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September 15, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 15, 1923

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&lt;:i a J PAGE SIX GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, SEPT. 15, 1923. LITTLE ROCK NORTH CollegeK]dzeij is teacher in the MissionarYthere. He wa. in charge of), ported by all.Mr. Harris Burns of Keokuk, lowa, I Iwa' areThey ,,'ill ,eavenW thereat Waterloo,for Chicago.iwa" l LONDON CABLE i St" Mary's parish while the ]ev. Fa- is visiting at the home of j. i,,. Ma_ K O[ C St. Patrick's Parish Notes ther P. Bartodzieg is away on a va- son. . , Snuday Masses at and 10 o'clock, cat, on. Mrs 00arv 00g,es Carter Die,00s, a TEXARKANA one of thc most distinguished Cath-'l'l Weekday Mas at 7 o'clock. Miss I rances India, 311 West 7th convert, was baptized la:;t Saturday IATTLE ROCI( , . London, Sepu 10.--James Tuohy, i theCnfessineves of hourSall holydaysn SaturdaVSand. Firstand inSt"Memphis,has returnedTenn.home after visiting sponsor.afternn' Miss F',hzabeth Shea was I,ast Tuesday morning I'rovidence theliC newspal)erEuropean menmanagerin England,of the Nm l/an(v ] OFFICIAL Fridays:' 4 to 6 and 7:30 p.m. . Miss Mary Vogel has been appoint- Kennet, w ...... Academy and St. Edward's School York World, s nce 18q7 di- t ..... 1, , State Deputy A. P. Coolidg .. ,,, ,,ugene J.turns, lnIant son were reopened for the i()9. ,A ... ....  ..... . ,,, , ' ' ." .... '"; '"s"l ..., o Cypress and East Seventh Street. ed chairman by Rabbi E. Jack for ol lvlr and Mrs H'm.i R,,,.,, .... ,- . . ..... ---, .t,,,m ,c,,,. J uony was a native of Cork l,. ,o. Rectory phone: 4-5075. ...............  m e(,- ear North Little Rock in ].he Red Cross ,UK, *owa, was naptlzed last reek /enrolled in bulb dep'rtments ]Irish N'ltionalis* T:.:" __ .." tleRock School Reopens . campaign to help raise the 5,000 '-" " " . . . Y . .A large number of pupils wasl and was a friend and ""fill'rot ot' tim At the next regular meeti Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Mason wer s ......  ...... " .. '" f  , .... a,,rs, Tr,.,m Ira'- Council No. 812, The Fall termof the parisl' schools quota Little Rock is asked to sub- sors Mrs Ib, r ........ , .,f.,, ! er ule usum enromnent and as-/nell to Redmond UD to t . Ibe hehl next Tuesd-i ni ht, ......... s ,, formerly lvliss s" . ,hat time . ,Y g opened on Monday morning, with a scribe for the sufferers in Japan. Miss ...... ' , .Ignment of classes the members of/lus judgment of h'ish afrm ....... t ber 18, at eb,ht o',,l,,.L. Stat ClIOO| (#pun|rift o a _,_ p  ..  . "  | " " , la,;s w't:t(: i " o e C.ffi, Low Mass at 8 o'clock, attended by I Vogel has a committee of ladies help- I - rom, ,.  ......  , , . ,. gnes taterary ometv of l'rovi- considered "mthorit, "re 1T;,- e .... I A. P Coolid r ,a, St ..... u,. s ocnooi openea ".|JlOI'S- *4 .... _. ]_ , . ,, ' . " ' o.tl_ . i'.. :/tlt|el'al ] " b ,a xe,,,,,, * d;,v o ........ ,, . 7. I ''="u tca(|emy eece, tnen. officers took phtce from the old Pr"-Cathedrd be with us There will be the cbildren and ninny of tbe adult/ing her in this canwss. Last Sun-..,, ocp. (), a  oemc a. m. with for the coming year ith the follow- in Kensington an( l,unch scxed . of the congregation. Thepastor exhort- I (lay a collection was taken at St. Pat- a high mass in honor of the Holy[; ....... ,. ,  ........ _ g ' 1 mauy representa- ] . . . '. after the ., *ll4 l't:ulS: J rcsl(lenl;, lVlarv neril" rives of r. . , no e ed the'children to invoke the Holy [ rick's parish and turned over to the Ghost. All of last year's pupils and[vice-nresi(lent (",+,--;^ "  .... ' ...... + the )mspapm worht were p d that a lmge SI)irit, theTruth anti the Light ,to Red Cross fund for the suffering se . . ' .- ' - , ................... "; ,,; ....... venteen new ones wine emol|e(.lsecretary, Frances Quinn; treasurer. I members will be l)resent and abideCme withint theirtlem duringminds theirand heartS'lot / Japanese.All The teachers are Sister M. Cece!ia O. Elizabeth Thomn ; ............ I Littl estate Deputy a cordial, 6ouncil. year young people working in the . D., mrcor, ]:;ters M. Wflhehnena, lber s were admitted to the society an( S  ....... ' ................. '='".