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September 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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September 17, 1927

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mr B4md Boci~ Item te TIN Gmu'diu W. fJeeend Phone $486 Future Social Events SOCIAL CALENDAR THE GUARDIAN; SEPT. 17, 1927 Page Three should make the regulars this year'~ ............. ~ Ihelp which the Extension Society has " without fail, and he is the life of the ]i ' /~Jfll]~[l~|V ]] Igiven to the missions in the Philip- All ~ !~ squad. 'ii ~UlIW/tl Hlpino Islands. Dr. McGuinet~ made a Practice will be held every after-'l~ / survey of the missions throughout the m~t be tl noon on the White City Field ifi prep-i ' ~ ~ ' ' '/ Islands last winter and was cordially by aration for the first game of the}First Solemn High Mas, of the Rev. received on all sides. 2ht~day moore. T season which will be played at Kav-IAlphomse' J. Farce, C. S. Sp.The university of Santo Tomas ha~ anaugh Field on Friday, September} -- achieved a high place among Catholic 30th, with the "Bulldogs" of Hendrix1" On Sunday, September 4, 1927, St.] institutions of higher education. It he formal opening of Little Rock as opponents. Arrangements are be-/ffoseph Parish of Conway, Arkansas, was founded in 1641, 3~years beforg College took place the past week with a greatly increased registration. Sol- ing made to accommodate ,the large witnessed the first solemn High Mass Harvard University became a high emn religious ceremonies marked the crowd which is expected for the con- aung by Rev. AlphGnse Farce, C. S. school. It has upheld the torch of opening exercises with a Solemn High test, the first between these two elev- Sp., who had been ordained on Sat- learning for nearly 300 years and October 4.mBenefit Card Party by ladies of St. Edward's Church at the parish hall, afternoon and evening. :uesday, September 27--Benefit card party by ladies of St. Ed- ward's Church at Parish Hall, Ninth and Ferry streets. Maetta Morrissey of Fordyce, with Right Reverend Abbot of Sub~- home Monday after a two ace Abbey as celebrant. The deacons stay in Memphis. of honor were: Father Flaherty and Father Stephen; deacons of the Mass: Thee Dehmer and daughter, Father Jerome and Father Alphonse; are visiting firends in masters of ceremonies: Father Albert fington, D.C. and Father Peter. Very Reverend Mass celebrated in St. John's chapel, Morris Hall, at 9 a. m., with the en- tire student body present. The mere- bers of the faculty occupied reserved pews in the front of the chapel. The Mass was celebrated by the Rev. James P. Moran, LL.D., presi- dent of the college, assisted by the Rev. Thomas L. Keany, Ph.D., Dean of the college, as deacon; the Rev Georg6 F. X. Strassner, A. M., Regis- trar, as sub-deacon, and the Rev. John J. Healy, A. M., as master of cere- monies. The sermon, an exposition of the position of the Catholic Church ens in many years, and one which give the followers of the Eagles an excellent opportunity to size up the type of material which will represent the Purple and White on the gridiron this year. Faculty Meeting Following the formal opening of the college on Thursday last, the first meeting of the faculty was held in the college library with the Rev. James P. Moran, president, in the chair. It was an interesting meeting from start to finish, and