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September 29, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 29, 1923

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!i:" that nothlng |a more lhat Catholic papers should have :y that every good read- and warns, and promotes the Chrl "BENEDICTus, pp XV. A Catholic Pa@er is a Perpetual Miasia. Pope Leo XIIL "The Guardian" tm every home--our mol - - " - - m I 'The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas CUR00 CERTIFIED LOURDES SHRINE From any Countrie, One Another in Quick Suc- (By N. C. W. C. News Service ]ept. 13.Pilgr/mages to each other in rapltt the shrine city is con- to overflowing with peo- the national prilgrim- Langres and Gen- from the Lille eight thousand of- d pilgrims and about did not register In the pilgrimage Foul. hundred sick included in this deiega- Quillet, Bishop of Lille the train with the sick .............................. 7=:=7 .... JEWISH ASSOCIATION LAMENTS FALLING OFF OF RELIGIOUS TRAINING (By N. C. W. News-Service New York, Sept. 22.--According to a statement just issued by the Jew- ish Educational Association, Jews suc- cessful in business anti who are en- Washington, D• C., Sept. 24.The abled, by the wealth which they, have vigor of Catholic social life through- stored up, to move from their quarters out Italy, and especially in some of on th Sast Side to what are con- the larger citres, fs one of the out- g with them day and ten, while the schools in Brooklyn and frond Poitou numbered the Bronx are half empty• Large crpwds were ] "These figures indicate that where the foreign born parents still trove the feast of September control over their children there is the height of the Year. still the old adherence to the ideals of religion and to learning. On the Pilgrimages expected, other hand, where the Jew has adopted those from the numer- new social standards, due to changes f France are the pin of occupation and acquirement of Catholic Association traits of his envirortrnent there is the national pilgrimage same indifference to religion that has the national Bel- been noted ill the Christian denom- and the local pil-inations. the dioceses of Ghent "If this condition ersists it means national Dutch pil- I tt ...... P • • ' - • - . ; le uesrucuon oI Jewmn cultural val- e ha(renal Portuguese [ u ....... ' .... ' '   I e, nese nno traoiT;lons orou n here gnmages are also ex- b i m ...... g "  . • I y m lgrans who spen neir youth mpeluna, Spain, and i'  ....... n urope untler the inmenco ot raD- a:d thTah°of Fth:nscan Ibis and other teachers who knew how "1 ltosary { to impart the thin, of,.the.shtii. 2a menuoned wHI e o re lriti@, ........ I so valuable t the public, is some- "' pngnmage (his , ' l thing that America cannot afford and [must be prevented by public spirited  ' I Jews who have the 'best interests of • D ||A'. their faith and of this reptblic at ,_.BY.,........ Iheart" 00AND SISTERS l - • SAIL FOR WORK I CATHOLICS PROTEST w 1 MOTION PICTURE (2 News Servme) • • " OF INQUISITION Y', Sept. 22.Although earthquakes and tidal occurred in Japan in human lives, (By N. C. W. C. News Service) of tuture upheavals London, Sept. 18.--A moving pic- seven nuns and lure film, under the title of "The SEPTEMBER 29, 1923. .................................... No. 14 , !BISHOP SIIAHAN'S FOUR FRENCH BISHOPS LUDENDORFF ATTACK FIRST SEVlINARY VIEW OF. ITALI/00 l00ELEGION OFHONOR I ON JESUITS TO AID FOR THE TRAINING CATHOLIC LIFE KNIGHTS FOR SERVICES LUTHERANS IS MET' OF NEGRO PRIESTS Greatly Impressed by Vigor of Social (By N. C. W• C. News Service) Georgetown Pofessbr Says General (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ActivitiesPope's Gift to Shrine. Paris, Sept. 13.The French Gov- Misrepresents True Situation in Techny, Ill., Sept. 21.Te first ermncnt has named as Knights of the GermanyChurch is Nation's Bul- seminary in the United States for the (By N. C. W. C. News Serivce) : .Legion of Honor, four prelates: a ark Against Bolshevism. training of negro priests was dedi- missionary bishop, Msgr. Reynaud, " cared Sunday (September 16) at Bay and three French bishops, Msgr. Gi- By