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September 17, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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September 17, 1943

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PAGE EIGHT St. Scholastica's Academy, Ft. Smith, Has Record Enrollment Fort Smith.-- St. Scholastica Academy began its twentieth year of school on September 7. The preceding days of registration had brought the enrollment to one hundred-twenty-six students in the high school, the highest num- ber ever to be registered for high school at the Academy. The ac- commodations for boarders are filled to capacity, and the number of day pupils has increased since last year. Rev. Albert S. Marchiano, new- "QUI VIVE?" (Continued from page 1) the Great was a young man. He was a conquering hero at twenty. He died at the ag of thirty-three after he had conquered the world and cried because there wasn't another world to conquer. Na- poleon was a General in his ly appointed chaplain at St. Schol- astica, formally opened the school year with a High Mass in honor of the Holy Spirit, on Tuesday morning. During the High Mass, Father Marchiano spoke to the students upon the purpose of edu- cation in a Catholic school, and impressed them with the thought that all phases of education must be directed to one end, eternal happiness with God, the author of all knowledge. He urged the students to cooperate with the gifts of God by their own earn- est effort, so that their education might bring them to a full life both in this world and the next. His eloquent discourse set the mood for the opening of the school vear with the best disposition. Short classes were held the first Jay, and school was dismissed early. The regular schedule was !in order the secd day. twenties. He lived a very event- Physical education is being ful life yet he was still a young lresn t t .hnl+;-o ÷ha man in his xorues, wnen s ......... ....... a" ,year, m accoraance wlEn the ca- nemesis caught up wire nlm  • . [echons of the State and Natmnal Waterloo General Lee, o nappy . . • n l educatlonal directors. Mrs. Hor- memory, was still a young nm , .. ton has been secured as instruc- w'hen the war between the tates- r  "-e ....  "" " ....... /tO OItn pnyslcal ectucauon clas- Was conclutletl urant was 3US / ....  -- -- • .... " ..... Iuvs, ana oegan her WOrK on past iorty jUliUS uaesar, me .  • ...... r Thursday of last week. She s a Dane at all scnool DOyS, wno stuuy __,.- - -  -. • - - ..... [ lltL1v2 oI alltornla, wnere sne Latin, was only aoout iorty, wnen,w- s w. . - .  a luely Krtowrl as an exper he was carrying on his campaign • [swimmer, diver and surf-rider. in Gaul Active work requires  ........ ' • - • • - ........ | /le Will give lessons in swimming youthful limos ThiS iS true in f._-I ,. ...... • : ........ a,u me guara work a nls sea- sports Every ian IS lamlllar wltn/ ......... • . .. _ i [son oi me year, along Wltll Lne the term veteran, as appttett o, .... • .... • .... It/Zegu*ar gym class worK. An baseball and football prayers ....... . , • . archery range nas been se up on may refer to a man trom twenty the campus, and badminton and to thirty years of age. Modern other games are becoming in- warfare, particularly aviation, re- quires smooth coordination of mind and body. This is found best in young men. There is no reason to suppose that the vitality of men has changed and that this is the era of the super-youth• Oliver Goldsmith was familiar with these facts when he describes the sports on the village green, in his Deserted Village. When the feats of strength went around, he says that "the young contended as the old surveyed." It is a mis- take to think that because a man is old enough to fight that he is od enough to vote, as the modern saying goes. In war, teen aged youths are efficient under the skillful direction of older men. Voting in a democracy requires some personal discretion, other- wise it may be directed by "ward healers." The slogan for National News- paper Week is "A free press and a free people." There can be no doubt that a free press is the handmaiden of democracy. The freedom of the press gives every- one freedom to express himself. It is a right and like all rights it be- gets a corresponding duty. This right of free expression is not a lop-sided affair with all the privi- leges on one side. Those, who enjoy the privilege of free ex- pression are bound by the duty to express the truth. Some of those who shout so loudly about the freedom of the press are among those who were chided by Samuel Johnson when he said, "'The liberty of the press is a blessing, when we are inclined to write against others, and a calam- ity, when we find overselves over- borne by the multitude of our assailants." .... The enjoyment of any freedom carries with it a cer- tain danger that some will be in- discreet, and abuse the privilege. The journalist should respect the trust that is placed in him by a free people. He is at liberty to express his opinions but they should be recorded as such. He should "not attempt to deceive the reading public bY attributing some assertion to ff indefinite some one, who might be any one or nobody. The freedom of the press has of- ten been abused by writers in American newspapers and period- icals. One notable example is that of