a general outline of the work for the year was urday, August 27, 1927, at ~Norwalk, numbers ma~ny famous men among its Conn. alumni. Solemn Services. Dr. McGuiness was informed of At 9 o'clock, amid the joyful ring- the honor conferred upon him last ing of St Joseph's bells, Rev. A1- week. Ordained at St. Charles Sem- phonso Farce was conducted by twen- linary' Overbrook, Pc., in 1915, Dr. ty flower girls and many altar boys McGuiness labored in the work of the from school to church where a large lPropagation of the Faith in the die- gathering of relatives and friends ceso of Philadelphia, until he became - awaited the young Levite's ascending associated with the Rt. Rev. Ms~. the altar of God for the first time. W. D. O'Brien, in the work of the During the sacred rite the Rev. A. Catholic Church Extension Society in Lachowsky functioned as deason and Chicago. the Rev H. Thessing as sub-deacon -" (both young priests from St. Joseph Many a man who in his boyhood on education, was preached by the gone over and acted on. Announce- parish and former schoolmates of was made to practise at the piano Father Basil, Prior of New Subiaco Rev. John J. Healy, A M and was ment of all committees for the year Father Favre). The arch-deacon was two hours every Saturday now has Massar of the Kempner Shoe Abbey was Archpriest. Father Prior a masterly effort A full"report of were made by the president, and the none other than the well known and a son who thinks himself abominably ," has returned from an ex- preached an eloquent sermon on the s%rvices w{ll be given in next Rev. John J. Healy was appointed to former pasto~ of St. Joseph's, Rev. treated if he doesn't have the family u vacation in the West. Charity The choir rendered beauti- week's issue of The Guardian act as secretary of the faculty meet- p, Zell, C. S. Sp. Rev. Father Maurus, car for the three-day excursion each ful music Following the religious services, ings for the year. O.S.B., and Rev. T. L. Keany, from week-end.---Knickerbocker Press. , ."cle No. 1 will meet next Tues- The busi .... Student Actsv,tses ,, " hess meeting was opened patnotm exercises, were held on the . Little Rock, were present in the at 3 o clock at the Holy Souls Monday morning with prayer by the oval around the flag pole, where the With the opening of the college the sanctuary. Pedestrians have their rights. Pre- cn. All memoers are urgea ~ospiritual director, Reverend Father addresswas given by the Rev. Thomas student activities in many lines of After the Mass Rev. Favre bestow- sumably the last rites.--Wall Street d. Peter Post of Fort Smith. L. Keany, Ph.D., Dean of the College efforffwere immediately taken up by ed his blessing individually first upon Journal. The minutes were re As the flag was raised the facult the various sometles of the college vid ~" . ..-~--7~. ~. , _ i ad and the " y ..... " his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Favre; ~urst, ~z4 ~aroer ..~venue, the treasurer made her report, both and student body gave the salute and The Freshman Rule was put rote el- next upon his brothers and sisters, -,~ ~unuay 1or Detrmt, Mich., to were annroved the pledge of allegiance fect immediately after the first meet- ~,~,,~. ~,1,~,, ,,,~ R;~ v~r;,,,;~a . - ~ - --~ t~,~ TT.~.o ~. TT "11 Z. J .c-*~ o , .. ...*..,~-~~ ..--v ............... ........ "~'~9 mJ~/ wm - ~,o~,:y~p~vers~y. ne win SLuUy Several instructive and interesting, Ad3ournment was then taken to mg of thesophomore class, and from formerly known as Miss Josephine Fa- I1~'~"~~ -y ..... s, ....... s talks were ~iven bv the Nationn~ the college gymnasium where the now untn TnanKsglvmgl)ay, ~ne ~'ur- vre, now a Sister of Mercy; and then ~/~ ~1~~ - -- 77-'--7.,,. -'.Women's Catholic lJnion s~niritual:di" first student conference of the year plo Friars will have charge o the upon all who presented themselves ~~, ,m ~~' ann upporl;unlt:y :t~a,a marrlea i rector Reverend Father ~vr ....... ~ was held The members of the fac-enforcement of the rule. at the railing At 7:30 p. m. Vespers I~&~a~~ ::?yn::d P;::k~:$:i:usmAs:~!St. Louis" Father Peter also~b;ought ulty occupied places on the platform, Meetings of the glee ~lub, orches- were chanted, followed by Benedic- N t~remeyer, near Mable:a~e,I out many good pointers in the talk while the college classes were ranged tra,, choir, debating societies, dramat- tion with the Most Blessed Sacra- ~ ~-~-'~'f~~ Ro~t- "~,,+~ ~ Ihe gave Rt. Rev. Abbot made a about the spacious auditorium with ic Society, St. John Berchman Soci- ment. The renditions of the choir as ~~~" _"~'"~&'~ I the seniors holdm the lace of honor et the class orgamzatmns and 1 fful dec rat1 ns f short address in a very encouragin~ g P Y, well as the beaut o o o ~ ~ ' te ladies -~ ~+ w-------~ .... a,~ oh .... ~.]nature. ~ in the front of the hall. The Rev. other societies were scheduled to be the altars and the church heightened ~~~l~l -ive a benefit car" r" n ~ ' The meetin ad'ourne .... Joseph M. Burns, A. M., Prefect of held during the week. the festivities of the day. ,, ~: .... - " : a pa ~y o wues- g 3 u wl~n prayer Dis i " " t s J c phne, then read the rules for Alumm No e October 4, afternoon and eve-I until Tuesday mc~rning, when the elec .. " Sermon by Rev. Peter Zell, C. S. Sp. ~~ ~=--~=====~---=====~ .... " ~ne year, giving a short ex |auction The members of the Alumni were A prize will be given at each~tlon of officers took place with the for " " P ' " 1 " The sermon on the occamon of Rev. ~n/]t ~/el~, ~ ~mnd refreshments will be served i following'result. Father Peter Post .eacn..~me which will be in force highly, pleased with the no~es m a~ Favre's First Solemn ,Mass was deliv- ./}.ILl &l&la~-~ -- of Fort Smith, spiritual director; Mrs at the college this year. At the con- weeks issue of the Guardian, and vc ered by Rev. Peter Zell, C. S. Sp. ~, ]~1t1#;/1~ #'t~ E ........ ~ ~ ....... . " cmsion of the reading, the nresident is hoped that some action will come -~-~,~,+~t-~+~h ,~r~o+h~]v ..... ,~ mm ~j~/kl4kl~L, I.]1 roll |omasMorrlssey,WhO attenoecl ~r. ~eller oI runs, ARK, president: .... " . ...... ~ ................. ,,* --,~ .......... ~ r" .... --_ -gl --. m t gave a snore aaoress of welcome to from the suggesuon cnac a compmce OvldeMusm School of Murat, Mrs. H.G. Nagel of Perry, Ark.,yiee ................ hfe, and after congratulating bo~h -~aa~) ~~ )1~ York Clt I resl ~no smoen~s, s~ressmg the need of hst be mane o~ zne successes oI ~ne y, spent the week-end,P dent; Mrs. L. P. Hammer of Fort Io alt to "th " " ti the parents as well as the newly or- [] ~'~'$ VO'$~ ~'~, hi arents 1 Sml Y y e collegeand to the members of the Alumm Assoma on "~ p ~' "n Fordyce before] "th, Ark., secretary, and Mrs Ed . . . , dained prie.