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September 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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September 17, 1927

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.....Page Eight i ............................. : ....... MAIUV DDil T tswrds against the Christian popula- / IL3 lIL/ lll lllllaLJIL3 I tion. They refused to'obey this od- UAr ltr) It1 TI V AC Ider and were finally massacred, mak- " ing no resistance although they were ffl/ l 1 1IR IBAaD If 11 "' ' ~ / u y armea. 3 CENTURIES h:2; illustrious as well as one of the most Austin, Texas.---At a time when ancient Saints on the Calendar of great numbers of Catholic priests the Church. Inspired by the preach- have been driven from Mexico, and ing of St. Paul at Ieonium she spurn- others have been killed, the Texas ed the prospect of marriage with a Knights of Columbus Historical corn- rich and generous man and fled from mission is unearthing facts indicating her home. She was captured and that upwards of one hundred mission- subjected to torture and was several aries suffered martyrdom more than times exposed to death in various three hundred years ago in the work forms. Each time she was miraculous- that eventually led to Christianizing ly saved until at last her Spouse spoke nearly the entire native population the word and called her to Himself of Mexico. with the double crown of virginity These figures, taken from the re- and martyrdom onherhead. port of the Rev. Paul J. Folk, C. Saturday, September 24.---The S. C., chairman of the historical corn- Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy. St. =h:lner:n;:l?:; i:nlwYhat m:s::~lh: P:tseb~ tihnL::blue!:cmlilnY l~fsNEl::~; state of Texas and which was then in life he made a w of chastity and a *,ro er .o *he O urc which Father Foik is head is engaged Encouraged byavisiOnc f esleBless-oaf sorwithth i~ writing a history of the Catholic ed Virgin he and his on established Church in Texas, and is now search- King James of Arrag of Mere for ing for material that may yield infer- the order of Our Lady ves ~o e marion concerning the early days of the redemption of capti . p the Church in Texas. Innocent XII established the feast day Seeks Aid in gratitude. Father Folk is of the opinion that scattered among the people of the BISHOP OF LOURDES state there are many old letters and I . DIES AT AGE OF 84 papers which would be of great help to the commission. Heurges persons (By N C W C News Service~ having such documents to communi- ~ "_ " ' " J7" " ' " , arm, ~ept France is deeply cute with him at St. Edward s univer- " "-- sit Austin mourning the death of Msgr Fran- corn-Xavier Schoepfer, Bishop of The completed history will reveal Lourdes and Tarbes, who died a few some astonishing facts about the Cath- da--- a ............. ........ , y~ go, ax~er having OliiClal;e~ al; ella tJnurcn in 2~merica, incluaing m s ..... - ...... mart rdoms and miracles th ' o ~ oi ~ne ceremomes oi ~ne ili~y- y , a~ oc- aly other ngle mdlvld al toward ..... fifth national French pilgrimage. curred before any o~ner entrances nau The venerable relate 84 ears of been made into North America by a e at the timPe " "'" - y white men, Father Folk said. g oI ms death, haa ......... presided over his diocese for 28 years many xortureet to t~eata, and had done more than probably The following brief passage from . . the chairman s report indicates the "" .... '. the development of the famous pil- way m which early mmmonarms to gnmages of Lourdes the Indians won their eternal crowns: " ,c om " " S e rehgmus were bound, naked, He was born at Wettolshe]m In the to the backs of swine, and with the diocese of Strasbourg in 1843 and Mows of the scourge were goaded on, studied at Saint-Sulpice, in Paris. amid the jeers and yells of savage~ Immediately after his ordination as a till they fell dead. At Acoma, three priest, in 1866, he became secretary padres were tied together and to Msgr. Darboy, then Bishop of marched naked through the streets, Paris.