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September 20, 1974     Arkansas Catholic
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September 20, 1974

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PAGE 6 THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 20, 1974 Butz Scored for Approach to World's Food Washington (NC) -- Church leaders have criticized the position on food reserves taken by Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz in a speech to representatives of 400 nongovernmental organizations preparing for the United Nations World Food Conference in Rome Nov. 5-16. Butz supported grain reserves, but repeated his position that reserves should be kept in the hands of the producers, not the government. While pledging American humanitarian aid to famine- stricken areas, Butz told the group, "'We cannot afford to feed the world, nor should we." Butz said too much time is spent discussing food reserves and not enough time discussing ways to increase food production. In calling for increased food production, Butz said, "In the United States the proven in- centive for increased food production is price in the marketplace• I know of no other way in a free society to en- courage and achieve expanded production." Butz said developing nations importing food must build up their own food reserves with less reliance on exporting countries. Butz's stand was criticized by the Rev. Arthur Simon, executive director of Bread for the World, a New York-based ecumenical Christian citizens' lobby on the hunger issue. Simon said his organization and other religious groups have called on the United States to support a world grain reserve at the UN food conference and to increase its food aid abroad. He said letting producers keep grain reserves would not be sufficient because it would put those needing food "at the Pastoral Musings " Used to Command Respect USED : TO COMMAND respect. This is the title of an editorial in "Catholic Quote" (July 1973) written by Father Pokorny. He states, "Before Vatican II, many Protestant denominations envied the Church its solid unity. A few bitterly opposed the Church because of its teachings and its claims. But even avowed enemies secretly respected it, because here was a Church that knew where it stood and what it stood for. From the red dawn of Christian history, the Church rose up as a mighty fortress of undoubted, unbroken faith. BUT WHAT has happened I By Msgr. since Vatican II? Note again, I do not say because of Vatican II, but since• Certainly since then, conversions are down, vocations are down, missions are down, novenas are down, and confessions are down. In the priesthood there are dropouts; in the convents, defections, and in the laity, confusion• Is all this, one timidly won- ders, the great renewal ... the glorious sunrise of faith that was supposed to spread across the Catholic world after Vatican II? Now, to take just one in- stance, why have confessions fallen off? Is it because less sins m_ . , FARMERS UNION INSURANCES Property • Life Farm Liability See our local agent or write Lewis J. Johnson Manager Phone 565-1548 3320 Mabelvale Pike P.O. Box 4317, Asher Station Little Rock, Ark. 72204 John B. Scheper,----- are being committed, or because less sins are being admitted? Is it not because our sense of sin -- the stark reality of guilt -- is being deliberately diminished and diluted? Is it not because some priests and some nuns are teaching without any valid authority to back them up? Such as: Confession is not so important as once we were led to believe• BUT IF YOU WANT the of- ficial stand of the Church on confession, where do you go? To some young curate in South Overshoe, North Dakota, who at the moment is hungrier for publicity than he is for paradise; or to some avant- garde nun who cannot cope with her new-found intoxicating freedom; or do you go to the top? Avant-garde means "in the front," leading, but the only one who is entitled to be out there leading and guiding is our Holy Father, the Pope, and with him you will find no downgrading of confession. NOW, IF THE POPE is the vicar, that is, the place-taker of Christ, why is it that so often in these days you read articles that directly attack the Pope and the Church? As to the Church, since it is a human society, obviously its members are not seraphs or archangels. Being human, it will have its faults. But for Catholic writers so loudly to proclaim these faults so publicly is like hiring a billboard to insult your mother. It is like standing on the housetop and shouting your family's shortcomings to the whole neighborhood. Is not such conduct outrageous -- Is it not mon- strous? mercy of the marketplace." "Butz is a free market man all the way," Mr. Simon said. "He sounds like he doesn't know people are starving." Mr. Simon added that the $1 billion in food aid offered by the United States this year would buy less food than the $800 million budgeted last year. Butz's free-market stand was also criticized by James Jen- nings, associate director of the U.S. Catholic Conference Division of Justice and Peace. Agriculture, in Butz' view, is marketing and money, while for most of the world's poor, their very right to eat, that is, essentially their right to life, is in jeopardy," Jennings said. Butz speaks about food in the same terms he might use if he were selling color TVs or electric toasters. The Third World's desperate need, in this view, becomes a vast, unex- ploited market for food mer- chants, for whom price and the vagaries of the so-called 'free society' prevail•" In his speech Butz did not speak of reducing consumption, an issue emphasized by Bread for the World and other religious leaders concerned with the hunger issue. High-level consumption and the "affluence explosion" were addressed at the meeting by Father Edward Guinan of the Community for Creative Nonviolence in Washington, D.C, Father Guinan said "there is no global scarcity of food and natural