Rev. Philip H. Burkett. S.J. St. Louis, Miss• The Right Rev. John bier, Bishop of Versailles; Msgr. Le- Head of Department of Sociology, E. Gunn, Bishop of Natchez, perform- gasse, Bishop of Periguex anti Msgr. (eorgetown University ed the ceremonies, of the blessing of standig facts impressed upon Cath0- de Carsalade de Pont, Bishop of Per- (Written for N. C. W. C. Service) the colored Mission House---known#as lies abroad, according to the Right pignan. Washington, Sept. 4.Karl H. Von St. Augustine's--an(| presided at the Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, rector of te Msgr. Reynaud is Vicar Apostolic of Wiegand, chief editorial staff ccrre- High Mass. The Rev. Peter F. Jan- Catholic University, who has returh- Oriental Che-Kiang and Bishop of ispondent of the Universal Service for set, S. V. D., Father Provincial of St. ed to Washington after an extended Ning-Do. He has been a missionar) I Central and Eastern Europe, states, in  Mary's Mission House, Techny, IIL, trip in Europe, (luring which he spet in China for forty-four years. ! a report, that open war has broken also participated in the dedication much of his time in Italy. • Giber, Bishop of Versailes, is one of,out between Gem Erich Ludendorff ceremonies. All the southern coun- Bishop Shahan visited Belgium, where he was cordially received b the Bishops of France most famous and the Pope. "It would perhaps be cils of the Knights of Peter CIaver Cardinal Mercier, and France, which for his activity in many lines of apes- more accurate," he remarks, "if I said the only existing organization of col- D etween the famous German general'ored Catholic men in the United country has honored him by making tolic endeavor. While pastor of Saint- of the World War and the general el, I States--were present. The nationgt him an officer of the Legion of Ho- Paterne, at Orleans, he was already the Society of Jesus--(he Jesuits." officers and delegates of the order in 'or. He was twice received ill aud. known throughout France for his or- Now, the fact is that if war exlsslconvention at Lake Charles, La., ence by Pope Pins Eleventh, (lurin atorica] talent, the books he had writ- between the Pope and the Jesuit Gen-  greeted the news of the completion of which audiences His Holiness mani, ten and his social work. He made eral on the one side and Ludendorff the seminary with grea'J enthusiasm. rested the keenest interest in the worI over his parish, inspired by his ex- on the other, the war is entirely due The earnest pleas for recognition and of. the. Catholic University and espec, ample new methods of apostolate, to Ludendorff's declaration. Neither i representation of their race in the rally m the etction of the Nationdl He was pointed out as a model pastor, the Pope nor the General of the So-ranks of Catholic priesthood have Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Therefore, when Plus X appointed ciety of Jesus in Rome is directly re- been heard and the result is a well "It would give me great happiness,' him to succeed Bishop Goux in 1906, sponse for any kind of hostility, nor'constructed seminary, of which they said the Supreme Pontiff, "if I coul, Catholic France accepted his eleva- for the strong Catholic Church move- may be justly proud, according to the one day consecrateMilan,s Socialthat greatLife church.' lion to the episcopate with joy and ment that is going on in Germany to- Rev. Janser. • hope. ' l day. It is absolutely untrue that the Work Started a Year Ago Bishop Shahan spent three (lays iff Msgr. Gibier found an irreligious General of the Jesuits is "most mill- The grounds for the seminary were Milan, which city, he declared, wa, second to none in Italy for the vigo diocese, with few priests and prac- tantly aggressive•" He is mild and broken and the first bricks hauled to tically no social work, and the situa- gentle by nature and as nmch a man the spot September 26, 1922. Now, of its .Cath°lic.. life• . . • tion was still further aggravated by of peace as the Pope himself, whose after a year's "dork , the Mission Stair :¢s?