- Emigration of Catholic Young Men and meet State DeputyLetcs Rock study, so that with the i'Tfusion of His / Carnival are urged to meet l uesday O. S. B., M. Petronilla, O S B, "rod plans for work for . Glasgow ArcMiocese reports that has honored us with his grace, they may advance in wisdom/evening, Sept. 18th, at the school hall Fredolin O o ,,  " : "  - the School I,ibrary the large emigration of Catholic this meeting night. knowedge and the virtues fitting them portant meeting. " ' " " " '" ,ev. atherIand other literary aid are being made young men, including many Irish, as/night and that your and attain to the possession of the! at 8:30 p. m., as this is a very im- rassner, superintendent. ]for the new term. I M aM v h: )b:;dm7 s I 1 ;'r I:: a result of continued unemph)yment, ] pecially desired at this l t mv ] At present keen interest and enthu- is having a serious effect on archdi- for their worldly careers as good men r: Augu.3t Korte and mother, Mrs. m t n( ot ' g .'. siasm are bein displayed by tim: and women and assuring them of the/J. Lge, 1701 Main St., have returncd The Parents-Teachers Asscmtlon, of members of the Junior En lish c]'ss Ii ocesan orgaizatiens. These Cathalic Last Meeting one and greatest attainment, the sal-/home after visiting for past three whmh Mrs. T. Stack is president who "ire ease]Iv 'm+- /"  young men At the last regular ration of tbeir souls. He asked them/months in Denver, Colo. ' , "'.' ', have all left for the Unit- which the election of .... , , , . i .r.u.aung a (teoa:e ied States and Canad:l ereete([ a number of see-saws and one which is to be held later in the mc, nth. Cardinal Dougherty Expected on Visit 1 place, we had the honor of theret visitbeforethe theCbUrChaltarfrequentlYof God and andthe ......... drenf theisreala fineJYSnewf the younger chi]- on the very interesting subject: "Re- Cardinal l)oughertv, of l?hilade]- presence of six of our MENA ocean wave. do-solved. That Washington ,,,an a Bet- " Knights. This is stun(thing shrine of their Blessed Mother, the l phia, is expected to arrive in En,htnd "Seat of Wisdom," offer their pray'/ thingnated pointsbY" Mr.toAleXa realBerger'good Every-year,s ter General thin: Napole(m." this week for a short visit prepara- havePens hadVerYfiveSeldm'ueveralin thiStimcs,.l whoers fOrmenwhilethemselves and their parents, t Very Rev. A. P. GaIlagher left work for all. - tory to his return to America. were toiling and sac-, Surday afternoon for St. Louis, at Mrs. Frank McLain enter'.ame; the DUBLIN CABLE er had six Wo houht of mention. They are as rifieing to give them their privilege(, which point he was joined by his st:;- Ea.qts/de bridge club yesterday after- Pope's Sympalhy to Japan Grand l(ni-hts Janms GraY,' education, ter, Miss Mary Gallegher, who wil noon in her home on Cat( A,enue. t .' on the opening day, with with relatives and friends in Ohio and high score prize, "t box of linen sta ear tna, as a result of lepuhlic:m I , .' <r,cr(m a calcgram .;ent more to Msg Gmd m A victories in the recent election;, peac.* : ". "" " " ", postolic l)e]egatc Gran(I Kni ,ht's Re-oft more to follow ., the weck advances. ' W. Va. Rev. Father ];oyle of ']?exar- tionery. Mrs. I'hilli Obenhouser con- can not be obtained unless the eo(p- to Japan, instructing the latter to ex- 1 Our ('. ..... g' ' " C i i . * " J t [|ll(I |X I]]g]lL d. ' lness lo the Im)m eratlon of the leput)lieans in the Gov- '": : - 1 .'ial ramil5 and the Jr, who wil be succeeded i;; view y- -:, e,, t,00,s quest!o,,, bean ;e i"': > ,?,re,'t news has n,adc ,,,,its, ,|,, c00te roP' o/ u e ]mme(|iae reopeninR" of I . ce vet| a tim Vatican from things tll'tt ],ave h.qpened (h Dail Eirean. I Japan since the disaster. Imst ye'|r l'h;'re'h.tve beel -- ' '-------='-- 1 things of particuI:|r inter! PhKIS CABLE .0000m00arn t sh,,u,00 t,e ,,o',:e,1; fir;t of ----"-7 Mary Ann Catherine E],kell, thir-'tal: ces l)lace the fourth (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) teen year old d'tughter of Mr "m|t cry month. The Paris, Sept. 10.