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September 24, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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September 24, 1927

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Page Four THE GUARDIAN, SEPT. 24, 1927 DEAF r tUTES GIVEN RETREAT and understanding is the message * * * * * , . . . ,1 t]nuation scnoom or unaer shop plans which I bring you from the bottom* STATE LEGISLATURES * approved by properly constituted of my heart and in the name of the * ~ * * * * * * * * *]State authority, which should have Mexican Hierarchy, and of all Mex- -- [the power to release individuals un- I able to profit by further education or to excuse any child until proper con- tinuation schools have been establish- ed. IN CINCINNATI (By N. C W. C. News Service.) Cincinnati, O., Sept. 16.---A highly successful.retreat for deaf loy people has been conducted at the St. Rita School for the Deaf by the Rev. Dan- I iel D. Higgins, C.SS.R., who employ-I ed the sign language in his instruc-! tions. Father Higgins also employed the ican Catholics." B~shop Diaz's message made a pro- found impression on the assemblage. NEGRO CATHOLICS URGE COUNCIL ON RACE RELATIONS (Continued from page 1.) ed, the resolution directs the commit- tee as follows: i "This committee will seek to assist in the propagation of the Catholic sign language in giving the annual re- Faith among our racial group. It will treat of-the Sisters of the Pious Un-. offer practical assistance in concrete ion of Our Lady of Good Counsel at cases to the maintenance of the Chris- St. Rita Convent. The community tian home. It will also work for'a is composed of hearing, hard of hear- ing, and deaf nuns. The retreat for lay people attracted more than a score of persons from Cincinnati and other parts of Ohio, ethel, resolutions, strongly urged ed- and from Tennessee, Florida, Illinois ucation among the colored people, and every effort to spread the Cath- and Kentucky. ]olic Faith among members of their The retreat began on a Wednesday (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, Sept. 15. An after- math of the Sacco-Vanzetti case, which for more than seven years rocked Massachusetts to its very foundations, was recorded last Mon- day, when Representative Harrison H. Atwood, of Boston, filed with the clerk of the lower House of the Bay State Legislature a resolution re- commending a national census and registration of aliens, as well as the deportation of all alien anarchis~s. Mr. Atwood said he intended filing a bill duplicating largely the Syndi- calism Law in California. He be- lieves there should be legislation to reach "not only the foreign Reds among us but also the parlor pinks and the native yellows as well, wheth- 48 Hour Week Favored "Limiting the hours of labor of all children fourteen and fifteen years of age employed in manufacturing, mining, transportation or commercial occupations, to not more than forty- eight hours a week, with prohibition against work after 9 o'clock at night or before 7 o'clock in the morning. "Exclusion of backward young people from the privileges of high sehooh "Special educational treatment for subnormal and otherwise defective children. "A teaching force of persons who er they are connected with our higher have acquired general education and institutions of learning or whether maturity sufficient to make them re- they are merely of the common ca- sponsib]e teachers. riety." The establishment of high grade encouraging reports of the work of the National Catholic Welfare Con- ference. "If today we are as a body distin- guished for a greater solidarity, a more progressive unity for the honor of God and the welfare of our fellow- man," and the preservation and fur- ther extension of everything best in American life, we owe a debt of ever- lasting gratitude to these seven mem- bers of the American Episcopate who in hours of stress and strain, labored so successfully to make this hour possible. "Grown out of a war-time patriotic work into a peace-time agency, the Conference has gone through a pro- bationary period, from which it has now emerged--a strong instrumen- tality for good." MEMBERS IN K. OF C. CLUB IN NEW NOW New York, Sept. in the Life Members of C. club-hotel, new New York chapter of the reached a total of 5,000 announced by Joseph J. man of the chapter. In malting public the new club Mr. Drake anno~ a fund of approximately- has been added to the chapter The roster names of Knights of Coh resenting councils in all North America from San Francisco and from Mexico to the extrem ada. night and on Thursday, Friday and lrace" Definite action in the matter "'The Sacco-anzetti case," Mr. training schools for teachers and Saturday there were two meditations lf education