~t, Father Zell spoke at "= . " ' '" ec~'on withl~inninco :" " ,N. ]~erris of Michigan, and is corn-l,, " . il g mmnatmn which Coach Jthe teaching of the nmsic so that aI " -1~;~ '-~ ~ .......... ~t Geor~'e~~wn o~ @' -|' Official Notes deeper appreciation of the'~-reat mas Murphy hopes to produce at the col- ~'~*'~ ,'"~,~'~" ...... .... i |~ AMNIg~| Tl~lPllklF'_ ~JIV MlT', IM lg~OATIfiM ~ ~ ext Tuesday, September 20, at 8 ters may be instilled into the rece-- rage tins ~ear. ~t was a happy, care-[ .......... I |~ ' ~ | v, ~uwara ~,aney, iormer~y ol tne, free crowd of youn sters and et in SUITE 411 BOYLE BUILDING 1., regular meeting and electron live minds of the young" students g , Y [ ............. ~.: .... ]|.~ , *\ ~"| ff:cors ~ +~ .... ;~, +~ r~l ~, " " I their a~oearance and demeannr nneI*a~6 class, is now loca~eu in w,,~, ~ | , . ............. ~ ....... -= ........ ,s ~= ...... zuass of the Hol .......... ) LIIILIP~ /~UUJI%~.AIKI% ' e du ........... " I * y Ghost was read i could sen=e a s-'irit of detei " "" tt11., where he is employed Oy'one of, I ! ! ~. ~y oi each ~nign~ to oe pres- tha~ mor " ~ v -mmauon ! " " . - , t~ .... , ..... ] nlng by our reverend pastor, I+~ ..;~ ~ ............. ,th~ leadin~ architectural firms m d~at, ~ ~| ~ ~ms meeting ann an his part~.~__..: .~.. .~ . i~- , .... ~,m cove~euchampionship Ior~ ." ~ ~ " , ..... ]! ~ ~ ~ . ~uun~Jgnor W. d. Tynm. " C~Ly. He raduateo wi~n -cue aegTee . . dectmg efficient and faith] ul of- On Thursda the I thmr Ahna Mater this coming sea-I g ,e,s,t" ! ! ' Dmmonds Watches Novelties ......... I y first meeting of son CoachMu.~- ~ ....... C.E fromPurdueUnl, '. y, e" ~ g,,$ . I! " ~s. .he life ann vitality oz our the arc , . . . ! q,.y ,as a ~Kely roOK-} . " ." 1, I ~ . . . ! .......... [ P nt-Teaebers Assoc,at,on wlll,ing squad and one which .,'n ~'. ^~h:.~ class at gradua.;on, tEImo; I ~ Wedam , oroer aepenas solely on tt~e e~- hel .. , n;lt, ~;,vc ..~ . . . . . ) ~ ,~ ~ .~.-*, ~.~~,~.y , be d, to who..e effec~lve work are ..... tu. now with a metulur real f,rm m ~ " . : nay of good officers. Our Coun-t ............ la good battle to opposing teams That .~ . " ,, g ..... ''' g"--|]'.~.~ f'--....L. ]~. . . . . "*~ . . uuv many improvemeuEs ann eouca-~ha h,= ,,-~rl.~,a ...).. , , , ~.,l)etroit, Micn, ann graouaEeo in! ;.~ '~*(~t4zg~ta~!~ ~.*~tlltlt$" ~ ]~l n ~ortunate m the past m . ..... . ~ . ,~ " ~ ' ........ I tlonal fac,htms m and about the !then, durin~ the time 't~" .......... I cimmmtrv from Puraue m 19.,, Jead- ~.= ~| ag aole anti competent men ~aKelschool s .~y wc, e., .~n '"" ' ' " | 5 ...... ]camp, that he has ~ecur~d .... gInsclass | ~ SPECIAL ORDER'DESIGNING oi ~ne (lestiny and affairs of Lit- I * " " ........... ~ " ) :, ~ ~ ~ 'ock Council No 812 ThereforeI ........ ~ [results, could be plainly seen from ~ J~ ~ rl.* ] n . ~ ~| .. " 'r~w ~UHINECE BISHOP )~ho ver ........ ..... tHE-- ....a TOPIC ,#, ,Jmmonas lxemoumect || " ' y appearance oI line squao, ano~trt ,o ' ts..Iollow the good example an.(11 CONSECRATES PRIEST!barrin# a few minor ih;-rie ........ [ AT FIRST SESSION OF * ~ j I r' : tere next Tuesclay anu selec~ oln- I o a- '~, .... .,", t . a one of the "bo s" S ' CHARITY MEET) who will continue the great work 'B" N '~ xxr ...... [ y. eemed to be in [ ) [ ~ ' 1~ r, I~'%FYl~$/E'It~ It h 'started ~,h ...... o ..... ;~ .... I t ~ w. w,. ,,~. *~ews ~ervlce.) ]the vest best of condition } --------- [ [ | It-. ~. I"~.