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September 28, 1945     Arkansas Catholic
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September 28, 1945

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Fa00iq00, go to nub- ihe camera  su test in singing. s his most and a great Was begun It is ha,,ened is point to note that Ltr and Is h a"e "-hi aek' son of a poor w  Lu ,,-, had been endowed t a voice, which not [;d==-== T i the world could '--, .... ,I. was a gift from o J P.ree r.qrth while for world- iv aflrRa lle to tea all ise this ltvY'm-'-(o] Parents think that ay xls zu a .ay ls  future for their m grant a?7-- milt f , ]r own unaided ef- e ^^k Qget that "man pro- ,.,, w _iW disposes." The s the cu " cu a " OR McCormack did : p uon tt -hi the economic ;rmles "1  er ." ....Jth they could af- ter ox multltildr - -  "s . en or nob anu a nero  e th ......... h y put ell" trust ever'l'"'Tfled to live unsel- . a...m 'jrdlng to His will ea rauons.'  d ...... " . ...... crJ/h o oe me uuge 'Ao00. ,'y,y_ fa00ly and he .u.v.y me  " Sou, who brought Lualences Luomnces. _jle to himself and to Lany parents there Df Christ' [,atrate their efforts S_L L'_.. ,or a very few, re- ,, rate with God in Mo."Ir.rate souls for His ze September'S. John MeCor- "ty '[$ to the Catholic d States al:ers. So outstand- ,e of the se: glance to the true holesome red, Was given unusual J Wo Popes. He was .... ,..adl. f Holy Sepulchre v; , .za !1 d .  /1,  er of Malta and ssador io . of the Cape and ,_ w r agh he was sought  ...... R b I a Fleche, t- y poop e of all nnadian ,2: he was never so as received i Vhen he was with His Holi000000" 00ven after he mbassador he se00ed " in,aenever possible his pos ,,,=- ........ .' eontrihutor to _ all worthy civic lIE M. BI'J s SOul rest in peace. Official Announce, ." Bishop's z% "eo00 %. " XXXIV year, in accordance with the wishes of the Holy] et aside for the Diocese a certain Sunday of the as "Catechetical Sunday". The purpose o[ Sunday is to call to the attention of all Cath- young and old, the importance of the study and of their faith. the Diocese this year, Catechetical Sunday next Sunday, September 30. Pastors and i charge of souls will call the attention of their peo- need in our day of an informed and in- laity. Too often do Catholics, after study- of their holy religion in parochial schools, for- the need of keeping constantly informed as through life. adult Catholics remember that the seed in order bear fruit, must not only be planted but must be and tended throughout life. "This Seed," said the Parable of the Sower, "is the Word of God." flag that all may heed the Church's plea for constant 'Catholics el  their holy religion and with every d good wish, I am Yours sincereIy in Chri'st, ] JOHN B. MORRIS, ; Bishop of Little Rock Vive? (" W, O, Becomes down the halls of of people, all over By Jesse Paredes ard the news of his Manila. ()--With an impressive ! sense of some sort amount of relief work to its credit, . Due to the magic the Catholic Welfare Organization and of radio, the of the Philippines has become the or was able to en- official organization of the Hier- trolly circle, where archy of the Philippines, by eling which he put unanimous resolution of the Arch- made him a great bishops and Bishops. Supervisory powers were vested in an Administrative Board com- posed of the Most ReV_fo Gabriel M. Reyes, Archbishop Cebu; the Most Rev. Mariono Madriaga, Bishop of Lingayen; and the Most Rev. Constant J. Jurgens, Bishop of Tuguegarao. Secretary-General is the Very Rev. John F. Hurley, S.J. To the Catholic Welfare Organ- ization, when it was set up by the Apostolic Delegate last February, was assigned the task of helping with the distribution of relief in war-stricken areas. Since its founding, CWO velunteer workers have distributed clothing and food, worth about one million pesos, to 20,823 persons. These victims of Japanese cruel- ty (including 870 priests and 1,- 684 Sisters) received some 200, 000 yards of cloth, many thousands of baby dresses, underwear, stock- ings, moseluito nets, umbrellas, buttons, spools of thread, some laundry soap, fuel, rice, flour, meat and sugar. Mass Wine From Americ When Mass wine and flour for hosts arrived in answer to the peti- tion addressed to the Hierarchy in America, the shipment was turned over to the CWO for distribution. Thanks to the facilities made available through Army chaplains and officers, 314 cases of Mass wine and 2,980 pounds of flour for hosts were distributed in various dioceses. The burial detail which had been organized before the guns of battle in the city had cooled, dug ,,.raves for 166 bodies and gave Christian burial to many hundreds more in the districts of Pace, Ma- late