~ His superior was killed during ridden and spurred, tortured and re- the uprisings under the Commune in ...... THE GUARDIAN, SEPT. 17, 192~ ATHI R All/lltl I~ than good music, and its responsibil- M|~k]|~T~ ~s~A~r~ practically the Anti-Saloon a gl lJalli UgMLII|II |iJ l ity for a waste of time by fostering ITIILI|LJILJI% ~ ~llkk) If the Roman Church did ( U'AI%I~ Ulf~I~kIADS~ the habit of listening in for long per-I I||T I1 ][~1~I lqrlg~O]the amount of propaganda iods each day The Church realizes lYlfllT lUlOOlOR/tl l bHUl bll rOhlllb5 Methodist body does it v that, while there are abuses, radio is hounded from one end of the Ri~HFlP I]~ ~I"~I]~AIcapable of good service in behalf of Ire the other. ~asWllyl &ll %tllllla education and morality, the writer Says We Are Distillers, Liars a~dl "General Grant wel .... Ideclares" "What could be more use- ]Grafters--Blames Methodists i ., ~ sam I " " I were ~nree political~ parties Omaha, Aug. 31.--Friends in the lful or beautiful than the broadcast-, ., ,77---'~'~.~ ~. , I country, the Republicans, D~ United States, and especially in this[ ing of the voices of the chiefs of gov- ] The Me~noais~ r~piscopal ~nurcnt ............ t - ! ann ffle~;rlO~lS~S, ana ~na~ is city and Brooklyn, of the Very Rev. Iernments or ministers of God~faith, lwas attacked as a political institu-lda A .... .... y. s you mus~ Know, I;~ Edward J. Galvin. superior of thel civilization---to distant people who Itlon which was doing all it could to]bi_ movement on foot to sta: Irish Mission in China. have heard~ otherwise would be unable to hear[keep the Eighteenth Amendment in] ~ ..... ]the Constitution oy ~ne r~ev. narry land Democr ...... with pleasure that he has just been them. the wnte~r asks.--N. C.W. I' ....... ...... !]P~kicm par~Ya~siXsmes~epOOth the ~neRel~ called by the Supr~eme Pontiff to the] ]rtowe ~ogeru, rector ox ~mvarY!tion ..... ' ! tlUeS t,]on. dignity of the episcopate as the first[ CHINESE DILPOMAT [Episcopal Church, Burnt Hills, Sara-| ...... "'l " [toga County, N. Y., in a letter to As-]. _ nave oeen a Repubncm Vicar-Apostolic of Hun Yah, which l BECOMES MONK i ...... vi'ler mad tiife' out I do not hesitate to carries with it the honor for him of I p3~itcYT::sd~ayms A" t~u I , eli will forsake that Party iron being the first Missionary Bishop of By Rev. J. Van der Heyden ! |if the Liberal Party comes in I Mr. Bogert, who is a member Of!on this uestion I am sick the Society of St. Columban. Men- (Louvain Correspondent, N. C. W. C. Ithe Board of Managers of the/, . q , ". _ signor Galvin was born in Ireland. News Service) ~ . ~ . /aegraae~ moral stamina o~ o [Church Temperance ~ocie~y, eX-|gress and the sooner we c After ordination he came to Brook- Louvain, Sept. 6. Mr. Lou, a]pressed agreement with Mr Cuvillerlinto '. .... lyn and served three years in HolyChinese diplomat whose Belgian wife, " ~ne open ann ueclare o [in his demand that the Prohibition lthe better it will be I have Rosary Church under the late Men- died a few months ago, has just en-]laws be changed and the Eighteenth[that either of the" bi~ -art signor McEnroe. tered the Benedictine Abbey of Lop- Amendment repealed tou ~ v . He had volunteered and served as hem in Flanders to consecrate the re-J " I ch the Prohibition quest~ a missionary to China from 1912 tothe service of the Heavenly King. "It peeves me the way the press [less it be to proclaim in fay* land other publications attribute to ]in which case, if there be 1916, and seeing the great possibili- Mr. Lou began his diplmatic!the 'Church' an attitude strongly fa-Iparty, I will not vote ties for missionary work there hecareer thirty