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September 20, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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September 20, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 20, 1930 PAGE FIVE FORT, I sooo become a reality" i more or less inaccessible knowledge of Discipline in the colleg I'livered in C ine e by a forei er I 0ommentin upon the multlplo BY BISHOP, I Now, after many years of effort t which have been laboriously acquired Among F,rst U. S. Missioners [, Lecturer and Writer ]journalistic interests of M. Massiani, GIVEN TO THE STATE lin this direction, Dr. Delany ex- [ and put on record. ,, When the Rt. Rev. Joseph N. Tac-I Another accomplishment ofDew La Vie Catholique adds" "It leases f . . . . " p "': ;inued From Page 1) ]presses himself as disillusioned a~d I Fr. Hagen s great Atlas of Va-corn, Bishop of Ka]feng, Honan Prey-IFrancls is his writing ability and his/us to stress his functions as French ; summer and the stiffen- cliscouraged with Anglo-Catholicism. riable Stars" was equally well re- ince, China, came to Washington inlprestige as a lecturer both in this/correspondent of the N. C. W. C l i the winter with no other ]The movement "is not making any ceived. While Dr. H. Kreutz, editor 1920 seeking volunteers to establishI~ountry and in Europe. During his News Service, which in the United (l than their brevlary and headway. It is seriously divided into of the "Astronomischen Nachrichten," a school in his diocese for the higher stay at the university he was co-editor States centralizes religious informa- }1 in order to bring the say-I two camps of the pro-Romans and after publication of the first volume education of Chinese youth, Domr~f "the official erda-~ ~,~ ~^" ............... ': b .... ~.,~ ~.~liC blUIl, all(l OI our ~nglisn conir~re, " knowledge of the true God 7the Liberal Catholics. n England of charts declared, "in the present Francis offered himself for the under-t~University, the Bulletin which has lThe Universe We can affirm that, flessings and peace and hap- '~t has slumped badly since the fail- issues of the Atlas we have the first Caking. He was one of the first Ibeen Imblished periodically by thel thanks to the competence and cour- ):' life under Christian civili- ure to put through the revision of series of the magnum opus" (a'work American priests to go to China toArchabbey Press [ageous zeal of Martial Massiani, :~'~: ~, I the Book of Common Prayer. The of the first order), Dr. E. Hartwig, engage in missionary work." Dom Francis came to this countr=, French Catholic events and men can arly pioneers brought to the l proposed new prayer book brought to director of the observatory in Barn-' Upon his arrival ~n Ka]feng he lm-about a year ago and has been enLl'be appreciated just as they are .at Pi Valley the Fleurde-lis and light the cleavage that had long ex- berg, and member of the committee meaia~eJy oegan WOrK on Iounaing the ' . "] home by our 'co-religionists beyond ;; the barmer of the Bout- isted among Anglo-Catholics In on variable stars of the International school according to the wishes of the gaged m the interests of the univer-] the Manche and beyond the ocean. lowered as the fortune of the American Episcopal Chu~'ch'the Astronomical Society, writing in one Bishop For six years he was presi- sity since his arrival His latest ac- England, but Meurin and authorities are suspicious of the of the leading German scientific mug- dent of the Pet Wen Academ- Dur f .... ~. "tcompnsnment was the procuring of CHINA PRIEST DIRECTS and the Cross remained. Catholic movement; and many of the azine, said: ing this time he taught physics in the six Benedictine Nuns from St. Jo- EMIGRANTS BOUND FOR lg came Clark in 1778, and younger clergy, who have been "We have here a case similar to the Academy and for two years was pro-iseph, Minn., to found a college forU S TO CITY PASTOR ign of King George, but late- trained in the seminaries to carry on Bonn charts, which removed with one lessor of physics at the Chung Cho'lwomen in connection with the Cath- S hd by Captain Sterling, was their ministry along Catholic lines .... Government University, at the same olic University of Pekin stroke all the difficukies experienceo ............ " g. All the (By N C W C N~w~ .~rvi~ lend in its ~tead there was find it difficult to obtain positions until then by observers of comets, ~:~i:?E::=li:gert:;a~?::~enn::eP::~i=!Nuns hold degrees from the major Sunchong: China,-Aug.-2-5_~[The the wiflds a new banner, In my o~n parochial and editorial b ects in - g,umvermties of the West and are well Rev Robert J Cairns, N M, former ze love more than any other--- work I have felt increasingly that I planets and similar o j , the American colleges, i equipped for ths ar ...... " .... 1 auous tasz tnatly of Worcester, Mass, Is now Mary '8 and Stripes of a new coun- was walking back and forth in a blind orientation among telescop'c stars, Before the Benedictines even con- awaits them - ...... " " .... ~ " Knou paszor az ~uncnong, in the Sun a new conglomerate people, alley, out of touch with the main flow difficulties of which the younger gen.. ......... I .... - _. zempia~ea a ~oun~a~lon in unina, Doml It m of especial interest to note ning district of South China the sec that bears in its folds those of life in the Episcopal Church." eration can hardly form an iaea. Tne ~ %hat Vh ' ' - same is the case with these charts of Francis and his tw~ associates, the ne"two permanent Chancellors tion from which so many Chinese troi- s of justice and freedom Dr. Delaney traces the growing in- i u 1 Rev Sylvester Heal and th " l of the Catholic University of Peking,grate to the United States i~voked by all races and be- sistence of the conviction that he was the Atlas Stellarum Variab'li m "n y e ~ev.i . .. ~ regard to observing light variation 'Charles Rauth, sought a Benedictine'Sii:Cee=: =TPht~ of the lnstitutlon Father Cairns is obtain~g gratify- in conflict with the trends _ . ..... s y g , e been native born ing results by a method of a ostolate ~tk's Army Variegated. of religion and thought in his envir- below the ninth magnitude. With foundazion in laizeng, oIIering their : ...... P , e~mencans. The m~e Rt. Rev. Aure- [ which is new to this section of China gave the faith, the early onment. The same facts which heigh- one stroke they remove the great dif- .school as the beginning ~)f a great lius S eh~- ~" ......t ........ " - I : ~' ~" ~" ~" wnose un~melylwnen ne ~ecomes acquainted with eXPlorers, the stimulus of in. ened his Catholicism led him to the ficulty experienced even by expert ,Benedictines make 0heir foundation in 'death curtailed the m ...................... " .... ...... . ...... ............. , any activities ne I prospective emlgranzs, ana succeeas I activity and refined culture, conclusion that Protestantism is de- ooservers m laenuzymg ~ne vananms, time mamng appucauon ~o jew ~ne ::had in mind for the B ...... ~ ................ . enemcune/m ln~eresung ~nem m tat unurcn ne gave the language and hie cadent and in process of dissolution, and the danger of getting the wrong .Benedictine Order. On account of~Foundation was born in ...... | .......... ' ~ . , rlWsourgn, wm~es to the pas~or in ~ne cky or free institutions Clark's "The Proestant Episcopal Church," stars. With these charts observers the request of the Holy See that the Father Clo .............~ .......... - ugner~y Is Deneveo to De] ~own ~ vne um~ed States which is d men of English, Dr. Dela'ny observes, "is a reality-- can now utilize any opportuniW of .Benedictines make thir foundation in the _voun ..... ~ ...... ' .... !-- ., - " ~ g~ cnancenor o~ a ua~nodc] ~ne emigran~ s ~esfination, recom- and German blood, so quite wooden, stiff and constitutive, looking for a variable, and be quite i the capital city of Peking it was not t " 0 " of every clime and country The Roman Catholic Church is like, sure of the success of the observa-lfeasible t take over the Kalfeng university in the world, mending the Chinese to the American ~d a certain somethin~ t wise a ,'ealit~ always teachin~ doe' tion, even in cases where faint mini- Academy, so the three priests at the - -- ~ -- priest. , -- o i ....... . ..... , . . . FRENCH PAPER LAUDS This method has two distinct ad- el us sum total that we call maticaly the old faith, but adapting ma fall below the hm~t of vlslbllltyiAcademy went to Peking to 3ore the CAREER OF M. MASSIANI vantages In the first place, it usual civilizatlon." "herself~ slowly through the centuries of the charts. This beautiful work~ University[ . and..become members of ly leads to the conversion of the emi- o ......... lie the chan=in= needs of men If one may gain recognition slowly in ~he the Benedictine Order Dom Francis "~marman ~ola me ga~ne~- ~ ~ . .