bid for lea Supper Upon the o e ahens, to be submitted to Congress as, mhabants of t whmh he deflmtel left behind w versty of America m so far as co  )ghe.r education from the! fre the church stands even now a lsn as possible. Representative torial possessions. The question, at he resigned the office of Chancellor. I ege courses are concerned, and also :: ' ,tunversity. whose dooroo I bronze statue, of the Sacred H,art ..... a, Johnson is hopeful. .that the work. may. present, is. very ........... inv,h,a ,,a, ....... ..... a. Due to tlie fact that conditions had l the high-school,, elementary, and coin- erae eve of throwing open[ the foot of t well the crystal-hke" wa-!de completed m hme to permit ts |ng to Representative Johnson, is one changed since he left Germany, Dr. I mereml courses a ml the K. of C, trade ., and hopeful leaders of l ters of a fountain. It all recalls the lpresenta mn as soon as Congress that must be solved if serious per- Cuno would not discuss recent devel-jscnoo, lviore than two thousand :y" _ t ll!numenta! fountains of Palestjnel meets'. -Ills committee will report the plexities are to be avoided in the fu- opments in France and Germany students were enrolled last year and T t Praise Catholic ]vmages and symbolizes the Saviour's m, ou prompuy and pess for imme- ture For example Porto Rio i looking to a settlement of the Rtlhr me regmtration this year is expecte.i : , _ mvl!atmn to come to t-hm and drink[ dn,tt.e.,cns'dera!mn: ..... wh,ch  what is kfiown as an 'or-I questmn. Fundamerl, he ::aid, tfucceed the two thousand mark. :. ovlne Dr D or the waters of Life Ete ax ne projecea Dlll 1 enacted  to crazed ,, th wa fr mam E Lou bran # . , e Graaf, " "nal l. ' P g " possession, enlovs f-l e; [ "* s an economic and financial ' g , the first ', ' law " " - - - ...... " he reasons for the lhe exalted aim of the whole foun,.] _ _t will supersede the Burnett Act zenship rights so far as they concern!P rblem. As a business man he woman to have the degree ,f Doctor :' o19061v17,the the Naturalization Act of those who Would be eligible for citi I thought it impossible of settlement if of Philosophy conferred on her by tr ii advance in almow dation is the glorification of God's ' lov, Cabl . " ' Ohts. to the strang e for mankind. To thts end. the o,,-- , . e Act of 1922, the John-. zenshp m the continental" United looked at purely from the political ?athohe Umversty,, will gve the lec- OVmg Catholic or,ani- promoters have sought to brin, to-I=:n narchy Acz of 1920, the Chinese States. Residents of ,ho phm,,,,olviewpoint, rares on *Every-Day PsychologyY .... he unwawb,, ..... h, gether,. . as objectively. _ as ,-ossiaU, .....; xelusion. Act, and. the. numerous oth- Islands,. on the oth-'h._ ...... nd, ..... areeenot .... I "The Germans realize that Ger- which will.cover a wid range of bq- ran, yet first and fare- wthm the boundaries of,tlihre er pieces.of leglslatmn on the sub'- citizens of thqiUnited States becausel many lost the war," he said il a for- man exernce, including the anay- U0yahcy of the Ctlris hundred-acre stretch of Dut,h soil i ecs o: fmmil[ratlop and nv'aliza- Congres has n seen fi* *^ *---- "- [ real statement, "and that German- sis of dreas, hypnotism, self-expres- . " " . "' I. " - '. .... ']1' ,  2 I,U LIIIJ Jl . " Umatmg the Roman whatever hxstory, archaeology, folk- tmn. ..  Islands an "or'anized nos,-,,[therefor-, must pay for the war Get- m,n and the making th most ou of 'o- " II_re, the.B!bland our teach us] WlBeaYs Not Let Down Then there are the 25,000 or m;re in, lmany islwilling to pay to the o, personahty. Miss Loughranis the " #'ant Christim enthu-] o me 12vme rerson of Christ, 1 .... e ne oemns oz me proposed habitants of the Virgin Islands whose her capacity. Life in the Ruhr dis-: aumor o monographs of "Child T.a, mPelled the leaders to Idea of Humble Priest iae nave not been worked ou' as yet status is still more indefinite The triet, the industrial heart of Ger-I boy Leglation in the United States " eraeht .after the other I . The. genial conceiver of it all l!tJ swm oe?nWnowar(that the general .... tendency. United. States bought these islands many, is at a standstill and until the !and "The Concomitants of Amentia" ,ae r s an humble I  me restrmtmn of m written yes e P ompted the faith- 1  priest, the Roy. Arno!t .... mL, apparently with the assumntioi that Ruhr conflict has been settled, no one i _ : p ctively for (leg-tees of a ready and zarj_e-[uys'.. Associated with him are the ,'auon and towar,! greater care in the inhabnts were purchased at the can estimate Germany's capacity tel Doctor of Philosophy and Master of ontent with fol]'in,]rcmeets Jan Stuyt and Jos Marr-  "e. semcuon m mmgrants. The stone time 'But the a ,, [rs at the Catholic Universit She ....... ""  ", u . . . . . .  