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September 20, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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September 20, 1930

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 20, 1930 i~i,eons~eci~on I = : : ----= : --: : : : : - sight of her mother's tears had been "What engagement?" CLERGY DISENFRANCHISED, l petitioner will receive notice to attend military service. (Decree.' too much for gentle, obedient Eileen "This is the night our .novezm ~z~,J~ SUFFER MANY DISABILITIES I when his case is being inves~!gated~ of March, 1926.) (1926 so she had compromised by a year to the Little Flower." UNDER SOVIET LEGISLATION and the presence of the representa-i of Laws, No. 13, paragraph 'abroad Mr. Southard was bewildered. He tire of the procurator is obligatory. 91, paragraph 666). Mother and daughter had spen~ thehad never heard of an engagement (This is the third and last of a Paragraph 227. When cases of this Paragraph 230.--In By the Roy. H J. Heagney months flitting about from one lash- of that kind. All along he had rather ser:es of articles giving the texts of nature are being heard representa- sion regarding It was a beautiful morning in May. ionable contineatal resort to another, suspected that Eileen has no re~ e,,~ Soviet Russian laws set forth in the tires of the petitioner are no~ allowed tary service, the Court The sun shone brighzly through the the former always on the alert to gagement, but was merely puttingBritish Government "White Paper," to take any active part in the pro- (a) The nature of the French windows of the Conner livi,ng mix and mingle with "the right poe- him off. providing textual evidence of the of- ceedings, done. I p~." Now they were back home "A flimsy excuse," sneered Mrs. ficial war on religion being wagedParagraph 228. The decision of (b) The place at room, a spacious apartment, hand- a~ain, and in spite of all Mrs. Con- Conner. "And if that's all that's de- in Russia. The laws published from the court is based on the opinion of ldate on which the e somely furnished in the modernistic style. The long windows opened on nor's schemes, Eileen remained firm raining you, my fine lassie, you can [he "White Paper" last week speci- exper[s as to whether the petitioner lmust present himself to a t'ilcd portico from, which extended/in her desire to become a nun. Fur- change your mind at once." fied punishments for religious agita- really is of the religious faith he pro- I ithermore, of late she seemed to be (c) In the case of a lovely vista of budding trees, fra- "Ah," broke in Southard, "what ~ tion tending to weaken the Soviet fesses to be, and whether the dec- work allotted to him. grant flowers and bright-hued gar- Idevelping a firn~ness of purpose splendid idea, my dear Mrs. Conner. power; for the teaching of rel!gion trines of his creed justify his atti- emption being granted, ~tea flowers, which the older woman viewed with That's just what I've been trying to to persons u~der ~ ~n ~ate o~" pri- rude and exempt him from military be stated, in accordance Everything seemed conducive to inward alarm.. Only the other day do, change Eileen's mind--" rate educational institutions orservice in any shape or form. graph 5 of the Decree of harmony and ease, yet the mistress the girl had precipitated a terrific His attempt to pour oil on the ~rou- schools, and for the t;erformance of Paragraph 229.--A petition regard- of People's Commissars of the domain, Mrs. A1 D. Conner, scene by quietly stating that she did bled waters was not a happy one.religious ceremonies or the establish- ins exemption from military service of December, 1920 A I not wish to make her debut in so- "Keep quiet," cried the angry Mrs. ment of forms of rcligiolm represen- on religious ground must be submit- Court's ruling is to be s was in no mood for appreciation of ciety that fall nor any other time. Conner. "Who asked your opin- ratios in State or public institutions.) ted not earlier than two and a half stitution to which ~ho e the beauties of nature nor the fine "'This all comes of my leaving her ion?" years and not later than one year be-]~on is to be sent and art of interior decoration this ra- diant ~pri,ng morn. A frown of an- at the Sisters' school," said Mrs. The mistress of the house was be- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.)fore the date of being called up for Military Commissariat. yond herself, like an angry bull, fig- London, Sept. 8.The third and noyance dis!urbed her brow and her Conner bitterly. "Oh, (vhat a fool I r, i was not to take her out before it was tiuratively speaking, tossing its horns last group of laws taken from the re- lips drew into a disapproving line as too late and put her in some high- recklessly about and not caring for cently published "White Paper" of she picked up a little volume and be- gan reading a poem which had been class finishing school where she any particular victim. Mrs. Conner the British Government "ncludes marked by another reader, wouldn't he influenced by the nuns." was furious and her wrath had to be clauses ~[~hat depr~ve the clerg7 of all ' DFleen was kneeling in front of her satisfied, religious