years ago and was suc-ivoring prohibition, because by 'the t ...... " returned to Ireland and organizedcessively attache at St. Petersburg,~ , when a peopm assumes !Church' they mean various Protes- Imore than Almi ht God what g Y the Society of St. Colulhban for mis-ambassador at The Hague, Presidentltant bodies only," the Rev. Mr. lfor themselves it is tim~ tel sion work in China. of the Chinese Cabinet, Minister of ~o.ger~ wrote. The Roman . and[The present prohibition la~ Having established the mission on Foreign Affairs,, and Director of the r~pIscopal communions, wmcn iavor/done more harm to this cou a firm footing by securing volun- Chinese Diplomatic and Cnsularlthe Catholic side of religion, are not[the needle themselves than teers from Maynooth from among School. After the war he signed them favor of prohibition. ]that has ever happened. We professors and students, and collect- Versailles Treaty for China, was am-. ' Of course, there are individua-"~s]a nation of distillers, brewex ing funds to purchase an estate for bassador at Berne and lastly, in both these bodies who do, but[hypocrites and grafters, mad a seminary, he went to Omaha and Chinese delegate at the Geneva Con- neither body has ever pressed any/this damnable Eighteenth was given encouragement by Arch- ference. ]resolution in their legislative'assem-iment and Volstead Act. bishop J. J. Harty to make that city blies regarding the Eighteenth! "I come from ancestors the, American headquarters for the BRITISH UNIONS Amendment or the Volstead act, one[sides of the house who ha~ society. He immediately began the VOTE DOWN REDS[way or the other, while several Prot-lborn in this country over 301 publication of The Far East, mission [estant bodies have done so. I so I feel I can speak freel .magazine, and with other volunteers London, Sept 8 By an over-}"The Methodist" body is' a purelY lcountr>.,, made ~t a success, whelming majority the British Trades lpolitical institution, and is doing allI Union Congress, meeting in Edin- ~it can to keep the Eighteenth I DETROiT DIOCESAN SCH4 MISS ALICE RIGGS, burgh yesterday, decided to disasso- Amendment in the Constitution. TheyI TO ENROLL 100,000 MEMBER OF NOTED clare itself from the Red elements have a lobby in Washington and areI FAMILY, DIES AT 86 in British labor. The votes of dele- ~~] Detroit, Mich. ~ The "B -- -- gates representing 3~746,000 union- Man labor unions, and there is every lschools of Detroit will open ~y N.. C. W. C. News Service) ists were cast "against recognition prospect that this will be done. enrollment of 100,000 ashmgton, . Sept. 6.---Funeral and acceptance of the extremists by J Michigan Catholic states. services for Miss Alice Lawrasen the council of the congress, while Secretary Hoover advises caution leentral high school and R]ggs, member of the Riggs family, delegates representing only 148,000 in making loans to Europe. It is ex- grove, the first Catholic prom;.nent in the early history of workers voted in favor thereof. The cellent advice and only about 11 ]women, will also open. Washington, who died at her rest- council of the congress had decided billion dollars toolate Nashville ment at the University denee here last Friday, were held at to recommend a break with the Rus-I " St. Matthew's Church with a Solemn Banner. numbers 3,000 students. Mass of Requiem yesterday. ~rhe Rev. T. Lawrason Riggs, chaplain of Catholic activities at Yale University, viled by every kind of insult, and 1871, and he himself was made pris- a nephew of the deceased, was the abuse; finally they were clubbed and oner by the revolutionists. After he celebrant; the Rev. Edward L. stoned to death, was freed he became successively Buckey, pastor of St. Matthew's, In 1696 two padres were placed in pastor of several Parisian parishes, deacon, and the Rev. John J. Calla- a cell of