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September 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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September 17, 1927

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Page Two ublished Weekly "" | J| -.---~ I rHs CATHoLic VUBLICATION SOCIETy I[[ F A. T A, TT ....... ' ---ilIEhe early ages of the Chur L tiOLIC5 ALON r: t.--Extra Eeclesmm ] -____ .... ......... E BE SAVED. ]~JL~r~l ag a~ond class matter March 2]--~'~ - ~ ,~ 1S no salvation outs.d; e the __ (Continued fro F-all when we s m last week . . I emember tha .~ SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 THE Y~AR Now supposing ignorance or inadvertence ha-' out the gfacmus mantle of the merits of the ties hold that even the majori . CtIANGE OF ADDRESS ----'~/enabled a non Ca ..... lesseo v rgin and the Saints to ...... .... I Ci ..... " .... W~tm a change of address is desired the ~ubserfber " . . - ~t,~c ~o circumvent this first sins and --,,-~-~ nelr .., ..... ~. the '.: ,, , .,.e obstacle m his path, it remains to consider wh. t . unworthiness. ' t (Continued next week) CORRESPONDENCE ,~ positive helps he ha " ..../ in addition to the bond " " / -- " l~tter temted for publicati..n " , ..... ... ..... s, as corn ared 1 . . ,,., of , orshlp or rltu . o a~ later than Wedne~da ,. m ]he.G~rdmn shouto reach u~ Ca " ~, -. P w th the unltm al . . al , ,~ sl~_,Yt' ~leome.. The kinYdnrr:or '~gtheB~rfnewst~rrmesrpndenee is/, hollc,.to speed his progress and assist his g l the membels of the Catholic body[ -CROM REPLIES TO PROTE - .... " " ,-| eavors to win the race whose crown is the/ 'ereare. w other essential bonds or tests of .| eahtlC Vision. The principal means of ob-/ e:mersm,p w th the Church, namely, the pro-l radicalism in Mexico has br triller ~~~eabtt,~t['~h~" " " ~Ueard~enconShO~:de:te.' " ----addressed toI taming d wne grace and salvation that are avgil-/ ame-- one of the same faith and allegiance to the [d .d (let us hope) those Prote o iFF: IaOle. r: US Cathohcs may be conveniently divi-| ..... ._, upreme au.thomty; both of which are of lSemtallsts who have regarded it ~d.I ]?~ay God that it may be organ of the Diocese of Little Rock Iea rote three classes---T - rr,~,, ~ ~ -on~meraoie assistance in our ti u =lmtt.$Ji*t and truth and an arde:,"*''~- c uamp~on ot the cause of|fh. ..... .~" h ..... 021 ..... endeavours toI Othe Ch rch not as a war on re: ~_ a~. love ~o welt. I extend to it n~': ~enaer o~.tnereiigion which |~**~ xvxi~,,~; {,De seven acrn n+.... z ~ I ...... ~vvu ll~e ; aug both of which n~-o ~+;-^~.. I as[ .~1o s~n~+ ,, , reelt tn *, ;.- ~ ..... # e.slng Wl tl tl e sincere hon*./za. - rra er , - ..... I .... Th ........ e.. .... "-|ImlS last embracing not only prayer in the amY~r: 1 at any rate very largely beyofid the reach an ders of the CROM e; ~to H MORRIS " ....... 31 --whos f " itt e'So k. Irestrlcted sense but also such works of metv" as I .members. of other communlons." I anagram are a transplantahon" fro - |. as mg, alms-deeds and the like. These-are the| in regard to faith, while all Catholics Ivis sia have, by their latest Itgh::: k:YS:eh:twe beheve Almighty God has/mvt::!,'tmP,]ic'fly' or as it were in globe, believe[rer every doubt that their caI , IvI ER 17, 1927 eby we are to gain access to the|. ) hat the Church teaches, yet I read-[Meis waged against Christianit: rifts .... , -- _l[:ddury of memts purchased for us by the life/ Iy admit that an explicit and detailed knowl_|fr he Catholic Church, as the I entn unday after Pentecost. " Ii. earn oi Our Lord. And in proportion to|' gge o1: her doctrines need not be and unfor-]t mheir hatred, is suffering first o l ne number of these keys at a person's disposall t_unately often is not, possessed by her children ]of it is perfectlyplain now th The Sisters of the Precious Blood wer- lana the zeal with which he u es them will h,Il ut still, by the generality of us at any rn o'lantbr Greek Orthodox if sit housetrduCedof them th SAmermanCOUntry in 1844 The me ,lhm chances of eternal salvation, a great many truths are known and ievedll;taz the way, would be crushed ls" at Mama "' I]; Asfornon-Catholics, because they deny withl( h ch cannot but be a great incentive tbelentetlby offshoot of bolshevism as province e Mercer County, ohio : ctE: h:nanimity the sacrificial effect of thei wn i:tn :nrd persevering in the path of virtue and bee shed in Russia. St m, __ I Y arist, and for the further rea ......" news or disbelieved b--non Twho would not cr ........ L . nat y -wa-! ' ectl wa no. amps have been used m Christian churchestthey have not, and for the most hart thhcs" " l that assault on the Ch, oh qrOmsV:haYt early times. Universal custom re.l:l:imt have, m. y true Orders, they ar:pre_ /.In addition to a maimed and defective knowl_land' attack by Commu'n is in C*'i f ......... a romp Should be kept burning be- use Irom receiving the benefit of the Mass. Icage of the means of grace, via., prayer and the / 6ugl least to believe the Commu esse2 . acrament, wherever It is re.l_ actor.Sacrifice has been always the onlylsacraments, to which I have referred already iselve3 let the latter testify to thei: ol v:su, o/ife: ::ntohelamp must be made of th:a:S: w :V ng Go.d that umque and exclusive lLmay nstance thedogma of Eternal Punis] :lpse The Central Committee of t "er ,u ........ oe, the Bishop may] _" s mcn 1-11s ate; andMass in particu_l :', many Vrotestant authorities reject'/will t the Protestants because thi min*eral o ls?%::pt f:rc'S, rot., however, of ! a:dr:nth:Sm m an ideally perfect manner; I:ml doctrine altogether, others mention it more cord with the program of the Re airy. e oI absolute neees-[ anger and co os .po.tent_ means of averting Hisl :u ss.ap!getically, while few of them ex-|This i e statement of Rieardo Trevi nemaung His favor and protection [P' d w th the vividness and definitene [tary (eral of the CROM. Its mea ..... - o- It is plain, accordingly, that those wh^ -^ - [with which it is investec in Catholic theol lmistale Christian teaching and ne three days following Quinquagesima Sun /participate in the fruits of t ax .... ',n, lTheir defective knowledge on tt/;o- ,'listic glues are irreconcilable Th day are nrovetide ,w. ..... _ _. ,,= are solely l,.i.~ . _ , pv,n canno / ..... ,. ....... are so named /rom|UUruenea and hindered in their ; I TM de regarded by us as a weakenin or ].elr Isurviv)gether One must triumph .r,ve, con*es o ," ;iue,'i; Le I n lWor' fo?Lentt amoncs were thus wont to prepare]twh;itehe.cording to Catholic doctrine every Mass[:a Sequent . as hable to be woefully prejudi_/m ssm the CROM'S attitude came I . celebrated avails to secure some I ne.. ulamstian ordering, of their conduct. [ re ary vino s lips in the course oft .... lilt for the whole world, Catholics Take again the doctrine of Pur atorv w "eh[he ma t the recent annual conven )O WE STAND? [!ho!?es, and. t.h s whether they are conscious and[they .deny .umversally; or the doctrine of eternallOrganLon m support of a resoluhon ,_ ...... [wnnng recipients of its fruits or not ; ]napPmess m heaven, whose nature, and imm I metrE to oppose "an alien and elha eslra e .so meumes over the thought thatlnee,ds no argument to prove that the grasses ofl,diate attainment when we deserve it, are elear_list e te ney which is attempting to w our e .gnoors not quite as genuine which it is the medium are liken to be in I taught by us, whereas in Protestant theolo, - Iamng its dohtrines, disguised as cu nelreonv euons as they are voluble about[nitely more numerous in the ..... x -lthe character of the reward is n'oh, l.,,o .S lspiritu eaehings " nem. There are certain occasions in the personally co o . . m nose wad when it will be vet -- ............ .... when the -e ........... . yearl - perate m ,ts celebration, wheth.Iwh. . . ehsafed left uncertain: -/ In thourse of the debate on the l orators ar:c'ons: Dt:d aria sl!ver tonguedl as m mster, congregation or beneficiaries ofl h: maposmble, I say, that views as diverse as[- whieL'as adopted--the bolshevi cons/sts mostl in th p or. a. great effort whzch tts transferable, fruits, than in the Case of those I rs and ours on these fundamental questions ICROM .'uted and repudiated_ all flowery devotions , ndermg for the permds oftwho deny or gnore its efficacy altogether.I .f esc.hatlogy should not haves tendency tolidealisn at certain Protestant prop one The , g ve rise very diverse h the. ............. principals[ same two causes, namely their disbe . _ " "nes of conduct and]have as0ed to them. It is not for pol;tie: l : :u et ne ouno mn of Amerieanland their lack of a true priesthood, that debarIpreparatmn the future life. la partic r Church that these jac of July* are spe eiallyad::o ):dyt:ntdh:h: Ffurfhl M:iC: hhes from the substantial fruits of the IwThere is one particular, of course, in which Ifighting']very religion that proclain On'these occasions the leadin-- citize rtS'Isa o operate to cut them off from,all thelWna we regard as the defective knowledge oflf Min nd Thine is their enemy. .... , ...... ns m every eraments with. the exception of Banti m [ non-Catholics may be of eonsiderzM I ism can n only if. Christianity lose ll:blllt b pruclalm Wll;ll solemn vet " " .