and Ermita. Among the bodies identified by the priests, seminarians and laymen who formed the detail, were those of the Vincentian Fathers and Broth- ers massacred by the Japanese during the battle for the city. During the days of frantic quest for information about missing per- sons, immediately following lib- eration of the city area, the CWO, with its connections, became an information center. The hundreds of queries concerning the where- abouts of people include services rendered to the American Con- sulate, the Red Cross and the U.S. Army. Combat Immoral Influences THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK LITTLE ROCK, kRINSaS, SEPTEMBER 28, 1945 NO. 38 .o,,,, Jury r War m,nals Urged Bishopsj Chicago. (E)A courageous pas- religious Orders of men and wo- toral issued by the Bishops of men known the world over, are Croatia recommends that repre- war criminals and worthy of cap- sentatives of other nations be ital punishment; or that they are named on an international corn- perpetrators of massacres. Per- mission to conduct trials of per- petually shall the blood of these sons accused as "war criminals," heroic martyrs cry out in accusa- in order that the wave of summary tion against those who grasp executions and other excesses may murder as a means of power be brought to an end. War Crimes Commission Urged "The enemies of the Catholic "The Catholic Bishops of Church," the pastoral states, "be- " ing also the followers of material- -. -  ,=uro'scra $''J istic communism, which the entire Croatian nation with one assent rejects, have in our Croatia, ex- terminated with fire and sword priests and the more eminent of the faithful. "Judging by their ferocious man- ner, it is readily apparent why they accuse all Bishops, priests and religious as war criminals; why they wish to foist totally accusations of crime upon In the civilized world, how- not a single person will be approving such fictitious and arbitrary accusations, or be- lieving that Bishops, priests and 13d0ved Bishop MaJ. StanleyJ. Reilly, Army Caplain and prlest of the Archdiocese" Of Alsace Is of San Francisco, retraces the route of the infamous Bataan "Death t March" on. a map which he has earved on his mess kit. Fatherl :Reilly was captured along with other American prisoners when Corregidor fell into Japanese hands in 1942. He has been freed from I .a prison camp in Japan and is pictured aboard the hospital shop "Rescue" in Hamana Ko Bay, enroute home. (Acme.NC Photos)l Political Parties In !taly Do Not Represent En.ttre People Rome :)(Special).As the time approaches for the election of Italy's Constituent Assembly, doubts are increasing in many minds whether it will be possible to bring about in many regions of the country that state of order and security which is essential to a truly free election. It is clear that all parties in Italy represent only a very small minority of the total population. Most observers agree that in an" orderly and truly free election the great majority of those who are not tied to any party would prob- ably cast their vote for one or the other of the moderate parties: Christian Democrats, Liberals, and Labor Democrats. These obser- vers do not exclude the possibil- ity that in a free election the monarchist party might register considerable strength. For all these reasons it may be presumed that the parties of the left would prefer an immediate election of the Constituent Assembly, on the de- cisions of which depend the con- stitutional and political reconstruc- tion of Italy. There are three parties of the masses: Communists, Socialists and Christian Democrats. The communists claim a membership of 1,600,000 in all Italy, the Social- ists about 800,000, while the Christian Democrats have about 1,000,000 members in peninsular Italy alone. In view of the fact that before the war in a total population of 44 millions the number of manual workers in industry and agricul- ture was 12 to 14 millions, it would appear justified to assert that the parties of the masses in Italy are still far fro represent- ing the effective will of the Italian people. The Religious Issue The religious issue came to the fore in the decision of the ItaLian Government not to take any of- ficial part in religious functions of thanksgiving for the end of the war. The-socialist leader and vice remier, Pietra Nenni, spearhead- ed the opposition in the cabinet to the proposal of the Christian Democrat Minister Gronchi, who declared that religion is a private affair and that the State should not be concerned with it. I Thus it came abo tt.that in Italy the Government, in Obedience to | a marxist formula, placed itself in Contrast to the desire of the great i majority of Italians, while in