needed resources - there is a violent and con- temptuous use of resources and food by the affluent sectors of the world." Noting the large amounts of grain needed to feed the meat animals that Americans con- sume, .Father Guinan called for a meat boycott and a 20 per cent luxury tax on meat to reduce • consumption in order to save grain which could be given to the Third World. In calling for .increased production of food, Butz noted that in some nations half of the food supply is lost in spoilage during transportation. If that food could be saved, he said, the food needs of such countries could be met. Mr. Simon said he agrees with Butz that more food production is necessary, but that increased production and protection against spoilage requires capital that must come in part from more affluent nations• Butz said there is no world- wide pattern of crop failure in 1974. He added that, despite a drought in the Midwest, America's production of wheat will be a record crop this year and that the soybean crop would be the second largest in the nation's history. i HEAT THE HIGH COST OF GAS & ELECTRICITY! WE HAVE IN STOCK: CLOTHES LINE POLES, CLOTHES LINES, CLOTHES PINS AND BAGS AND CLOTHES BASKETS. FULCHER HARDWARE " CARLISLE, ARK. i 6 o o-k'00EA- Custom Steelguard Rad=al with 1 GuardpolyesteragainStcordroughbody. ride-a strong 6 6UARD$ TO HELP 2 Gu:d-adg:i:btePstn:Irlteiltn under the Guard against wet skids- four deep grooves to channel water from under PROTECT YOU 6 WAYS the tread. Guard against loss of road contact- special decoupling grooves allowing tread and sidewall to work indepen- dently of each other• Guard against sluggish handling- special stabilizers built into the lower sidewalls to provide positive reaction to changes of direction. PHONE-- STUTTGART - 922-6979 HAZEN - 255-4591 PROCTOR TIRE SERVICE, Inc. Anticipating The Holy Year By Charlott Jones Of Jonesboro In the Book of Revelation the writer, who was we think a very old St. John exiled on the island of Patmos, wept because there was no one worthy to reveal God's mysteries. An elder told him, "There is no need to cry: The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has trium- phed . . ." and when he looked up he saw not the Lion but the Lamb, sacrificed. (Rev. 5:3-6) This happy discovery that the God we fear is revealed in Jesus, in His crucifixion and His limitless power to forgive the good thief who asked for it, as well as in His glorious Resurrection, this is the heart of the meaning of reconciliation• The lion in each of us must lie down with the lamb. The crucifixion is not complete without the Resurrection, but neither is the Resurrection complete unless preceded by the crucifixion. • . . to whom must I be reconciled? To a God who images Himself in Scripture as the Lamb, sacrificed. To a God who reveals Himself in Jesus, breathing, hungering, eating, drinking, walking, speaking, fingering grain and soil and water. To a Jesus who says that whatsoever we do to the least of our brothers.., and how.. must I be reconciled? By following the Lamb, by sacrificing my inertia, my comfort, my selfishness. By finding the holiness in God's creation, the good earth; by conserving grain and oil; by Spirit CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5 and man, the link of love. In the wake of that primal sin, the first two brothers in the story of man went forth to a field, and (Scripture tells us) "Cain rose up against his brother Abel and killed him". (Gn 4.6) Man had been sundered from man. FINALLY, SIN shattered the oneness between man and nature. Material creation would conspire against him: the wind and the waves would refuse to obey him, beauty would seduce him and loveliness betray him, animals would turn into enemies or slaves-by- compulsion. The promise God hurled at Adam is fraught with meaning: "Cursed is the ground because of you; in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life". (Gn 3:17). And man, in his lust, would rape the earth to its destruction and possibly his. © 1974 NC News Service Ohio Private Schools to Get Aid Washington (NC) -- U. S. Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr., has denied the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) request that the state of Ohio be prevented from providing $81-million in auxiliary services and materials to its nonpublic school children. The decision, was not accompanied by an opinion. The decision means that $170 per pupil in auxiliary services and materials will be provided to Ohio's nonpublic schools during the 1974-75 school year, including speech therapists, remedial reading programs, counseling and other services and materials. "...The whole thrust of the woman's liberation movement is their assertion that woman has more value as a person than man thinks she has, as demonstrated by the way he has treated her." "Why Marriage" by Edward E. Ford with Robert L. Zorn, 1974, Argus Com- munications, Niles, Ill. sharing with the loving the beauty of hollow; by creating where it is sadly By pilgrimage not to shrines but to the others in my own home,( Christians, of agnostics, of By going apart to coming together to • . . and why reconciled? Because I share universal weight of sin, I am part of that dead Because there are which obstruct acceptance, Because I am made image and likeness is hard to Because it is not to be alone and a God is unspeakably heart without love is • . and when reconciled? Whenever I make fession a real Reconciliation. Whenever my exam11 conscience is not a sins but a genuine with myself, my my hard heart, cupation with self, an act of faith which Christ for help. Whenever I make not a legalistic duty sharing with others prayer for unity• Whenever I will only be enabled to the eyes of "the Son of has eyes like a (Rev. 2:18) through derstanding of comes with the my life of the words I and I believe and I love You. Carlisle Drug Co. PRES{ PAT COOK Registered Cerlisle PRAIRJ COUNt] BANg] Member of I:1 Hazen,