~ . ~ ..... " (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ~ grant And, secondly, it does away as~~ ........... ~viarcn, ne naa aspca ~[wants a refined litur~icals and social- beginning,. ". ...... but eventually it will un-lwas, ...... one oz zne.. f~rst., to make his No- Paris, Sept. 5.--A recent issue of with a conviction, hitherto firmly ini~er ..... rascnereau ~^~ .~,=.r~..~ [ly irrenroachable~. Protestantism., on~ doubtemy necomo, an m~mpensable. , , the. .reKmg community, and La Vie Catholique says: rooted in the minds ~f returned t Would h, ,~,~m~o , ,h~,;, [ cam find it in the Protestant Episco- tpart of every o~servatory library. ' lmade ms religious profesmon on Aug. ,, ...... , ~ --:- ~ ~" ...... ~ \~ ~.=-"." [ ,~ ~ .... h w ........~ ~ n .... ~,~ While it was possible for Fr Hagen } 15, 1928. During his stay at the It is with particular 3oy that one American Chmese, ' that America is ue Ch~ ,n, ~or ~orz.~" ............................... ~'" ' ~ learns that M. Martial Massiani has is a Protestant country, where there ............ niv " a ...... led and practtical Catholicism, one to publish an index of the works of Catholic U ers~ty he acted as the vincennes ~rencn can ............ I.~,. inter " " _ just been named chevalier of the Le- ]are no Catholic churches. W .... lcan find it anywhere in the world in the greaz ~wlss mathematician r~uter, wnmese pre~er aria was Prefect 4:acmg ~ne rampar~s..o~!that vast ecclesiasttical organizaion he was denied his wish to edit and[of Discipline as well as head of the glen of Honor. Our confrere is one ne prime minlster replica " , ..... e a of these modest, intelligent and de-I "Say, Morn, was baby sent down thought it could be done, and whose center is at Rome m the See publ!sh Eulers writings:^ Writmg to Enghsh d p r.tment. . ..... voted journalists whose well known from heaven?" ewoul4"- " take tne~ ma~er" up ,.~ ........ ~. , a ~rlena in ~nicago in l~u~, ne said I uom. francis is consmere~, ny ~ne merit is never too much emphasized I "Yes, son." ~e feauerat ..... governme-t ' I "The case for Rome keeps coming that. the. works of every great mathe. , Chinese aSwrittthe best foreign scholar of "A journalist M. Massiani is first t "I guts they like to have things ~a-' - ,, .... I back at us like a medicine ball We matlclan had been collected excep~;both the en and spoken language. resolve, said Bisnop bcmar- 'i a evid n " ........... I ..... ~m~ ;~ ........ ,m .......those of the greatest of them after, This w s e ced m 1927 when at of all. He is especially esteemed and t quiet up there, hu~h, Mom!"--Serv- ra~ -'~-' .......... I'i ........ ~,,,~ ;~ ...... ~ ....... with Newton and Leibniz The Jesuit as-i'the celebration of the Unification of loved by all his confreres." lice Magazine. mortal h,, -l~lli~t an~ Mar I~mes a'nu ...r ....... ~ ........ " , ..... (,"' . -~ .... " "" ' t ..... ~- 'atronomer was willing to undertake, tthe Natmnanshc Government in ~isbriand Makart~ Ster" I (m~ermma ln" tnere may cn e "~ I]I] 1 ;iba - ' ~' '~time when it bowlo us over Mr Gwhat %he people of Switzerland, thel'China, Dom ~'rancis was invited to [~o~t, and Meurln, Leonard[K Chesterton says somewhere ihai Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg, address the crowd of some 25,000.peo- and an one ularK ana.manY,it.has been the experience of man.v ]and the Prussian Academy of Sciencel,Ple gathered at the festivities in the rater, by the grea~ ~m I :t Us-resolve anew that every IwhO have joined the Roman Catholic I E:~:Cheadd t:ee:C::2cPhliaSihrma:lth;ugh Chm:a fH~hsewi:rthgen:lvP:~adir:: d:f. ST. VINCENT S INFIRMARY all he ~^^ * ........ ~.;~ ~_.n ac [ Church that they have first gone I o ~ne ! ~ - xt~ ~tt wv~ttap ~.~vu "1 t " .... n mments f distutb Ma hematrcal Sectln f bth f theI II II ,e::n:hhatd~hteat;~See ~stithis :n::?