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September 25, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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September 25, 1920

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THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1920. PAGE sEVEN mnica00rds ........... 00,th d from Page_ 'I Kihn,,r, prillllC y our itine e graves of entin Roose! her cemete 'y. Sotne 0i location d: these tW xl private e graves. :here he fe] he unadmaal :,ldier. T] Bj'.CONCIqESSA '0ung Friends: lWays glad to admit new to our "Cornel"' and when their clear little letter and happy faces I know 'you 'lad to count George, Vir- Eleanor Gants among your am sorry I have not yet lCtures enough to carry out for publishing them. Pl.ease Home tour pictures soon. I lnow who surr_ appreciate "Two Breezes" O enel'OUN 'S ..... , hi 'Peeially for you by 5'our o menu1} -.. Win ,earer of a' ter. ut his last r, prmised to take you to of his l'ell0, Falls and Lake Mmneton- not that.t* must begin the journey at 'ring eye is[ ppy wand delightful electric trip ht o pour |eJY in the Twin Cities is )vcr the redyinnetonka, a well known l'es e Rouge .,,..]3 rq ert. The Indians called pired by th'|:'alinnetonka, '' which means a and Fisrte ,.Jter--and it is a big water. rhierry w t'width is ahnost 3 miles ,_: greatest length more than Islnes, Will t mmward @ 'ut so very irregfflar is its desolation, e that it measures 105 miles. is Mire with yachts and Ly call up( ats, launches and steam- ;ul cathe bile its shores are dotted l ; must hay pt even lh! try homes, handsome summer so enorll ' Spacious club houses and ls. lctically dO it lms bO ga tour of this lake the he need f01 USUally follow a course not nain stru L. the shore, passing many ttered shaP slands and summer cttages writer had k through scores of pretty :ruth of tN and delightful bays. .he Germ aL, the largest town upon ade the '.has a vm:y attractive Cath- eir desta,h and a resident pastor. A1- n the to 1 Church is not large it is port poit ' la every detail and two rds heaVJianday morning accommo- unst" thoerd atthlicsN who spend 'their dmrega .. nnctonka. The seat- le Ahnigll of this Church, as I re- [her e we is about 200. )itants; f0'f Creek is the outlet of t tonk were lef **.' a and flows along the tas here ;h0tmdary of Minneapolis, ddiers eaeral large lakes and final- n invadet, Over a limestone cliff, I infested:WlY receding, and forming lch coln;, of Minnehaha," nmde caps to .r  Ingfellow in his song of wn. Bu The Falls have a very Lamp Lighted wrote. We do not take the "Western Worhl" but would like to. Father Toher is our "new pastor. He canto to take the plhce of Father Hanson, who went to Stuart, Iowa. As ever, i your member, Nora Manion. CATECHISM. Tile Church Continued. Itow is salvation possible to those who are not wilfully outside tlu Clmrch ? Tlmy nmy be saved if they serve God to the best of their ability, and live according to their conscience. Which are the attributes or perfec- tions of the Church? The attributes of the Church are visibility, perpetuity, indefectibility, and infallibility. In wlmt does the visibility of the Church consist? it consists in this, that the Church can be known by all men as a so- ciety established by Christ. In what does the perpetuity of the Church consist? In this, that the Church is to last without interruption to the end of the world. Behold I am with you all days even to the consummation of the world. In what does the indefectibility of the Church consist? , In this, that the Church must pre- serve unchanged all that it has re- ceived from its divine Founder. In what does the infallibility of the CImrcli consist? In its privilege of neither deceiving nor being deceived, when it teaches lm doctrine of Christ. In wlmm does-the infallibility of the Clmrch reside? It resides in the Pope speaking ex- cathedra, either alone or in union with the bishoB.s of the Church. Why should we be sorry for our sins ? complaint. One of them said: "This l woman and I lived together in the same house. Each of us had a baby boy. ]Iers died (luring the night while I"was asleep. She canto and stole my baby and left her dead child beside me in the bed. When I awoke I knew it was not my baby." The other said that such was not the case, but that the live baby belonged to her. It was hard to decide. So Solomon ordered that the living baby be cut in two and half of it given to each wonmn. The one who stole" the baby was satisfied, but its real mother would not have it so. She said, Let her have the child, but do not kill it. Solomon then gave her back her baby, because he saw that she loved it like a mother. Solomon became very rich. His kingdom was far greater than his father's. He had wealth of all kinds. The neighboring kings feared and re- spected him. They made treaties with him, and ninny of them paid him tribute. Atthis time, he began to