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September 15, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 15, 1923

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of NOTE i John K. Mullen, K. G., Colo., with his wife, 1urn- old family homeste'ut to J. Henry Tihen, 1). I). for tile site of the SPanish-American church. en, who is a Knight of St With his good wife has fre- Shown generosity to Catho- The Mulh'ns for so,m: ived at 896 Pennsylvanla their chihlren were born ald Lawrence. It is fittiniv ways that tile ohl h(mw of a has been so generous m the Catbolic C]mrch shouhI of a temlie tq" the true the other lils of Mr. ' ullen were the erection of Mullen home F')r the aged $125,000 of the Ca- ng lmsxi]Ue the con- that edifice) and the re- on St. l,eo's church rBrthe Benjamin. "-.aXrian Order. who for a was Superior of St. Louisville. but who General of the or- in Baltimore, vistor in I,ouisville.-He *Placidus the new Su- the work at the col Brother Benjamin has from Europe, and was Velcoraed by the S:. Xavier 'When the school opened. Glenaon, has accepted the Na- of the Ancient Or- in America, recent- on behalf of the Na- of the order by National Doohoe, of Phila- Glennon has al- great admirer of the of always taken a great in- concerning Ireland race. Several oted Order, whoi for a been National Chap- among them His O'Connell. The was Bishop of Detroit. SchUmann-Hemk, Springs for after a week's the Colorado Springs Legion witk a The fimney will be s. the nucleus of a Schu- endowraent for needy the Pike Peak region, the post said in announc- made an honorary Colorado Springs post a ban(met giw.n in night. She takes a |ar.e silver lov- her by the post on AI Smith wrote the editor uoon the Jew- lie wrote m part: records our People; but it also has not been ap- the fire. of race bigotry have of late tbrough- and e'en our beloved gether fre Such un-Am- are like a temper- reaches peak and out of existence. For ur People is sound and A, J, Grogan, Home for Irish Im- Who for twcnty-lhree handling Irish immi- of them British sfib: defended the con- Island and explained *.and dificulties wbich service face. He Seems to be the mote eye these days, judg- reports. It has never repute, both at home been keenly in- recent criticism, much and ill founded. twenty-three years to Ellis Island.. of British discharged in my I visited the hospitals rooms almost daily, aaple opportunity to i goes' on. Therefore,, to say a word on ex- Oils. ] grteyanee seems to be is detained at all. I of fact, those qualified I at majority, are not are sent through destinations. We MEDICAL MISSIONS COMMITTEE ADOPTS A PLAN OF ACTION (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, Sept. 8. A mr)st impo'r- tant conference of the Medical Mis- sions (,ommlttee o:f thc Catholic lh s- pital Association was hehl at tim Col- lege or Mr. St. Vincent in this city recently. Every lnembcr of the coln- mittee which consists of Dr. ['. ,l. Flagg, Chairman; Rt. Rev. Msgr. Jo.. F. McGlinchey, D. D.; Rev. Michael Mathis, C. S. C., S. T. D.; Rev. Ih'uno llagspiel. S. V. I).; Rev. M. Thoma:. R. M. M.; Rev. Frank A. Thill, aml Mr. Floyd Kceter, was present at all se;sion:, l)etailed surveys of vuriou: foreign mission fields were prcs(mted by Msgr. MeGlinchey, Dr. Mathis and Fr. Tholnas fl'oln personal observa- tions. These will be publi,,hed serially in "Hospital Progress, '' the official of gan of the Association, and latin re- published as pamphlets to aid in sln'e'l(ting the medical misxion need. A definite plan of action was adopt- ed, endorsing the establishmen,: of medical units of the Catholic Students' Mission Crusade in all Catholic *rain- cal colleges enrolling Catholic stu- dents. Special medical mission IHera- ing schools for nurses and in all medi- ture, in addition to the surveys above mentioned, will be prepared by mem- bers,of the committee to aid in ealb;t- ing these units and in educating the American Catholic public concerning the work of Catholic Medical Mis- sions. Under this phm the Ho,oital Association's Committee will act as a clearing house for connecting appli- cants for medical missions with ntis- sion societies which are seeking such aid, whether in the home or foreign fields. It will endeavor'furtimr to make known the material nee(b: of medical missions and to aid in supply- ing these needs as far as possible. hear little of this, however. They pass on, and rarely is there a word of thanks for the courtesy extended to themselves and their friemls. "The detained are of two classes: I .."1.