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September 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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September 17, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, SEPT. 17, 1927 Page Seven and house furnishings in this court: teaspoon of grated onion, 1-4 tea-ttaries will accompany the manY'~.~ or.l|/-lr, cl lit I~i try, and eighty-seven per cent of spoon of salt and 1 1-2 tablespoon of~groups who will tour the battlefieldstr~. ~,l|~['~l ~s V* V., LEI market products and groceries, for- catsup. Turn inLoa mold and allow i and cemeteries and will provide them ] |![~0 f~|,lflrqflhrh'O"~ SURE HOURS AT HOME ty-eight per cent of the drugs, and to cool. This willbefonndto be deli-lwithfreepostcardsandpostage. Pop-[ aiv~ vrrr.ntn -_'- , -='= ._-= -:- ~'~ forty-nine per cent of the automo-, cious cold, and can be sliced for lpies will also be distributed to th0seI , biles.. Do they really buy them or sandwiches. Liver has good fuel lvisiting the graves of the soldier dead. I |]~i] f~[-]|~ ~||~*~ It Really Doesn t Matter Clipped At Random just pick them out? value as a food. It is firm and close I On the day' of the Legion parade, ar- ]!1t 11alllll.~ ~U.rl|]J,I Men, however, buy sixty-six per in texture, needs to be carefully lrangements will be made to provide James W. FOley, in ' Friendly[ cent of the newspapers of the court- cooked, and eaten when a hearty soft drinks along the line of march. (By N C W C News Service ) Rhymes." I The national income for 1926 was try, seventy-eight per cent of the ~a- food is desired. Seventy-five men will be engaged in ~ Techn Ill Se tember9 --The y, ., p only a consumer and it really]a billion over that for i925, 1926, as rious pets and livestock, sixty per ~ I the work of helping the Legionnaires Ro~'. L. Senge, S. V. D., a missionary doesn't matter lYU doubtless recall, was" an election cent of the candy, and seventy per Pineapple Drop Cookies lan dtheir friends enjoy their Paris in Kansu, provides the latest informao )w they crowd me in the street cars [ year in Illinois and Pennsylvania. --- till I couldn't well be flatter.J St. Louis Globe-Democrat. cent of the ladies' hosiery which is ~ ]visit to the full. They wil lbe under tion received by the Society of the sold. --Evelyn A. Cummins in The One-third cup fat, 2-3 cup sugar, 1 Ithe direction of European Commis- Divine Word here concerning the ter- n only a consumer and the strikers~ Living Church. egg, 1 teaspoon lemon extract, 1 1-3 sioner Edward L. Itearn, who had riblo havoc wrought by the recent may go striking, ~ . cups flour 1-4 teaspoon soda, pinch I charge of the Knights' wartime act[v- earthquake in China. ~r it's mine to end my living if it ~ "Gibson married a telephone girl." Isn't to my liking. ~ "Bet he had a hard time getting Marks of Old Age salt, 1-4 cup crushed pineapple. I[ties overseas. Father Senge was in his mission her." Boston Transcri t. There are three marks of old age: beat for one minute. Add extractl166,000 IN CHICAGO quake occurred. As soon as he was n only a consumer and I have no[ p Cream fat, add sugar and egg andI center, giving instructions, when the ExceptSpecial tomiSsinpay the damages. Mine I Thos " I First, the inability to get a new idea; and pineapple and then the rest of I PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS able, he left the misery and ruin a 1 e Chicago bandits who robbed is a queer position; 'l g ue factory were no doubt experi- second, the loss of play instinct; the ingredients, mixed and sifted spread there to visit his various sta- third, the recoil at the notion of ad- Stir up well and drop from end of (By N C W C News Service ~ tions only to find that "one sorrowful Le Fates unite to squeeze me till I l enced stick-up men. Florence (Ale.) venture. Men and women do not spoon on baking sheet. Space theml Chicago, "Se;t. "6.