General Franeo of Spain. He and his cause have been vili- fied in the American press until llll I creasingly popular. The Academy with its spacious gymnasium and swimming pool, and its seventy acre campus, provides adequate facilities for physical training. Street In Mexican Towns Named For U. S. Priest Mexico City. {E)--A street at Cordoba, State of Vera Cruz, has been named for the Rev. Francis J. Krill, ,"to commemorate the Pastor Benefactor of Cordoba." Born in the United States, Father Krill was for many years pastor of a parish at Cordoba. He died in the Cholula sanatorium near Puebla a year ago,. Father Krill rebuilt the parish church, founded a hospital, a li- brary, a volunteer fire depart- ment and a public )ark. When his body was returned to Cordoba for burial, the municipal author- ities, chamber of commerce, fire department and various organiza- tions formally rendered homage. A statue of the beloved priest has already been erected in the city. it is disgusting to honest men. The neutrality of Spain has meant much to our cause before and during the African campaign. These unscrupulous colunmists have become so blatant lately that one of them drew a much needed rebuke from President Roosevelt. During war the press may still be free, but it must be circumspect. This man to whom the President referred is an ex- ample of excessive journalism, which has no place in, a free press. Even if what he said were true, it was subversive of the war effort, and very well suited to causing trouble between our na- tion and Russia. In a free press the truth should be reported, but there are times when even the truth may be withheld with profit to all. DAUGHTERS (Continued from page 1) erend Bishop, has appointed Right Reverend Monsignor Joseph A. Gallagher as State Spiritual Ad- visor. Miss Malarcher, the newly elected State Regent, is Past i Grand Regent of the Little Rock !Court, a member of St. Andrew's Cathedral Parish, and is a secre- tarial clerk of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Little Rock. I I F. H. KUIPER, Jeweler 206 West Capitol Phone 2-4724 Little Rock, Ark. DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, WATCHES, CLOCKS, POTTERY NOVELTIES AND GIFTWARE We repair all kinds of plain and complicated watches, clocks, and Jewelry. Mail orders solicited. All work guaranteed. Prices moderate. For 25 years head watchmaker of largest local Jewelry store. I III II Black & White Specials ON Sd AT ALL BLACK & WHITE STORES PRODUCE NOT KATIONED! Fancy Sunkizt, 176 Size, Full of Juice 0ranges 49 California, Fancy Tokays, White Malaga, Black Rleber Psane:!!lf(ore!erRiYe, Delicioes S00lk 19  Bartlett Pears Lb. 19 ° THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 17, 1943 I Sociologist Scores Decline ' In Public Morals Buenos Aires. 0C)--In his review Criteria, the Rt. Rev. Gustavo Franceschi, prominent Argentina Catholic sociologist, under the title "Character" analyzes with pointed criticism reasons for the decline in the birthrate, abandon- ment of the farm for the city, and the general decline of public morality in Argentina. "Public o f f i c e," Monsignor Francheschi says, "should be re- garded as an obligation to serve the general welfare, to employ all personal capability to this end andin exchangeto receive a remuneration in relation to the corresponding effort." In the early days of the Republic, he adds, "the concept of duty direct- led the minds of our leaders--Fed- eralists or Centralists, Democrats or partisans of dictatorship, all were convinced that personal hon- esty was indispensable if a man wished to hold some high office in the Government." "Contrary to what is customary in countries where firm public morals prevail, and to what was also habitual in our country not so long ago," he article continues, "a post in the Government is not regarded by those who secure it as a reward for merit, but rather as an advantage gained through sponsors, political services, family ties, interventions  sometimes made through women--and brib- ery or other financial favors. And once secured, the office is ex- ploited to gain new advantage in proportion to its importance... Public office represents two things in everybody's mind: Mon- ey and pleasure. "To this, what might be term- ed, economic aspect of the situa- tion, is coupled another aspect: immorality. Towards the end of the last century there were some men in very high public positions whose secret vices were not un- known. But, little by little, the lady friends of these gentlemen emerged from the obscurity where they had hidden, under the titles of secretaries, typists or what- ever else is paid by the Govern- ment, in other ords, the citizens. But still worse--and I have ir- refutable proof for this--there have been men in high places who being able to distribute jobs, ex- changed them against the honor of some unhappy beings to whom hunger and need left only one choice: shame or=death." Patriarch-Flays Nazi Linking Church And Axis London. (E)The London Tab- let has published a statement is- sued recently by His Eminence Manuel Cardinal Goncalves Cere- jeira, Patriarch of Lisbon, de- nouncing Dr. Alfred Pimenta, one of the most zealous Nazi propa- gandists in Portugal. Dr. Pimenta since tSe beginning of the war has made use of radio and press, and particularly the paper