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September 29, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 29, 1923

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nominationbell' a seceder from the Baptist de- dorff does, "that they are mixing re- conscience of Catholics,,whieh it was BY JAPAN QUAKE . ! him well when he was chosen chief Communism and Bolshevism. nificent work of the Irish Parliament-'advices received by the Right Rev. executive of Caliiornia. I Ludendorff's False Claims tary Party. D.) Monsignor Joseph Rreri, General Di- It was while in Oregon that he be-. Ludendorff is said to have return- _ ........................ Ire(tar of the Society of the Propa- came acquainted with the published ed from fighting the "Reds" in Prus- UN]TIANS ATTACK gallon of the Faith, frogl the Arch- account of the celebrated debate be- sia in order to fight the Catholic' " bishop 6f Tekio. tween Bishop John Purcell, of Cinc.n-] Church movement in Germany. He Two priests an'd eleven nuns were J 00lati,had been00"d heldAi00anderi, 1800TCampbelland w00iob:yasons and ta,ks in military "ter,ns. I BIGOTRY, RACE HATE ki,led, according to latest informa- attractedt The objective of the 'Reds' is to con- . tion, and a large number Of Catholics cell, who had become a member of the objective of the Catholic C to have perished. The Ohio Colle e " , . I hurch is t '.. , , Sept. 14.--Chmf' Archbishop has cabled Monsignor l . g of.reachers, had resent- conquer Protestant North Germany !Justme Wflham Howard Taft was re- Freri asking for the prayers and alml ea some remarks reflecting on the The 'Bla(a. T: ...... " m+^ __=_.. ........ ' the American Catholics. , Catholic Church ...... ' , , , ', -, ,-,anger rn (iermany has, ,u vrmuen or. ne eneral Un- of " ---' ' ann naa replica o oecome greater than the 'Red D I tarian conference at its closinz bum them in a lecture delivered in a Ci, c, et '" t ...... an'I-- . " , , '  " "1 / FR. POISSON SUCCEEDS / :lnnat,p such(hUtch" "hts thatlecture stirred or}f se:m:::? 17o ::iwChthL'":li 'neDec:sr:gnl/::?eslutin that "bar- '! FR. OLIN AS HEAD UP ] discussio_s Campbelll Catholic Church has always been and 'mOniOus relations between peoples of' FAMOUS OBSERVATORY" felt himself called upon to take up a is, evea today, the'strongest bulwark diverse races, creeds and nationali-/ I defense of Protestantism, and (hal- against Socialism, Communism and ties living in this country is essential (By N, C. W. C. News Service) I lenged Bishop Purcell to public de- Bolshevism in Germany. The latter lfm: the permanence of our (temocratre I Paris, Sept. 13.---Re. Charles Pals. St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. bate The debate was held in a Bap- are aware of this and have openly institutions and preserwltion of the'son, S. J., has been appointed D1- .11 tist church and continued seven (lays. avowed it. Germany will be saved world," the conference puL on record rector of the Observatory of Tanana- Bishop Purcell triumphed in the de- from Bolshevism by the Catholic its "unqualified condemnation of thatFrive ' succeeding Father Colin, of the bate which made a profound impres-[Church only. Protestantism is pew- evil spirit of intolerance, bigotry and same erder, amous astronomer and Jon on the community at large, one erless Hetce, whilst the CatholiCa hate which manifests itself in acs o meteorologist, founder of the Mada- l Knan-ers l00rus Cincinnati paper declaring .that by it, Church may be correctly called violence, and persecution designed to 'O "Catholicity lost nothing and Protest- "Black Danger" to Lutheranism and intimidate or to. deprive of the:r legal gascar observatory, who died a few t . antism gained notiiing." i I Bolshevism, it is not only no danger, rights any of our fellow beings, of months a7o ] hen i'eter Burnett read the pub- but a real savior, for the atherlan(l. whatever race, color', or creed." 