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September 15, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 15, 1923

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"l. a PAG. FOUR GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, SEPT. 15, 1923. CITY 0?C0iTII00ITTEEsT. LOUIS tIITS "" "L*rencn and Germ.l0000..n Cathoh&apos;cs00..00_ POPE SENDS SPECIAL i TRIBUTES TO FATHER ) i,o00p Faith uec.00re .......................... jor t00econcaa.on BLESS!NG TO PILGRIMS OF "LITTLE FLOWER" low selec00 ),) " " Sister Marie of the ItARD KLUXERS ,,,rios. "My father would AT Each ,4grees to P,'ay fiJr the Other and P),, l /nity---Re,ha, k- GOING TO HOLY LAND ............. journey, ,., mutt,.., how u,0, , ' " " " I able Outcome Of l'hird International Cm]wlie Congress ............. p ,(lY: N. C ........ W (' New Servi(e) 'wilIe ncver.,passed.  ia front. 0fl (b.,, ,: w. I Wasb00.00ton, l, ,:, 00ept o la.,s, Aug. :. ..... thou.! no m00,tKo " .,. ,: ., .', "  . ' ' ' Jestivit/es in honor )1" the m .... )t was with. lvty father anu -, St. I,oli,, Sept. 10.--[e.Clttion: iH)lJness t o})e i iu X/, wts set "t ,, . , ..... '.;s ....  ,.. "2 _.  dermtulcinf (be K ti l':]ux Klan were I (By.N. L,. V. C. News fJerivee.) duty to ju:4iee and eharity Llmt tl e .... " " "' * ' I l el'c'q, ef tm ln',,,- ) ....... : ,. ucep /It tn. rlear IL the-, - mitteo and made ILIt)lic here bv Jo-  l ( :' ' " --' " '; ' -]the other haad this r,par'tlhm b,, rcc- ' - " " of the Iitt e I,'lo ........ :.._:.,. , of the world as pure vanity, LF, e t',oH]nlissal'iat (f [l')e ]l )  r lffJL .... .e, Ct, lllt.ltles \\;VILli ,. seph J. Mes'r(..:: following a recem; ant and suc(tev::aI'tl] C.:.dholi'c assep.?die:.:l og,'ni:,e,I by the other nati m n a neY* ............ .\\;--:- - ' " the cent(mnial fl' hat beloved f'tthe) [ Sister (;cnevieve, auother d, teIfl ,l , he'! roll n'ol" .--, .... , ,,cc,,r,,,ng o an an,,(;attce- , ...... ., " .... ',-, ....................... ,or meeting. " ] (: bUl -. (.tilt, 3(,11. It Wtl tt- :;plFIL Of ('hri:.,tian justice, c l ritv an( merit" made" at Mount St Semdcbro .or lr is exlt(.ljx. . ODD ............ I ...... I...liiwll .!,eals i! "'t' ......  *es:  no cflaY,,- t, Yo:o]H[;ionsI)srperSsalcl: '  Y I ' nlllletlt letdel': in the II10FCy. r,.ihe * ' ' It:i]'(tl ::*" ........... "'Vei)ie:imo'*" :t ro[]::,vs: . ! l'v, s,. 1..' ..... d'A ,',.l u, . 2,,,c]lh jsh o ): " e io S;l]'lll.;, ", ,'os!|)h l'" " tl: inl, o" m Y ]1,,t Monqfo)'v t ..... ; since LOOl.{-Josepll Stansilas M[tri ] /]aLller Wits ()lie Ot gl'eD.t Sl,lltn "I' e h ll]o\\;.(nlc,l m every couwry,,t ".xl! ru;'ht-miuded per'.o t, (f bo,;h .... e message receive, (rom the' ':I '"l')is (l ihl xxill b ' , ,]cellemo When 1 desire to h ..'e :o-ealled 100 Der cent Aln-] ,pl ........ Iwas born at P, or (aux, ) Au.ut 22  ness, lie was the ust ms ,eriean or'-i:;ations (tie K. K.. K...] Ions and tmelme:.:., t)l" tim reso ,tion: work ill or(It;! to I)l,;: abuu[: an eal'lv - .'