--The five hund- Mrs. Com-ad Elsken of Subi:wo, died Communion in a body at Ven. Mother erously Ignatius, of Mt. responded St to by the col|are. gation I Mary's, M sister. The party will "arrive home reth anniversary of the death of last Friday after an illness of two elmrches in Little Rock as I,ittle Rock, and Sister on last Sunday. The girls fl Pierre Jean De Smet, celebrated Jes-week. She is survived by three sis- North Little Rock. Anothe the Junior Altar Society acted as I Lelia, of St. Edward's Infirmary, Ftl Monday ' uit missionqry to the North American ters. Mrs. J. McGlynn of Paris, Miss ant mutter was the forming me;;sengers of the Red Cross and Smith, left Wednesday afternoon at- Miss Mary Brady, who has been tle their basket collections netted $24.15. ter a pleasant visit at St. Joseph's guest of her nieee, Mrs. W. H. Craw- Indians, was celebrated at Termonde. Margaret Elsken, student nurse at St. Budget Committee, who, Carnival Progress Academy. shaw on Cate {tvenue, will leave this in 'Belgium, where he was born. There Vincent's ln f., Little Rock, and Iter- Trustees, were appointed to 1, Thirty-five very active members of Joe Connell, son of Mr. aml Mrs.] week for her home in St. Louis. " were civil and re]igiou. festivities at- |nina of Suhiaco; six brothers. G. M. the mater of the tended by many. prelates and t)y the and H. J. F'nsKen' of Pari:q William Council. They mall( a very the Carnival committee held a porch J" A. Connell, who has been visiting. Mr. and Mrs. Fay V. Johnson and United States Ambassador. meeting at the rectory on last Sunday relatives in Birmingham, Ala., and chihlren and Miss Jewel Smith and _ j Edward, Anthony and G. J. Elsken, all report at the last meeting. night and activities are now on for other southern points, is home again brother Paul, will arrive home tls of Subiaco. the great social event of lhur' s'(ly, after an ahsence of several months, week from a month's motor trip to The (tevelopment of a nati(m isl Although heing well ppared (, np-I Forward :rod backward o .... ' Though no self-respecting young man MicMgan and other points. Enroute strangely paralleled by the de-elop- pear before her Judre. her death c:|st Sept. ,,0. ihe pubhcffy committee re- could be expected to admit it, Joe's nomor, nev spent rosy week in n|cagu, " ,  ' ' .. a gloom on the entire community. I,'or that is the way a woman ports the following Carnival feature ...............  ment of "m divilu d Th(te comes to program the afternoon and even- I " in both "t pmio of "tdolescenee, of th( all who knew her loved her. t{e wooed.--By What Authority, friends suspect it was the "Homesick and this week in St Louis , . . ' ......  , in,,. " * Blues" that brought" him back ...... # ..... ... ;[ strrmg of new powers, of an increase ----" v, rs ,(, x, vons an(t (mugner m  ; ..... " death has cnused a heartache, but (]od[ 2 '" ': ..... .... o ;trengu, of the dawn el" new has only plucked another lily for his The time that really rhe feature attraction at the first Connell,On T hursdeYof the Connellmrning''ransfer'Mr" ,J.andA. Louise, who left Sunday for a month's ideals., of lhe awakening of self, con- garden. 'Phe deceased is the meee o1" time between our religioUS :  annual carnival to be given by St. Pat- storage Co., mct with a painful ac- visit in Kansas City, Chicago an(| sciousness..--[ly Wliat.,Autl|oritv Row. Fent(m Kraemer. O. S. 1;. --The Light riek's I'arish orr the school grounds, eident when he slipped "rod fell on the Seventh and Cypress .streets, Sepem- wet concrete walk in the rear of his ...................................... ber 20, will be a five-act vaudeville ..... - home on Nm'th street. ']?hough pain- ' " show that will be presgnted by the young people of the parish. Two fully bruised about the fae, Mr. Con- uell's injuries are not believed to be shows will be given on the night of serious, as he has not been confined to ' -  d'':'"')':'): " the carnival, the first at 7:30 o'clock his home. Founded i " ' and the last at 9:30 o'clock. : ''" Rehearsals for the show have been School opened at St. Joseph's Aead- , 1850 .... , . emy, on the morning of Sep. 10th. : By . in progress for the past two