their convent and then and amdng them Notre Dame des Vie- hun, also of St. Matthew's, sub-dec- l there burned to death. At the same toires, in 1872, and the historic Notre con. time, of the seventy friars of Quivira, Dame des Champs, in 1887. In 1899 Born in Washington 8 years ago,] only two escaped death in defense of he was consecrated as Bishop of Miss Riggs was the daughter, of the] OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA religion." ' Lourdes and Tarbes by the Papal late George Washington Riggs, who] Nuncio, Msgr Lorenzeni, at' the in 18 4 founded Riggs Co., whichI Through THE GUARDIAN church of Saint Sulpice in Paris. afterwards became the Riggs Na-j I~~tijLV C~L~N e tmnalBank Mr Rlggsfnst entered In 1923 he was award d the Cross" " " " " I D of Honor by the French Government, :he banking business in 1840, as head[ IS SOLICITING L~FE MEMBERS 0N THE BASIS OF t~ and received the decoration from the firm of Corcoran and Riggs,I he fl . ?? Marshal Foch, who ishimself a~na- the first named W. W. Coeoran, hay-I tire of Tarbes. ' ing been one of the most widelyi known philanthropists of the District. I e ( y . *. . " .) ....... ~ For a number of years the Rigg, Sunday, September 18. St. Them-t':AI'~t:I-IININ%?TIATEToN IN" home was on the present Soldier., I 10 "ve o the ire membership fee as of Villanova, the glory of the ' -" Home property, which was subse-[ W roe eds rece Spanish Church in the sixteenth cen- 'B " ~ ~ ~ ~ , quently sold to the Government. to be invested and the income to be used to form a tury, was born A: D. 1488. Charles ~ y ~" u. w. ~. ~ews ~ervice~ I V listened to the Saint as to an or- Detroit, Sept. .--Plans to move PmE STS I Catholic Literary Award Foundation acle. When he had been made Bishop the Capuchin novitiate from St. TO BLESS CRUCIFIXES ] of Valentia, two-thirds of his annual Bonaventure's monastery, this city, FOR BLIND IN U S I episcopal revenues were given to the to a new'monastery at Hhntington, -- " "! The awards to be made each year for poor. tie died in 1555. Ind., were revealed last week with the (By N C W c News Service ) I Monday, September 19. St. Jan- announcement -that the Capuchin New York, Sept 7 The Father ] The best poem O~ the uarlus, Martyr, died for the Faith in Fathers will erect a $300,000 build- Minister General of the Friars Minor [ The best article-- or essayyear the persecution unde'r Diocletian. He mg on ground owned by Our Sunday in Rome has granted faculties for teal was Bishop of Beneventum. Because ...... . Y cry pr" st "n UnitedI The best short story Vmltor in the Indiana c;ty ears to ev le 1 the he and other ecclesiastics were active Work,on the new building will States to bless crucifixes and attachI The best novel in visiting Christians who had been start within a few weeks and the to them the indulgences of the Way The best juvenile book,, etc. thrown into prison and in making plans call for its completion in the of the Cross for any blind person i converts to the Faith, they were ex- fall of 1928. The building will be Announcement of the granting of this posed to the wild beasts but were constructed of brick and will- be four privilege' is made here by the Rev~ The purpose being to encourage miraculously preserved from harm. storl'es high. It w'lll contain three John Corbctt, S. J,. of Fordham Urn'- / CATi-OLICH WRITERS ' F~na]ly they were beheaded. The large wings and a chapel, versity, i blood of the Saint, congealed in two %~ ~, ..... ~_~ ~.. ....... ~- ~ ~ ~ The possessor of a crucifix can gain vials, melts when br6ught near the novice~anPdeS;on:rLc:~:~i:~a~:: a:~e S~. the Indulgences of the Stations by~ m ' " Should you desire to become a Life member of the Catholic Press Asso- artyl s head. The rehcs are pre- , .. ..... "[reciting twenty times the "Our Fath- served in the Cathedral of Naples. ~onaven~ures aecoramg ~o ~ne ~ev. er" " " ..... " ~ " "~" I clarion and make possible the establishment and maintenance of this , the nail mary, the lory Tuesday, September 20.