al- most every other country of the world the governments took part in religious thanksgiving services. Osservatore Romno, and Quotl- diane, the Christian Democrat daily in Rome, and all other jour- nals of that party, in their com- ments, underlined the gravity of that episode, which may well take on symptomatic meaning Serious View Taken This new policy of abstention from religious ceremonies supports fears that anti-religious elements are prevailing in the ruling cir- cles of Italian politics. Meanwhile, the communities have began a campaign to coun- teract, and, if possible, to par- alyze the anti-marxist propaganda undertaken by Catholics. At Naples, for instance, the police, acting upon the demand of the local Liber0tion Committee, which in turn had been spurred on by communists, applied laws decreed by the fascists in 1931 against boys of a Congregation of Mary and against a Sister who had distribut- ed and pasted on walls small anti- communist leaflets without having I obtained permission of the author- ities. Cdtholics point out that it is a serious matter, indeed, that fascist laws are applied against boys and nuns, while against the murderers of priests--at least six of them have been killed by leftist ele- ments during recent months--not even the penal code is being ap- plied Jewish Leader Thanks Pope For 'Help During The War Vatican City. (L)(Radio).--His Holiness Pope Plus XII has re- ceived in a special audience Dr. Leo Kubowitzki, secretary gen- eral of the Jewish World Congress, who thanked the Pontiff for the Mourned By M. Massiani (Paris Correspondent, N.C.W.C. News Service) Paris. (E)Alsace is in mourning over the death of its bishop, the Most Rev. Charles Joseph Eugene Ruch, who officiated in the Dio- cese of Strasbourg Since the Lib- eration of 1918. Bishop Ruch, though born in Nancy, Larraine, was an Alsatian. His parents, in 1870, left their home in order to escape German domination. Eugene Ruch was born in 1873 and after his ordina- tion became known widely in Nancy. In 1918 he was named Co- adjutor Bishop of Nancy. During World War I he served as gen- eral chaplain of the French Army. He was decorated by Marshal Jot- ire and proclaimed "a model of patriotic fervor as much as of re- ligious fervor." At the beginning of World War II in 1939 Alsace was evacuated. The Alsatians went to many places in France and Lived as ref- ugees. The Bishop never failed to visit them. When France was invaded, the Germans sought out the Bishop to arrest him but he escaped by hiding in a monastery disguised as a religious and assum- ed the name of Father Bonaven- ture. When Strasbourg was Liberated a year ago Bishop Ruch returned to his See almost at the same time as the French and American troops. He celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving at which Gem Le- clerc, Commander of the French Army, assisted, at a time when cannons still were roaring around the town. Two weeks before his death, Bishop Ruch participated for the last time in a large public demon- stration, when 50,000 persons cele- brated the return of the Alsatian bells, which were found in Ger- many and brought back by the American Army of Occupation. tie warmly thanked the American authorities, and after the cere- mony accompanied them on a visit to the famous monastery of Mont Sainte-Odile. Bishop Ruch's sudden death plunged not only Alsace but all of France ihto mourning. The press :commented extensively on his magnificent patriotism, which he I never ceased to offer to the Na- ;tion. Fulfilling a request he had made, Bishop Ruth was buried in the monastery of Mont Sainte- Odile, beloved pilgrimage shrine of Alsace, a sanctuary which Zost. Rev. Apallinarls William Baumgartner, O. IV. M. Cap. (above) of /ew York, pictured following his consecration as Titular Bishop of Joppe and Vicar Apostolic of Guam, by Archbishop Amleto Giovanni CI- cognanl, Papel Delegate , in Patrick's Cathedral, New York, September 18. He is the first American Bishop assigned to Guam, . Muslle Studio. . (NO 00aoto.) Auxiliary To Confer Minor 0rders, Tonsure Little Rock.First Tonsure and Minor Orders will be conferred in the Seminary Chapel, tomorrow morning, September 29th, by His Excellency the Most Reverend Al- bert L. Fletcher, D.D., V.G., Aux- iliary Bishop of Little Rock. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. James E. O'Connell, Rector of St. John's Seminary, will lot. issue the call to the candidates in his office as Archdeacon. "Innocent Croatian blood . has T ose eandit  he ,;o. been poured out in the space of to the el r" v t wo worm commgratmns m very e cal state b _he recep- tion of 'irt ,r ....... "_.  .... many mtfes and villages of the na- Ge' a %ro'v,]d'h:',,,'.T,'" tion, even in the Belgrade Parlia- ]covnnlc] .Tv, _Th ,1 T.,-, I menL In J=lelgracle a concoraa, a Hei'd'mueh'er.'drn--ei./'/,'tk-hvdmost solemn pact between the and Bernard Robersonor the'Di'/HolyApostolic See and the former cese of L tle ee CRIMINALS on page 7 "t Rock; Messrs, Jacob t __ Bauer and Robert Warner for the  .  r- - . ., . Diocese of Grand Island, Nebraska; / oacrea rleart Messrs. Denis Sculley, Joseph  Burdsall, and John Collins for the Will Be Patro'-. Diocese of Leavenworth, Kansas; aa Mr. William Sheerin for the Dio- ur"" tm*rgen'--a cese of St. Augustine, Florida; and Mr. Henry Pelous for the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana. First and Second Minor Orders, namely, Ostiariate and Lectorate will be received by Messrs, Ralph Bauer, Robert Boyle, and Ray- mend O'Dwyer for the Diocese of Little Rock; Messrs. James Whal- en, James Naughtin, James Mc- Sweeney, and Robert Foster for the Diocese of Grand Island, Messrs. Francis McVay, Joseph Flanagan, and Arthur O'Sullivan See ORDEB on nacre 8 Croatia are prepared and ready to have each individual case investi- gated by representatives of other [nations and by an international commssmn. In this way the charge of war criminality will be proved a lie and simply a means of exterminating those who oppose and want no part of communism. "Wherefore the gathered Croat- ian Bishops recommend that a committee be set up to examine all cases, to gather facts which shall be readily presented to an inter- national commission Thus the truth will be known, and how lies have been made the instrument of an ideolog-y, the followers of which labor in every possible way to en- slave the world, even though they numerically are inferior, and in Croatia their number approaches next to nothing." A copy of the pastoral, issued some months ago, was recently re- ceived in this country. The pus. rural was signed by the Most Roy. Aloy'sius Stepinac, Archbishop of Zagreb and President of the Bish- ops' Council; the Most Rev. John E. Saric, Archbishop of Sarajevo; the Most Rev. Joseph Garic, Bishop of Banja Luka; the Most Rev. An- thony Aksamovic, Bishop and Apostolic Administrator of Gja- kovo, and the Most Rev. John Simary, Bishop of the Croatian Greek CathoLics. Suffering Comparable To Job's The pastoral states that the Croatian nation has suffered much in the twentieth century, but that in the past few years the suffer- ings "truly are comparable to the sorrow and pain of the just Job " The Bishops appealed to the faith- ful despite [hese sufferings "not to allow themselves to be drawn away from the Catholic Church and the charity of God and men, even if perhaps you must shed your blood." "False witnesses," the pastoral says, "have come forth aceusihg us Catholic Bishops, priests and eminent laymen of -shedding blood here in et Cta, ' Th -a witness, God, Who better sees and regards all that we Catholic Bish- ops have done and have borne in these last 20 years, in order to pre- serve peace to the Croatian nation and to further Christian works of mercy. "The whole world is aware of this. The love of peace, one may say, is the keystone of the Croat- ian mind, and this love of peace, despite the greatest obstacles, especially since 1918, has been cul- tivated and professed avidly by the spiritual and civil leaders of the Croatian peopple. Breach Of .Concordat Cited "The blame for the futility of our labor," the pastoral continues, "rests with those who dealt death to the Croatian leaders; who per- )etrated acts of rapine upon the helpless populace; who in conse- quence turned our people away from pursuing the path of peace, and as a result rendered them dis- quieted and discontent with their Buenos Aires. (E)--In a joint pastoral, the Argentina Episcopate announces that tle Nation will be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an act which "it is hoped may bring many blessings for in- dividuals and families in our be- loved country." The consecration, which , will take place on the Feast of Christ I the King, will commemorate the centenary of the foundation of the of Unionism is has always the laboring in recent their voices in Just and living there are cer- which take the ' time to make for Increases war, the In- received should have this period. 