Esfera in his efforts to convince Portu- guese that the enemies of the Axis are also the enemies of the Church. "This journalist," the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon warns, "has made false, tendentious and dis- respectful commentaries of the subject of certain decisions of the Hierarchy, even attacking the Sovereign Pontiff himself. He !has seen 'political machination' in a recommendation inspired by the purest spirit of the Gospel; name- ly, prayers for the conversion of Russia. He has persisted in deny- ing the veracity of solemn de- clarations by the Pope and the German Bishops themselves on the existence of religious persecu- tion in Germany. Therefore we have the unpleasant duty of de- claring, in our quality as doctor and judge of Catholic discipline in the Patriarchate of Lisbon, that we condemn the attitude of Pim- enta as incompatible with the duties of a good Catholic; that we do not recognize him as a Catholic writer in harmony with the spirit of the Church; and that we de- nounce him as a dangerous writer for all those who profess the Ca- tholic Faith." Archconfraternity Jubilee t Mexico City. (g)The golden jubilee of the Archconfraternity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was celebrated here in the Church of San Hipolito. Special services were held in the Church of Santa Rose de Lima on the feastday of the first Saint of the New World. Tearing ourselves away from the close embrace of Christ after our thanksgiving in church we should plan on spending the re- maining part of the day in the spirit of gratitude for the unfor- gettable favor of the morning's Holy Communion. j " : l Hegarty Drug Company 4th and Main Sts. Phone 9111 Little Rock, Ark. CHAPLAIN WINS PURPLE HEART- Chaplain Arthur F. McQuaid, Somerville. Mass.. receives the Purple Heart from Rear. Admiral C. E Rosendahl. Chief of the Naval Air- ship Training Command, at the Naval Air Station. Lakehurst, N J Father McQuaid was wounded while serving in the South Pacific on the cruiser U. S. S Minneapolis. then commanded by Admiral Rosen- dahl. Official Navy photo. (NC,W.C.) ] Youth Guidance Work 'Most Important' Says The Rev. Paul Tanner on Catholic Hour Program New York. (K:)--Characterized as "the most important in which the Church or the State can engage, the direction and ance of youth is needed more today because of chaotic world tions than at any other time in history, the Rcv. Paul rector of the Youth Department, National Catholic Welfare ence, declared m an address on the "Catholic Hour" radio Reminding that "sometimes our commonest blessings attention merely because we have become used to them," Father Tanner emphasized that while in this country the Church is given perfect liberty to organize, in- spire and direct youth programs, in other parts of the world the State itself has assumed the sole right to carry on this work. "When Hitler seized power, for example, he wasted no time try- ing to convert people over 40; either they accepted him at once or he put them out of the way," Father Tanner recalled. "No such savage alternative was proposed to the youth of Germany• In- stead every available technique was used to indoctrinate them, from earliest childhood upward, with the Nazi ideology. Thus in one short generation a subslant- ial portion of the German nation was cut off from an inheritance of Christian culture and civiliza- tion that has taken centuries to accumulate. With a sneer ofcon- tempt, young Brownshirts swept into the discard a tradition of kindliness and decency and honor .he value of which they know how to appreciate." Father Tanner recalled Italy, but for the effective opposition of Pope Plus XI, Mussolini, succeeded in accom same purpose, while the nation of the youth of the Communists is a record. The €ompresentiveness Church's program for the Jtsel youth is appreciated by only ][ le persons, Father Tanner said. "As I see it, there are , ii! main areas of Catholic . 'ge you can envision them by. f, ing of three concentric cff he said. "The inner circll symbolized by the parish chl the middle circle by the Cht[IR school system--and the outef cle by the parish hall. The,t ish altar, the classroom an. recreational center, each own way and in due prop0rtl.'.a its importance in life, plays .l'th in the youth program ofat Church."- -  ,11 THE MORE W.O M E N A T W 0 R K i 7,' /e f ! Never before in our history have the women of this country played so im- portant a part in the achievement at victory! Never before have they been offered such an opportumty to assist in winning a war! Hundreds of thou- sands of women who never worked before are finding new interests [n llfe. at a job that is vital, and earning good money at it. Is it so important that women work? Most certainlyfor every month in- creases the drain on the nation's man- power, creates jobs that must be filled by women if the nation is to function at its best. It is estimated that lJy the end of this year, eighteen million women will have to be employed in all industtiesand there is a 131ace for you among them ! Every able-bodied woman living in a labor shortage area, who is 18 years or over, and who has no children under I4, should apply for a war job or a job in an essential elvilian service NOW l See your local United States Employ- m ent Sei'vice at once.., volunteer for