--Sts. Eus- cF:~h::r S~vb::tm:~?'thL, Ca:PouPn:-IBo to the Father," whilst holding the permanent and perpetual FUND, just fill out and return the attached taehius and Companions, l~{artyrs, St. . , -. . . ~e- J crucifix, t men~ regarding the new bufldlng Eustachius was a distinguished offi " [ This great privilege has been ob- blank to THE GUARDIAN, 3071/.2 West Second St., Little Rock, Ark. cer in the Roman army under Trajan. The invffahon to erect ~he build- rained through the offices of the Rt. Losing his honors and wealth because ing in Huntington was extended by Rev. Pascual Diaz. S. J., exiled Bishop .~ o~ his conve~'gion to Christianity, he the Rt. Rev. John F. Nell, Bishop of of Tabasco, Mexico. On his return was later sought out by the Emperor Fort Wayne Bishop Nell was the from Rofne recently, he delivered the and placed in command of troops sent l founder 'of Our Sunddy Visitor. At grant to Father .l.bseph M. Stadelman, against the barbarians who had in-!present the Capuchin Fathers have S. J., apostle of the blind, founder :~ vaded the empire Returning Victori- no members in Indiana. of the Xavier Free Publication Society ~, ous he was' reunited wi~h his wife~ . for the Blind, New York. @ and chi|dren but when he still re-lWARNING AGAINST O SES fused to sacrifice to the heathen gods!' DAMAGING FROST ON BR the Emperor ordered him and his wife OCTOBER 4 IS ISSUED -- ' to be exposed to two starved lions. Certain abuses in radio broadcast-'~ The beasts did not harm them h*oxv- -- ' ing are condemned by Father Paolini, Sioux City, Ia--W rning against ever, and the Emperor thereupon had , _ , ~ " ._" .... a writer in the Osservatore Romano, the two martyrs placed inside a a~u~mg ir,ost tna~ may ~e expec~ea (Aug. 29), who declares that it has $ .... _' ~...._~ .......... ~ ..... a~ou~ uc~ooer',4 has been issued by bga:t:d a:d ~nmthish'orrible'm:n~:: the Hornick, More & Porterfield corn- been necessary for the ecclesiastical tlaey were roasted to death pang in its annual frost bulletin, authorities of several European coun- tries to take action against these wMhose duty it was to collect taxes, "Y ritory indicate that aI Ik is stated by this writer that the ..... , installation of radio sets in churches heavy frost generally wmts this sec from the people for their Roman mas- ~ " or in buildings immediately connected " ters He became a follower' of Our*tin shortly after the first of 0c9o- with churches in Lombardy has t ber The earhest kflhn frost on rbc Lord and after the Ascension remain~ . i " " g -, been 'prohibited, and that Cardinal e ord was September 3 1902 ed f~r several years in Jud a where ' ]~ , I Piffl has deprecated the employment he wrote his Gospel. *1 The bulletins, which were mailed of radio $or broadcasting jazz music. i Thursday, September 22. The out to o,000 merchants in the Sioux ~ " . ~ . . . , The ewls of Lbroadcastmg, to which Theban Legmn, when encamped near, City trade terrltory,~have been sent the writer calls attention, are its uge Lake Geneva, were ordered by the] out by the firm every fall for the lto encourage jazz dancing, its propa- Emperor Maximian to turn their past 37 years. *1 gation of cheap and vulgar, rather APPLICATION BLANK I hereby give you the practical proof of my good will and interest by 'asking you to enroll my aame as a Life member of the Catholic Press Association of the U. S. and Canada. Signed Street Address__ City State Make check or money order payable to the Catholic Press Association and send to THE GUARDIAN, 307 I/2 West Second St., Litle Rock, Ark. (The payment may be made in one payment of $100, or 10 payments of $10 each or may be paid in 2 or more installments.) , . /