re has been no P Y. r Y" .. Y dared to tread . . : Pie Gerrits, ho spent n ...... ] g' atio defining the status of the Alth0ugh his three proposals for aI i " y ege and the and the Arhst t  q oa prmmple of determrng the le sl n l a graduata of Tnmt Cell " red befo mx years m the Hol Land r , umoer oz anens o1 any one natron peo le there and settlement o ecretary to Dr John A Ryan of the _ r and to go ..... ". Y P eparing al ............. ' "[ P , consequently, they f the Ruhr difficulty were [. . . , purpos mmse :toz a Cask that wfl *y ammszme wm t)e retained with do not know wheth dechned Dr |eparment of Socml Actmn of th, ...tin the'ace o I .. " "1 eneom-[c,_. " ...... " , . " [ ertheyare citizens, " , .Cuno said they had not ....... ' " msae , pass e remainder of  -anges m me menols of almms or not altho ,, anona t;athohc Welfare Council , . arten and of rid-i :, -. ' h's life. , ......... "'-, ugh they are not enjoy- [been withdrawn and the Grmau peo- I .... . ' " ven.their enemies[ ne lst of the Board of Directors!, aun co overcome mfflcultms that]ing the usual privileges 9f citizen- ple stand by them toda ." He said ] x ne. scnool . musm, which will in- P" p - :" " f the t ..... " "[ "P. to, t at he heht to his original esti-I .  " " " :e t thezr  mneer re  responmble for "he executmn o I nave aeveiopeo under the present sys sh h Y ' clude mstructmn m brass and reed m " * tllI*  xor ahother dommm'" vast plan contains the names of the I th- s under .... the present statutes, There is a further complication mate of 30,000,000,000 gold marks as I.scrumenzs'. will be the first of ts to best lnown men of Catlloh I e number of mamgranzs will be hm caused b the s ttl ment ,kmc inaugurated under K of C edu our Catholic ' "c Holland ..... " y two territories. Alaska a e e I - ' td to a certain ercenta of th .. '. -:- " " cational aus " P ge e and Hawan. In the latter terntory t . ] . pces and was brought m- two remarkable D eginning with those of the Pine num" Minister Ru s d "  er of that racial groun -alread . t to existence at the instance o Protestants are Y e lem'enbrouck and l. . . Y is asserted, an overwhelming majority success on the sex question; the efim-.  f Fran- /Iym g,., t: tl-[ c , , /cis A McCann, president of the K of ate.n san of Bare, Van W er en " l ln tins counbry are still subjects of of the children 1 the public scohols ination of vulgarity .in iatogue;/c Band and ast "-ra " -ecn, re'the e sand-ca] leader of the atnolic hin'ds:assmn: - are native born citizens of Oriental avoidanc@ of improper dancing; the _" P ' G nd Knight f - ,[ Carroll Council , of Valkenbur of th- [parliament A new feature.designed to mmmtze parentage, barring of songs, jokes and puns ot Lect " f :f a salacious nature, or rlsctin4 on} " ' " " r .... , delivered by Mrs Frank O'Hara ;i e the Church or ne sacraments oz mar-, Thes ". . e lectures will be free Foundati,m [ " be, will be a basilica dedi-,, . p , " be a mall AMATEUR STAGE riage or penance; elimination of sen-] The cours ' " e m ournahsm ma rat cated to the Sacred Hea-e a .... [ reserved percentage' for the exclu- satlonal advertising or publicity;led um . " ' " " ttSu - Foundation. is .sire. ............. tional votive church of Cathohe Hol'l sire benefit ofblood relatives of im- T0 BE PR00}TEff00 avoidance of the ridiculing of yell- . |er the dlrechon" " of Grattan Ke- upon a rac of " " " migrants already residen in the [ans, formerly a member of the De .... land to the King of Kins It s to gious beliefs of any denomination., s . an[, of me mos . -'" ' partment of Press and Publicity of Palestine l,on,l rse over "the grotto of the Saviour's United States. Immigrants in this BY DEFINITE CODE Each director pledged himself to see " o' ' ,, ...... class will, with certain limitations, I Work ws begun in brth, already duphcalied upon ie and if otherwise admissible, be al-| very part of the play under his direc- the National Catholic Welfare Council " will be continued. The grant Of free on, and will be go- grounds, and will have twenty-slx side lowed to enter flie country even (By N. C. W. C. News Service) tion before presentation. "It is :ndeed a source of genuine tuition to veterans of the World War the promoters, chapels in honor of as many Saints I though the quota for their native land Brooklyn, Sept. 24.Professional gratification," says Bishop Mo]loy, in is available to students of the Even- of the existence venerated in the Netherlands. [has already been exhdsted. It has directors of amateur dramatic per- a letter approving the movement, "tel ing School. behohtsWh atitsa tUrnwhiteOf womenThreeandre]igiUSone of CmmunitieS'men, are settledtW of possiblebeen indicated, however, that every havefrmanceSorganizedin then "DramaticDicese ofDirectors,Brookl3 n. learn that a group of prominent Pr'll Y within this miniature Palestine' and precaution will .be taken to fessional directors of amateur plays l BELL FALLS IN " ofs rise before his see that this provision is not made a Guild" and haw established a defin- have recently agreed that all dramaticl AN IRISH CHURCIt lend powerful assistance in carrying loophole whereby the general quota l ite code for the preservation of the productions under their supervision COuld almos believe purpose of the foundation, provmons of the law may be evaded, moral tone of the mateur stage and Dublin, Sept. 88.