think about building the temple which his father had planned. He sgnt thirty thousand men to fell trees in the forests of Tyre. He had sev- enty thousand men transporting the material, and eighty thousand hewing stone in the quarries. He obtained the most skilled workmen both from his own people and from the neighbor- ing countries. With their aid he built in Jerusalem the grandest and most beautiful temple the world has ever seen. He brought there the Ark from Gabaon, and he made a great feast for eight days when he dedicated the temple. During that feast there were offered 22,000 )xen and 120,000 sheep. Solomon prayed before the altar, and rising UP he spoke to the great crowds of people and exhorted them to walk in God's law. Solomon's wealth grew to be very great, and he extended his kingdom still farther than his father David. On every side he was admired for his knowledge and great disdom. The queen of Saba journeyed from the far south to visit him and listen to his wise sayings. He formed alliances I with Hiram, the king of Tyre, and with other neighboring kings. But as his wealth and influence increased, his love for God's law and his zeal We should I be sorry for our sins I for God's worship began to grow less. because sins is the greatest of all God warned him in a dream that if evils; it is an offense against God, he ould not walk in all the corn- who is infinitely great and infinitely good; it deserves the loss of heaven and the pains of hell. MY GIFT. By Ella M. Fenwick. mandments of the Lord, his kingdom should be taken away from his chil- dren. - For twenty years, Solomon did all he could for the glory of the Lord; but in his old age he was led astray "To hear Old Sam make the sign of lyour the cross and pray aloud, and then run head over heels, when the ghost is after himW "Yes," continued Johnnie, "then I will get him to conjure the ghost: 'Ghost, I command you, in the name of God, tell me who you are and what you want of me ?'" "'Imn the soul of your brother Frank,' the Ghost will answer: 'Go home, brother, and say a rosary for Ine, that I nmy be released from pur- gatory, for I suffer great pains.'" "CapitalW and Willie again burst out laughing. "How devout Old Sam will be saying his rosary! Sure, a better prayer than this his brother will never get from him; and may it rest his soul, if he still needs it! Ex- cellent trick, you bet. But which of us two shall play the ghost ? I ?" "No; I guess, George, you had bet- toy do it," replied Johnnie, turning to his other companion. "Old Sam doesn't know you as well as he does Willie. Besides, your voice is pretty deep, and so you can best speak low and solemn, just as a ghost ought to on our way home, so as to not to be suspected, and thus have part in the trick is not right," continued George. "If you want to play it still, you may do so, but you will never see me in your company again." (To be continued.) STATUTE TO STOP FORM OF BIGOTRY IN NEW JERSEY (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) "Newark, N. J., Sept. 20.--A law making it a misdemeanor to exclude applications for teaching positions in the public schools on account of the religion Of the applicant has been passed through the efforts of the'Fed- eration of the Holy Name Society of this State. The law grows out of the discrim- nation made in 1917 by a New Jersey Board of Education against an appli- cant for a position because of the fact that she is a Catholic. It is intended to vitalize the provision of tl. State Constitution that declares: "No re- ligious test shall b.e required as a qualification for any public  office or trust in the State." New Jersey is not the only State /in?he country in which this type of I bigotry is prevalent and the action of fun." the Holy Name Federation is expect- ] George Steiner, to whon Johnnieled to prompt similar action in many addressed these words, had all along pm'ts of the United States. listened in silence. Though in his!  " dark eyes there sparkle a love for SULP1CIANS ASSEMBLE. L !fun, he was now earnest and quiet. "No, Johnnie, I guess I won't play (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) the ghost," said he in a positive tone. "You won't? And why not " de- manded Johnnie Jn surprise. "Because I don't think it's right." "What's wrong about it? If there is any trck to be played in the coun- try and fun to be had, you nmst al- ways have the first hand in it," added the other, highly vexed. "I know I like tricks and fun,' 'said George," but only when they are fair / and harmless." " 'If mammy finds 't out, then I'll catch it,'--that's why/' s,'dd Willie with a sneer. "I know, if I would .help you play this trick, and my mother should find it out, I would catch it." "O, then be a coward! We will play the trick .without you, and hav our fun, anyhow.' ' "You are the first boy, Johnnie Sul- livan, that ever called n a coward," replied George, manfully suppressing Iris rising temper. "Whether my nmther could hear of this trick or not, I would not help you play i. If I did, I would desmwe a sound .thrashing." "Well, then, show us what is wrong and prove it," said Johnnie in an angry tone, "else you ai-e a coward." Washington, D. C., Sept. 18.