---C'hicago's "twolmessage followed another, all along couldn't well be flatter, I Herald. [grow old who have creative brains, .t I'm only a consumer, so it reallyI who love to play with children and doesn't matter. I The average worker gets $2,000--- youth and who greet the future with limf::: c~l it"getting" when he handsa cheer. le baker tilts the price of breadl y om one fellow to another. upon the vaguest rumor, t Burlington Hawkeye. ! damage to the wheat crop, butI HOUSEHOLD HINTS I'm only a consumer, i The Beggar's Cup it really doesn't matter, for there'sl When raisins fall to the bottom no law that compels me I Into the beggar's cup of the cake either the batter is too thin or the oven not hot enough , pay the added charges on the loaf I drop my mite, of bread he sells me. I who have feet to waN:, or the fruit too moist. Le iceman leaves a smaller piece And eyes for sight. Never put hot foods into your butter and bread crumbs, stir and of a practical nature to restore things, when days are growing hotter, I'm only a consumer and I do not need icewater. business is to draw the checks keep in a good humor, nd it really doesn't matter, for I'm a consumer ! milkman wa~ers milk for me, garlic in my butter, I'm only a consumer, so it does good to mutter. Some day when my own cup All empty stands, I shall hold out to Heaven My suppliant hands. Then may He think of this Small, kindly deed, And fill with heavenly grace My hour of need. ---Rosamond L. McNaught in "The Lamp." that coal is going up and beef getting higher, i Tips on Home Owning :'m only a consumer and I haveI Five major considerations in the need of fire. t selection era home site are location, beefsteak is a luxury that only lproper zoning protection, ave[lab[l- eith is needing; i ity of utilities, accessibility, and care only a consumer and I have no]in the legal matter of the deal. ~.ed of feeding. , [ "The location should be such that ~usiness is to pay the bills a.M/you may judge the type of people ~ep in a good humor, I who will occupy it," Mr Grootemaat I have no other mission, since lstates'should b''The surrounding territory n only a consumer. I e developed. You should I be assured that your children will groce~ sells me addled eggs, the I enjoy associations conducive to the ilor sells me shoddy, I building of character and not at- I'm only a consumer, and I am rtempt a standard of living above mt anybody, and beyond the limits of your pocket- cobbler pegs me paper soles, the book. ]airyman shortweights me. Secondly, the homes[re should be 1 only a consumer and 'most every- proceeded by proper restrictive rues- body hates me. sures, and the ignorance of whatever turnip in my pumpkin pie ashes in my pepper; world's my lazzaxetto and i'm a leper, lay me in my lonely grave and the earth down flatter-- only a consumer and it really oesn't matter! Royal Piety daughters of the ~ ~nish soy- were recently *J~eived into Congregation of the Children of in Madrid. They have shown piety, especially in the last few in the course of the spiritual :ises, given for the intention of women of the aristocracy at the e Religious Slsves of the Heart. T~e infantas went to convent every day early in the and remained until evening, returning to the palace, in to take part in all the exer- of these pious days. mother, Queen Victoria, them a good example in thi~ ,ect. She belongs to the Congre- of Christian Mothers and at- its meetings regularly and goes monthly Communion Mass held chapel of the Congregation.-- The Church and the Bible. Catholic Church cherishes the of it. She believes the to be the Word of God--not a human document. She believes Bible contains no errors. Catho- reverence the Bible so much that rise and stand when it is read kiss it devoutly after reading it. Rejoice Always all make our own skies very[ Our hearts cast their it us, and the projcciiI ~ws tinges the world] us---our world. find on this earth, in a mess- whatever we bring the eyes to A joyous heart finds much joy circumstances and experi- gloomy heart finds no end of A songful spirit hears music but a life that has ~o in itself never hears a tune- even amid the sweetest and harmonies. Such a spirit is, to be pitied, shut in as it is all the sounds of nature and always in the Lord," is of the Psalmist that heed. uses were permitted has caused much unwarranted depreciation of homes. "The property must be accessible Good surfaced streets should run to it, making travel to and from the home convenient. Good transporta- tion facilities must be nearby. Shop- ping areas, schools, churches, and amusements mus~ be conveniently close. "The last consideration is, be care- ful with whom you do business," a real estate dealer said "in warning against possible overstatements by too-zealous salesmen. T~ble Etiquette Yes, olives should be eaten with the fingers. In fact, they should be nibbled. This avoids the