00ear" all effor00 are some of exces- Such so- time is a the best efforts govern- make. Such wages will TT f" desired ef- Increase is al- adds the ex- cost of produc- has to pay time the pro- to the cost of the same as $ As the city began to recover See C.W.O. on page 7 favored official representation in assistance given by the Holy See th fhnk.ivinff .erveP. XT,ni t .TOWS during the war. stands above and protects all the valley of the Rhine. Confraternity Director Discusses Faith Knowledge By Rather common is the attitude posed as truth. They learn and live to the glory sibility. It is the responsibility of Rev. James Nugent that the subjects of the Religious To-day, as in early Christian- ity, all the laity must deepen and ents, to their own glory, and to and by word. The example and Diocesan Director of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine The observance of Catechetical Day in the Catholic world is com- manded by the Decree of the Sac- red Congregation of the Council "On the Better Care and Promo- tion of Catechetical Education." His Excellency our Most Rev- erend Bishop has appointed Sun- day, September 30th as Catecheti- cal Day in the Diocese of Little Rock. He has chosen this day since it is the Sunday immediately prior to the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, who is the Patroness of Missions. The purpose of Catechetical Day is specially to remind all the faithful, without exception, of their duty to know Catholic Doc- trine. Instruction conducted by the Con- fraternity of Christian Doctrine are for children alone But, the fact is that the program is intended equally for high-school students, adults, and parents. St. Peter urged the Christians to be able to give the reason of the Faith that was in their minds and hearts. St. Paul admonished them to hold fast to the Faith that was theirs. Obeying the divine command of Christ "Teach," both Apostles wished all the faithful to know their religion. For, such knowledge would lead them to cherish and treasure their Faith as the Divine Truth that it is; it would prompt them, with char- ity, to share their Faith with the world; ad, it would make them Pr9of against every error that strengthen their knowledge of Ca- tholic Doctrine, if they are real- ly to appreciate and soundly to defend their Faith Students in public high schools definitely need a "growing" knowledge of religion. Growing in mind and body, they must grow accordingly in Faith. Otherwise, they might falsely conclude that religious instruction belongs sole- ly to the days of childhood. Then they would fall easy victims t the non-religious---if not anti-re- ligious  atmosphere that sur- roundslhem. But, grounded more firmly in their Faith through the interesting arl profitable means of the Discussion Club, they "grow up," by the grace of God, ladies of Mary and gentlemen of Christ. of God, to the glory of their par- the glory df America The maturity of manhood and womanhood should have a mature knowledge of Catholic Faith. For the fuller living of life requires an equal fulness of Divine Truth. This time of facing the facts must face the biggest fact of all: Re- ligion. Men and women must realize that they cannot success- fully walk into life, see life, live life, unless they properly know Christ and His Doctrirm: In this realization they will recognize their duty and need of increasing the knowledge of their Faith, And, sincere, they will go into action. They will not be a dreamer, but a realist. Parenthood is a sublime privi- lege, and also a serious respon- educating the child by example word can come only from living and speaking Catholic Truth. Par- ents must really know this truth if they are to live and speak it. But, their knowledge obtained years earlier is not sufficient. It has to be renewed, improved, en- la:'ged. Parents must learn if they ar.e to teach the "little ones" entrusted by God to their loving care. Catechetical Day is seen now as a pecial appeal of Holy Mother Church t- high-school students, adults, and parents. She pleads with them all, her children, to con- sult their pastors about the Con- frmernity of Christian Dectrne; to know Christ and His Truth bet- tcr. Apostolate of Prayer in Argentina. In June 1874, the Archbishop of !Buenos Aires consecrated his Archdiocese to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Sixty years later, at the International Eucharistic Congress of 1934, the country was conse- crated to Jesus Christ in the Holy Sacrament. Subsequently follow- ing the wishes of His Holiness Pope Pius XII, all the Archdio- ceses and dioceses of Argentina were consecrated to the Immacu- late Heart of Mary. "In a spirit of Christian char- ity," the pastoral concludes, "we offer this Act of Consecration so that God may guide the intel- ligence and will of statesmen and in order that they may give the world a just and solid peace found- ed on Christian principles; also that God may grant our dear country a real evangelical brother- hood as the basis of social hap- piness." During the consecration cere- monies on October 28, the Feast of Christ the King, His Holiness Pope Pius XII is expected to ad- dress a radio message to thepeo- ple of Argentina.