was proposed in the fol- Atwood added, "has shown the need superintendents and three conferences each day. Thellowing words: for a thorough checking up of the "The amendment of the compul- (UNDER DIRECTION OF LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE)~ retreat closed on Sunday morning. I "Be" " it resolved, that thm orgamza- enemies within our gates. If it ac- sory education acts to make the at- Among the retreatants were some/tion formulate a constructive program complished nothing else, it revealed tainment of an adequate physical who had attempted to make retreats]to encourage and support education that parts of this country are infest- and mental development the test and missions with the hearing lay!among its people. To this end, we ed with native-born citizens who are rather than the attainment of any invite all organizations workin in reality enemies of our Govern- chronological age in excess of four- becausePeple' bUttheyhadcouldbecomeread discouragedonly some among colored people to co-opera~eg ment." teen arbitrarily selected COURSES: of the words on the speaker's lips at ith us by.appointing representatives A decrease of approximately 6,000 The establishment " everywhere, such missions. ~ o meet wl~n representatives from our] a year in marriages performed at the either at private or public expense, Classical," Scientific, Commercial Father Higgins told the retreatants organ~zatmn.~or the purpose of ap-] Municipal building, New York City, of vocational training thoroughly ade- that he was proud and happy to be [roacmng tms wtal problem with mu-] is expected by Deputy City Clerk l quate to the preparation of young able to show the hearing priests and ~ua~ unaersmnaing and pu use" ' rp . I Joseph J. McCormick, who officiates people for the mtelhgent selection of EXCELLENT STAFF OF TRAINED TEACHERS lay people that the deaf can make " i " S nee the possessmn of the Cath-]at civil ceremonies performed in the[vcahnal careers and for competent a retreat as well and as profitably olic Faith is the highest good that] City Chapel, when the amendment lachievements in those careers." as can the normal persons, we can wash for members of the col-ito the law governing the marriage of ! Inaugurating a movement which Boarding and Day School The retreat for the nuns was given orec~ race in the Um " ted has for its mmar )ur us " .... States, sad!rumors, passed by the last session of l P Y I p e a chal- both the sign language and English. one resom~ion on spread of the Faith, I the New York State Le~isl-t ...... o~llenge and a check to the untoward This was done in order that those "w ........ e urge that all colored Catholics ~ into effect on October 1 [centralization of power at Washing- Terms reasonable Sisters of the community who are without exception should endeavor to~ Iron," a group of delegates from the .deaf might get the benefits of the :Pmr::d t" knowledge o. the Faith[ _.ylnors" Marrmges Regulated I government of 22 States met in the retreat without too much of ~ strain,g. nmr no.n-Cathohc brethren, I The amendment, which authorizes[Nation,s Capital last week to outline For Further Informatlon Apply to the Registrar. Almost all of the deaf nuns axe ac- correcnng mmunderstandings, enlight-|only cmrgymen, mayors, justices and]methods of procedure for the coming complished oralists and very good ening ignorance, and bringing all to]judges of children's courts to per- / National Conference of State Legis lip-readers, but when the instructions know the lofty ideals of conduct en-[form a marriage ceremony where[latures and to draw up plans to peti- were given in the sign language they joined by the Catholic Church. Be-|either or both parties is under twenty [tion Congress for repeal of the Fed- followed the preacher perfectly and sides the powerful influence of good one, is expected to inure principallY~eral State tax without the strain of lip-reading and example and of contact with Catholk to the benefit of clergymen at the/ Local / Income Insurance guessing on their part, and the con- worship and preaching, we recom- expense of city clerks, justices of the Government Advocated II.~ _ ~ -'_ l~ 1 -- T sUant repet~t!on, on the part of the mend the diffusion of instructive lit- peace and tb a slight extent, the Delegates from more than a score xvaortgage xeaempuon ;nsurance speaker WhiCh m necessary to permit erature and the utilization of the pub- magistrates and ~ud~es of ~-~ial of States met in executive session to ~]rh.~'o l~',.] .... ~;..__! w_ lip-readers to understand a nublic lic nress " ~ .... .~. .~.~.~ lio - *o o--, ........ .... """ --u~-,,,,al xnsurance s-eaker - ~ . ~essmns m ~ew ~orl< why. duages ..... ~ ,, l~ ~y ~ormer ~peaKer oi I We Write Them Alll " ~' The Federation also strongly urged and city magistrates perform corn- the Lower House of Texas, Lee Sat- I ............. : _ _ It was pointed out in this connec heal terwlnte chairman ~.r.mlKA,- :~IATEti LIFE INSURANCE CO ...........' " _ ii th and saturation" " educatmn." paratively few ceremonies. " , " of the o'rganiza- . o~-~ o~. ~ .... Lores, rue.' uon ~na~ m re~rea~s to nuns in o~ner Concerning the situation of the ~ tion' of State officials, for the rester- I convents all do not hear because]colored race, the resolutions said, in c1Ukde:a:h:o:~endment' the C,ty ation of self-government to the[ JEFF J. RALEY some are so aeaf that they do not -art- egany issue anmr- c~, ..... ~ , ..... . , x. . .. ~ ~ anu uecen~ranzauon oi purely ~- ..... ,~_ . ~ ~ , . rta e license to all a 1 I ~=u=.~,.agent rOT,'~rKan hear even the .loudest speakmg If] We decry those evil influences of st:g ...... ppncant who]state functions from Washington ........... an, ~ne snoum spea~ louu enougn ~or the +he age, which limit t .... tes ~na~ ne or sne is or WhO ap-~,, ....... " oau reuera~ '~an, x~uilling LITTLE . ~ - ne oppor~um~ies -ears to be - , , I we are aooul; Eo engage m se~ing deafest to hear m these instances, of certain peoples to obtain the ~..~* p , unuer ~wen~y-one yearsl u~ and nernetua~i .............. -~ ~ = -. - - the others would be deafened, it waslrewards of their labors that uP-~- d, until documentary proof of agel ~overnme~ " ~r .......... ._ . , .~x~is s " -~- -, .... , ~ .~, ..~r. oab~erwnl~:e salu.~ 1 smcl. may refit undu " uom~ea. he written consent of ,, . . I P ly, whmh tend tOlboth ....... I We have witnessed wxth growing t ~'~ r~ ~'l~]~'~r~t7 ~-~d,~ I Wel h-Morlart {c t' ued frm 1' 'vu'd"str'"t'l inte"ctua b'ssud ' ave"en " rao'l, 'I'' W urths Te'e"{ ......... [ 1 growth [ I growth of Federal authority and bu-/ Sugars LITTLE ROCK ARKA in ~rlal and ~rxoma~ion, r~ plead for/of a people and thus deprive them| The law restricting civil marriages|ream'racy. " WHOLESALE an,! ............... 2 ua when we are accused and defamed, [from contributing their full measure [and prohil~iting the marriage of girls [ "With increasing uneasiness we RICTA.IL to defend us when we are mjured, to the achmv [ ...... " " . / " ements of the human,under fourteen years of age and boys [have beheld the extension of Federal .... M.A. BILT anu ~o upnoia us when we are ois-~raee, and which seek to divorce the unde rsixteen t ..... ' /~ ~ , , ........ Phone 4-~o41 | , , ne result o~ a survey/cn~rm supervision anu meoulln In ] _ _ couraged! Blessed be Our Lord, Who interest and at " - g - v .......... [ - tentmn of young anc~[made by philanthropic organizations to fields remote from the base of na-11~ Writ Sixth lStreet Repre~entin~ the ga e us~ne law o~. cnamw, aria ~tess- old from the teachings of Mother in a dozen New York counties, which tional jurisdiction until toda,, Feder LITTLI~ ROCK, ARK.: FIRST Compamy im the ea oe ~ey wno nKe you, my ~ords Church and . " - " mad hwofh~-~, ~.-^... ~ ............. , consequently, weaken re- revealed a rap;d increase in the num- al power, Federal authority, Fede~ ~ ..... -_ :- .......... ~ of th,, ........... , ~,uw now be ooserve IlglOUS belief and devotion b " " ~' "~" - ............. that law tnwa~.a n~ v,,, h ......... ~ ~. .... ...... er of child marriages m the State. Government have encroached so far ets: Over One B -] ...................... = ..,,~uz-~,evmopment of Negro in Industry_ up~)n ...... ~ne'~- mynas""-'- ........ oi our ~te anu local - - - - - ,~ Hundred MIIH... ed immortal souls and immortal shall,,~ ............ '" According to an announcem ..... - ......... xue reuera~ec~ ~omreo t~a~nolics . . e.~ go~rnn'~ ~ents that those o e :~ANDER$ & GINOCCHIO .be your reward. ~oes on record as bein ..... ~,...~.~._ just made by the National Associa- . . g v rnments ~vat~ VI~,L. ,,y:::tp~ISrhalT:tE;em~._e.s- . opposed to any and all att;mp~:;;~_ :~n of Manufacturers a number of bigde:~ ~nnmt;be:lm;b:tlacPaP:nd~ Arch,reef, ";~*-- " ~~. e will stand ganized or otherwise,, which would ~ heels, colleges and individual edu- P Hall Building Insurance caters are coupe.rating with that or- centering in this city. like a monument lasting forever to the shame and confusion of the ene- mies of the Catholic Church, to the glory and honor of Catholic America, and of the whole Catholic" Church. "Moreover, I am glad to state that this Pastoral was the occasion of a discriminate against the growth and development of the Negro race in in- dustry. "The Federated Colored Catholics let it be known to all men that it real- izes that no race can make white- collar men of all its members, nor do towards bringing the two ha- we believe this condition, were it pus- tions more closely together, after mis- sible ,would be desirable. However, representations