--Those whose relatives are not on hands to claim them; tllose short l of funds to continue their journey, and those whose accompanying rela-: rives have been sent to the hospital. "2.--Immigrants held for special inquiry. They are the physically and mentally unfit illiterates; and those who have come in violation of the contract labor law. They consti-' tute a very small percent of the immigrants, but they are a h)t of the fuss. "The excluded invariably resent being detained. They air and ex- aggerate the inconvenience and get a certain satisfaction from doing so. "The new Commissioner, Mr. Cur- ran, has made an excellent record, both as a New York City official,and as an officer in the United States Army. He may be relied upend.., ta maintain the high standards of his predecessor; Mr. Ted. Like Mr. Ted, too, he is kind and human and dis- posed to temper justice with mercy in lis .dealings with the immigrant. There is n6t the slightest reason to believe that he is unfriendly toward aliens from the British Isles or else- where. "The difficulty is not with the im- migration officials, the food or the detention quarters. It is to be r,'aced GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, SEPT. 15, 1923. PAGE FIVE , I AMERICAN COLONIES CATKOLICS ANSWER LOURDES AUTO FR. GETTELl00 TELLS WILL HAVE AID OF CALL FOR AID TO ACCIDENT VICTIMS OF HIS EXPERIENCE MISSION SISTERS STRICKENED JAPAN WERE PROTESTANTS WITH JAPAN QUAKES (By N. C. W. C. News Servicel (By N. C. W. C. News Service)  (By N. C. W. C. News Service) 80,000 Catholics in Island Igmpire and Brooldyn, Sept. 10.--Four Mi:xion- Six Catholic Churches in Tokm. lx)urdes, Aug. 31.--Following the Cleveland, Sept. 8.The earthquake ary Servants of the Most Blessed aceidimt near lourdes in which 2 disaster in Japan has distressed the Trinity, headed by Sister Mary Britlg- ] ..... persons were killed, the report was heart of Rev. Victor F. Gettelman, S. et, have sailed for Porto Rico. where (By N. C. W. C. News Service) i telegraphed to all parts of the (oun. J., profpssor of philosol)hy in St. Ig- they will establishe a din-tottery fgr Washington, 1). C., Sel)t. 10.--Cath- try that the autocar, which after lea',.- natius College, this ('.it,.:, who but re- the "meommodation of Catholic rirls olios of the United States are re- ing lx)urtles, was buried over an er. eently left Japan to take up his work egistered at the San ,Iuan Normal spending generom;Iv to tile appe-d for hankment near the famous site , in Cleveland, Sdhool. Their advent into Porto Ric(, aid sounded throughout &c nation as Gavarnie, contained a party of Dutch Father Gette!ma|l sponsored the will mark the first extension of the a result of tile cat'tstrophe which de- pilgrims to l,ourdes. Upon closer in- Catholic UniverAty of Kojimach, -- wo}-k of the Missionary Serwmts of vastated scores of ,l:lpanese cities and vestigation this report was found to near Yoasug.a. The university known * the Most Blessed Trinity to territory towns :-lit] (}aused the loss or hum/reds be incorrect. Tile travelers were in Japanese as Johi Daigaku was ees- outsi(le the United States proper anti of thousa||ds el" live.,. Dutch, it is true. but the), were not tablished in part by Ftther GetteT- will also marl( the in.muration of n At the request of the Rev. John J. pilgrims. They were merely tourists, man. distinctive Catholic work in tile ohlest Burke, C. S. P., general secretary, the trave!ing for pleasure, and the ma- I "1 have. been studying the dispatches diocese of the New Worht. employes of the National C'tholie jority of them were Protestants. No'.=. in an effort to learn whether the uni-. The Porto Rico Normal School for Welfm'e Council subscribed and for- withstanding this fact, the Bishop o[ I versity was harned." Fa;her Get.;le- Girls at Sml Juan is attended bv sin- warded a substantial contribution to Lourdes, despite his great age, went man said today. dents from "all parts of the island. Up tile American Red Cross for elief in person to the scene of the tragedy "There is doubt in my mind, yet to tbe present there have been few purposes. Many Catholic fralermu to pray fl)r the repose of the souls o[. I'm inclined to believe it is safe, places where Catholic fib'ls couht live and charitable societies -dso subscrib- the unhappy victims. One of the:- though it is located but a stone's ed l)romptly and liberally to the relief was the editor of a strong anti-Cath- throw from the Italian