denominations of their elec- With a ~perceptible s.niff the fash- little shrine to the Blessed Virgin. She J The astonished young man Looked rive rights and sets forth regulations ionably attired matrop, scanned the had been distracted, worried, when hopefully owards the door. He did concerning marriages, including title, "Cloistered." Annoyance and she had s:hrted her orisons, but now ~ot like being talked to in that abrupt church marriages, and the exemption disapproval kindled into anger as she after some manths of prayer, she felt fashion, besides he was rather badly of conscien~iious objectors from mil- glanced through thelinesof thea sense of courage and strength come in need of another drink. The effect, itary service. Regarding church mar- poem: over her. The sweet face of a bean- of the last was beginning to wear offf riages, the law says that .tho_se solem-A limited amount of Class X-M 7% Full-paid Guardiao "There is a song in silence tiful statue seemed to gaze on her Young Wayne had planed what henized before a certain date---Dec. 20, ins and Loan stock is offered for a short rime only. The "That sot~nd could never sing. with a look of benign graciousness, considered a pleasant outing. He had 1917---shall be considered valid. Re- that may be purchased b)~ each individual is also There is a light in darkness Her doubts seemed settled and all the not imagined a beginning of this kind. garding exemption from military serv- orders are received subject ~a prior sale. Interest is That suns could never bring, i wavering of her mind had ceased. He really would have to have a drink ice on religious grounds, the law pro- January and July, and funds are subject to withdrawal There is a love in loneliness, i Torn between her strong sense of soon to restore his equanimity, vides that the petf~ioner's represents- days' no:~ce. That baffles ecs:asy, what was right and the relentless And now, a further shock to hiselves shall take no active part in the Investors interested in this sound investment will receive Call me, beloved. I shall notwishes of her mother, the girl's life ruffled feelings, the surprising Mrs. hearing he receives, and the decision particulars if the attached coupon is olipped and mailed todaY. con.e, had been far from pleasant. All day Conner had suddenly burst into tears, of the court will be based on "the I go Calvary." she had faced the bitter struggle, A moment ago she had been fuming opinion of experts." Mrs. Conner banged the little vol-whether she should capitulate to- in hot anger, now she was indulging Following are:the documents~ ume shut and shortest in a manner wards her-mother and go out with in heart-rending sobs. (Translation) which she would ~ever have permit- Wayne Southward, ~who was calling "Is this the way you treat yourInstructions of the Central Committee 10 Years of Service ted herself .save in the presence of fonight, poor mother? After all my years of of the Russia Socialist Federal Soviet Dr. J. P. Runyan, Pres. her husband or the other immediate Now she had made a decision; it lslavery" This is what I ge~' for all Republic of Nov. 4, 1926. members of her household, was fixed, unalterable. She was not my sacrifices." Extracts New Donaghey Bldg. Little "Well, Maria, and what's troubling going out tonight with the young Wayne Southard made a sudden In annulment' of the instruction of you now?" inquired her husband, man her mother so fondly had se- and silent departure. His going was the Central Executive Committee of --- -- ....... looking up from his morning paper, lected as her daughter's suitor. A.~ not the kind described in books of the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet a quizzical light in his twinkling blue she came slowly downstairs there etiquette, but perhaps Mr. Southard Republic of the 13th of October, 1925, Please sen~d me corn- eyes., was a sense of calm purpose, of quiet could find no correct procedure in concerning elections for town and vil. pleteyour detailSclass X-Mregarding7% The lady's displeasure deepened, t resolve in her .soft eyes '~uch an odd situation, lage councils and concerning the sum- Full-paid Stock issue Next morning as Aloysius Dennis moning of congresses of Councils, the "Maria!" How she hated that name Young Mr. Southard was waiting O,Connor was reading his paper after Praesidium of the Central Executive :~ and yet he would persist i'n using it for her. He was carefulIy groomeo breakfast he uttereda tremendousCommittee decides: instead of the more elegant "Marie" as became the son of the richest (1) Toconfirm and bring into with which she had re-christened her- hanker in the city. He had blackgrunt, followed by several shakings of his head. Mrs. Conner and Eileen force on t~e territory of the Rus- sell a few years back when they had hair, very dark, eager eyes, his skin looked at him in amazement. There sian Socialist Federal Soviet Re- public the following instructions grown rich. Simultaneously with was a yellowish tint. He had a low, must be some extraordinary news tcconcerning elections for town and their rise in fortune she had changed quiet voice and at present his man- cause such physical signs of emotion village councils and concerning her husband's cognomen from "Aloy- ners were charming as he pulled forth in the placid head of the family. sius Dennis"--how she shuddered at a chair for the girl and began talk- the summoning of congresses of the very recollection of that fright- ins ligh~ pleasantries. A rather"What is it, Al?" cried his wife.Icouncils. Eileen did not speak, but she was/ DENY PRIESTS FRANCHISE ful appellation--to "~1 D." and had handsome chap but beginning even as intently watching her fatherShe completed ~he transformation by young as he was to show the marks ] Chapter 2. Deprivation of Elec- dropping the "O" which had graced of dissipation. Yet Mrs. Conner could saw his face turn white, then-red. Hi.