embarrassment and necessity of having to take the olive pit from the mouth. Placing the bread and butter plate is always a question. The general rule is to locate it above the tip of the fork at the left of the dinner plate. It is on a line with the water glass which is above the tip of the knife at the right. There is an art, too, in placing the butter knife on the butter plate. Lay it along the rim rather than between rim and cen- ter of plate. In good society after-dinner coffee cups always require small coffee spoons. Teaspoons, however, can be used with breakfast and luncheon coffee. The Hat Although she has an assortment of hats, she wants a new one. (That s the woman of it.) He says he thinks she can get along without it. (That's the man of it.) ~, She insists that she can't, and she's going to get it. (That's the woman of it.) He says "not if he knows it.". (That's the man of it.) She breaks down and weeps. (That's the woman of it.) He gives in. (That's the end ~)f it.)---Judge. Women Do More Shopping An American editor said before an English audience the other day that American women do more shop- ping than the men. She gave some interesting statistics~ Women buy ninety-six per cent of the dry goods refrigerator. Allow them to cool first then cover the dishes they are in before putting them into the refrigerator if you wish to save ice and keep the food cold. To finish plaster board or fiber board fill the nail holes with lin- seed oil puty, and when it is dry paint as you would plastered walls. Flat paint, semi-gloss or gloss paint when crumbs are soft fold in egg whites, vinegar and nuts. Put into baking dish, sprinkle with brown sugar and bits of butter. Bake 30 minutes in moderate oven. Serve with cream or milk. Nurse was bringing little Ella home from a par~y and took her hand to help her up a high curbstone. "Gracious me, Ella!" she cried CARD. MUNDELEIN MONTREAL CITY'S GUEST OF HONOR since we are totally without funds or facilities of any kind." Father Sange said that he and his Christians were gathered together for morning prayers when the quake, which lasted a full half-hour, began. The tremors, he said, were so severe that one had difficulty in standing. Mission Church Wrecked. "In the yard we huddled close to- gether though we were s6arce able to can be used on plaster board and "how sticky your hands are." ] remain on our feet," he continued. fiber board. " " "So would yours be," replied EllaI W]th the dust of falling earth and serenely, "if you had two meringues walls, the atmosphere became dark- Dahlias are beginning to flower and a chocolate eclair in your muff."[ ened, and we were scarcely aMe to in some gardens; ~ the dahlia 'is ---Witt. inence Cardinal Mundelein of Chi see the sun. First to fall was ames- really a Fall blooming plant,and " ~cago,who is visitin the rinci ai sivo buttress built about our com- , g P P . . ' J~m pound as security against the frequent the late flowers are usually the best. " , look at that woman over l cities of eastern Canada, was the . there " !uestof th cit f ~ n" al toni ht invasions of robber bands This great . g e y o ~v~o ~re g , " However, if you want to get an "What woman over where'" If "l ....... wall tottered, burst asunder, and col- abundance o blooms from now on,, , , |01 owingms appearancea~iyloun~" supply plant food freely. ' ] "Why that woman standing over [Royal yesterday, when he addressed llapsed' completely destroying the ~here m the ~church bmldmg from whmh we has [ " corner, with the green ]more than 10,000 people, including a I ...... s ' ~,, jus~ emerge~. ~ "o 'o dres . Doesn t she look atrocmus 1 rest bed of working men ............ Chocolate Nut Cookies "You mean the --^ ~- *~- .... "- | g ,,- Y ...... :, ,~ -'J~nowing ~na~ t snored ve rdquirea ~< One tablespoon grated chocolate, 1 ~ ~,,= ,,, ~,,~ s~=,, ~ t~on~reai ueserves the ~;l~le, ~ome,on ev'cr side i be an at once to cup chopped nuts, 1 cup seeded rais-~dress?" [of America," declared His Eminence,[ - f -- ' "~g - ['"Yes th~,,_ ,~ .... ,, I. ,. . , , .... search ~or ~ne sacreo symoom o~ my ins, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons ~, ~ ~ ~m: v~. !ln'aoaresslng a large numoer oI wa~n ..... l" m "elon in s Were ~ mmmtry. ~ ~ y o g g butter, 1-2 cup milk, 1 teaspoon soda, ~ "Why, that's my wife." ~olics',and non-Catholics at the recep- u-set and scattered far and wide 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Cream butter ~ "Your wife? The one in the green ~tion in his honor tonight. ~,~ T ~.