'Father Pois,on is a for'- lished account of tbin debate his/'aitlt/ Churc,h Will Save German I ! officer and a in Protestantism was shaken. He be-I'  It recommended church participa- " .... Knight of themerLegionnaVal The Jesuit% whom I,udendo l' aN- lion in those inter-vachd conamittees! ' ' gan a systematic inw;stigation in/,b tagonizes, are a n M'my at his cam- which are seeking that better mutual of Honor. During the war he fought the true religion and becoming con- mand against the ...... under:;tandinL which is the only at Dixmude with the famous French Reds Ihey ha,,e " vinced of tile tzth of the Catholic returned to Germany for tkat pur- way out of the clash of diver:e race Marines. He in a native of Les Church, was received into the Cllurch pose But they are riot at his cam- and conflicting interests." Landes. .by Vather De Vos in Oregon City in mand in. support of Protest arttism.] In presenting the report of the 846. , Lutherans al .... : , e fiocku mt , ,, lw ........ I ,. -- " " g o" the Cath- nominating committee, John lhu'ne lhe (lernand of (ann ,.. . o yeats laLer urnett went to one (,bur(i] not im-elle- ---," - . xr ._  ....... ,,j ., I ............ , cifort at (alilornia, where lie ._,,.w.-,. elecTea^--a . a / t'";**,,=- ao'lie r x, t- ",u or DllnCl sell- I .,ami el iNew (OI'K sant: 111 one / selz-eonrol,, anu. :tlnally. of actual" sym- me,,,,* -* ...... . . , Y ecogmze m her what speech winch he had written, path , xs precsel .. ' ,,y, ut ne tug, stature and later: t,uoeutlorf fails to s- *-- - .  ........... -. . , lint/, Y , : " y th.e me'm: by which appGinted judze of the ...... . . i..,  ..... ". .- ne brue sol- WlllCil was reatt oy.. ms secretary at the soul gains the vlr ...... - _: ..... t,grtor ,rt-;u or t, le .sore/ dis r .  . .. , . . . . .-ues..-t he bunal. In Senfiemho,. o(, , ] ....  .... Y .t essed German Los Angeles, President ltar(hn said: 1 nend.'hq) of Christ. chosen chief gti'ce-,axi*J', ne was .urg o(tay, the only escape fl0m "I tell you, my countrymen, thworld  .............. : ........ - ..............  ,,,u ,t uverner black despair, tile ot11,, he ^ - , -- , . .. . ....... . ...................... ============================ , v u salva- aueos more o.r wnnst, the workl r;eed:' m the hfe :6 the world, and For pral-"' was elected the first American Gover- tion for the country. History will the spirit of the Man of Nazareth, tical application of then to ery- nor of California, although the state lprove this to be correct. Bigotry and and if we could bring into the rela- day affairs of mankind.,, the was not admitted into the Union until l religious strife, newly engendered, tionships of humanity among our- l governorshipSeptember'. :1850.m 1851"Heard resignedresumed thethe lwilltowardsretarda regeneratedthe progress alrea(ly made selves, and among tile Nations of the i BISItOP SHAH AN'S Germany or world, the brotherh:od that , was VIEW OF ITALIAN practice of law until appointed Justice even plunge her into another anti taught by Christ, We ,ould have a re-I CATHOLIC LIFE of the Supreme Court in 185"7. His fatal Kultur Kampf. stored world, we would have littl or! term expired the year following, but  none of war, and we wouhl hav.? a (Continued from Page lie led an active public life, being] rl'he linen of the world, as it were, new hope for humanity throughout didly equipped buildings and an up-to- ll : and economic character. It has splen- ' identified with some of the pioneer i run up into gloom.The Confessions the world." banking institutiovs of the state, until of a ConvenL /date p'lanL Now it is mak- 180, when he retired. ] "The message of the Preshlent is!.ing plans to =:-:-:=:7=.