- ................ spiring tones th-f . .ce. and all m-lpe.rh, aps MatrimonY" Because in order to-, -Iassistance to them and, conversely in wh;,hltiamty' t e re, must perish. "Not -- sacreu principals of the mmmter any of the what the behev - "'" testant sr constitution mustbe held for ....... Im - other five Sacraments valid l wha Y " e to be our credulity maybe[te " but other movements eta all hand at any riee in^ ever mvmmt-e-Irml raers are required, and these are not posses_l a stone, of stumbling in our path. I allude to]nature a attempting to destroy the , oou or mone sea an a me man obh of ur forever hea * ....... y. we arelse y Y enomination of Protestants The-- I me y "gations of the Christian .... [ of o sorry, to bake from us our oo, in nis rear c in hol . ar wmen ., . . that neither r.g. ......... g ountrylin Y Orders are not the exclusive de ositar"e clearly brought home to Catholi personaht The speaker thin t rne ,,m...** ......... ........ ,,or renglon can constltutlon.I the power of administerin /:Yhieh non_Cathohes are i nor nf . . PleE , . . . as, but of Toldmo. His is the r. . ~,,x oz~er an ot:)s~a , ....... ~. ...... ,,,,,. . . ~ .a... ~uul~ma J for eve- any one s msplrahonsl Matmmony; and so if non-Catholics obserw h lbe qmte meulpably. If we trans re. , Yl''Tday,'' '- says, "Protestantism i's s, ear honors in the gift of thin essenhal re mrements f are closing the atd take advaa e of thl eve or their valid ad g s of heaven a g s confhct, which g rnment. ;et at " . " " minis- gainErour- . are .... :'hs pre ent hour therelt;:tlon they do' or they may, partieinate in hol::levls' whereas they, being ignorant of h .... I :keeonom:and political. We raise n l. hearty all the.sectarian jour_I graces of which these are the aouointed whlol" :lhibitin, may commit these act -" ...... "' lproprotest agnst Protestantism ' L We / ..... , nave as rneir " ~ -- ............ S wlthout tea, " .. _ ob3ect msmtance Ire the soul . Although in the case of ....... , I of pumshment; for a knowled~^ , . IProtestant We do not aces t their' on act that no Catholic ha " . ' " v,a r mony. . taw .. . P highest office in *h;o m.ght to theI!nasmuch as Protestants do not admit that itlnecessary that sin may abound.And in ]dmgmsed ,love. Syndicalism is in parentl- ver,, suitor oI ap- m a acrament' notwithstanding that it is sotprt!n as our perception of the law is Protests sects which have al f v- uunu ]nremgenee has sud- in realityiamon . and more die,i- ....... denly discovered tha+ ........ get all baphzed persons, would I an.o r . net will our punishment for via- abetted C es and the CROM in the class as Rna h; +- are m same de rOd much to expect that it would be nrod-e- mung or disregarding it be more sav. , of cruelty confiscation a ainst the -7 ....... ranmans and other mere- rive of its full effi" "- on this score it " - .......... - bers of oriental cults whi- .... **- ...... .... caey for those who, however ...... will on the last day be more of Mexico ght to burn with shame religions It is useless to "'' s ate mcuipaoiy, cto not recqgnize and so cannot oieraoie Ior Tyre and Sidon than for Chorizain this bolshest reveals and rebukes ties for . a empt an explana- prepare themselves to avail of, its potency for and Bethsaida. This advanta e, h ever of of their alliace and cooperation an lnl;enlgence that comes good. Invincible Ignorance of their dguty is :e w;ich - we do not envy non Cathohcs Tole:dhi: ts nThey Odght to wince to such a conclusion regarding Catholics, butAnd m the same way what, in contrast to the - " , and in which " r" g isavowal of th does seem surpassingly strange that anyone 'Mass and the seven Sac i' . they are not likely to take those sectmes have so of even an elementary educahon would not rameses, may De called ace ught to reap 1 speak of some slight sympathy with the feelin t: :uxil!a, rY of subs, dmry aids to salvation pre-,_ I come now to the third great bond of union ere dsand cults)n a land re ffd . s crmea or recomm oe ween us uat " ' . blooc of nartyrs tu Ch humt of others, not hesitate to call a fellow_ ! su " .. _ ended by the Cathohc mtual, . hol cs, namely the d rection and Y" a oazan And .,-',, -- ./y ...... j cn as enediction of the Blessed Sacramon = guidance of the Pone ....... have enCea ored to excuse even to ....... ~tblll Inor .. , x- , -,.,.