~ tire Rights. large, capable hands twitched, mak-, the name of Conner in less affluent never forget for a single momen~ that In drawing up and checking lists, investigation and report days. he was a Southard, which fact opened ing the paper tremble. He paid n both of electors and of persons de- She sighed and assumed a mar- the gates of the highest society in the heed to the anxious exclamations o~ prived of their elective rights, the shows there is tyred look at this latest effrontery, city. Mrs. Conner. Suddenly he threw election commissions must bear in the paper on the grotmd and turned mind that the Constitution of the Rus- Really, he was quite hopeless And "I'm not going wiLh you tonigLt, his eyes on his daughter, sian Sociali~ Federal Soviet Repub- now in addition to bearing with her Wayne," said the girl.. "Sorry, but "Where were you last nightlic deprives various persons and va- husband's shortcomings-- I have another engagement." Eileen?" rious groups of the population of elec- ly."It's Eileen," she admitted cross- Southard,"Nt going,,,why__ Eileen?"er__ your repeatedmother Connor."Right here,"interrputedMrs.rive rights, namely: "Plague take it!" cried her hus- just phoned an hour ago and said (m) Servants of religious cults band, putting down his paper. "I that you would be ready. I--" "So youdidn't go out at all?" I of all religions and persuasions, can't for the life of me see what fault He came closer and the girl caught "Yes, she went over to finish that such as: Monks, lay brothers and you must always be finding with the the odor of alcohol Behind the dark novena atthe school. Nobody could sisters, priest~, deacons, psalm- During political campaigns and at certain child. Sure there isn't a finer, eyes she saw a glimpse, just a pass- stop her--" i~.s, mullahs, muezzins, rabbis, other times, we hear muck loose talk about sweeter ~lass than our girl, Eileen. ins glimpse, of something from which "Thank God," 'said the father hi's, kazi's, ean~rs, chamanists, "power monopolies" and "power trusts." Sere- What is it th~ makes you so vexed sh~ recoiled. .baksi's, Roman Catholic clergy, ilar 2alk in Federal legislative halls several It was more than an exclamation; pastors, readers and persons with years back led to Senate instructions to the with her?" "Can't I persuade you ~o change "Everything," stated his wife.your mind, Miss Eileen?" he con-it was a prayer. .other names who carry out sim- Federal Trade Commission for a complete in- "This, for instance."She held up tinued with his genial smile. "It's "I thought for a while that you'd ilar duties, independently of vestigation and report. After two years of most careful and thorough investigation, the whether they receive a salary for Commission submitted a comprehensive re- the offending ,volume. "I have great wonderful out tonight. I h~d planned gone with that young spalpeen, the execution of those dt~:ies, port, which showed that NO POWER TRUST plans for Eileen. A wonderful fu a little run down to the beach, Car- Wayne Southard. He was arrested (n) Persons who have been existed ture, all worked out. But instead of toni's. There'll be bright lights and at Sartoni's last night. The police banished administratively, and co-operat~g as she should she spends music and one can hear the ocean her time moping over books of tell- murmuring. You really can't miss have closed that disreptuable road- also persons who have ,been de- The Commission's Report Was C gious poetry. Right this minute the ftm. I assure you of a lovely house. And now the district attorney prived by a court of the right of , With These Words: when she ought to be but riding in time. A lovely time for a very lovely is demanding a thorough investiga- living at the place of their pre- tion. The whole ~tory is there in the vious domicile, in view of their the park she's over at St. John's hear- girl. Come." connection with criminal ele- ' CONCLUSION : From the facts presented ins Mass." His voice was silken soft and his p:per and ,it is not very ~ice read- men:is. eyes gleamed, almost like/a smolder- the electric power industry, it is obvious that i~ 1 ins fire. His wife s cheeks paled, too, as she neither the General Electric Company, nor any l heard the news. Suddenly she real- (Translation) 7 single power interest, or group of clearly allied i But all his polite protestations and '~zed the terrible results tha~ her own insistent persuasi.on had~ no effect on substantially monopolized or controlled the ge~ the girl. She was adamant