~JI:~AV~=,IX ~ ~uted on ,('~7 :Y.:::7":VZ:I Berhn, Sept. 3 Immediately aft- Thursday afternoon, immediately I (ny N. C W. C. Ncws Servicc.) ~ | ............ ! i e~ his return to the Mmsmn of Nm after lu L e t 8 W~th deIe ears ago.. /. ~ I -- - g- nell hour, the sttldcnts wereos Angeles, S p..-- -~, . , ~| po, l~lsgr dosef Hou one (f the six at nee from all sections Formerly Wttb Pfeffer Jewelry Co ............ ' ..~ ] " ' " -given e fine opportunity to look over g es'in attenda " ." ' " | ~ " " . $ ~ " ' 'ur2uy^eve)~mg. ~eptemoer zz, Chinese Bishops recently consecrated the new material, and to form so'm~ 'of the country, the city beautifullyI ] ~ ~ ~ , " -s,.,: ~.v, cue /oempsey-~unneyl m Rome, himself gave episcopal con-{ estimate of the chances of the Eagles decorateed in honor of the occasion,! ~ | " i ~ = > ~:' ., our mg receiving set win oe in ~ecration to M ' ! *' " ) ! ~, i I~ ,. . ,, sgr. Andread Defebure, thin ~ear. Of the newcomers, L ons anti business and offlcmI bo&e~,, do- ... ~-~=..__~--~.~..~..o;.~..~ .o,D~..~ ,| skape. Any Kn,.ght and famfl:~ the French directs- ~ +~ ~,~; .... ~ - *.~ ............ ". .-..Y.. ". ........... ~- ........ t ................ w~bo~ fk ,.. ..... ,'.] . ~,,. v.~..~ a~IngVu 01 ~ort;n latl;1;le I~OCK l-llgn; tlZ;CnlC mg all posslole I;o ma~e ~ue u~.~ ,,. .--~,.~. ~v *m~en m ana get *~gn~]~enunary of St. Paul. A Chinese'and Hart of the oa ..... ~--^' n;the visitors en{ovable the first da~I .... ---- us * , O IIIU ~IIUU~, .1~1 t # ' ~" * , come to the club} rooms on Jesuit and a French Laza rist assist ....... ' .,] P "- Fiume, of Natick High 0 Toole o~ business session of the Thi~rteenth Na-! ..... , "-- evenln An ' g. expert tuner will ed at the ceremony, i Worcester High, Ham of Stamps tional Conference of Catholic Chari- AS.ymbolof : ! charge. . 1 It is thought that this consecration Hi~h, Matthews of Brockton Hi~.h. ties opened here today, with a gcneraI ]~"..,~).1~,~-.~.~ ~..,~n-~k ------ oI a European bv a Chinese relate ~ ~ -" ~ ~] ~ . , P . Ablondi o~ Framingham High~ and d scussion of health problems, mclud- i -- ~ ,will have a w~de influence m the m ' " IrV~lt~m~ ~uJrm.m.. I[ ":" . " " " ' Kelley of Brinkley High look promis- " g methods of he}ping the physical-, Y/onahan s Memorials of runs- rowing ~evelo ment of ,, , ~ ~K| .~]~||H J} g " P Catholicism i:ng The old timers, Bazil Walsh ly handicapped child~ l sive marble or granite are beau- .... a ~,,~vaaaaa II in China and in the movement to es Dave Barbour T^~.. ~ a. ~ ........ ] ...... [ ,' - [ fiful forever. See our des!gns . _ '~ tab!ish new chulch there, a move- Halley, Paul I{:si'i'l~', JieByr]~e*~';:'~:~ ter~a?,~;lmn:r:::::e:~O000~Try:~:s Owrt~yoted pW:onI~yferntO d: J ltL/~ll ~!:ntMeG;:~;{!k!a;nG~l:Cg!;e~! ~ii i!a~!i!;db!~P~!~tT~i;ii :n age::rk Every Grave ,al ~r:Leen:::Un|:af Cathoh c ~:ntr F~: ~:;y~h:/h:hm:e;Pe clal d : e Women's Union of the The President may be going out to wood and Robert Dolan are in excel- Benediction of *he Blessed Sawament of Arkansas held their ann.ual the farm region for h's vacation in'lent condition /Henry Nan~our of on the campus of Loyola College. Th~ convention at Fort Smith begin, the hope that the farm region will Helena was the Big smTrise to every- scene was one of the most insl~iring th~ Pontifical High Mass come to him in 1928.--Virginia-Pil6t. I one. Henry has taken on'v~eight a~nd i ever witnessed in the far west. } i