=-:::.==:=:-=======:._=_=:=: an echo 'acrons the affes of Chrint's .Which will beereCtlargera thanCath]iCthe farntustheater he Path Which Led a Protestant/wrk he was author of several other own exhortation, 'Be ye doer, of the Scala Theater :' :%awyerwritten int 1860.the Catho]iC]n it JudgeChUrch'"BurnettWa'nl volumes, one of which, "Reasonq Wiry word and no hearers only.' There- "Many of the leading l)usine ;s men bases his con vers:ion on clear-cut [ We Should Believe in God, Love God fore these men and wome, m, ve been 0i Milan are active leaders in the P R 0 T E C T 0 R Y F 0 R B 0 Y $ prlneip]es and renders signal homage / and Obey God," was wrltten in 188t. chosen by your committee because o/" Catholic socbd life of the city. The Governor Bunett (lied in San their k||own eagerness to strive ac- University of the Sacred Heart in o the Church. In :(hlition to thisi , '. I'rancisco on May 16, 1895. tivfor SEARCY p. O., ARK. ROUTE No. , realization ef these idealS/largely the creation of the Conic Iom- ... _ , PAG,E FOUR PERSONS00 ( /NATIONAL " '-" : . LUDENDORF00 00T*AC00 BRITISH CATHOLICS COUNCIL ,wealth and great faith." that the Holy Father blessss ON JESUITS TO AID (bA;di_--Catholic--laymd(--f-r:atS- " 'Tel" "" .... - .... ' t me benefactors O LUTHERANS IS MET TO CELEBRATE IOOTH - OF CATHOLIC MEN'S Pope Plus marked the prelate's first'left. " ......  (Continued from Page 1) Bishop Shahan's audiences with most cordially,' he exclaimed Msgr. Adrien.Alexm Fodere with little success." / YD$ OF 00CIPATION visit to the Vatican in ten years, t "Pope Plus has never Bishop oZ S. Jean de Maurienne and The responsibility for this complete, CONVF00TON PROGRAM "' was greatly impressed with the]interest in the studies whilr' extreme simplicity and democracy of]claimed so much of his attenti0 the dean of tire French hmrarcny, is collapse of Lutheranism in Germany! (By N C W.--. Nes . . dead.. at Bess ons, diocese of is to be sought primarily in the factJ ' . ,s Service) H2sIIo:lmess," he said. "HIs mariner ing his life arid is now ,,aunenne, on October 4, 1838, he was / that Lutheranism is a house built al _ London, Sept. 17.---*In 1929 the C,. p .' e a ease immediately. He lprivate historical library for hi -S" t) .yearsp e=y':'nf;hf.iiaHil:e: [He was coasecrated [ sandhhee VlK:le:trand thatO:nm :rdfer LWh:it could not with sta:/! yat)rl, es(laJ?[i l ; :::en;h:f 10hCatln:H:eSaraYncit:f Great Britain will cele- ;ramWashingtn'(BYforNtheC" CincinnatiW'sept'News24"--TheconventionServiCe)prO'of fulhaS countenancea fine open visage,and hisWithoptimisma cheer- I] Cardinal Mercierha tWan ' z-ms X. ,, . , i al/was the Head of the Protestant l Act,,an act of the British Par;iamentl the National Council o C -rr'aum.c .... ,,en, reflectedthough importuntedin his suspend Al-/his [CardinalBishp MercierShahan saidlookingt thild vlsgr. I odere had beam vicar: chan-i Church in Germany. He solemn/y de-tw:;ln., restred to the Catholics thoset as announced by Charles F. Dolle, audiences tara time during the in- wan, the result eta prolonge 1 chairman of the program committee, tense heat of the summer be'refused but that he was exceedingY cellar.of the diocese, pastor, professor I clared some