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September 24, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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September 24, 1927

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dbMdh.m3bh t4ama tILat Cathe]ic s msd C4~mU literature /'J~ - I Isa~ IswSm ~rculatims, so en, e~y ~ lily kmve every ~8 w~ih iastructs warms, snd strenstMens and s ffhe Ch~r~J~ts~ virtues. --8~EDUCTUI, PP. XV. [lolmPe'+---ou | u~ottl~, The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas XVII LITTLE ROCK, ARK, SEPT. 24, 1927 No. 2 of the Bishop in Washingto n Deals with Many Important Mat- John G. Murray of P ortland Made Member of Admin- istrative Committee-~Bishop M archetti-Selvaggiani Conveys Thanks of Pope to Hierarchy For America' Aid to The Propagation of C. W. C. News Service) ,,t< I. Sept. 15.-~With 68 of the Hierarchy, including ! of the four Cardinals, present, km~ rictn Episcopate concluded yo-q[ay annual meeting at the )lic University of America here after considering and passing matters of much import to the The meeting was one of the atended since the war. the conclusion of their labors, despatched to the Holy MESSAGE GIVEN TO U. S. BISHOPS BY MSGR. DIAZ i EGRO CATHOLICS URGE COUNCIL ON RACE RELATIONSl Washington, D. C, Sept 15. The Purpose of the Committee Would Be Rt. Rev. Pascual Diaz, exiled Bishop "to Formulate a Program far the Faith. of Tabasco, and secretary of the Bringing Abou~ a Better Un- "--" Mexican Hiearchy, appeared before derstandlng and Co-opera- accepted with deep regret, and the the meeting of the Bishops of the tlon Between the Races Rt. Rev. John G Murray, "Bishop of United States at their annual meet-Iin the Church." Portland. Me., was named to fill the ing at the Cahtolic University yester-I vacancy. All other members of the day morning, and delivered an elo-I (By N. C. W. C: News Service.) committee were reappointed quent message from his confreres tel Hampston, Vs., Sept. 16.--A race At tbe same time, the meeting di- the clergy afftl people of this country. I relations committee, under Catholic rected that Cardinal Hayes, in the Bishop Diaz said he had been author-l auspices, to be composed of Catholic name of all the Bishops, send a tele- ized by the Holy Father to use his]representatives of both the white and gram to Bishop Muldoon expressing name in saying that his advice is that colored races, is n~w being projected the jov of the Hierarchy over his im- the Bishops of the United States and and ms5 soon become a reality. proved condition. A telegram also was ordered despatched to Bishop Ledvina of Corpus Christi expressing a message conveying their regret over his injury in an automo- thanks for the praise of bile while on his way to the meeting. activities contained in a letter Disussion Of home missions led to His Holiness, and expressing!the passing of a resolutiomon that spiritual loyalty to the Sever- subject of general intere~ to the Pontiff Catholics of the country. Reporting ~ortant among the actions of the for the American Board of Catholic was a change effected in the Missions, of which he is the head, Committee of the Na- His Eminence George Cardinal Mun- Catholic Welfare Conference. delein of Chicago disclosed a great of the Rt Rev. Peter and glowing interest among the Bishop of Rockford, who Bishops in perfecting the organiza- been ill for many months, was (Continued on page 8.) Mexico unite in order to bring about Its object would be "to formulate the union of the clergy and the peo- a program for bringing about a bet- ple. I ter understanding and co-operation i between the races in the Church." Bishop Diaz's statement in full is Dr. T.W. Turner, premdent of the following: "-'~" i "It ~hlfulffll with~ai~z~~e'-~ :~iY'~iePni;~h! Hampton Institute here, leading in- stitution for the education of colored people, and also president of the Fed- erated ~Colored Catholics o the Unit- to extend to all and to each of their ed States, is now carefully consider- Eminences, their Graces, the Arch- ing possible colored members of Such bishops and the Bishops of this happy a committee. In this he is folIowing country here assembled ,the hearty out the directions of the convention gratitude which arose from all Mex~- of the Federation,. just held in New can Catholics when they read your York. wonderful Pastoral Letter issued+ last The resolution directed "that a corn- AUSPIC!OU$ AHfiUAL OPENING LITTLE ROCK ON ITS Largest Enrollment Augurs For Success--Solemn High Mass Seeks God's Blessing on the Faculty and Students. With an increased enrollment of new students, with religious cere- monies of an impressive nature, and with several new members added to the faculty, all imbued with the highest kind of enthusiasm, the Dio- cesan Little Rock College formally opened its doors for the twenty:first time on Thursday, September 15th. Begging God's blessing on the new scholastic year, a Solemn Hight Mass was sung in St John's Chapel, Morris Hall, on Thursday morning at nine o'clock, with the Rev. James P. Mo- ran, LL. D., President, as Celebrant, the Rev. Thomas F. Walshe as Dea- con, the Rev. George F. X. Strassner, A. M. Sub-Deacon and the Rev. Jolm J. Healey, A. M., as Master of Cere- monies. The members of the faculty occupied reserved seats in the front of the chapel, while the assembled students completely filled the chapel, with many standing in the hallway outside The music for the Mass was furnished by a quintette from the Cathedral choir with Prof. J. J. I~eller, organist at the Cathedral as organist and director, and was thoroughly in keeping with the sol- emnity of the occasion. The quin- tette was composed of Mr. Herman Lensing, tenor, Dr. Harry W. Brown- ing, Bass; Mrs. W.~ J. Powell, so- prano; Mrs. Frank Erhart, Mezzo soprano and Mrs. A. J. Heyden, con- tralto. Following the Mass, the Rev. John J. Healey, A. M., a graduate of the college, and now attached to the faculty of the school preached the sermon Father Healey dwelt on the necessity for religion in education, if the whole man were to be properly trained. It was a masterly effort and made a deep and lasting impression on those who were fortunate enough to hear it. Father Healey spoke as follows: Father Healey's Sermon I~fy Dear Friends: Twenty-one (Continued on page 5.) oDecembcr'Guadalupe.n the feast of Our Lady mitteeed, an ondttmtracethisrelatiOnScommitteebe appoint-be era- PffTSBURG C URCH [l NS AID FELLOW mARYKNOLL P IP BTER AND WIFE + ,+ ++ con+,,+ +o have some one powered to invite representatives MADE GENEROUS{;IFTt PASSENGERS HURT S TO LEAVE BEOPd~ CONVERTS t+ sympathize with us when we are rom white" Catholic organizations to 1502 TIONS join with ti, em it, formulating a pro- (piBtYs~urChWs~6w SA~V:::)am + TRAIN WRECK +DISTANT LANDS w + Service., (By ++ CATHOLICISM + tow+ +o++,co > iContinued on page 4.) gram." s + IN Meanwhile a wide study under .-- _ ', NOWl~llt~ AFF~L~ATION underand religiousCathliClifeauspiCeSof thefNegrothe socialrace ed depositor' in the First NationalI (By N. C. W C. News Service.) in the United States is to be under- Bank of Pittsburgh has promised oI St. Louis, Sept. 14.--Sister Mary N. York, Sept. 13.--His Emi-II Oklahoma City, Sept. 10. Edward W~THMEN Nlve $10,000 to the Sacred tIcart Y::e Church of thzs city, provided the con zd eaP2tr~:k Ctrtd~:a~ pHa; P::- Ci2V?~lrace' ~;laJtOY:~r~o; M:?~):h 'S COUNCIL taken slhortly, also at the direction " 1Anthony and Sister Rose Victor of of the I, ederation. The object Will be i " + . "1 Providence Hospital, Kansas City, d" e gregatmn of the church contmbutes e e 5o inaugurate and promote a plan to +" " ]heroic work in the ca~ing of the in- ty held at the Catholic Fo+eignlhis wife, were received into theWashington,-~----15Sept. Th" counteract certain evil tendencies of $10,000 in the collection of Sunday, ljured in a wreck of a Rock Island on Seminary of America, Mary- Church here on Saturday morning, e Na 'the day as they affect the eolore~d'October 9. That date marks thel train near Centaur, a few miles from , N. Y., last Sunday. The Most The Rev. Thomas R. German, city tional Council of Catholic Men nowlrace. Dr. Turner will appoint the first anniversary ' of the entrance ellst Louis, a few days ago. The Sis- the congregatmn rote the new church Francis Marehetti Salvaggiani, missionary, baptized the couple, has an affiliation of 1,502 organiza-[committee to undertake this task " "I ters of Charity were en route to S~ tary of the Sacred Congergation Two years ago Dr. Edward Cart of lions, eight of these being national, lsoon. Lawrence E. Sands president eli Louis to attend the sessions of the he Pro a atmn of the Froth, m Ch] k P g " ' " "c asha mailed Mr. Wallace several and 93 dioceses being represented] the bank, reveals the offer in a letterI Missouri Kansas Conference of Cath- y, was also present