embassy." during the school erm without seri- ously endmw, erin their faith. Non- fund. ()lit'. paper, "l)e Protestant," who had The Italion tmbassy, according to C:dlm!ic ap;meies interested in e:mea- Catholic University Just Restored i just ammunce(t a series of article by advises from Japan, crumbled under tion have for years been in the field While no definite 'news of the de- an apostate priest, the undulating land. and have prtwided accommodations struction of Catbolic institutions in Abbe Gautier. a young priest who "Though generation after genera- for students. Much the snme condition Japan has as yet reached here, it was spending his summer vacation  Lion in Japan have experienced earth- obtains relative to hay student., seems probable that these institutions near Gavarnie, took charge or the quakes, the .Jap:mese mind," Father Porto Rico. althouM Mmost who,, nmst have suffered heavily by e:a'th- work of rescue, which was extrernely Gettehnan said, "would no mor ad- (nfhol;e. f,ees a neeuliar situ;tion, in quake and fire. On the day before the difficult on account of the ha:are of just itself to their awful terror than the fact that owinrr to the lack at" calamity occurred, the Rev. Michae; the ground. The gulf into whieil the the mind of a foreigner. ,,,';e.qts and trninod heh)m'a there are Mathis, C. S. C., of Holy Cross Co,- autocar fell was surrounded hy abrup-,, i "The (luakes are forever disturb- " thousnn(ts of Catholics who row m lege at the Catholic University here rocks, over 10q meters high. The onlyling one's peace of mind," he continued. in inormoe of the truths f fMth received word that the Catholic Uni-way to reach the victims was to let "I think it was because they interfered :nd mnnv indopd who reach the adult versity at Tokio, eomlucted by tile men down on ropes into the ehasl-.,, with my powers of concentration tthat aue without tl, sacrament of bn- "Jesuit Fathers, anti the prmcpa These brought back the dead bodies I was finally forced to leave. I tsm. The eomin of the Missiomu'v Catholic institution of higher learning and gave relief to the ijured couhl not study when the rumble gervants has been warmly welcomed in that country, had just completed ............... would begin." the work of reconstruction made ne- ' "People in Japan are continually at- hv thoe in charge of educational ac- of these are from France, it being es- tivities iv the island and one hundred cessary by a slight temblor two years rod fifty students have ah'eady made ago. Father Mathis, who was in Jap-I timated that one-fifth of the French tempting to strengthen their build- arrangements to live in the house an last year, received his information :clny of 540 people is composed of ings against the ever-present threat. from the Rev. Mark McNeal, S. "J., those devoted to religious work. in- I recall one time during April of last whicl will be opened under their aus- a member of the staff of the Catholic t eluding the Archbishop of Tokio, and year, I was talking with the architect iee.. The Siters will sunervise the . '' University of Japan, which was found- the Bishops of Kobe, Nagasaki and working on plans t improve some studies of their charge and will sun- ed in 1908, and which has a staff o Yokohama. Mos of our buildings. The conversation ply them with a Catholic home, life so l The venerabe Archbishop, the : was in the evening and by telephone, that religion may go hand in hand ten Jesuit in.tructors. Father Mc- t" f Bal Rev. Peter Reyr has been a mission-iI n the middle of it a rumbling and Neal, who is himself a na ave o : . r, eor_ton] ary in Japan for 41 years. The reli- shaking began. It was the most se- : with education, i timore,'and a graduate m  t ' United States gious communities of women in Tokio vere we had experienced in years. University, visited the .. PRIEST COMPLETES a few years ago in behalf of the in- are .tile Ladies of the Sacred lleart Simultaneously and abruptly we end- C, w .) 1 ..... , ! and the Ladies of St. Maur, who con- edour conversation and left the tele- ., ' ' ,stituton. One mem)er o me . -l .......... AND HELPED TO BUILt) ......... Gettleman S J (tuct acanemms ann SChOOlS, ano urn,phone. . x;y, ne lev. vlcl;or a.  , .. ., . ' ., (1Lv N. C. W. C. Nws Sel,qce l was ordered to the United States Sisters of St. }'aul, ,,ho }?ave c!mrge i "The building in which I was in at x,,, r ....  