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September 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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September 17, 1927

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Page Six ............ ' ...... .... , - r .... THE GUARDIAN, SEPT. 17, 1927 ,r .....: ..................... _-_- .................... ,~ into existence, and before the vast of vibrations Which it must receive l! Territory of Arkansas became a when the colored folks get going l • I , State. DeSoto himself, and the Fran- good. It s a shelter rather than a Mission ,o,~ ~C~.v,,~ , ciscan Fathers with him, after cross- building---apparently a thatched roof __ .....__ ......... _ .................... --_- ...... ing the Mississippi river near Chicka- supported by heavy beams--and lo- saw Bluffs, continued to push oncared only a few yards from the road, MARY IMMACULATE MISSION assist in that great and supreme fight, w~s~ward and gave the name of St. so that its quite convenient to sit HOUSE. That fight when the angels wait in Francis to the placid stream which in one's machine"and enjoy what is expectation to see if the soul will drains the greater part of the black happening. R. J. Marmon. persevere and the devil there roaring gumbo land between Crowley's Plenty happens ordinarily• This for his prey. How can a soul battle Ridge (on which Forrest City is le- one was slowed up, due apparently to Hoxle. agaimCt the powers of darkness un- cated) on the west, and the Mississ- the preacher addressing his entire There was a goodly number in at- less they have used.each day in pre- ippi river on the east• The name of tendance at Mass Sunday morning, paring for the hour of the great sum- this beautiful, winding stream is a Announcement was made that there mons? Great and supreme is the lasting testimony of the faith of the would be a choir rehearsal at 2:30. goodness and mercy of God, but re- men who discovered it, the majestic Three members came and with them a member we dare not tempt God and cypress trees, which skirt the banks rehearsal of new music was made. presume that He will grant us time of the river and send their fern-like Strange but three made their appear- to settie our accounts and to have tops into the very blue of heaven, elder were concluded by his intro- ance whereas there should have been the ministrations of His Priests. That are symbolic of the prayers of St. ducing the speaker of the evening, 12. How can people expect to be sould gradually sank from the hour Francis rising before the throne of Rev. George Johnson, of Hamburg. able to sing w~en they do not prac- when the Sacraments were adminis- God and imploring the gift of fa~lth The Rev. Mr. Johnson was a young tice? It matters not what line of tered and at 1:10 a. m. Tuesday took upon that region first named in his man, well dressed in a light gray activity you mention a person to its flight, honor; the meandering tributaries, suit, wearing tremendous horn-rim- make a success of it must be capable A requiem Mass was said for the which flow from every part of the med glasses and an air of deep medi- of giving of their best. In athletics repose of that soul Wednesday morn- territory and leisurely give up their ration. the athlete must devote hours of ing at 9 o'clock. At present the waters to the parent stream, are pled- He began with a few preliminary strenuous labor before he is even giv- faithful of Newport are without a ges of God's promise to St. Francis remarks, inaudible to those on the en so much as an opportunity to show church• The services were held in that the territory will one day be re- road, but immediately announced his ability. For anything worldly the mortuary chapel of the O. A1- claimed by Him. very distinctly that the Our Father people always find time and nearly bright Furniture Co. The relatives was meritorious prayer, and conse- always overcome great inconvenience all non-Catholic a few Catholics and And it seems that St. Francis is quently it should be sung• It was. to do what suits their whim, but let some non-Catholics were in attend- beginning to have his way After a and excellently, too. Possibly the the cause of Christ, the Church, and ance at the Mass. There have been lapse of about three centuries from mode of singing a prayer so sacred in fine the salvation of their soul few Catholic funerals iff Newport. the time when the name of St. Fran- in a manner somewhat profane, did be the question and excuses come, al- After the Mass a lengthy and instruc- .cis was given to the river, his name seem just a bit comical to the white ~ays urged on by the devil. The tire explanation of the service was is given to a new Mission House at stagers who came showed their good made. The use of the vestments Forrest City, and a new spiritual life listeners, but to this congregation will, their co-operation, their willing- the why and wherefore of their be- seems to be infused into the faithful, gathereff for the purpose of "getting ness to do and give of their best and ing worn, the reason why there ~s What a transformation there has tak- religion" it was a serious matter and in their own way they put real fer, this was greatly appreciated and they such a thing as a priest his manner en place a~ St. Francis' Church, For- vor into it, even if it was a little can rest ~assured that such kindness o;f life the sacrifice f the Mass and rest City, and at Immaculate Con- jazzy. upon their part will not be forgot- details were explained. This was the ception Church at Wynne. When ten. first time such explanation was ever meeting an old friend after several The Our Father was sung twice, the second time even better than the Singing is a part of divine worship, made at ~ Catholic