+.~a ~ h~ttle of holy water and sugar together and add egg wellss? , Montreal, said His Eminence, is from the debris, and with a faithful catechist ran out through the settle- beaten. Mix together flour, soda and chocolate and add alternately with the milk. Stir in raisins, nuts and cinnamon. Drop from spoon; bake in hot oven. Corn Oysters One can corn, 2 eggs, little salt, 3-4 cup of flour. Beat the eggs; add the corn, flour and seasoning. Drop by spoonfuls on a well-greased grid- dle and cook like pancakes on both sides. Chipped Beef With Eggs Tear into tiny shreds enough chip- ped beef to make 1 cup, cover with boiling water, let stand 5 minutes and drain. Melt a large tablespoon of butter in a frying pan, add the dried beef, heat thoroughly, then add 6 well beaten eggs, season with pep- per and salt and stir until creamy. Serve with buttered toast. Round Steak en Casserole One pound round steak, cut 1-inch thick, 1-2 cup flour, 1 tablespoon onion cu~ fine, 2 tablespoon green pepper cut fine, 1 cup diced carrots, 2 cups water, 2 teaspoons salt. Cut meat in four pieces. Pound the flour into the meat on both sides. Butter a casserole, add a layer of meat, then onions and green peppers. Add car- rots. Add salt to the water and pour over meat. Cover closely. Place in moderate oven and allow to cook slowly for 2 hours. More water may be needed before the meat is done. Assorted Salad One cup Malaga~grapes, 1 cup pine apple, 1 cup sliced apples, 1 cup chopped nuts, 1 cup chopped seeded raisins, 1 large orange, cut fine: Ar- range on lettuce leaves with follow- ing dressing: Beat 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon cream, 3 teaspoons sugar, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, pinch salt. Cook in double boiler and when cool add 1-2 pint cream, whipped or plain. Deviled Liver "Yea, the one in the green dress." (Pause.) "Well, Jim, allow me to congratu- late you." "How's that?" "Huh--you ought to see my wife.'; ~Los Angeles Times Recently the widow of a farmer, striving to keep the farm going, had some difficulty with her hens, and wrote the following letter to the De- pertinent of Agriculture: "Something is wrong with my chickens. Every morning when I come oat I find two or three lying on the ground cold and stiff with their feet in the air. Can you tell me what is the matter?" After a little while she received the following letter from the Depart- ment: "Dear Madam: Your chickens are dead." ! An old farmer ,was driving a mare that interfered very ,badly. A pass- ing friend, observing the mare's an- tics, cried out: "Say, Si, that mare of yours in- terferes pretty bad, don't she?" " Si paused, spat voluminously, and shrilled, "Yes, she interferes, 'all right; but she don't interfere with nobody but herself!" "Are you sure it was a marriage license you gave me last month?" "Certainly, sir, why?" "Because I've led a dog's life ever since." K. OF C. SECRETARIES ACCOMPANY LEGION MEMBERS TO PARIS the outstanding city on this continent for a Catholic to visit. I cannot see why our people should be so anxious to travel re the other side,, when in Montreal there are more fine relig- ious institutions than anywhere, ex- cept in the Eternal .City." This remarkable tribute to the me- tropolis of Canada was made~ after Mayor Martir~ had read a short ad- dress of wblcome and before several hundreds of men and women had been presented to the Cardinal and had kissed his episcopal ring. The city hall was ablaze with lights, and in the great marble reception hall a dais has been erected for the Cardinal and monsignori who have accom- panied him from Chicago. Archbish- op Gauthier was seated beside Car- dinal Mundelein who~ greeted every- body, rich and humble, with a smile, and a few words as each passed by after their names had been announce~ by J. Etienne Gauthier, city clerk. On Way to Quebec. Cardinal Mundelein went to Ottawa today and dined at the archepiscopal palace with the Papal Legate return- ing to Montreal for the reception to- night. His Eminence leaves for Que- bec tomorrow. OLD SPANISH MISSION AT SANTA CLARA IS TO BE REBUII..T merit. First I was surrounded by pa- gans, all of whom knew me well. At the entrance of one abode was an old mother of 70 years, whose leg had been torn from her body by