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September 24, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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September 24, 1927

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Page Two !!. --7-- ................ -- ............ - . T HE GUARDIAN, SEPT 24, 1927 ohiishe wee ,; I ! ....................................................... ...I ...... -7_ " tHE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY ;I tlr ....... UATHOLICS ALONE BEiJt of the Diocese of Little Rock tt~ l--~][ ~ .~/U~ ~| ~-~ ~|~]-~'~ ~r~-~[4"- ff-~,~[3 ]~,T d'~ WT ~ ~i i~ - _ $_07 W_~ST SECOND STREET ] i ..... st .IL~.2 *.it.k.JlJk.J V~( Ul~.]lk U11 J-~s I , ~/ | . ~ ] ,f~ .. . _~ .. rl~,t~a.r_d._aa~se.nd"e]ass matter'March 21 191 ! .,..A. ,, s , - tbonnnued /rein last ___, SU ScRI,TION PmCE. ]i SPECIFICALLY ITYSY- 225 T- O-N-s s PROVEN NECESSARY--COMMENDS ]i this axiom as designaling the bi .P . . CHANGE. OF ADDRESS MEXICO, ITS NEWS SERVICE AND BUREAU OF " $! " o t hen * lmnge of add ...... des,red the subscriber should give l NESS DECLARES IT IM ' IMMIGRATION---HIS HOLI- j be taken as a very rough generallY' ot_h ola 2d the _ PERATIVE THAT THE BISHOPS SH that non- - ' CORRESPONDENCE TO CO ,, OULD CON171N Cathohcs ma b . . UNSEL FOR ON ,, UE ! . y e honestl th., Wedne . y ' sho, ! E COMMON AIM to the cl the Church on thei - ......... eer- / .. ' ...................................... I I aria seeing Iurtnermore that thev afl . GEe. H. MeDEBA~IOT---~----~~.~----7-----~ Washington D . ' ......................... '1 - - , __ - ................................... E ito,/,. , . C. Sep,. 16.---The annual, ouslv ........... I Y beleft of the means of obtaln[n .... :: -__ "]raeeung of the American Hiernro - -* .... ant Iur nermg the cause of jing the race o ..... -- ,ott, B07 West Second Street I thal,o try: ..... -" ..... . / Y urea ~melv ever, .... 1. ...... ,--- ~1 ...... files, ...... ~eo. H. Meyer*loll 80 - u oe aaaressed to "~ ""~ "~ -..- ~-lo, wn - g of God. . es, - weet, was made meinor-/fectually you have "o Ifthe application of this maxim ~'~-.. t,e omeia, o.... of t~. . ume oY trie recelp~ ofa letter f,?^m -. , . . - .... atnoHcs oI aulthe fl - ~ . I XIe 'Bis ;h HlthHeh'n"ass[ rP'::u ;tF;nUg J :hhe?::tihvbe n ReePsUb;': grfieMvv::s i ::::n: lyl :fn th eC ldrCchthe:n :; 'es' / " administration persecution Xrhen ..... ,. ' t of Christians, as enumeratin ating i Bishop of Little Roek.,l~oord ......... tO extreme ot bani h;- ....... , Y one dying wlthout qt J o. n. SOaRIS. [of your own dioceses," their "aid ofvariou .......... " la e zms persecution] truth that an " ('t ......... ~--v-- ~m~ermg Irom grave disaster" i _ o--.s urce I race ...... - - I rvin ,, ..... " . , . uuu car-I JJ snops themselves from their "- I ,u,u sou go heaven --__ ~ I ~, ~ ~," *' .PPY issue unaer aldngs of the great-lcame forth vith .............. e-I It remains to concl- __ /es value to a,,. ,, --. .. /. s cau concernDoth to har-i. , ,u= u, c, or rlsiVll El 24, 1927 / - . ...... z *'a*un,speclncauy com-ibor these Bisho,,s a , ........... --. I t~nurch refuses the celebr.tlan . . _ , o o own ,ro ners ana services for the benefi - " L y, mesas work of the National Cathohc Wel show them eve . . ' Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost. /f are.Cnference m these words: "THIS OR-/thereby giving :st;akkngfe Ideratte kmlnj:s,/the occasion of their d:afthProlt :; did lt 2 I" IZ'/ TION IS NOT ONLY USEFt,L .... ................. .......... o-. ......... lily which everywhere is the essenV .... c uatea the oe ief that the - - Next Saturday, October - [ EGE SARY FOR YOU " ........ ...... sta*^ -" .... October devotion -rings to us curl The complete text of the lette ....... | cnsac oI unrisdanity and the source of its| . m sin ana oamna ion, tier : tvtary, ueen of the He[: I r oI vns nell- vitality. /P Y guard against indifferentisrn! fl f Rosary. This devotion consists of the recite/hess m as follows: PIUS XI Hence appears with abundant evidence howl. rheanSiZe the unique privilegesYh!i aM'Of he' a l' tli: i:: tohffPv rdehc:h ch Mass or Bene-, to ] Nm ly and useful was the organization of the[stance Ithteh:'case of a mixed marr a- _ beads, the Litany] ------ ] t'onal Catholic Welfare Conference whichI ' ire permitted is very : ou ofil and the prayer to St. Joseph, and/ William 3col nnBeELOaVED SONS /you lately established, with its departments, theImark her disapprobation of such unue to November the second, inclusive. I Hol,, Roman ..... ' - . olnal Priest of the [News Service, and the Bureau of Immigration/ warm ng to the Catholic party of-the' :.the!: . o- _ ' Archbisho " of '"urCn'Bost oI ne n m. or St. Clement, This organization is not onl-y usef ouz also" "]c;den al to tlqem.. And if she were A SOUL WITHOUT A BODY I dinal Pr, on, Dennis Do gherty, Car- ! necessary for you Since you reside in cities/public ministrations on the deces to:7;hc Cthcoran Gallery of Art at Washing-[ ltl;:faSdti pNtehGsHa !! chille:shA hh::s hP t fpar:p:rtaaddntghyrea :i a b::a ioh gh: , lfm;|/C;mth: l: tiw:u d:mpl a:rhd: bet eroz ,e .ere is but one religious picture, or Priest of the HoP- Ro an undelem, Cardinal example, thgse relating to the Christian family,[flces' that one who had rejected i Angelus" b-P-l:r r e w!tha religious theme, "Thei of Santa Maria Po olo An;:; i',t the title the education of youth, public and private mor.]mshfetlme should have them, as it y reach artist. In the numeroust v , olsnop of Chi- ality, care of numerous immi ran" ..... I on him after his death. , works_of the number of American Artists ex-] cage, r_atncktIayes,. Cardinal Priest of theI problems of this kind--it is i'mDeratia: :ne, r/ DAVID t niDi ed, there is .... " .......... I *"*Y oman tmurcn, of the title of Santa Maria l takin -- - ....... I In "C ewn ...... --= p* uure wnose suo3eczlin Via, Archbish _. ---o ..... together you all agree on one . . englon t'ernaps this is a little[ Venerable BrothmrPs of New York, and to Ourleommon aim and with one united will strive for (The End.) rag. may t)e. everthele s, there is some ...... s, o ner rchblshops and]its attainment, by employing as ou =:-:--- - thing to it and if there is no ,reat ?]msnps of the United States of America /the means whi~u ........ y now do, /. a ' auequa e aria aaap ed to very serious consideration. [Beloved Sons and Venerable Bro . . . present-day conditions. m:2m: may drp this here' but t the thinking/ and Apostolic Blessing- thews Greeting Cease not, therefore, to labor in this spirit ofI , man oI religious interest, narticulo- ,, / ,_, ...... " umty Ior the welfare of our holy reli i - an educates .... " _ ..-..r ! auu again, as occasion offered. We u ..... ........ ..... , A TEST FOR GOODNESS ._ - ......... - a atmc, nlS is food for h-,,o ..... . , .... where whurch, under oa's t ought, a questioning ause ....... [o ...... you on your splendid zeal, providence en o,,s s I -- v vv ny is that in Ior as much as ou " ' z . ,,, w,u= ,eeuom aug SUCh "Du " " the United States w ......... J y have continually rendered a hP, h d ...... * ................ ring the war, Cardinal Ha es , uere wealth IS abundant, meritorio " t)~ prosperity, we, on our art , . Y . i! where the non-Catholic chnroh ....... I .. us service to the Church both by the have no doube t,h.t ..... P . ,]ber.of the Bishops Committee lookln h ......... * ......... - ..... u WhOle lasslauous aaministration of your own dioceses *he force ....... ever more closely activities. We wduld be very ofteni which[:;b:td lU: t:d ltnI:UnenCe,and enthusiasm/by generousIy coming to the aid of various peo: the Chris i:tn you will impart to/various clergymen in the way of y pralsewortny end,/pies sufferin- from ....-- - .... I your country a greater and/co onerati - ,,a and where so much has be ...... - ~ !. a grave msas er, and Iinany I greater vigorin t -.* .... ] - .- .... . .... ,-ordinal nat ior ectuca- D carr in pi tb u JUSblCe aria cnarlt i , " / hen, for'culture, they are not synonvmo.r ,-I,I,y- Y: g to a happy ssue undertakings oflto the end thatthe reich amon ng stereotyped answer: He is .yet Protestantism as a whole has'n !cne greatest value to our holy Faith. Thus, quite/Jesus, the Prince of tru " .... o:-- : ..... ,,,u |priest, I know that he is; he will anS .... -~ u=vc,opeu I recennv We h ..... -, ---: .... " / " r may oe supreme Iter ' " a painter oI religious subjects whose work canIOur A- ostolic pleasure Irom[and abound in every blessing: "The Peace of This is ver ..... f nda" place In" the Art Gallery of our National/zealouSly the :;;:g::ti0:rknoW,asnlngtn- how/Christ in the Kingdom of Christ.", ue ervea praise. IsuMilwaukeeeS " y ,nterestmg; but happi l.:. wapitol. [.. wn as the No-/ Meanwhile, We bestow wel' ...... gg ted is only one of several Th{ Of course, there are those who can see[to striven to defend and, in every possible way.jSee, and then upon all those who in any way/ :me |mortal Catholic Welfare Conference has hither-first upon you who are so loyal to this Apos~oli(II" ~] nothing in'this query of ours. There are those lsuccor the Church in Mexico which has been so co-o er " " who may boast of it as a sl n iW p ate with you in th s reat w REFORM BEGINS h, material interests of Protestagnt:mt.hsPr::tll .al'/ ;stlY-nts i:ndCe,Wh;:thd Mtex'?:u,Bl: t::n;ntfh:]Anna: h formed that yo ar:about t:k'oldndo:S AT HO But from a Catholic point of view Reli i- lneighborin " and. m---* ........ / .... vteetm ., We earnestly implore for you| A local Hearst organ editorialized l is es entiall- s ...... " , - ~, . . -~_p~u~pefous nauon, Ior] ne right of Divine Wisdom; as an earnest of upon the eryin need o the supP s a, e ant ,elng spiritual must and comlort, you hastene-' ..... _ g f r . , u re pro lae ,orn this heavenl ift an i porno ra hi " . i He of Its very nature, seek ex-ressi :- - fin -en .......... / Y g d a token of Our own pat- g p c literature. Tearfully di : . man or material form, as o a lnt l leS:metnu::lwidSlst ;:::ibT:a::b i'.: --xu ntmygave, the/ernal good-will toward you, We impart most/er emphasize' tbe dreadful havoc motions of the human sou' ..... ........ v our t ncyclical/lovingly in the Lord the Apostolic blessin / bad books. Why not start in where . . ,. up m soul 2-XHllCl;lSqUe and upheld the Me " *" " of man, it must soon die of restraint w^ * lHierarch,,in+ .... ..... xzcanlyou, Our Beloved Sons,and Venerable Brothers, / clear field for reform? Mr. Hears;:L non Catholic min ...... " [: . , - o ..... vu,uc pro es agains iniqui- |to all your clergy, and the faithful some difficulty about convincm o' - u, nls oI course maybe de- ous laws, t)ur you ,,ours .... : ........... ,. committed/ " g boo batable Is + .... ff ueu a splenetic care of each. ers that they ought to be nice but surelY, I , ....... whereto you male known to all Ca- Giv - -, ca " : " : But there is another though* *'- .... [tholics and non C .... ", ..... 