--A singular noel- subject of a " out the " ., . . (By N. C. W. C. News Service) tmrage, which is a Christian people's grate- That is to say, the words "Blood rein- shall meet in theme and presentation strictly oriental, no the prevention of unseemly and ellen- the ordinarily recognized require- dent occurred at St. Peter's Catholic lesides therethe goat-are ful homage to the God of All Love. tives" are to be literally and strictly sire expressions of speech, action or ments of good taste and propriety...' church, LUrgan, County of Armagh, there of the If faith did not exist apart from in- interpreted and the subject of conclu- costume. "Conscious .of the dignity and im-I The bell in the steeple, weighiag 27 'hundredweight became dislodged and in pre-Chris- tellect, clever people would have a sire evidence. Sixteen dramatic directors have al- portanee of their erviees, even in the, the grotto of better hope of salvation than stupid Several conditions brought out by ready pledged tl/emse]ves to the ethi- limited field of amateur dramatics, fell a distance of 100 feet. When the of Nazareth, people; and that is absurd--as absurd the operations of existing legislation eal code which was drawn Ul follow- our Catholic young men and women sexton began ringing the bell the rope ._ as if rich people should be nearer God will be dealt with in the proposed ing a conference called by Patrick F. should be disposed to accept and f and the bearing. ou whhb it totted Seanlan, Managing Editor of the  ave wa a o n . . . Code For example, it has come to " " faithfull " ' ..... g y nd it fell with an '---- ,,--- .- , than poor people.--The Lght Inwm- ,. " Broo" ........ y zutfiu the recommena.  mrm- lv"'rnatnea'The Sor-I [I ble. ., ne attention of the immigration au- Klyn rame. 'rle movement has tions proposed by their 'professional iing crash through two floors to,the the Garden el I .. .'.  thortes that .the.Ukrainian govern-I r ece.edthehearty aprpobation of directors for the artistic and moral, b.ttom of the belfry towe,'. Nobody ^ . I  aim can and does exist, Quite men nas aaopted the practice of issu- I ,c -ugn ev. Taomas E, Molloy, standardization of the ,erform ...... ,, t w injured.  execution is ' . - ' " i " ""' B shop f Brookl n ...... J apart from Intellect, and to increase l ng passports only to persons over I ,1, .... Y' ..... ] The directors who pledged them- a--. Sol F "^"* -^-2 ,a,ces, winnings .ten olncs are lnClUfle(l  , -b,, url:l:Iln A! e road follow or 'develop the one often means thel forty years, old aid zs'" zefu' s'ng to a]-]of " P. ' . m" me cone selves to observe the ethical code in- phone Hirch , ,-- .... ' -:, low smnaards adopted by the orgam cluded eo o , --,, ,,,UL, rreu fled. The e,,,-- decrease ......... and incoherence of the other, its younger citizens to emigrate ...... "" G rge Botsford, Edward Ca- Maqre Jose - xr ....... ,. . .  ..... ' .... zamn. Among umse are: Opposition rey, William E DawMns T .....   ,- , V,, ,o,., ay r .... , tic conception of ]-'xn mgnl: lnvlslole [n outer weiss; n an:erupt s 10elng to all plays which depend for their Diver, Frank X" Do-i; J22'l 2' .ieorge yafter, Lawrence Riley and anti Prophets and [ ....  ' ,=, 1 llt- donn do lowan. ahd death they ed. rises the cu- Oh the path leads covered by. thus far the most The main one e Church of the Ome]ike monument, as a e- o the Holy ahlced on either side  : Circular chapels in nor events which under the Jesus for thel If to men, or- I ald laid upon.;hem 'etuate the sou- Sacrifice. " 'i: church is- well Purpose which the religious ROCK COLLEGE and tthe'  LITTLE toJesus'it. FlankingWhse I   'SevenS" Miles From City--Pulaski Heights--Street ar" erv'ce Pastor's res|-'  Ope Tu d00*'Se 25 Fall Term Visualize the N Testatnent and|   ns es ay, pt. gels, Statues i :'} COURSES: CLASSICAL, SCIENTIFIC, PRE-MEDICAL, PRE-ENGINEERING, SENIOR UNIT, .... of the grounds  i RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS, U. S. A. Church the . t .   " d to be ::  tie With a double   For Particulars Apply to ,, S; rOaCh ho!ding   ., REV. ALBERT L. FLETCHER, President.