funeral in New- months' absence, we notice more and many" saintly writers clai~ that port. Non-Catholics after the serv- readily any change that has taken first• There are some real singers they who sing at either Mass, Bene- ices expressed themselves as greatly place than if we were constantly pre- among the negroes and it is when they diction services or at any services in enlightened and stated that they had sent. Such was the case when I saw lend their voices to religious music the Church, pray twice. In addition, never known that the burial service Forrest City and Wynne last Sun- that they do their best• there is an indulgence granted to for the Catholic dead was so selemn, day. After the song, the preacher stated those who take part in~ the singing yet so consoling, his text• This was inaudible, too. It of the divine praises. There will be Much credit is due the Albright ' I used to think that the Church must be a custom with them to al- another rehearsal Sunday afternoon Furniture Co. "for the manner inproperty at Forrest City was not very ways begin talking in an extremely and it is expected that more will make which they arranged the chapel for desirable. It is located on a spa- low tone of voice• We weren't more their appearance• the Mass and this was greatly appre- cious plot of ground, on the side of than twenty yards away, but could Notification was also made of.the ciated. Nothing was left undone up- a hill, in the ~southern part of the only hear a gentle rumble as he change in the schedule of Sundayon their part to make all as near as town.. Formerly a thicket of young started speaking• Mass, also that beginning with Sun- possible suitable for th'e services. Mr. saplings and underbrush at the foot The congregation was small this day evening,.September 25, catechism Hawthorn, who received his training of the hill gave the approach to the • evening about thirty-five or forty will be tat~ght at 7 p.m. Every child under the direction of Healy & Roth Church and rectory a ragged appear- people, mostly men and women with as well as all of the young people of ~Little Rock, had direct charge of ance. This has been cleared away will b~ expected to be present and the funeral and so managed everyand the Church can be seen from the a scattering of children. Four men in the front row drew particular at- to~ know the lesson assigned. How detail so to give evidence that the distance with its newly shingled roof, ten~ion. Somber of countenance, can people who have been baptized training received has not been for- its attractive little porches at the and profess to be Catholics live as gotten, even if seldom called upon to Church and sacristy entrances, its very somber almost too somber to meant it, they sat there waiting for Catholics should unless they knowhave charge of a Catholic funeral new bell tower, with bell, adjoining religion• At the time we left they their catechism? It is imlbossible. Mrs. C.¢H. Walton has much to bethe Church at the sacristy entrance, were still waiting. It makes one sort They are not capable of ex- thanked for. It was she who under plaining the faith which they pro- great difficulties secured the priest The change within has been just of wonder if religion did come' 1/o fess. While the catechism will for the dying; consoled the agonizing as noticeable. A large mission cru- them. Seems so too bad that they'd be taught to the children and and was with them when death came. cifix, to the left of the church, im- have to carry such a doleful look and young people the parents are asked She it was who superintended every mediately attracts one's attention on that the preacher should have to talk to be present and to bring any onedetail and saw that all was taken care entering. Almost as noticeable is the so hard, without success on either who is interested ~n ~atholicity or of. Almighty God, Who never leaves absence of the immense wood stove side. " those who desire to know the truths a labor of love go undone will re- which formerly occupied a central For the preacher certainly did talk of the One True Faith. The Rosary ward her and her family for what position in the church and did much hard. The hum of his voice when he and Litany will be recited aYter the was~done for one of God's own. In- to obscure the view of the beautiful started increased in volume shortly, catechetical instruction,and will be little altar, until :~ length he could be heard followed by the Benediction with the Now that~the problem of coping five blocks away, or at least, four. Most Blessed Sacrament. Remember with flood conditions in the sacristy, He gesticulated, waved his arms, the instruction begins Sunday eve- every time it rains, has been satisfac- lowered his voice to an almost dying- ning, September 25th. at 7 p.m., torily settled by the new roof, the out quality, only to suddenly raise it and will continue each Sunday eve- sacristy has been refloored and the again to its highest pitch, and his ning thereafter. With the work at walls and ceilings covered with build- facial expres~sion~ would have done the other missions Sunday evening is maculate, Hoxie, St. George, Knobe], er's board and panelled with small credit to LOn Chaney. the only time catechism can be taught and St. John, Newport: lath's in a very artistic manner. The The sermon was interesting. St. at Mary Immaculate and ~t is ex-Mary Immaculate, Hoxie First excellent appointments of the sacris- Joseph was hopelessly confused with pected that co-operation will be had and third Sunday (and when a fifth), ty are the result of the combined ef- Joseph of the Old Testament, and it on the part of all. Mass at 10 a.m. Second and fourth ~forts of pastor, active altar society was somewhat shocking to hear ¢ • Ylsi~atlon of