years ago that he intend-i c .hberties of" which they ha d been [has been given out from the national]to do so. with the affairs of his ar, oz pnnosopny, pastor-archpriest., vi-: ed to make the Luther Centenni-.,. ,la epnvedturies, for more than three cen-[head@uarters of the Men s Council/ ,,,These good Catholics,' he object- The country appeared to be dar-general and vicar-capitular of the memorable one for Germany and the That , here. Convention da ...... locese of Maur/enne. He never left world. Germany has since lost the l . year ought to mark an ira-:16-18 ...'* a. ..... tes are October eli, "have come from afar and I : the diocese., twar. The Kaiser was deth .... a ..... pormn epoch in the history ,, + I .... ,v,, -a(lquarers a the inronlhave ,re-  ...... !nust ous. Maurice Francis Eua- ' /with him Lutl ..... r,_. - ....... ,u/Catholic Church i- + ....... " .' "l noel. " J (h - .... vp,ness m receiving The same evidence of , . . o --,  "--,, ermany. 'l'ho.. . .. ,, cuunry, r.or, iI o , .... .  '.-,. zormer minister to Denmark, s cnh-/cult of Luther has faded into insi--t everything goes as at present, and the t oommn 'ontfflcal Mass m the Cin- "Oftentimes the " ....... .ti(1 Bishop Shahan, was to oY!l kii:il  StHi:'?Uhie:rh:iBec!aCm!!i::!i:;i ii::::t:::sy :hrh::II:! :idtt! ' !:! s :kalutilibiiin!i:teP(iiilii!/!iirtee:i I i:il !::a:fbris'An:!: [ iii::mh !!!r hilihi:iii  France' where the  abundant and the French d a result of intensive ys ago. "e is 71 yearsf , and especially of America hadl'" p's " g them in this respect. ! .... ._ p mg of the con-]courtly bearin . a .. found that it would be n to import wheat this year. . ,old: ." _  !abandoned Germany in the hour of ,,.?:e!y, m:e certain institutions in/;6 F:llo: n" the mornl.ng_ pf October/ "He was mugch pleased with t "On' the surface," declared zo.aurlce l,'rancls l, an I greatest need , --g,ana, mat came w:lng the Ma.., the he '.' 'g' is well  One should rather way . ' . " in with the Prot-]business ,.[--: .... :'" {irsr progress of the Catholic Universi. known as a Catholic educator, author l that the Lutheran religion did m+ I esant ruler, William of Oranc,e +,,+l :.  .... mn oI ne convention land spoke in a ....... ty prelate, "everything looks .....  . .  ', " Wll O e . " ,, -couragnlg manner :n:rdLplomat  .Hem a descendant of!S.nd_ge supre .me est m its own ] e:enl::lgrne ! to b.u_ttress up the/o,clock, p Ad at the hotel at_ eleven'of ,ts future. He said he awaited the The middle classes of Eurol, i ofi,*.'me[ a.rtslarmy and a native -ur or neea and collapsed. Its fol-I tt,":':.: ,-ro.est.anusm and to keep, be delivere dh?S: of( welcome will response of the American hierarch estimation, are suffering the nnaaeipma, l'a.' I rowers reanze this" and the utter futi]- ! . ,anoncs in uae insignificant mi-I  . . ([.-. ....... Rev. , Joseph to his letter .sent ""+ .,, u,a,' ...... Y -- 'ityoftryingtobolsterunalost;,,,..: ,noritythat theyweve The ........ cnrems, ltshop of Cleveland, amt Universit ....... . .. ozne A[/|r]"| ! .... a_sc. ' v'pcLs,Chairma., ^v ,t_ r,__ . - . . I .  ,,u (uscussea tile war o Peter H. Barnett Hence the depread defection. Thla are rmw, that while the Catholics can-' Orlraniz:tions :; :pxar-,-m.- ent, or Layitne National Shrine. of the Immkacu .f .......... amnai watho- late Conception, expressing his pleas- " defection is more noti " not hope to outnumb Writing of Peter It;ardeman Burnett,[ .  ceable m Prus- .. .  er the united ilic W.W.^  ...... u ..... ,, , "  " " rte fi ] ,m. ...... "_"  .... l sion to the Catholi: --'- "'|the State Church "" .....  