10 The' ., I o various wors oI charity, roKio ]sfthet;me was swaying back and forth " about a monm ago ' I like a tree in the wind. Fortunately c. Thomas at Poet a la t (aso the seat of the Apostohc Delega .hutch of St. " ...... Among other American mission- s " ' . . Hacht in .Placquemines parish, which ' " Ja an are the Rev Father ltion to Japan, but his Excellency, the lit did not topple over.' Later I destroyed by fire last Novem- arms m p ..   .... i Most Rev Marie Giardini, was absent' learned from the architect that hi was James Walter, S. M., the e. lrotner " " Nicholas Walter, S M, and the Rev from the city at the time of the c'-- building had been severely damaged. ber, is today replaced by a modern aster. ' A short time after that he told me structure for which the pastor, Fa- Brother" George J' Meinzilger ali l   Fr  ) s he could stand t no longer and left ther Girault de la Corgnais, not only " ' :" ' '.' it )f, I aul Claudel, the ech Amkassa- . memt)ers OT ne lnarlsl oc t y the island." drew the plans, but helped mix the Dayton, Ohio. The Marists conduct dor to Japan, s also a.d,.tmm, h. mortar and sa- the lumber. One l ...... s'itutions in  member of ne k anollc commie y mree large eaucalonal in  ' . ' ' thousand Catholics from three sur- . .... e in Yoko l affd is. well known to Catholics the "BABE" RUTH PLAYS oapan, one m TOKIO O rounding parhhes helped Father nama" ana" tne-- third in Na-aaki I wrldg " "1 ..... over for his contributions, , t FOR QHURCH, NINE BUT Corgnais celebrate the completion of ...... hei tutela-e more ne renmssance of the rench (;r, ms- HIS SIDE IS DEFEATED ney nan unaer  g ' " ' le the new edifice, which will be blessed , " ..... , ...... s in ten stage, and especmlly for Ins ce - (By N. C. W. C. News Service) man wo nousana aapanese _ OUCh. " "" by Arehbi,hop Shaw when the present'big h school and elementary classes brated play "The Tidings Brought to Philadelphia, Sept. i0."Babe" debt is wiped off. and are the only order permitted by Mary," which was presented last sea- Rut, the home ,run king of the New ........................................... i to the steamship companies and the tbe Japanese government to conduct son in New York. He is safe, having York Yankees, was seen in action immigrants themselves. Our immi- private elementary classes. Father "Andretaken refugeLebon.,,on the French steamer withhere thelastAscensiOnweek in CatholiCa twilightClUbbattlenine ; gration system is being improved, is] Walter and Brotber Walter, who are I growing more restrictive and Elhs of the same family, have been in the Of the 80,000 Catholics in Japan, with a local team. Despite "Babe's" Islam! reflects the change. If the t Japanese field for twenty-five years, itsClSeenvirons.t 60,000Thereresidewerein Nagasakisix Catholicand [ efforts,1. "Babe"the playedAscensinfirtClUbbase,lSt'got 2onetO great subsidized British lines wouhllOr more. The Society of the Divine Word of churches in Tokio. hit, scored his team's only run and a realize this, enlighten their patrons accepted fifteen chances without regarding landing conditions and Techny, Ill., also has extensive rots- properly select and regulate the sionary interests in Japan. We lose nothing of what is good and miscue, He played as a special avor  i quota assigned them, what a sr.ving 250 Nuns Conduct ng Schools sweet in the past.T-The History of to the Rev. William Casey, pastor of would result in time, temper and ex In addition to the priests and bro- Richard Raynal Solitary. the Church Offriendthe AscensiOnof his.andwhenlng ,  tbers who pense, and how much the conge:'tion are laboring m the Japan- a personal "Babe" came ff the field he was at Ellis Island would be relieved. ." I ese fields,, and who number about 250, You will fail sometime:, hut not greeted withthe news that Harry i including forty native Japanese finally.The King's Ac.hievement. Heilmann, another Catholic who is a You've got to eat the asb some day, priests, there are about 250 nuns who power with the baseball bat, had pass- but it's only the ash.The Sentimen- conduct schools for girls, one hospi- A spendthrift never reveals all his ed him as leading hitter of the Amer- alists, tal and several dispensaries. Many debts.The Sentimentalists. ican League. rr" i i LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE Seven Miles From City--Pulaski Iteights--Street Car Service Fall Term Opens Tuesday, Sept. 25 COURSES: CLASSICAL, SCIENTIFIC, PRE-MEDICAL, PRE-ENGINEERING, SENIOR UNIT, RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS, U. S. A. For Particulars Apply to REV. ALBERT L. FLETCHER, President. i'.: "