a falling beam. Piteously she cried to me for baptism, and I fulfilled her dssires, rejoicing in the fact that she should even thu sobtain the r~ward of a Deviled Liver can be made as great a~ delicacy as chicken, ham or tongue, if prepared with the livers Of chicken or calves. To give it the true Continental flavor., it should be fried in a small quantity of beef drippings, to which has been added a little pal~rika. The amount o~ liver used is about 1 pound. Af.ter fry- ing, chop the liver so ~finely that it becomes almost a paste. Add 1-2 blessed eternity. The earth was still quaking as we moved about from side to side." Pagan Idols Destroyed. "The picture everywhere before our eyes was frightful to behold," Father Senge~ continued. "The ma- jestic~. pagan temples, together with the houses of the natives, were fallen into indistinguishable masses of ruins, ber~eath many of which their children lay ~crushed and mangled. O Lord, to behold the wailing mother; it was an awful sight. Then, here and there, were rich landowners sitting upon, ruined foundations of their homes, their riches scattered, their cattle dis- p,ersed, or injured, or kill/~d. Every- t~ing of value was totally destroyed. NEARLY HALF CHICAGO MARRIAGES END IN A DIV()RCE (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Chicago, Sept. 8.---More than 40 ~er cent of the marriages made in I Chicago end in the divorce court. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) I This, is the condition revealed by Santa Clara, Calif., Aug. 29.--The the judges df the Superior and Cir- old Mission Santa Clara, founded by~, cult Courts who are facing a fall the Franciscan Fathers in 1777, is to term calendar o~ 17,000 divorce be reproduced in exact duplicate. The suits. This is an increase of 100 per shady cloisters, and adobe bell-tower cent in a year. Last year 40,000 --reminders of the days when the marriage licenses were issued. Padres gathered red-skinned disc[- At the rate divorces are multiply- ples within the shelter of their white ing it is predicted that time soon will (By N. C. W. C. News Set'vice) walls--will rise again on the site of come when the number of divorces ~ New Haven, Conn., Sept. 8. At the fragile edifice that the Fathers will equal the marriages. least two Knights of Columbus see- De la Pens and Marguia established] retabies are on board each of the lin- one year after the American Decla- "CHURCH TO CHRIST, ers carrying members of the Ameri- ratio~ of Independence was signed. KING, IN ENGL)kND, IS can Leg(on to their annual Convert- But the duplicated edifice will re- PLANNED BY PRIEST tion in ~aris, September 19 to 25. semble the mission of Spanish timesi These secretaries who, since the close only in appearance. Insi(te the adobeI (By N C. W. C. News Service.) of the war, have been~ engaged in walls and rough-hewn timber of the] London, Sept. 5---What is said to eari~g for the wants of thothsands ofconcreteld structUreand structuralWill be thesteelreinforcedof re ~lbe th6 first', church in E~'gland dedi- disabled veterans and inwfl1 e: act[v- , p @- cated to Christ the King has been [ties for ex-service men, " o ganize ent-day construction ]o ened at Alfreton, Derbyshire, by p games and entertainments on board The new mission will be erected by Bishop Dunn of Nottingham. At the ship for the pleasure of the Legion- the University of Santa Clara and will same time was celebrated the first naires and their friends during the voyage. In France they'will be in charge of stations for the distribution of creature comforts under the Knights' familiar slogan, "Everybody Welcome Everything Free." Rest rooms and information bu- reaus will be opened in the center of Paris for the convenience of visitors to the convention. K. of C. secre- be fireproof and quakeproof. Work High Mass the town has seen since is to begin immediately and,the cost the Reformation. will be $150,000. When completed Father, Joseph Heald, redtor of the it will be the fourth to house the new church, which will seat 150, was .~ mission church since it was founded his own architect and clerk o~ ~thei in 1.777. The original church stood]works. on the bank of the Guadalupe Creek,t A public procession Of the Blessed-. '~ on the old Laurelwood ranch. A few Sacrament through the streets Of the years after its dedicatiori it wag de-J town formed a part,of the opd~aing stroyed by flood, program, ,