--Grad- uates of Sulpiclan Seminaries in many I parts of the United States will gather here next Tuesday for their annual alunmi association m)eeting and re- newal of vows. Archbishop Bonzano, FOR GOO, LIFE INSURANCE See J. 'J. RALEY, Local Representative Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 1001-7 Boyle Bldg. Main 2981 'S/6' 6'0. u : Te old  ?blisheq. _ mo, o. e' he, 185;, n 4rl, '. "aPbon.-mrest -.. "asa$., "-"USe and  tbe: o,n bobestuse 415 Mai Street tlT'I'LI" It.,-. Made'by N% ROSE CITY BAKERY 'The Most Sanitary Bakery' Joe Jung Proprietor. [1[1551[$$$15515155555511 Any Alumnae Association wisMng to purchase rosary beads or any other religious articles' to be sent to the sol- diers can obtain them at reasonable the Apostolic Delegate, will celebrate rates at The Bookery, 307 W: 2nd St. Mass and the sermon will be preached )We have nice selections and orders  fll be promptly fdled by the Rev. James L. Cassidy, of Baltimore. The neeting of the alumni I NIIlilIIIIIIIIIIIIilIIIIIIIiIIilIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I of the Sulpieian Seminarie. is usually[.  =. . . held in November, but was changed I \\; . this year as many members desired to OFFICE SUPPL)ES, attend the exercises at the National DESKS, Shrine of the hmnaculate Conception. settin ace the l g and are surround- atters k of 142 acres. This park ba ,:,-,, attrestin bare ; , g features. Among ;he enerM "e-sized bronze statue of tuall oOt EZ d H " y It: "awatha, and you mindec that, "Over wide rivers, in his arms he This statue was chihiren of Min- the school children of Placed in this park the residence erected, more ago, on the present city. If you were in suspectyou should about thee charming admire the picnic Over the rustic paths ,study the different ant- Seen in the deer park, delight on discover- There are 3,000 Sulpician alumni in the United States. LOURDES MIRACLE DENIED BY ZOLA IS VINDICATED (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Paris, Sept. 8.--The death is just reported at the Convent of the Good Shepherd in Angers of Marie Lebran- chu, who miraculously recovered her health at Lourdes in 1892.- In his book, ,"Lourdes," the late famous antireligious writer, Emile Zola, with the idea of charging the Catholics with imposture, wrote that Is, Minnehaha Creek a romantic gorge-- about 80 feet deep 'Videto the Mississippi this gorge and the t a most beautiful .spot located the Minnesota ones, my vacition is eyed the rest but am and at work again. CONCHESSA. Is., Aug. 12, 1920. reader of the Con. and find it is so inter- Should like to join. I and one brother who touch to join.. I am with this letter. ',acred tteart Church. World every glad to get it. think of no more 1 Yours truly and George Gants. S.W. Is., Sept. 3, 1920. ,to' thank you for the (A High School girl.) I have'just been given a quarter, So shiny and bright and new; And mother said I might spend it If I really wanted to. Of all the things for a quarter, It seems I have them all; I have a brand new jumping rope, Some jacks and a bourcing ball. But 1Rtely I heard a story )f a land so far away, Where many a little child, Had never learned to pray. 4 heard about the missioners, In that land so far away, Who [lad not means to help them Teach littles ones to pray. So now with my bright new quarter, I think this is what I will do; I will send it to the missioners, In tlle land where coins are few. 1 will put it in the nnssion box Which hangs on the schoolroom wail, And help the holy !6rists of Gd To answer to their call. And I know that God will bless me, For so often I've been told, That the gifts you make His little ones, He'll return a lkundred fold. BIBLE STORY. Solomon. Solomon became king upon the death of his father David. He was the wisest of all kings. God  gave him great wisdom and knowledge because he asked it of Him. For, one day, after be had offered a sacrifice at a plac called Gabton, the Lord spoke t6 him and asked him what he desired mos to receive of Heaven. The young king asl for "understanding of heart to judge his people, and to discern between good and evil." His request was granted beyond' all his hopes. It was not long before he began to }I like it. I saw give proofs of his great wisdom. laHnt, the last time I i Once two women came to hirath a by heathen women. They took the "I will slow you," answered George place of God in his heart. He loved calmly. "I need not prove that it's the pleasures of the flesh more than wrong; 'tis plain enough. If, after the joys of the spirit; and the spirit what I tell you, you still persist in of God left him. He offered incense playing this trick