in her'~flly and worldliness would have Laws concerning marriage, famiiy !brought about had Eileen yielded to and guardianship of the Russian transmission sale of electricity in the United resolution. ~1 "Get our wra . , ~er demands of the mght before The Socialist Federal Soviet Republic, coming over you, Maria.. A fihe y p and go with the l ... In the second volume of the .Federal Trade way to be talking! Is it ashamed of young man," said Mrs Con~or, on- sormd story was all there in the lurid Nov. 25, 1922. sion report, sumbitted to United States Senate on ~,, tering very aramatically tor all the' .. , . , - Article 2. The regulation of a 12, 1928, the Commission showed that of the your religion you are. " " .... headlines with the names of "the (Extract) - "Of course not," sighed his wife ..... ci~y~ smart younger set' who had world like a cnarac~er on me stage. , . . _ ~igured in the raid She looked across marriage in the books of an official 20,000,000 K. W. of installed generating wearily. "But don't you see where,, For. a moment sue pug asme" nor . . all this is leading? I want Eileen " , .... at her innocent and lovely dau hter organization keeping records of such socm~y manners. ~er ~ace was . g by the Commission's studies in 1925, more than to make her debut in society next ......... ana experienced a change of heart civil acts is an indisputable fact that uwa ana mere was a narsn ring in ........... 000 K. W. installed capacity represented plants fall, meet the correct people, marryner" vmce." wmcn .~mme~ia~e~Y. ana compm~eiy a marriage has taken place. ..... ,, .... ;changed her entire attitude ~owards Remarks.---Church marriages sol- pendent companies, and companies affiliated the right man a~d take her pmce m~orry, morner, answerea me girl ........ emnized prior to the 20th of Decem- other financing and engineering service society.. Instead of that she stub- . ..... ~ze. ~vlrs. t Jenner was cured at last. merous Young Mr. Sou~naru naa risen ano, ,, ...... ,, , bornly and stupidly persists in thiswas grace~uuy ........ vowing ~i~e a cavafier ~1 ..... ~ure, ~enms, ~ar~mg, sac cries ber, 1917, and church marriages sol- ' ,w]rn a near~iness of tone and man- emnized on territory occup!ed by the absurd notion of entering the con- before the mistress of the house, but ner which sonuded like old times ELECTRIC SERVICE IS CHEAPER vent." Mrs. C~nnor paid not the slightest i,~, ' ,enemy--before the formation of offi- " i rJuee~ is too smart a girl to be cial reglstrar's offices for recording TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE "Has she said anything to you a~tention to him. Her eyes, blazing taken in b a fetlow like t" ~ such civil acts--are considered valid. While living costs are today approx- about ~t lately, he inquired anx- with uncontrolled fury, swept her l ~ Y i~a.. The (Translation) imately 70%v above 1913 costs, rates iously. Eileen was an only daugh- d " ~rascal. coming into a respectable, I'Code of Civil Procedure of t~e Ruse for electric service are 30% BELOW ter and very dear to him. Like many tu~vh~:t"nOnsense' Do as I bid you " idecent home like this with his snaky fathers, he dreaded the thougnt of " . " 'philanderin s" slan Socialist Federal Soviet Re- 1913 figures, despite increased costs of Mrs. Conner was workingherself 1 ...... "g " . public, Nov. 25, 1922. production and deliveryl losing her. into a "scene" l w~n a mgh of relief Denms O'Con- MILITARY EXEMPTIONS ~nor reached for his second cup of cof- "Not a word since we talked it over Eileen sighed. She hated to see fee Chapter 26.--Exemption from Mil. last summer. She knows very well her mother in such a mood, but it "My poor little lamb," said Mrs. itary Service on Religious Grounds. that I am thoroughly opposed to could not be helped. She must go on. O'Connor, while tears of joy show-~ Paragraph 226. --- In accordance with the decree of the Council of such nonsense and always will be" Yield mow and it would only be the ] in her eyes, "I'm thinking the convent People's Commissars of the 14~h of The summer before when Eileen prelude to many yieldings. The Prd~-l'is the best a~id tmppiest place for December, 1920 (Collection of 1920 was graduated from the Sacred cess was inevitable and meant only her." Heart Academy she had to~.d her par- one end--complete surrender" to her I Laws, No. 99, paragraph 527), per. ents that she wanted to enter the con- mother's will. l Golfer~"If you laugh at me again, sons who wish to take steps to be ex- H.C. COUCH, President ve~t. Mrs. Conner had stormed and "I'm very sorry, mother," said her I'll knock your block off." erupted from military service on the raved and finally wept over what daughter, "but I have another on- ] Caddy--"Haw, haw, you wouldn't grounds of religious convictions can " H E L P I N G B U I L D A R K A N S A she had termed her daughter's in- gagement. Mr. Southardunder- !even know what club to use."--New make a declaration to that effect ad- gratitude and lack of feeling.. The stands." , !York Central Lines Magazine. dressed to the ProvinciaI Court; the NAME ................................... ~ " ........................ ! ADDRESS ..................................................