y, and the Treasurer Char,^-t-.'- . , '" . y which ' ', .... uaor oI the cemorated book, ' .. . .  ranks |_,, ........  s a urous po I De . " .... - lmor!nea me had Jt been do . ' 7he Path Which Led a Prot-'+.,-+! " activity of the Jesuits s.uo,, lor wni,e in England the ruler/ ",, sehaud. ]to him by nn Am,-, ....... .?ted gIPl lie . . A =o,,,, The . must r . . rues(lay afternoon .' ----.,.an atnonc lay- ,,ta w Lawyer to the Catholic Church," was t German Jesmts are leading this., p ofess tle rehglon of the !.ca ........... tile. followang/man. I -- . .  born in x__..,,_' .... "I army oi accessionists F ^- *:,. hurca of End, land  o ., . .,,,,,urses wm be defivered: 'Immi-! ',q'^ - ..... I w. ave tagrNd ut aavaie, zenn., on .ovem. lt ..... : ,,xJxy years /,. ,. , _ % ~, .,, ocomna, ot-;graion.,, by ,,. __  ne holy l,'aner confirmed the ber 15, 1807. IIe way of Vir..,- -e,.  ,,, I hey nve( in zoreign countrms" whith./**mt," area ne s overeign... he_ r,,o+,' , . : Josv.. I. Breen, furmerpromise of _a he,,+:---, % ]$tee from $0@,000 to $30,f cestry and wben quite young was er they had been driven by the decree[Prfess the religion of the Establish. !:::al e:an,.t'e. resentat've of the Na-]Shrine which h',d b:en mm:da/,rtheLb-l' lllng the =  II taken b,, his , ...... I o expulsion. Since the k ......... lea vresbyterian Church I warnonc welfare Council; "Ju- edict v, . ' , y ren- |zm Per nt above olaf It, msr 1 w - .... , .... ,r . o vnssouri, i lille d some "ears ...... _o_.,,o ,v,| Anytliin-  .... , ...... I venile Delinquency," by Hen. Charles [-- ,- .v, aecmrmg that trothing hu m inruNd from lid of'h: li:Pt:f tt;e P:;o:: c'ndrhnsl turned in large n:be; ey;:ve | So that whetef ;iSt::i is'[ W. Hoffman, Judge of the Domestic woma gve mm greater pleasure than/$,00. Tht, ma,bl u ll (ceded in gainin- Jsoum ''' ne uc. inow very active The; 'are -ach Iobliged to be an Anglican or :egerel iRelatins Court of Cincinnati; "Am- o carry out the wishes of his prede ]ltm ear of nut plmm$. ,k .  : x eementary in lectu " " . . v " u memb Y ericanization; What It Is cessor. The rn " am wli M the new ved to Tennessee .... g" r arel  . " otestant/it, ............ " ..... " am/ education He me g, nng and wntm The er of any of the Pr Who Needs osalc will cpme fr when he was ninet -"  lesmmishing colleges, taking, over -,/sects' the fact remains tha+ :*^- -" uy narles A. cmanon, Asso- ne Vatican factor " een year's oz age " ' " "' ......... ,=-, ciate D" " .  Y' and shortb' af ........... ,and new parishes and o-eni ....... Ithe Sovereign, tl6r *h ^ , ...... lrector of the N. C. W. C. Clti- -- IEN00D NATIONAL ....  v,waros marneo nar-]roo o ,..] ,^_, ........ *" .'*g cxuulwn]o ......... "_." x-rance OY 7nshi Bureau- "o,,,. ,,,, ,, ,,, +  - - r,e w. ogers. He studied law and], .m .... :,,, ,cure nails. In every[..""-"" ,u Lne Jora Chancellor of]Rt -. * ..... -,-?- --., , r  legn;imate wa the Ingmng can rot -=v ,xugr wnarles  15allen, D1 was admitted to the bar in 1839 He/-" . ".. " Y y are dmseminating" Iligion, since' toP less the Catholic re- ! re:*--'ur o-" me'" l,'enwcr- " -' -Ulub : " in Cin'" *t&. ]r -- _-- I  !" [. . . .. ' me truths of religion and sound eth-I   lo so would render cinnati, and " . ,, - aose n s In f P:e?%g:gnn;atfeab';ImM:?:te:lCre, rH::::esibhey are' in grat meas"addion capable f hlding trice' In Thoma;P H:Tth, eedC;thCoi;Press' by _ T I: rmary weekly: paper called "the Far West ..... 'P : e for the return of Lu- : ' n to this, the Sovereign, at the li .... .'