I'M have nothing to the false gods of his many wives, more to do with you. I've always His expenses, which hitherto had[liked you, because, so far, you've been very great, he now enlarged lproved yourselves good comrades; still more to meet the cravings of his but if you dare do this, I must give extravagance. After forty years ofup your company inunediately. My "reign he died disliked; dishonored, |mother says I must avoid bad boys. and resisted by his people. The Bible Now, here is what is wrong about Marie Lebranchu had entered a hos- pital and had (tied there soon after. Now the proof has thus been made of the writer's false report. Marie Lelranclm not only otlived him, but she. never suffered from any relapse since she recovered her health twenty- eight years ago. The largest diamond ever found in the United States was found at Man- chester, Va. makes mention of only ne son of your intended trick: By pla}dng the his, Roboam. This son succeeded ghost in this way, we would be mak- " ................ him o the throne, ing fun of God and our holy religion. I The souls in Purgatory are not fitl JUST PUBLISHED COURAGE. objects for our jokes and tricks. That's Let's play a trick on Old Sam, the the first wrong point in your trick. LADY _,,_,,, ' [Sexton," said Johnie Sullivan, a jovial The second is this: Though poor old ' Sam would say the rosary for his de- DAUGHTER ill, teen lad of years. "Will/you hel'p me, Willie?" ' ' ceased brother, and say it devoutly, [ There were two more ,boys standing I dare not tell a lie to get him to A NEW NOVEL there with him. "To be sure, I will say it. I tell a lie by saying that I am the soul of his brother, when I am 'By Isabel C. Clarke help you any way I can," answered not; I dare not do-anything bad to Tv. FOREMOST CATUOLIC NOVELIST Willie, Johnnie's next oldest brother. "How will you play your tricl?" effect something good. Lastly, Sam . The story of the oung widowed Lad' is a simple-minded, good-hearted old [rrentand her daughterOlave. lhemothey Its engaged to lguy Quinn. The ddughtet "We will play the ghost on him. man; we must respect his age and tand Quinn uect accidentall$ and fall in ttere m a large round pumpkin, al-" ready ripe. I take it home, open it, simple good nature. It is an act of loVe,How theneithertangledknwingplot iswhtinallythOunravclledther is ill-bred manners to make fun of such and how they hvcd happily vcr after ' andl by removing the seeds from the " persons. Ii makes a great story. inside, hollow it out. Then I cut a 'Three acts will mark the Coward base ..Love,, of E,nl,h V,o*. ,ar. with  ,,chi, mouth, noe and two eyes into it, and .... plaster theholes over ,with yellow or And brand hlm wth deserved dmgrace aenavforbeautyo.patterninthecontrucfionofatory will find profound beauty in Mie Clarke' tales " The lame or the deformed,to shock N.Y. Sun. ,, red tissue paper; inside I fasten a  tallow candle--and the ghost head is By heartless laugh or cruel mock, 8re. $2.15 God's simple ones to tease and jeer, retdy for the trick." \\; Or at the ignorant poor to sneer,' THE BOOKERY "How shall the pumpkin head play that's what I learned from my mother. 309 W. SECOND ST. / the ghost?" asked Willie eagerly. "Old Sam, every Saturday evening, "So much I say to show you that LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS goes over to the parish church to ring '"- ........ '- --' ............................  ............................ the bells, as usual, for the Angelus, '.'b-'.b,l.g,*,,l,q.4,,.b*.I*.,g.g.*..4.@$ after wliich, he says, he 'rings in ! Schmand-Porbeck Candy Co. i the Sunday.' He generally calls on (INCORPORATED) me or some other boy to help him g' Wholesale Candies Baker and Soda Fountain Supplies, i ring the bells on this evening. I ., Cigars, Clgaretts, etc. will ask Sam to let me help him next '. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Saturday. Under some ,pretext or other I will keep him from eomin ,,bg-4,g.o-*I,,,g-*bg-.I.$.*,.,,,,,.$@@@$$@,$ back until it is quite dark. One of you two" will sit behind the fence ..... , ' "' corner, where we must pass on our way 3mine, and have the candle in the pumpkin lit. When we approach, you must hold the head once tls way, once that way, as if the ghost were looking for us *hrough the fence." "O, for the fun!" laughed Willie. -- TYPEWRITERS PRINTING Our printing plant is very complete automatic feeding presses doing fi,,- est of work. Send for illustrated price list Typewriters. PARKIN-LONGLEY CO. Little Rock, Arkansas PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIS]KRS. ! A. V. ROGOSKI Both Phones 478 GAS FITTING Practical Plumbing, Hot Water and Steam Heating. Dealer in Pipe, Gas Fixtures, Hone Pumps, Etc. Give Us a Trial ENTERPRISE HAT CO. Phone, Main 8565 /We manufacture soft and .stiff hats Soft or Stiff St-raw or Panama Hats Cleaned, Blocked and Retrimmed. 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