~n2:hYch they emerged, sails- m~ltutes mentioned for 25 years.I ~;:: .'.~-~.-.~.~. :~::-'::$;~; Little Rock, Ark. " " " t - " "lie w le but I The plan failed of execution chiefly! 'tlich .~. ................ ~'~:"1~ i fied to remain wnere I; y e'; / i m g S Nur [[ .,oy,, ,poo ........... fo .... II T " " .... v "d makin- theii I r financial reasons; Fr Hagen, who ' as " i tioncney couI an0~ a el g " "e anunendmgbenedc 'submissionThathasbeen largelv i was at the time still at George~ownl #~ P ~~F ra m choolfor sea aerations that will come, " " i " " " 'm~ experience Man" a time in my I Un verslty, beheved the cost of eat-[ L~ | Dr ~ $~[~~v hese ..... r !ministry I have felt the attraction of ling and publishing Euler s works, tel : ~~~'~ uays wnen a~;empl;s a e / T~~ ~:iB~ tl~t " '~" m but I ot over it Now it ~ I consis~t of 25 large volumes in quarto,~ ta . .l~o e, g . -- , ke the white stripes and .... would reach ,the sum of 5'6 ~-s stars ou~ o~ me ~mg we [I have lost my heart'" [ Those who knew Fr. Hagen praise~ ~C~.FotmrH one MA|NST$. '~Us stand for the principles " " [his piety, and declare that he never ted by the fathers of our .....R~CIENTIST]IOst sight of the chief duty of every] Servin the Public for e t ; to .... , ratn~ax n , ., --~ -- -- -- lnamtam liberty without l"riest to en-a-e in t" " " ~ -- _ ~ r,~ o~o~ ~uI~VEMENTS LONG ' ~ ' g g ne cure o~ soma. ~ rt~ ~r allthority without despotiam, ~ =~'~IZED" AS ASTROI~OMER The fact that't~e Papal Medal, struckI ~ ~ears :~ay forever enjoy peace and ........ in 1927, is dedicated to Fr. Hagen, I ~Yt among the races and reli- ~ ..... ,~,;^."~-~... T ~- Ha~en "the distinguished astronomer,'~l" ---= ----.-= . -~e.M-d~ t is delicious and refreshing and you mat we may enjoy the treas-!~ ="~ 7P~a=~:d :wa"~.nthe'Vatican[ proves how high he stood in the esh-t " i~Clence and keep the faith of Ci:;'on"thPe :~xth of September, usa motion of Pope Pins XI. His eigh-I SCHAER-NORVELL | J---..~'N ~ should keep a six-bottle carton in your re- | P'oneers who journeyed by .... " n number of works[ tieth bilb~day, celebrated in the year[ ,'r~l:)E' ,~ / / ~f~'~..~_~ frigerator at all times to serve to unex- 1 ~t scientist; rests o a~ a t llg~r- %.,%.2. . nd labored and struggled ........ Amen- them his mentioned, brought to him numerous l / pect.d guests. / ~ope ,, ol ~ne ~irs~ ranK. ~; -- . I ,," - .... athematics" acznowieagements, among them nfanyl ~ rv " I l_ ~ I Visit out new plant and watch them / l Synopsis o~ l-ligner ~u , , . " - I make this delicious drink. rh from the &rectors of astronomical ob f'~ HOUr 5ervlce - published in four volumes in Be "n " "1 _~ r~ ~ I ' .......... 11 of themI servatories, etc Professor Schilling, BROADWA OURTH U0UA GOLAaaA--m==-------- -- I hailed b scientific -'ournals asI presloent of the Society of German[ Phone 8118 Little Rock Ark | ell E.xpermnces were y j . . , oom ,e o I - a communication to the 3ubilarmn, , BOTTLING en / Ilrtg tO Lonverslon, ^he of the leadin- German reviews ..... I of Natural History, the Naturwissen- "1 e,~" 4-1Sl! ~1'~11'1 . now calico ~ne ~ynopsls 01 rlign R C. W. C. News Se~Tice.) ~ehaftliche Wochenschrift." snoke ofler Mathema.~ic "a tremendous workI ~rk, Sept. 15.-- Dr. Selden P.I [7"vne I~irst volume as "a ~rand" under, i which, one would believe,, surpassed]. AMBULANCE SERVICE ~ ~-,..~/- LITTLE ROCK, ARK. l| ~rn~erly rector of the Prot- I taking both as to plan and purpose."t th~ power of_any single scientist." t ~. _. ~Sco Mar he I~ is significant that a movement, l)Ub pal Church of St.Y[Reviewing the second volume, t I c ..... , ...... ,, I sson Undertaking . , rl , auea ~ne l~Uitur~am fb Profes- , who recently announced I same scientific 3ournal declares it] ...... P Y I UNDERTAKERS & EMBALMERS .~rsi . sor vlrcnow, one of the most rabid an- 1 on to Cathohclsm, sets could but repeat every~hmg it had ....... I A .......... Have the Protection of a ........ of the co~sloerauon:'~ ~ said regarding the iirs:" ' VOlume,' aaa-'~ t mgomsts, ot the wnurch in Germany._. II u tSallS rromply Answerea. ! _,should have driven a moo of a to his decision, m an or-ling' the reviewer was rare,y grante