Stations. Sunday Mass at 7 a.m. anal faithful m~ssion friends from Jacob spoken of in such intimate Thursday morning Mass was offer-Beginning with .September 25th, manyparts of ~he United States. terms as "old man Jacob," but one ed in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Catechetical Instructions at 7 p. m. /But recent improvements have noti could forgive all ,this on account of Burch at Imboden, Frittay at the home each Sunday. been limited to church alone. The the seriousness ~ith which the ser- of Mrs. Myrtle McCarver near Raven- St. George, Knobel First and third rectory, especially in the interior, has men was delivered. And the serious- den, Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs:~. E. Denny in Black Rock, been changed beyond recognition, ness with which it was received. Sunday morning at 6 o'clock at the The new arrangements seem to have This man was preaching Jesus home of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Robert been the result of a happy juggling Christ, just as sincerely as a priest process. The effect has been an en- will preach the doctrine. And his in ~Minturn. Mass and on Saturday when there is tirely new home, as convenient and people received his words with equal Catechetical instruction was given no Sunday visitation, attractive as if it had been built out- sincerity. He thought, and they - / on the previous evenin~ at the hon4es St: John, Newport Second an~d right instead of having been remod- thought, that they were making the where there are young: people. At fourth Sunday of each month at 9:30 eled. In furnishing the interior of best possible use of their religious the other places the homes were vis- a. m., at the Imperial Laundry. Care- the rectory at Forrest City, which instincts. ited and necessary explanations were chetical~nstruction after the Mass. will be th~ missmnaries' headquarters, One can't help but ~vonder what made. No schedule for the ~tations, as the St. Francis Congregation has been would be the effeed~ on them if a Newport. weather conditions rule more or less. particularly assisted by the Immac- Catholic priest, be he white or black, With the opening of Mary hnmac-I ulate ........... ~ • ~ I ' [ ulate Conception Congregation at .... lumsmn house ~ne ~u~os~on o~I ST. FRANCIS' MISSION HOUSE t Wynne. The missiens in general could work among them, get their hi;! aonn a,~ 1"~ewpor~,, wmcn~mu Dee,n_ i Forrest City, Ark. I have all joined hands in the enter- confidence and show them the beau- ~ten~e~ t)y p~.esrs .~r_om b~./a~nn s t -- " ~ , I prise. It, is a notable exhibition of ~ies of the Church. They are almost ~emmary, was receded in the terri-~ ......... |wh-~ --~ ~'~ done ~,, small but dee~ asking for just that. A negro, the ....... l ~as~ ~unuay was tne xirs~ ~imeI~ ........ -~ ~- of them, is religious. tory to be cared ~or ~rom nox~e, the . ~ ~ '1 inte ested rou S o ft~-e faithful usual run I . . . ~ ~ ....... I smce ~anuary 1st, that I attended Y r g p ~ • ac~ua~ transfer ~m no~ ~aKepmce] ........ ~ I ~ ~ Emotionally so, but religious• They ....... ~ . , , any o~ ~ne m~sslons belongmg to wh~t v ...~...~_ -v ~ "s hasn't l un~i~ ~ne zirs~ o~ ~ep~emoer. _ , , " ~ ~ ~,.~ ...... Franc~ ~ads~eal and lie and break the law con- I; rnt~r ~tmoF:$bnsCl; Ml~:~l: ?J::: l:°smientth:n~ ~°/:~ths]tt~eth:Sty'~'r:n-sistently, but beneath that is a Saturday evenmg, Sept~ber 3, a o e ri s - s summons came to the misMon house larI h .... ~" " I p - strata of good that only awaits de- to care for a person' in danger of li ~ y au assm~eu more or ~ess regu-]iards entrusted the keeping of~the velopment. The Church could de- " . l lm'ly in caring for the missions, locat- land drained by the river with the velop it. Communities of colored death W~ were in Knobel and k ........... being' "~i~npossible to reach' ±~ewpor~'~ " un- lea. ,a~,,~nat ..... time m,~ne~ ~err]tory~ at-~]clear.. ~laeid water, and the giant Catholics have proven themselves to ~u ....... an early nour ~on ~unaay. corn- i tacnea. ....... ~o ~. aonn s ~ission nouseac,,,ress7 ~ trees alon~s the banks~- • I be morall~'as good as the whites. - a~ ~rmKmy. ~. aonn's Mission House think h~ has munication was had with St. John After the many years of the type Seminary and the Very Rev. S. J.~territ°ry comprised almost five thou- Next week I'll tell you what I saw of religion they have enjoyed, a lot Poe,pies, Dean of Missions, an-Isand square miles. This vast terri- at Wynne. of teaching and a lot of patience swered the summons. Arriving at tory has since been divided and the would be required. Newport he was informed that a stray eastern portion of the territory McGEHEE transferred to the new St. Francis' Intellectually the negro is not as st/eep was greatly in need of his serv- far advanced as his white neighbor, ices. A soul for which Christ suffer- Mission House at'Forrest City. St. Winands Mission materially he is nat in a position to ed and died was soon to pass from The new Mission House took its A negro revival has been going on support a church, but spiritually he ~ime into eternity. ~ Wha* was the name from the mission church of St. her~ for the past two weekse. Last has the fundamentals necessary for condition of that soul? Howhad they Francis located at Forrest City. The Sunday evening "the writer had the understanding and retaining the Ca- lived? In fine it was like many a name of St.-Francis is by no means soul'the missionary priest finds upon unknown in the new mission terri- tholic religion, and;being made a bet- the missions. Years.away from the tory. The County of which Forrest ter man because of it. Mass and the Sacraments. The last City is county seat is St. Francis rites of the Church were administer-' County. The name of St. Francis v