weeks, with a large attendance and prospects Sisters The bill will include singing and danc- ef |rig numbers, and even an act of the for a sudcessful year were never brighter. By donating for several con- Mercy . . old-time melodrama will be presented, secutive clays, a full page ad. for St. Several hundred tickets for tbe show already have been sold and those in Joseph's Academy in the Daily Mena charge expect two capacity audierces. Star, eighteen of Men's representa- tive business firms expressed their Beslde. the main attraction there goodwill towards our Catholic school will be five sideshows.that will pro- in no uncertain terms. The ad. which vide fun for the children and grown- was most attractively gotten up by ups. A1 lof the attractions will be presented under canvas and the corn- I G. C. Konkler, a member of the Star's mittee, promises something new at tStaff, carried,, a brief historical ,sketch each of the sho's. I of S. J. A. past, present and future." lhe work of each department was An orchestra will furnish n|uuie] outlined and the p'age was embeilished threughont the evening, aml there I ,with several cuts of fomner S. J. A. will be something turin  every classes. Years of unremitting labor ute of the time from 2 p. m. until II I were required to bring S.J.A. to its o'c!oek. The cbildren will be enter- present state of recogn|zed effieieney tained during the afternoon with races and the generous encouragement of and athletic events. Mens,'s business men, will be an added The affair is givell to raise money ineentive to the future efforts of the for the building of a new " church, Sisters of Mercy in charge. which is contemplated for the near future. Notes and Personals I JONESBORO Misses Lucille and EveIyn Rappi- lard left Monday for St. Joseph's Academy, Blaine, Ark. The Parent-Teaehers Association Little Miss Virglnia Guenter' 810hadtheirelectinffficersfrir'e MT. ST MARY'S ACADEM Orange St., left Monday for St. Jo- coming year at their meetirg on eph's Academy, Blaine, Ark. Monday afternoon. Mrs. 1;red Falk r * IdeMiB d; t! Scho 1 f Y nt! I die d Littl Gi Mi.s Margaret Mary MeKiernen, was elected president, Mrs. Tom qtach ()-r ][I 0 Ol* Oll a $ lll e r 121 West 4th St., will leave Monday, vice-president, Mrs. T. W. L. Murray, Sept. 17th, for St. Mary's of the secretary, and Miss Augusta Grief, Woods, Ind., where she will reenter treasurer. A report of the year's ........ ' .......  .... " .................... " ........ " ................... "'"'* ..... ''""*"" ...... u..u, ............. .,m,.,..n .... u,,H,.. .... ,1[!  her studies, work wasread and aflne shewing A ccrefliteq b&tae University of Arkansas and , ffiliatett The Ladies of the School Welfare was made. All are very much inter- = Aid ofSt. Patrlck'sschool, will meet ested in the coming yea,.'a work and Wth the C'atholic Universityof Washington ) C. Friday afternoon at 8:30 p. m. in the will make every effort t9 make this school hall; this year is hoped to be the banner year cf ti*. organization. a successful year and a full attendanceis urged. EugeneJ"meswCarns'Ried fo,Sta'ksuhiaco'*':d Under The Direction of the 00isters of Mercy Mr: Jhn Siepiela spent Tuesday in last Tuesday t resume their studies" Fall Term Opens Septemb 1Oth Hot Springs, Ark,, while there he was Miss Charlotte gtuck has ente,.ed the guest of the Rev. Father A. De St. Bernard's tramlng scn,ol for er Murger, formerly Pastor of St. Pat- nurses. rick's parish. Inez Bartley has accepted a post- COURS]_S Grammar, Academic and Commercial, Music, Art Mrs. Grace Hodge and daughter, tion with the Borroughs Adding Ma- ' Miss Fannie, have returned to tbeir I chine Company. Expression. " home in Batesville, after spending I Twenty-eight young people attend- the pas month the guest of Mr. and/ed the Pocahontas, Jonesboro, Engle- For further particulars, address Mrs. John Pruniskl, 1310 Maple St. i berg, Paragould, Weiner picnic at Po- I cahontas last Sunday, going over in g-Jr 1 The Rev. Father G. A. KolodzieJi car s ,o, ne has returned to Pittsburg, Pa., to Hockle, George Ruth and a bus to take take charge of his students. Fatherthe boys. A splendid tin was re- /