(l the .mw U.nlvexty of thai, the Separation. Today the diocese of 0fforts for universal peaoe he is Hens ". e( nearL ne sac(t, wnicll isl!xr^rs.-:--- • .... ...... - e is complete. It is a soH • -,--'-  . . . j v .,,,e m coverca wire a marvelous sEauncnly supporinc,. ,1 ........ ", ..,amg grea progress an(t has al']network of social or-an-' -'-" - ,._:', ,._ -. o.  -tree-sory struc(ure. The original rea d :" '  " scho g ma,ons ano .mon t, ams m ermany •plans called for ornamentatioh, Y Th:°:dsid? ;l;:eSGlelln :i:(tPe:ldgyisOlaSss uT:d  :::rnl¢:: hint d::2:nflhla: tl;:: h ih:eec: IOc bn:t these features were discarded, as 72 anciscan friar, is one of the besmve -^- reor .......... ' ........ 7- .. ., money could be spared for that L _, .' . . . . . . . ann. areable tO attract and h0ld the iatmn 0z fle wdr. it is -,,"'" u*-'- era wen" ..... lign , steam heate' raan meny a pnymcmn ann s zegaxaea a fmthful. The Bishon of Versaille th-÷ v ,,+- .... . .. ......... , , ea - d d an authority on psychological sub- ]t., +h .... +,,, , ,- .-. ..,  ..... ,., ...... -,  ymg on ts eeaca up to date in all its e ui ment. • . - ......... v ..... r f S .... t-Paterne, bed, hawng recexved a staerin ............ q .p . More 3ecs _.._ . . , . . , . ., . • .. . ,, . ,.u.=y s neeuea tor yes,mere;s, altar • ' preacnes oy example, ann teaches D OlO,V (mrm erie w " • "I was greatly impressed with the ..--- ............. Y .... g _ ar and partculariy hnens, chahces cib rium nnf] onfl]_ ......... ¢ +,. c,, .; ......... worn o mousn, oy racs ann oy O00KS ater xu The hostile Evangelical So- 1 .+ot. ........ ' 0 s ......... .-. ..... ,,. ,,,r,,.ai 1, erran bocla! as well as '--- -'- --*-" ...... , _ ,., . . . ,, . . , , , ......  -,,u omer purposes. u. nm ac,vu an(t eun:ymg elegy or ninon, o wnicn Ludendorff Th ........ - " " .... , Institute, a remarkable example of life Alwa-'s strivin for 'l ............. ] e grvunes oz : Augusune s cov- C::h::l:Yr :d fi:ic :brUtwi°oft ue e" ann nmuenourg °el°ng' has l°st its ertwentysevcnacres with an abund da::VF:rraTh: lfetct 7: ids I lto WL: :[ P:t:lv and is p:stlge.almost corn- ance of shade trees=majestic ever- outill thiSMllan, institution. Clergyandandindeedlalty'- . through-still, feel Ththee numbels u t)': e me of I)o ntiffeducati°nal lauded' him centems fo' I r effOlegain " bothin PsSiaanti to' ltSstave'mamngownoffCltadel,¢lesperate ' greenS'completetO ¢hetreeSsubtropical°f Oneverythe climateVarietYgr°umls that also aregr ow fruitin the influence of the leadership during his work in moving terms, in a special i ruin. Ludendorff lfimself complains l Cinctured around " " • • wenw-nine years of his episcopacy Brief onl- a few weeks a-o ' ........... 1 .... the mmn bmldmg ,, • " " Y g • I gnag ne was (olng ms utmost to i The Institute has 'collected durin x._ ,.:^. . ........ ,.. __..._. ............... ] s a square of plum, frame structure, • " ........ v.u,u " dinin - " , tne past year more than 7,000,000 hre ed a book: "Le Salut par l'Elite" Northern Germany to its dan-er but [ g halls, htchen, servants quar- for its numerous works of a social Salvation throu-h *'^ ':*^' ..... -" ....... • *- . , I ters, Brothers Home and the seventy- 4 lig Aa|lb] lIlll (onl;lnue(] on x-age 4 ---. ........ (Continued on Page•4) has had a wide circulation in the'most 'owners of the grounds, which now , Ive-year-om nomesea(1 oz the former diverse branches of Catholic activity. CATHOLIC CHARITIES serves as a community house for the FR. RICAPd) ONLY sgr. Legasse, Bishop of Perigueux • priests. The new school year is the was for fiftee,, years Por00oot Apes(el URGED TO CO-OPERATE third in the history of the seminary. SCIENTIST TO GET, ie of the island Of St. Pierre an.I Mi- quelon, where he displayed remarka- Strength of Colored Catholics ECLIPSE PICERF00 ble qualities as an organizer. Ill 1925 WITH NON-SECTARIeS "St. Augustine's Mission House i he became Bishop of Oran and was a demonstration of the fact that we have not only the good wishes of the sidered better class, neighborhoods in other sections of the city, do not con- tinue the religious education of their children. "There has been .a loss since 1910 of 50,000 Jews to the population