and officiated copies of The Southwest Courier, to- among them, the Rt. Rev. Josephl To Promote Catholic Faith. to the Rev. Thomas F. Coaklcy, pas-I olic Hospitals at the St Louis Univdr- :enediction. About forty mem- gether with other pieces of literature. Schrembs, Bishop of Cleveland andl Besides the purposes already slat- tor of the church, sity Medical School. They steadfastly of the cler bemdes the Mary That was gy " - the beginning of a long Episcopal Chairman of the N. C. W.I (Continued on page 4.) "We are advised," Mr. Sandslrefused to divulge their names to priests attended the exercises" perid f a study f the Church n C" Department f Lay Organizatins' METHOD~ M--~STER[writes' "r'that a depsitr in this bank I newspaper men' but during the ses" ceremony was held in the quad- the part of Mr.Wallace and, as he said in his report tt~is week to the' lwill turn over to the Sacred Heart stuns in St. Louis they were recog- of t~-e Seminary and hundreds admits, was the turning point toward genera] meeting of the Bishops here. Church th~ sum of ten thousand dol-i nized and their identification estab- laity watched the scene from Catholicism. The Council doubled its number of tlars in cash ($10,000) on October 10,11ished. clmster" terracesAfter the toll- For thor " ~y Mr. Wallace affiliated has organizations in two years years. FORESEES CATHOLIC ,sary of the using of the new church, ing Station by the Sisters immediately +f t]+e departUrepriests,bell, the proces- held various ministerial posts in the Diocesan councils have been form-[ltks ~J kS PRESIDE~[ 192T, giftto celebrate the first anniver- The prompt organization of a dress- of prelates, Maryknoll Methodist Church in Oldahoma. Yet ed in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Aq II ~e I The is subject to the following upon the scene of the disaster and r ~: ians and Brothers entered the during those thirty years he read but and the Diocese of Providence, Rock- [eo-,~itions: ' their skillful bandaging and adminis- h ~ gle. The Itinerarium, the',little of the Catholic Church and'none ford, Wichita. Cleveland and Detroit; J ",,~[ It is proposed that this sum of tration of antiseptics p~obably saved : r, l,.s hymn for those about to i at all from a Catholic standpoint, prog'resa has been made toward form- (By N. C. W--C. Ews Service.) [$10,000 will be given to the Sacred the limbs and lives of a dozen vic- e a long journey, was sung. The When the Klan movement was intu- ing a diocesan council in the Diocese Washington, D. C., Sept. 15.~-A[Heart Church when the members of tiros. m:ssioners then renewed gurated in 1922 he was one of the few of Toledo, and preliminary steps have flea for election of a Catholic to thelyour parish themselves on the sec- ' promise of stability. The Very Methodist ministers in the state who been taken for organization in the]presidency, made by the Rev. Lynn[end Sunda,~ of October 1927 that is ]U[~|~t |~| ~][~|~|~ , " 1 ~ J ~ ' ' Jam~s ..... A Walsh the supermr i did" not join' Of late months he has Archdmcese of St. I~outs and the Din+ [ I~o~c~ld-" Hough, a wcl.-known Meth- [ Sunday, October 9, contribute to ~J~ Ill Wfl|~[ll~ ryknoll thanked the distinguish-ldefended the Catholic Church with h~s cese of Pittsburgh. odist minister, is voiced in the first lyour church collect%n the sum of ~gt ~Ftl~ t~t~TF'lrtKT rs:s for P:eir presence and ad-lpen, writing articles in many state The Council, ,+rod the report, has]edttmn of PJam Talk Magazine, al$10,000 in cash, and this bank is l~J ~~ ~U~,t~l~: ~d a few farewell words to the papers. + kept the Catholic laity informed on [monthly which ti~e editors say is ded-[ certified that $10,000 has been paid _..__ ~__.__ -_ :'.-- .... in+~ missioners Cardinal Hayesl La ...........~- ~r-+l ......matters of interest to Catholics, with ieated to tolerance. The magazine~in cash ' I ~,~II~ ~'~'|'~||l - " . ) ~t ~.,eccm~er ~v~r. vv~ ~ce mec . " " " ' ]~ll ILl tl:c young pr ests his blessing, Father German and immediatet-the object of stimulating lay groups ~s published zn New York. [ ........... ] DZ bVffll a ~' ' e ~ Y to c ,. , . ! I in o~ner woras, I am au~:~orlzeal xcr d n address The cer ~ ommon acnon, where ~t was In tm on the remdenc Mr %1' ~ ~ ~ .. ,. . :,_;started ~aking instructions. He gave . = , .+ ...... .[_ wri " g P Y' "lto .say to you that thin generous de-] -- . ++ NRTBDAY ,oa d,+++,+,o,, in the Prot+stantlZ~+;l~:nC-~lic rtfio also+t