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September 28, 1945     Arkansas Catholic
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September 28, 1945

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Of Prayer Can ....... 00]d00rf Atomic Force ands s Commentator Irk. (E)--Anxious hearts, service and obedience to the will the devastating power, of God, all flowed out freely to THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 28. 1945 ....... E1 Dorado Hos'00ital and Ntirses' Hbme Ktzs""e the question: atomic bomb, what? The "Prayer and more pray- R , Oursler, widely-known nmt tradio commentator, said VEllIg in an address on the /--_0ur. inn. (E).en will we know how ther some, force to advance the .... d0f God," Mr. Oursler :ne tamevention s cran never save td the Solel Redeeming grace will f Requiem J from a laboratory but n, the late altar. The hope of the [ Action De not in physics but in Rev. John tsler's address concluded t 18 by prominent Ca- hbishop of aen for the Catholic it of the M h is produced by the Ryan, nepb .0uncil of Catholic Men cast each Sunday even- deacon  National Broadcasting 'an, a broths read the Greatest Force ling that man cannot ibute was ith his Maker," Mr. in the eulol id "there will always ;s J" Haas,  forces in this world hing man can invent." the Archd ater, fire, electricity, he . Edgar sclt roan got one new power tor of the F er, but they never were W.C. served l wers. They were pow- .rs. Active  could be used for good ws of the ;hof Columb : body of state at the: by a Kniglt of honor, i Mass the b e Cathedr ! heir respect ff the Hiera ass included P. Rohlm$ uque, and DJ , of Bism$ f Toledo, I the N.C. partment; : Kansas Cit hairman oJ ld take another kind of gether to make an un- a happy," he counseled, I good, a cruet man kind, id man wise. Yet there wer freely available in , and unless it is used, bomb, like all the other 'cations of man, will be evil. Every Christian It redeeming power. For it has been at man's eatest force ever be- humankind streamed [ood and sweat and tears Ion Calvary," Mr. Our- ued. 'The power there as so intense that it man in Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago, in power of such magni- tude and force that it surpassed the energy of rushing stars. "And all that power," Mr. Our- sler emphasized, "can be sum- moned between one folded pair of hands." A.M.G.Respects Concordant With Germany By Dr. Max Jordan Frankfurt am Main. (E)--"The terms of the Concordat of 1933 will be respected by the occupy- ing powers and will be strictly ob- served," says regulation 59, b, of the "Written Laws for Germany" that govern the administration of the American zone, as part of the manual for Military Government officers. Since the German Hier- archy had expressed its desire at the recent Fulda conference that the Concordat concluded with the Holy See in 1933 remain in force there appears to be full agree- ment between the German Cath- olic Bishops and the American occupational authorities with re- gard to the application of this basic document. However, a formal understand- ing on that score remains to be achieved, now that the German Hierarchy has submitted a mem- orandum to the Allied Control Commission in Berlin, incorporat- ing all the suggestions and recom- mendations that have come from the various dioceses since the end of the war. No conflict Qf opinion is held likely to arise because the same manual for American Military t.-* istration of the various dioceses. Thus the authority of the Bishops is fully recognized. It is added specifically that any problems that may arise are to be dealt with through the Apostolic Nuncio, the Bishops and the Superiors of the religious communities. This ex- cludes measures of a merely local scope that might not have the approval of both the higher mili- tary and ecclesiastical authorities. tt:$ C.W.O. (Continued from page 1) GRID-GRIST I (Continued from page 6) /suffered untold torture because of [them. As a nation we have de- [term,[ned that such nations shall [neer again possess the power to |hurt us. In the world of sport, we must exert all our influence to eliminate players, coaches or of- ficials who discredit the game by using unfair and unscrupulous means to defeat our opponent. The fans can help by having a better understanding of the rules of the game. The rules change from Warner-Brown Hospital, situat- ed in the center of lovely E1 Dorado, is pictured above. It is conducted by the Sisters of Mercy of Little Rock and was formally dedicated by the Most Reverend Bishop on May 5, 1929. The hos- pital was erected in 1920 in mem- ory of the father and mother of Paul W. Brown, Army Colonel and St. Louis