~t ~ ettlot~ner valu . - e pecufiar that the I the Stations of the Cross and ........ *'" aid to us ;+ . able the crim,s o Calles b im utin " "as same par,icE canween salty . up lal.l less- . ,, ,o ~ ~ ul~lnctive and .... .... Y P g villi the constitution of'tho mn[mg' are entirely out of their reach, one) m working out our.salvati,, .... ]CathohcChurch. So eager indeed ] .... enoer-" -"7 wnne I As regards prayer, this spiritual' sustenance teacher, his authomty" avails" to kee '"- . as] been topr0fit Prdtestantism at the e ........ crecy attempting to dis-ton the road to heaven is not th .... v ]minds an ads p .al!ve m ourl Catholffsm that the have betra, e rancmse rne r Ienow citizens, who are -uiP,, t, .... ..... . e ....lar herl-] __ . quate knowledge of D wne truth _ _ Y y d .. ^.u .......... -zl a e t asnoncs and is nrovide ;el und to give us infalli ..... , lty rate,he hands of persecutors -- cr me nan the DroIes.uion at - ,, _ d for, ...... ble .... rance that .. . v_, .......... - .............. -|acruany availed of bv non-Catholics a ...... , I raversing the ath to .......... --: =-- tneir p ns are exposed and execrat wnr s is of God and that H " , marKea . . ...... , e[But will be readil- understood [us by Christ Whil. ......... cals wlo are truer to their Lento t tei in world a teaching or anizo ;-- ! .... .... .~ I, " ........... ~ c~paCll;y of / ..... ed to lead men according, t a- doctrine is true, heretics are under a great/mwgiver, it is the duty of the Po"e |rrotesants have been to their Chris pals, that He had e u,w e prme - disability and disadvantage in using even this privilege, by means of his salu ar" nuon / SevCal months ago Henr Lane IUllinment oI means of ace to li t Y prec vt ,/ ' Y the destiny. , L ' gr Because, not behewng in the ght up this path fqr us; to remove ProtesanV--wrote a book which r . " stacles to our ..... " ra .... t:ommumon of Saints, they will not seek pro ress P sel the ob echve It a bitter - . . . the ual enemies !to g placed in it by our spirit-I:tion r s 3 . s of the Mexm through generat : gn d: d ,t,,have..lived powe rfu! suffrages of the Blessed Virgin andl ; ; warn us against the I1 as. He had hved in Mexico, as _ , .......... oumianal ne ain s, aria so presumably will not be ac I byways of sin that branch of i ___ ...... Ambassador His o ortunitie r, 91 ours only to realize at last that -- -, ..... f _t at every sten: . pp s fo ..... rmnas, -= ..... .... sons of th-- ...... I ...... mrge a ,measure of their powerful Ianu ..... urge us constantly forward spiritual" " ""'" and ilformation were numerous and dEe be patronage and med ta mn as paros and the re al, e at .- -- .... -[ t" those who humbly[ membrance of th, ..... ,^ It least one Protestant wuom our Ia ners IOU n " - ...... ....... - t Ior thin land/ask for it. They will be compelled as a resultIcme" eeived that there could be no seem o Lou,u mu.y tare o er supreme insult m the destruction of the Cathol that 6he man can give another, that of suspect- Mexico. ic ing his loyalty to the land of his birth. We lament at times the slowness of the de- velopment of this southern country, but howI can " , . an / we expect to be othdrwise when we, create I he an atmosphere of susp{cion that will drive the[traitor to this eve . stranger from Ud. /" , ......... g rnment and we]sting the flY to the Divine banouet. " The Guardian does not believe that an ...... co_nsumtmn and attempting to sell the bir h-' S'eein , - - , - ' . lleV:i;:dtmchh:]l :gythl el:ytal:y c:f d /c:i s ]ir!i t :ibolY; lh:P: :s Cthh ap Ya :d ] h::)a (aht ur;iii : w!i[ a nTcaC::h:s olie to this country Furthermore we u^v . . . ne world, Judas Iscariot and Bess-l,,ra.,er i ........ e ,supposition only " , ,e eve aic Arnold $ v n u uncatea orm and two of the Sac I raments to md their efforts, it is no wonder that "Not all Christians are concerned fate of the Roman Catholic Church in' wrote Mr. Wilson, "but the matter I plete overthrow of the Christian r uch concern to any Protestant as those who pay obedience to The charges made by Catholics, clone of Mr. Wilson have been via actiom )f the CROM. Who shall vim Protestant supporters of the whom it now reviles and rejects?