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September 15, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 15, 1923

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PAGE EIGHT LISTI00IING IN tit is true that a boxer gets hurt oc,- easionally But there is more blood GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, SEPT. 15, 1923. BISHOP HOBAN'S BLESSED TERESA'S VATICAN IS GREAT MSGR. I  )EVINE, 52 YEAESI i " By Autolycua Remember the Forgotten. Relief agencies rushe,[ assistaJtce to the millions who were rendered spilt on the fottball field than in the boxing ring. Perhaps when boxing ins been outlawexl football will fol- low Then tennis. Then golf. And people will be so grateful to the min- isters who purged the worhl of all its evil:,. destitut in Japan. When the Lving j have been cared for, let us not frget[ the dead. Uncounted thousands of I souls may need the petitions of the I living. My Catholic families will lrecently said that the worhl is at the' made by the Rt. Rev. Michael have been ,wiped out, wih all their [ cross roads. But the dickens of it is ban, Bishop of Scranton, and J'popul-H- relatives and every Catholic person the sign is not down ghtekn)eWadheho l:h:t:, /he For-] kno w just the directio:h:o :/:l:UNCh, I er .  q pray'[the mgn' is" no down The old s. . Tlus Is a relief work which it, :... ? .- " Church l only Catholics understan n [. srm ar the crossroads directing I "" /the traffic. But there are so many[ I bootleg cops at the crossing that tray-I Modest Pianist. elers are confused by discordant voic- A Rus.ian pianist surprised the re-les, contrary instructions and contra- / porters who met him on the boat in tdictry advice. / New York when he gave them an u,n,-[ , biassed estimate of his ability. I[Setimental Values. am the great player," he said, "the[ It was a beautiful thought that greatest player. Nothing could be more finer nor more superb chin what I play. It is marvelous. Vvhen I hear what I play I say, 'It is finish- ednA,perfect thing. Thank God," 1 Hke Vladimir de Phehmmnt" orthaL like Vladimir de Pachmann for that. There is no false modeesty about him There is no false modesty about hLn. singers who will pretend to you that their work is imperfect, but who go home thinking they are the greatest artists el' all time :;ut our Russian friend thanks God for his gifts and doesn't discount them. PLEA FOR PEACE IN COAL FIELDS (By N. C. W C. News Service) FEAST DAY TO BE SEPTEMBER 30 (By N. C W. C. News Service) - Scranton, Pa., Sept. 10.An earnest Paris, Sept. 3.--A recent apostolic plea for industrial peace and the ac- rescript fixes the feast day of the Sign ix Down. [  ceptance of the Pinchot plan for the Blessed Teresa of the Infant Jesus o Says a contemporary. "A grear man I settlement of the coal strike was September 30, with double rite or the Diocese of Bayeaux. The same feast will be celebrated with the double rite of the secon(J class in the Carmelite Convent of Li- sieux and with the double major rite in the Carmelite Order. (By N. C. W. News Service) of the miners. "How long the mines Washington, D. C., Sept. 10--the will remain closed I do not know. news tthat Rome had selected Sep- Sometimes settlement of such mat- I tember 30 as the feast day of" the "Little Flower" has been received with ters depends upon the slightest great'joy at the National Headquart- changes. Fair Proposal !ers of the National Council of Catholic actuated Canadian mothers who lost "Personally, I think the proposal hy Women, since this is the opening day their sons in the worhl war, when they Governor Pincher is a fair one and of the Third Annual Convention of asked a French bishop to send them leaves only the details to be worked that organization. This is considere(1 Question of Boxing. There is some fun in a Middle West- ern city where the police chief stepped in and stopped a children's boxing arly known as "the minor's bishop," at High Mass in St. Peter's Cathe- dral. "The strike of the miners is on," said Bishop Hoban, who as a boy worked in the hard-coal mines and who has always championed the cause CENTER OF WORLD NEWS PRIEST IN ARCH l)Iq Church Extent[on Society, 180 North Wabash Ayenue, Chicago, is contin- ually receiving disused jewelry for this pro'pose. There couh] be no more fitting end to discarded jewelry, whatever its sentimental value. -- (fly N. C. W. C. News (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ] Baltimore, Sept. London, Aug. 31.No other center were unable to gain of government in the worhl is better lth e Church of St. John informed than the Holy See, declared when funeral services we Msgr. Brown, Provost and Vicar Gem the ]ate Right Rev. eral of the Southwark diocese, in an W. Devine, for thirt address on "The Papacy at Work." tor of the church and for I When one considers tlm vas: or- fifty-two ganization of the Church, Msgr. more archdiocese. )'ears a priest Brown stated, one can easily realize Archbishop Curley quests were sent to the v'tr|ous (],qr- the vast amount of wfluable informa- tion that reaches Rome from all quar- ters, It is not merely through the the Vatican au courant with political, social, and religious movements ev- erywhere. The daily audiences granted bv the Holy Father and the Cardinal Secre- formal channels of dit)lomatic commu- Andrew's Church. Mayor nication that the Holy See is able to land many prominent publiC! find out what is going on in the vari- I were among tthose who ous countries: Bishops, priests, reli- Mass gious orders, and private persons will I Monsig. Devine was born render important service by keepingRoscommon, Ireland, in some grains of the wheat w'.mh began out by both sides. There may be a very happy coincidence, tary of State enable tlmm to get first- to grow on the blood soi,ed battlefield starvation if the mines remain idle Great Joy I b'anC!a!nflrmatinfitbemst ('enti l ,ature a,d o check confl- olla::'hch their so!dmrs :fell. The l If they do, there is a possibility oJ ' [ Already over a bousand booklets I so n ,' " '." : c by per- g as pmnted m Canada and the c ,u (onsult It]on the accm my of the ," " ' ' " , , losing a market for much anthracite ] ontainin the nravcr . h ........ ' ' : "  " ' ' neat from the plantmg, is use(] lot Anthracite i , ,, , ,, / mteHgence wth C trdmals or the vt :. .  " " , " " "s not entirely a nece sity to the IAtte llower have be-- m. . "  ' " " - - mamg altar breads. An' e(mallvl When T ,,, ,, , .... w..... ' .   ....... - nous (;ougregations, which form an- ....... . " , , ............... -,s,a-d, the, tnbuted by the N. C. W. C. It, ts a" ......... neautl]Ul nou rht has . . . . . .. . . '. obner valuaoio means ()] commun',.- , ) . g. . prompted many/mayor s of the cities of that sectmnlflhated orgamzatmns, and mme(hate- ,: ........... . ca pe.op.e, es eclall wol t . " learnllg" t,. Wlbn I;/ls various '.." l - P ' Y nell, to give up met and decided for the use of.t)Jtun,-tlY upon that the feast day olic influence in tb cen[,.es of CID their ohl jewelry in order that (hall- ] inous and to boycott antthracite. They [ of the "Little Ilower" wouhl fall upon e wor[(I ces'might be. made for small churches are already bringing in coal from the opemng (lay of the convention, re- whicl need chalices. The Cathohc Wales. I The governors of the New Eng- melite monasteries of the countTy ask- land States, New York and New Jer- ing the nuns to pray for the success of I sey, met in New York last week. ] the convention and of the work of the I am inclined to think their decision National Council of Cattholic Women. I T was along the same line. I have it on he eonventmn will open on Sun-/ good autthority that the market for day, September 30, with Solemn High] the smaller sizes of anthracite already Mass at the Catholic University with has been lost to bituminous coal. In. Bishop Shahan. Rector of the Univer- sity, as the celebrant. His Grace,] some places they are mixing it up Archbishop Hanna, of San Fransco, I with bituminous. . Ask for Prayers i will preach the sermon on that oc- / "I urge and ask you to pray this canon. morning and every (lay until thel Plans are now being made at N. C. strike is settled tthat God may direct C. W. Headquarters to distribute tthose in whose hands the problem some special souvem'r of the event. rests for solution. It is that in which we are interested, whether we own , 00,000,000 MARKS All bishops in charge of dioceses BRADFORD DR (20. i contest. The affair was to nave been[ __ staged in connec'tion with an Episco-I,,R . :.. pal parish, but the police clained it[ yal Road of Pain." : . would be a violation of the law which How few of us ca hope to show, forbids boxing exhibitions. p;scopal in extremis, the fortitude dlplayed by ministers in other parts of the coun-'Dr. A(Irian Forte,cue. In hi: last ag- try are doing their best to outlaw on[zing illness, says a writer in the ring sport.. So they mus. not "Blackfriars," he often refused mor: mind if policemen with a sense of hu- phia so that he might travel con-[ mot take a notion that there is not lseiously with his Master on what he much difference btween boxing exhi- called "the royal road to pain." Such bitions in which profits go to the men I courage makes us feel. small if we who "take the punishment. ,think of our cowardice (mine as welt ,] as yours} when we demand an an: Purging Preachers. esthetic before allowing the dentist One of the ministers 'who declares to come within arm's reach of us with that prize fighting mus go, ays: his forceps. "What I object to, is a brutal fight."[ Fortunately his reverence is not corn- FRENCH FREETHINKERS need not even witness one unless he] wants to. It is doubtful if any con- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) property or not. When the miners are idle there is work for others. SENT TO GERMANY FOR Above all, it meansn a lessening for li STUDENTS IN 2 MONTHS the fruits ofindustry in this region [ All those who depend up on cent[n-. (By N. C. W. . News Service) - I Cologne, Aug 20--During the past uous industry it touches. It ovcnes . " " wo months more than 400,000,000 every mother. [marks have been sent t Germany "Let us pray to God to direct those / form the United States for the benefit ]in whose hands this problem is, so,of students, professors and other may issue." !wmembers of the professional classes siderable proportion of the boxing I lbaris , Aug. 3J.--The various!peace [--m have been impoverished by the champions are devout Episcopalians, Fench groups of "Freethinkers" have Th ..... : [ effects of the war. Most of the e real anu only sausfactoty me !me e  " -I n y came from Chicago. and th minister is therefore nbt had a congress at Bqrdeaux. Among tive for submission does not lie in su- I The relief funds have been expend- even called upon, out of solicitude for the rezolutions adopted at the con- the souls of the boxer?, to mx hlm- I gress was one demanding that reli- I perficial things, , but in the deep, still ed throughthe agency of University self up in a business hich is so dis-Jgious services be taxed at the same current of faith that comes from God Professors' Assocmtion of Prussia, an oganization of physicians, and under fftastefUlboxersttriedhim" toil killWUldonebe dlfferenanother, formances.rate as concerts and theatrical per- [ CitydireCt'setandon bearSa Hill.the soul along.A Cults.the supervision of the Mhaistry of The House of Oualio, Phones: 4-0227, 40218 209 W. Second St. Little Rock the solenm Itigh Mass and the sermon was deliverat Rev. Joseph A. 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