business man, who con- tributed generously to the erec- tion and operation of the hospital. The lower picture shows the comfortable home for student nurses which is at the rear of the hospital. CRIMINALS (Continued from page 1) kingdom of Jugoslavia, was con- cluded; but it thus happened that the rights of the Croatian Cath- olics depended on the whims of the government. In silence we pass over the shameful broken promises to our Croatian leaders. This is not hidden to those inter- ested in world events." When World War II engulfed :the nation, the Bishops observe, i Croatians remained unmoved be- cause they lacked civil liberties and arms which others possessed. "The iniquitous enemy," they con- tinue, "instituted a reign of ter- ror whose one and only purpose was the extinction of Croatia as a nation. Consequent upon this, and sad to say, some Croatians were found who returned killing for killing. Such retaliatory meas- ures, the Bishops of Croatia de- Rockets, 'SpiritedSy Win, Will Battle Searcy Lions Tonight By Herb Ross[ Little Rock.---Chalked 50-50 in the standings and going out after their second win in the '45 sea- son, the Catholic High Rockets will hit the road for Searc3t, i?Fri- day, where they will combat' the Lions in the third game of the season. After sweeping oast the Bates- "i I 112 E. 7th SL Little Rock.--Mt. St. Mary's Alumnae will have charge of the Hospitality Committee on Sunday,. September 30th at the U.S.O. Club at 112 East Seventh St., with Miss Lillian Summers and Miss Mary Raley as co-chairmen. Assisting them will be Miss Carolyn Kern, Miss Dorothy Sum- mers, Miss Elizabeth Prieur, Miss Barbara Nhepherd, Miss Mitzi: Gulley, Miss Catherine Boever, Mrs. Frances Peters, Miss Frances Hart, and Miss Elsie Jansen. Coffee and rolls will be plenti- ful for the servicemen in the morning and tea and: cake will be served at the refreshment hour following the tea dance in the af- ternoon. The Junior Hostess Organiza- tion will hold its regular monthly meeting Tuesday, October 2nd at 8:00 p.m. Miss Joan Osborn, newly elected Captain of the group, will officiate. The other officers elected to as- sist her are four lieutenants: Miss Patricia Baer, Miss Edith Nahlen,. Miss Frances Monk, and Miss Rita Gerke. Serving as sergeants will be Miss Virginia Edwards, Miss Eloise Jones, Miss Frieda Drewelow, Miss Janice Bickle, Miss Josephine Meyer, Miss Ethel Lienhart and Mrs. Florenee New. ville Pioneers last Friday, with the aid of Joe Finan and his golden hurling arm, the Rockets feel that that have made up for their open- ing game loss to the Hot Springs Trojans, Sept. 20. Finan, plus a strong line, which yielded only 16 yards to the Pioneers, easily thwarted the heavier Batesville team, 38-12. Rev. Chas. McGirmis, veteran coach of the Catholic High girders, a,mounced that he was well :pleased with the trouncing handed he Pioneers but he added, "the boys will have a tugher job ca their hands when Ihey meet the Lions.." The Rockets started the scoring .before six minutes of the game had elapset. Finan heaved a long pass, beyond the entire Batesville secondary, to Dick Martin for the Rockets first six points. Four lays later the Pioneers from Batesville scored on a pass but in their try fox conversion failed. Before the half lhe Rockets had made the score 12-6 and from that point, the game was all over for the Batesville lads. The highlight of the game was the broken field running, aided by blocking, of Jim Blaylock on a punt returned for 60 yards to pay dirt. Walter Barthol, Steve Pruniski and Chuck Hocker, battle proven 9eterans of the Rocket forward wall, showed their worth on de- fense while Joe l:nan, Don Berg, Dick Martin and Jim Sullivan starred on the offense. Hard workout, passing drills and dummy scrimmages this week will pave the way for the Rockets wh,en they meet the Lions tonight. Christian Kindness To Modem Converts h Mion Intention New York. O0---The mission in- tention of His Holiness Pope Plus XII for the month of October is "Christian Kindness to Converts from Mohammedanism." The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. McDonnell. national director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith an- nounced the intention. I I illiam T. Your Credit It Pleases Us 'raneis J.  [did rip open the closed Government officers provides that from the blows d'ealt by the pro- year to year. Many popular fal- cried and condemned.'" change be made m the admin- cess of liberation, the activities or- laeies concerning rule and techni- A Protesting Cry lohn J. I ath. Love and sacrifice, no .... zed b v or under the CWO in- que have no foundation in fact. "All criminals, of whatever po- Is Good :  :  To Please You md CoadjutC . -L " ....  % ........... * ^* ^^m * * * litical leaning, must be called to _..._ momme, o "" "'" "- "he cit-- was mark "'""" AND THERE ITEMS" jusuce ana oe pumsnea or men' m-.'_ , m" Wi,,nn , merclai llle lll L ,y - rltlltll " . . . ''-' "';'. ",'" IUlCtDDI T]-|"| ' ed by the springing up like mush- Gonzaga may not be sporting a crmes..It ]s evident to all true / " " w.-.....:, l1Ulgkltj " A j.JtVSt.v rooms of "candle-light ' bars, night football team but its stadium isn t !overs. ot justice, guilt canno . .uers or re.til i clubs, places of doubtful amuse- idle; recently itwas the scene of De uly ana rmy uagea vy m.ose -'-,,--, : two offlma ,, n oL__ mnt and in eneral by a grad- a ame between the Fourth Air i moved by hatred. If any prmst,  _ . noe tepmr onop  ,  , labor or' ,, lttint down of moral barriers Force and Ft Warren a Cana- i which is most rare, had injured El Dorado, Ark .... "Camden, Arkansas !s from nur ..... ,,, j__ To off-set this enervating influ- dian Ed Ryan of Vancouver, is an [others ln.thew m.ghts, we.would ..... i ....  tfions. ZU/ r,,asz tar . ^-^ *-- Kni,hts of Columbus outsandin  end candidate at St not nesiate o ]mnct eccmsmsucm .... , ing the N.,, _ _ ; ' rkants opened a serviceman's center m Mary's (Cal.)... Sot. Carl Schu-Ipumshment upon hm,even to cast l,"  - him ou oi the sacelaotat or re :re the Rev. U. L)orado . -': , '.: : , . the yard of Holy Ghost Church. ette of the Marines, 1942 Mar- I ..... " - [ ' :  " , ...... Rev Edwar . . ' :.z ' " ,t Starting from scratch as far as quette fullback, found a dead Jap l]glous state. ..... ] , , r, ' , " "  this cen ' " ombat on "But now from me aepms o four rrlet; and Mss ., ...... , , finances were concerned, " m a cave during' c I ...... [ xour rr,en . . ..... : V:.-. :, the Social - ........ . , .... . " ter was soon serving hundreds of Okinawa and sh'ched hirfl; he I our.sores we sena on our pro-i  . . _  .... ,. . ][ iss Ruth C  : , , ....  ........ '. , ....... , :c.n, ,',. GPs each day'tv/its readlng'r0oh3s, disc6vered 'a Clipping from a Des I t cr.y veiore:,.man-  II wz, .iwt4['| etar of the ' _  ,, :. :, *, i,, --flee canteen and recreation IVIoines Ia  newsnaper, contain-  ma .against 'sysemauc Klinngs | kJll.ill.;;]f ,It" ;&i;,tALalgl,a , 00atholic W,, kansas Mattress,00,,Furmmre parlors. Dances twice a week, by inga picture ofSchuette s frmnd I and persecutmn of innocent prmsts |[[ - ron, Execut _ '- '.' :: ": ' ' invitation, form part of the service Chuck Beaudry of Marquette, win- land Catholic fmthful,, many..of/ 105 ast, qlq[Stlteet - __ ' h 1945 wflose rives excene in sanctity s ,s, ational Co -wwwttr [ rendered by this center ning the 100-yard "dash in t e ] .... I ' ' f   '  " [] %,iUJ.,I.& L .a " ' " " ' - " . rr},." ' - | ] v , Recently, another and more Drake relays.., hme fhes, it has I and.whom the enemies oiaelc" I1 El Dorado ........ Atkamm$ [[ * . . _ , [spacious center was opened on,he been 10 years" since Loyola o[ tnurcn, mrougn o! ....  11 ........ .'/=D'I "- 'ed and New Furmture and Plumbmg Ftxturee [Escolta, Manila's pre-war main Baltimore has  had a football [perjury nave orougm to ueam. ii I * i: ii.k i r 7 1 cmmercial street Thrugh the team Frdham is making plans/-- / ]/ --- i!i.l __  I =:i ,P/  I-I:=-  -- treet I  Phone 259 .... | Postpones Croatia Mission [ ed sluggish .... | mold to be used in researches and/Lt.q. . '1 : D :::RYT =:u= ....... :: ansas [ I i!/! enSjiil/!!!i" resea !IP a mvsPf!i | Vatican City ()--(Radi)'--Dn| This Rcket team deserves 'e''| recevea m return m]s yea s| li  El Dorad :'::=:anagerArkamaandlph";lYl M  I*' t e .... lllY" it has been announced here. /team. Lets go Rocket Cheer g |ity "[ .....  NY Uhrysler Plymouth ' TIMMINS HARDWARE : THE 1----418 N" We*t Ave" - Arkama s & FURNITURE CO. IM' 00'00SHOP IU ARKANSAS Ico. ' el Dorado, Arkan.. Pipe and Sc;a00piMaterial Co. -- .... :- I A.D. (Andy) Andrews l [ _ Incorporate! I ArkArk..E &, BAT00O00y804 SERVICE . |" '!ill/ -- El Dor:::PHONE ,30NE, =an__ 1] PHINE 1420 l'l" L.L. PPe,e: MIp'. |30 F.. MaMIp" ";:' "Jl [[ll DE SOTO - -- " PLYMOUTH [ / ...... _ . "_.. "-- 7"''.. I , -, ......... _.__.._..._ . . _ . .......... ,., l [ [] De-Stop Service Dtatmn [[ lll ......... fig I * .......... I I ................ IIII SALES & SERVICE [t / .... ' ", .... ' ' 1 I Joe and Paul Burgoon l  504 North WestAven__ue_ _ PhoneS05 II " .... ' ' " ' ':' "' ' " " [ ! Dorado Established 1886 I " DITt'I..III:: 00.P00It'-i;P ('/% ! I'%.11%,,1 I )er "'00'00tors PHILIPS AUTO SUPPLY CO. " 1 . Wholesale Grocers and l00resh Frmts and " Vegetables .... ! kansa' w.:. E Dorado, Arkansas El Dorado 1  ...... i l Dorado Arka N  . ,,.,, _ /,-,,/.//,.,../-/,-fl/Ir  -..