and prejudices had, we are convinced that the youth of for some time, maintained them inl our race should be given every upper- mutual distrust, tunity to develop in accordnce with "It is the task of the Catholic Church ] their individual abilities and capaci- to unite in oneness of soul all theIties, and in relation to the demands PeOple of the world, and you have]of our social institutions, in so far done very much for this Catholic un-]as "these institutions are free from ion between Americans and Mexi- prej udice born of racial or other con- e.ans, a union which will sooner or later, bring forth wonderful fruits. "It is a hard task to sow peace be- tween peoples whoso governments,~ like ours, are not in agreement, but, on the contrary, endanger their mu- tions of his birth, should be educated so that his personality will be devel- oped to the point where he is willing and able to contribute his full meas- ure to social betterment. tual, esteem and love. : , , P , ', !_ ready achieved between the Catholics "This philosophy would 'bring to the front in large numbers racial: of the two nations, through their Bishops. Authorized by Pope. ! cadeTs in all forms of human en- I m my duty and privilege to sayI deayor and Chmstlan activity." that Our Holy Father, the Pope, hasI The Federation expressed its ahthorized meto use his name inI deePHS:l gFti~de for the blessing of thYing .re you. and to my brothers,[ he y a er' and his "nterest in no ~emcan Bmhops, that his advice lthe colored race, and pledged constant to us is that we unite'ourselves to-/loyalty fo his leadership and to that gerber ,in order to bring about*in [of the Bishops of the country. To turn, the union of our clergy gnd our thanks for the consistent afd lent pe,oplle, the Hierarchy it gave its special his good will achieved be~veen Negro schools and missions. the peoples will brin about the same , . g od will between the governments,Papa was'deep in a book, when his and it will be more effective in itswafe" called : "Dan, baby has swallow- r~ults tl'a~n the other, however peace- ed the ink! Whatever shall I do?" ft,1 and cordial that may be. "Write With a pencil," was" the "This message of mutual good will~ reply. ganization in developing a nation- wide campaign for the education of children in industry and for "the broader improvement of the educa-] tional and vocational opportunitiesI of all children." Manufacturer In Charge - I The work is under the direction of I the Junior Education and Employ. ment Committee of the Association, which has as its chairman Howell Cheney, of Cheney Brothers: South Manchester, Conn., with four other nationally known manufacturers comprising the body. continuation of schooling, elimina- tion of children from hazardous oc- cupations and other measures calcu- lated to protect youthful workers. Among the recommendations of the committee were following: "Re " " qumng of all children an em- ployment certificate . issued under State authority for each job applied for nnder different employers. qmrmg of all children the com. pier, on of the sixth grade in school (allowing two years for adjustment after the passage of the statute) with proper provision for permits to work during vacation periods, and for the release from school of children, who are unable to profit by further~edu. cation of the types available. "Requiring of all children employ. ed a minimum of four hours, a week of continued education, either in con- "There is little left today of self- government in the United States. There is need for its restoration. We are met, the official ambassadors of many sovereign states as champions for its restoration. We have come here to inaugurate a movement which has for its prime purpose a challenge and a check to the untoward Central- ization of power at Washington. We look upon such centralization as a menace to that freedom of govern- ment contemplated by the Constitu- tion and as a threat to the perman- ence of the republic." The first session of the Council of State Legislatures will convene in Washington early in November. N.C.W. C. EPISCOPAL CHAIRMAN THANKED BY THE HIERARCHY (By N. C. W C. News Service) Washington, Sept. 15---At the ~lose of the annual meeting of the American Hierarchy here today, His Eminence Patrick Cardinal Haye% Archbishop of New York, took oc- casion to propose to the Bishops that they give a "substantial expression of their deep appreciation of the ex- ceptional and efficient service ren- dered by the Administrative Com- mittee of the National Catholic Wel- fare Conference in the last seven years." Following His Eminence's further laudatory words, the entire assem- blage of Bishops chered and stood to express their concurrence. 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