of Manhattan and a gain of 183,000 in the Bronx," said Israel Chipkin, de- rector of the Association. "Brooklyn has gained 215,000 Jews in the same time. Yet on the East Side of Man- hattan there is accomodations in the religious schools for only one chiht in for Japan and Wandering Jew," is the subject of a he Catholic For- strong protest addressed to the] Seminary here Watch Committee of Manchester city I by the Salford Catholic Fede.ration, an I aes A. Walsh, superior extremely active body that is inter- I called to Perigucux in 1920. Msgr. Le- Philadelphia, Sept. 13.The reluct- is sending them to ested in defending all points of Ca(h- I gasse is a native of the diocese of ante of some Catholic charities to co- 'of Japan, where they olic morality. ] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Mayenee. operate with nonsectarian charities San Francisco, Sept. 23.--The Rev. Msgr. de Carsalade du Pont was was criticized Tuesday by the Rev. :ef Stay. Those t:onlg The point of issue taken up by the Jerome Ricard, S. 3., director of the Professor at the Great Seminary of I James F. Cronin, 'New York, at the formerly Catholic Federation is that this film observatory at the University of Auch and later became vicar and then national conference of Catholic chart- Father William confuses in a ridiculous manner the Santa Clara, scored a scientific tri- of Fall River, and pastor and titular canon of Auch. He ties. ecclesiastical tribunals and the secular l umph when he succeeded in securing has been Bishop of Perpignan since Father Cronin spoke at the meet- cry, formerly of power, thus presenting a distorted the only pictures of the recent total Joseph, moth- and prejudiced view of the Catholic 1889. ing of the family section, at which seminary; Sister Church in connection with the Jews. I eclipse of the solar system that were Riconda, Sister made by xt scientist. The Cross of Knight of the Legion James F. Kennedy, president of the It is in connection with the In- • ..... ]of Honor was awarder at the same Chicago council, Society of St. Vin- uisition that the Catholic  " " wnne every omer scientific expe-, ...... o. ......... Sister Dominic Gut- q ' • x,'euerarAon .............. lume ZO ooe ocaloer, pasor oI ne cent de Paul, presided. (lllOn wnlcn welu; I;o "tile pamway oz . . . Patricia Coughlin. makes its protest most stronr The ....... I ansh of Sam( ffean-Ba trot at Dun- "There should be cooperation with " me oat ecdpse me with misfortune p P ', protest rehearses that: ............. ikerque, who has been a prmst for non-sectarian organizations wherever TOGIVE . ,nrougn iog ana ram, ooscurmg the . The Cathohc Church disclaimed all .... i more than fifty years, it is morally and religiously possible," ....... , .... .. ........... iwew, a penec observation of the vvv- w yumsn ne errors ox ne ..... 1 said Father Cronin. RECEIPTS ...... movemen oI tile eclipse was made a " - mind with tne sworn, .ann in countries, ' ' --   Abuse of Confidence ' OF  Santa Clara, where the eclipse was 90[ , CONC00T TO where heresy was contrary to the law t ... ...... " , LARGEST CLASS BEGINS "The only reason put forward by ASYLUM of the land, and liable :to severe pull-per cem; coa,, l'amer ldcara ann ishment from the secular power, the his assistants will doubtless be able STUDY FOR PRIESTItOOD Catholic workers for keep'ng tlmlr to give the entire scientific world van IN CLEVELAND DIOCESE cases to themselves is that they are preserving confidences. ecclesiastical tribunal was obqged to uable data as a result of their success- plead for mercy to be exercised by the "But these confidences rarely ex- News Service) secular power on behalf of the here- ful observations. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) is(. As a rule the needy families m 22.One of the tics. I Interest in the spectacle reached Cleveland, Sept. 22.Thirty-one glad to accept help from all possible of John McCor- Pope after Pope protested against fever heat at 12:40 o'clock when Fa- young men entered St. Mary's semi- sources rather than take it all from tenor, who has just the arbitrary conduct of Spanish (her Ricard announced that the me- nary, this city, on Sept. 18 to begin the church. the Majectic, will be kings in using the Inquisition• men( of greatest totality had been their first "year course in philosophy. "Money left to the poor in general No ecclesiastical tiibuna  ---I .... reached. Observers stood in an am- 2his is the largest class to begin prep- -- ................ of the New York . . ' t cuu u cua- . . .. - ., .. . ' . x, omu oe appnea to lne neeas o per " . ..... • .... X all ngn no unmce na whmh sifts aratmn for the rmsthood m the lus demn a Jew merely for being a Jew ........ • ...... P  " • •', creeds and our co-operation with non. of the con- The Manchester Catholics declare !d tle::eeob Yoo e io n th:: nty sectarian organizations means our held under the aus- that the portrayal of the Jew, in this, :" "'" = ' : : :; - : " . ( • gYl famihes will receive things we could the Archbishop film, should be just as offensive to the t hess ann comr. ecame more mstmc ann secon( year pnnosophy mum  not give them." distinguished Jews themselves as to the non-Jews, m the weird lfght of the eclipse. Fa- provincial seminary, Cincinnati, and Confirms This View Catholic laity, will In this connection, although tle (her Rieard's chart below the lens of four or five ill Rome the number now Father Cronin's remarks were dis- ion. The concert will protest says nothing about it, the firm the great Santa Clara telescope how- studying for the priesthood in Cleve- cussed by the Rev. J. C. Carr, direct- theater on producing the film is not without Jew- ed an ahnost perfect circle of black, land diocese is more than one hun- or of Catholic charities of er 30. ish connections• the right-lmnd side of which was a dred. who confirmed mot of the Buffalo, Dublin gave slim crescent of llght. This blaz;ng ences related, expert- crescent was the one )ortion of the have accurate photographic reprosen- In the children's seciion meeting the first It is a good deal more fashionable, sun visible in that locality. Fog and rations and were widely carried ia the Miss Ethyl Dooley, New York, spoke of the Irish Bene- rain obscured a view of the sun's California newspapers, about the day nursery as a social I(Ylemore, County and considered a great deal more present ,ear he 'spiritual,' to stand outside creed. and eclipse at every other point on earth] Father Ricard, through the use of service agency. Sister Blandina, Cin- for charities in] churches than ivithin them.Christ in where scientific expeditions wre sent his plates, will be enabled oon to cinnati, said the day nursery receiving J the Church. in the ath of the moon's shadow, publish his scientific observations on immigrant children was the greatest Plates developed by Father Ricard the eclipse. • breeder of Americanism. # archbishops and the bishops of the United States, but also the certainty of their readiness to help," acid the Rev. Bruno Hagspiel, S.V. D., of Techny. "They allowed a generous appropriation for the ,eminary out of the funds for Indian and Negro mis- sions. Among the other benefactora. were the Knights of Peter Clarets. who have donated $800." There are 250,000 Catholic negroes in the United States; 175 priests and about 700 sisters devoting their time exclusively to work among the ne- groes, and about 0 priests are giving: partial time to negro work. Accord- ing to the latest records, there are 98; churches for colored Catholics and 155 schools for colored Catholic children. There are four negro priests and 323 colored sisters'. CATHOLIC WAR MOTHER IS HONORED BY GOVERNOR, (By N. C. W. C. News Serivce) Wichita, Kans., Sept. ?:--Mrs. John P. McCoy, a member o t. Jo- seph' parish here, has been selected by Governor Davis to represent the War Mothers of Kansas at the meet- ing of the War Mothers of America in Kansas City September 29, Mrs. McCoy lost three sons in ac- tive service during the World War, a fourth son died while awaiting or- ders to report, and a daughter uc- cumbed during the influenza epidemic. A Church that appeals merely to. ancient written words can be no more at the' best than an antiquarian so- dety.The Confessions of a Convert.