-. he Catho- 1-I O T S P R I  o_ Of deep religious sentiment, he oined  meran, s to. the fold, from which tLeyl coronation, has to take a oath that  emgapn. , , x.  1 'the Church of the Discinles or '---[ t were mrea centuries ago, or from lis virtually directed againnt the Ca ,a- .... ,  - . -- ' . bellites founded bv Alexand,- 'V-!which they have unwitting/y stia,,ed t ]ic Church Formerly this oa *-t- '-'--'-" rn,'TEEN CATHOLIC The So,,+','o ^--  - . ut it n not true to say, as Luden-I the most wanton pffense against the ,,. IONS DESTROYED OtIS 8anltallum .. _ _ l ligion with politics" To warn neo)l intended to be; but it h . lviember of oregon Lezislaturo  ..... : ....... " ,- l e... as been modi- _ . t  ,-' ...... ., -. [s,u, me menace of Bolshevism isJ ICt, and though Geor,e V +,,m, ., (By N. C. W. C. News ,%,,o / ._ - .... , ne urae amuy,movedl not mixing religion with nolitics T,,, 1 oath to maintain pr,'*-', ..... S  New v,. o ..... ..--" ...... ' t o regon, where veter Burnett took are doing, wh+ c,-:-. '- - ." .... "{ irt .... : ..... --,,,sm, ne ,. -'", ow. '.l'afteen Cath- ' 1 ". '" . .. . j , . . o..-- -alnSlUS aria lus e,,ln-/;isiv' ' m crms consffterab]y |ess of- ?:le missions in the Archdiocese of a macing part m the formation of the pamons d(t m their day, saving Get- ' e to his Cathohc sub ec n loklo were entne territorial go.vernment. He was a/many from the vortex of comnlet i, / the oath taken by a]/ "-J-f'-! than the miss' ..... :_ .l.v (!es!(13e d and a], member o ne oregon legislatuxe'ternal disso/u. ....... , ..... :. -. ":"/sin,, win; .- = ^ .... vrmeeessors .. ,; .... m na Aren(do:ese were tram -o,a''" ro ..... 154 ." . . : , . . . -*, tt**t, tleSUrUCIlOn lnIo ! ....... ,,,aui OT urange sat in the more or ess semous]y darn,t, ed as , gaming a knowl-Ihich it ts fast " .' /se ...... g a ...... . ..... i . drifting by reason oi'  at o f the Cathohc James II. (This] result of the recent catastrophe that euge o a(mmmramn that served the utterly subvermve doctrine of oath was modified hrough the mag- vmited Japan, according to the latest Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy PHIS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY 'OF EFFICIENCY UCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE GOOD FOR AND WITH ALL CLASSES. DEVOTED SISTERS EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS COMPETENT NURSE Well Equipped BuildingOf Prominen L0cat0,  ' Care in AppointmentsEvery Room Outside R0# Well Ventilated and Lighted Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation INfiRMARY-. MNITARIUM .. REST HOME Prf2ssional Attendance For Reservations Apply to REV. SISTER SUPERIOR MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS We, o are. agents for practically all the important Steamship C mpames. lf you are contemplating a trip abroad ,, ,," " 'f you desire to undertake a n]o_., ..... ,-. . - ....... mess reasons, or 1 Win+, r.,..: .... _1 . ,..:.,u, urlp, make use of the ma el]e - di"," yzt,e, uo not :tall to call on us for inf,wm,+;,,nY exc ,ill u2 cJleellUll lven - ,,,,, wulaa -.- ' " Y g , without charge. "-'"'-Y" :' --We wish to remind you also of our Foreign Exchange Department* which is in position to effect money transfers to foreign countries hy Cable, Draft, er Bank Money Orders at prevailing market prices. We both buy and sell Foreign Lxchange, getting quotations hourly. BANKERS TRUST COMPANY MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN DEPARTMENT ARMSTRONG SPRINGS WATER CAN NOW BE OBTIII{0000 A, RKANSAS' FAMOUS MEDICINAL SPRING WATI" AGAIN TO BE SOLD TO THE PUBLICL For 80 yar thi water hu besn funoua a a rmm t Kidney, Bladder, and Nervou Disordera For information write