7 en at St. Peters, Rome, 10 August, 1927,[ n stop him from eliminating the fL tmh:nW : o:;Y,n a: t:h:cgnl:t!Ori: I ,,e t eeby'Utv g::: t m s xth year of Ore-P;it c tI POPE . / ) : n a;bC::re:::n:w:p?:glStha2U:: ner .... g " st .other ublish : primary Inspiration, not only a Christian motive!SPLENDID TRIBUTE TO JUDGE TRIEBER better than thi ...... * :---" - - - /Tidings L^- ...... P rner' , ~ rvab JUrlSE an(1 YaV' / e, , u~ ~-x~gt~S, tsallIOrnla " ou~ an lntensel reh 1 , ttl was tact cessar-, to ":*^ -gous moUvej. It lsnot ne-I = ,-. ...... /room in his heart for that sympath hich - o .) think of n:thlnner'e examples, lv los oi us canI "All e::r a' as emo.cra at orlal) /"tempers justice with mercy." y. | WOR F ..... g else, when we thing of paint-/ as are escabhshed for the same ! / r~ /-kl.,b ~i~mor ing or sculpture. [;!eet, the protection of the rights of the peopl: [ .His long years on the bench familiarized him[ .-- . ew' Now it must not be concluded that we would I/ r .... the protection of the lives, property, and l with, .the. various tricks of the profession with|" d mere. is a constructive, work whi. :- . . . one D e . expect a Protestant reh I nose rights guaranteed b the c WhiCh lawyers befuddle unes h [ y very man in his own home alsh lous ar Y onshtutlon and , air sphttlng ard to himself as a Raphael :guld. T h:tt::l re:: avWS of the nation and states, are inherent in practices which defeat justice This knowl-'1 ghis counh:: own personal affairs M01 incongruous to a degree, for re[lewis ....... ery.ireeman. . . edge and his vast learning in the law made his . y spend much money unne Italian artists, he must necessarily e Cat :ll: "Man--of th ....... court a truly American institution where men Thrift is practically unknown; and e cases riea in courts are of could come to asu .... , .... cause this young and rlch c both in expression and inspiration a nature whir_h ......... '- - " oum nnd no -. ountry h llbe, , ....... ~c sympathies oi judges preference Thos ........... urgenuy required it. But it i " i The problem as we see it is--Why has a reli- and yet must be disposed ...... ......... '- ". .... w,m nave appeared ..... s reqmr gious system that is numerically great and fin I la v This a---lies elore nim new these truths and they respect as popma ion increases an ngt, aneially wealthy both as to its individual mere-lenforcement ';crim :a y m the ed him because of them m:::lon.s of business men became , , n many sKmzm in organizing for the p Bu bers and as an or amzatlon fal Instances ,, Recognition of his worth wa t g , led to produce [" , to civil suits. "" " s not I-'--' .... ' ........ " " [ the , mu ea ooang pockets of the workingme' even one exponent of religious life in art? ........ . district over vhich he presided His tre salaried m ......... u ~ne xIrm~ oI a series ~ xne uasKe~, 2xnl;lgon~and oi articles telhn of mendous 1 " " g his earning, his sincerity, his refusal to Answering this question is full of difficulty.. . Scotl 'He wh experiences durra 25 ear a L,rm .... at. j:dgon tff:dOb Triebger, w ..... "" "" !i~,:l~!i . the out etf: :Tk:aSdlil: n:l:fd:ithhem: l:g h se t :tabt:n::d tp:al f;, wf::a:7;trYaWeheo he::: ;gghbli: o :,j i ng that Protestantism makes no spiritual ira- ay are mourmng, wrote those lines, the people's estimation as the Honorable Wil- FREEDOM OF THE PRESS K pression or of concluding that as a religious Proclaimed'by many urists of the . liam Howard Taft, chief justice of the ........ ! 65 system is totally lacking in spirituality, i e a facts would have seemed ....... Court of the United States His ---" ..... oseph de Courcy, for twelVe years omin . . ., v, , uumous, almost oo, nmen Ti deep enough spmtual interest that would, force hollow, but voiced b,, .... hear some of the most famous ...... " .... rues correspondent in Mexico City, We expression of itself under any circumstances, came a code of ethic as;st L :; ur;s;;:Je e lion's history attests that faith ehath:etn:c, !ydeported from that country, says! i tif rrsKlng even disfavor to achieve it in which he believed ...... colossi of the land ] lnlormation on conditions in Mexico i ] :w.e7 , . . . ........ ,~ ~ne passion oI a mad ......... "" ' te . . ~:ll.,; rln~e , There is no attempt here to come to a con- whose smcera at no in .n m ....... So mu m___. ..... 1 d to be sent by either mall or wire. of eluslon.We simply state the fact that those ed career had been aue * , oa i iurist As a rn.n b. ......... J e not noticed the press complainlI --fro . ty tl ............... umgulsn . ch f ....~.s= o~cuu xneDer, Ieaeral hay ." - whose religious convmtl o hm fact, although usuall it is u tran :' ons are other than Ca-] ......-"- _ . ' ]family and to his friena ....... [ Y p in arms p :tr: ouuge irleDer aeclared .- was a charm where th tholic, have failed so far in creating a mo . that certain rights[about him - .7 ..... I e least restraint on its fre ,i''" ' are inlaerent i ' v,, cn won love oi nos " " " on artistic expression, sym, athetic . n every freeman and the records l knew him" lntlmatel" " -- There e who pears But we did not notice that t s convictions, and artistically acce,,to .... of sis court give evidence that the man ruled I ........... . . was a grace about usually the most enterDrisin of a .tlviti ., ,~ - v ~.~ ~urU-,as he bell wnlcn mace nim extre ,, . . - .... ,. ..... mg to ,tlie accepted canons of criticism B,-I . eyed. Whether the defendant was]man" to ew- ........ mely hu- any effort to interview the Bishops a ey r: a powerlul co craft casual acquaintances And this - . " . . ' rp "on or a man the very' above all else, he a ealed t bishops recently expelled from Mexico. that toe :a :,nthlemp Youlh:tf Thoh:jeS:hdu:lth"e sd:: of the poorhouse, the statutory law Was/of him and hisp as :o thosewho knew that Government expel the Protestant i ,ChurChof apparently artis icalIy dead. i- I eme. But none knew the frailties of men____ [American" who believed "there ar:lrai IhShlnedlg ts ante chlthe Grand Masters of the Masonic Ol course we know that there were sum ...... t. . |cedent .......... -] ef representatives of Labor or . empts in this directi -- ear nly governmen --ri hts t ' iconoclastic excesses among the earl,, sen Ca / . - .. on. But with the spread of ]cannot be ..... ...... g . hat I class than Catholics, would the newsl " " eaucatlon th " . uri res ramea, b human p ocu e and ublish eir " ohcs, which would have crushed any early at-,/canvas m" stillTeb2:l gs" have passed, bUfF.the ,oflaWSthe Universenghts derived. . . from,,,,, the great eg, slator ]1 Mexico.--The hatrall" censorshiPRecord, p Louisville.fth theVleWSpress