. s cordially the Pll-ideaux. :aid of him then. And t,>dav, lVI l.,ous Mmtm dmd Julyt slid its .td.;idiari+,0 who!e men, her's[ pt.'sed give promi:.,, el I)el'li!.d;'2l)tlittl[ <[il'e,_'L CI!I([OFAL:,II( illI4' Ietv.'tq'l+ the grinq;tge Of the l"aithful of the Unit- an old llull. Si.t:er Saillt lgnatiu., of hide their faces hohimI : mask and tmd vonc.rete rea, ul . two mttio l.';." ed States to the IIoly l,aml. () th: IAsieux, who knew M Martin .:ay';: (.'.omlha'ency is the one .under cover ef the (hrkness cemmlt The .,;pivil, oF t.h Con,:re,:. w:'. 'h The Con;;'ve.s avcet)ted with ;reat occasion of the de(lication of the Ba- "He (eerves every praise; he lived progre,;s--in fiwmce, m art, their atrocious crimes, are usurping :;pirit of lh,, E|cy,.. h"d "Ubi Av,.:mo[ joy the ::ug'g'est[on ma ,, by Freach silica ef M(mnt Thabor. only for, his children.' the power. of ore' ]awm'tkin bod;6s I)eo." This wa: c:early v(.Fiec ( i!1 ('.athoh: dele4ates that ca the t'ivst "This blessing, hestowe(I in a spe- " " leer, and in the things of the ms] judicial t ribunal,, the resolution in fa','( r of itt,.,,:natioa:] '{mulav of ev(,1.y month In Sel,tember, lS..J3, l,ouis M:wti): Chnist is Ule Church. C(mdenmed . . i'e;tce (;tin. cial manlier 1113011 the promoter.., of ' went to Meunt SainL Her ard ho )ilg ) peace advoc ttia,: the :ormaLion ,>I :m rmmh)a 1)o heht at which the I,'rerwh the l)ilgrimage and !pon each pilf,.mm to enter the religious life. He was "The Catholic, the Jew and t:he ne- intern:xtio)al C:dholic l.'eac, t'.)v:wil 'C'tho[ic; wi l pray for the Ch';mans]in particular, will be shared gro are placed in a class that is un- composed of Cvt]mlics I,r.mip.ev, ', aud I.hc (;et'm;m (': Lh(,lics For the] those who in. any way whatsoeverby'all wentnt acceptedback honteat tothec(mpleemnasterYhis stud-an" laws!---TheFnm sinai]Sentimentalists,habits and American by this ,o-called I00 per i;he scientific :a d poli[ha! w,v[ !. (he F,'er, h. t. the end that thv.ugd ,nity render themselves deserving of the ies. He lived flu" a h',n time al A1- cent Anterican organization, and we, (tums,- (d" \\;vhic '.v(mh] be to :'lwl in Lho II('al'l; of' Cbri::t a new era of same. the members of the Democratic City the [)a;ic prJlw.[p!v: of the (a, ho]i( )r Dmrly. cu-( ),'ratiol m:)y (lawl fon ,itunim:tLe "Plus XI, l'ol)e." marriedenen' withMmlanaoisellohis fanfilY(; in NinelS58 condemn the actions of this organiza- move ari:gin lelv,een d lhe I)h.::Jnvs ()l' the en:.ire w,rhl. York City on March 17 and alneadv Daily Mass thetin poweraS un-AmeriCanwhich we andpossessWil] uSeto up-all tionCathlic na:i(m: by practical m'bitra- Ow; of lho m,;,t im:)(;rLant di:cu:'.news from Jeru.a]em ir(lica:es thai MADE BY (n  t [  ( 1( ] 1" 1  ( lt]lO )le ( 1 , ' .: v, .; : " ' "':" ;" ""': : " I 't' l'ol  pre) rations "ll'e )ein,,' A fe;uqe.;s Christian. a regular at- hold the Constitution of thh United Reconciliation of Franceand Germany ,;c ,r(:; A long reottion ,vq.] ............. ' ' " ' t.e,(tant at mor)ng Mts M Muti ROSE CITY '- " '" F, cu t'lt'e lor l:|le mel'lC:t ,,isit- . ..... ' ' States, and especially the amendmen Another proof o:l the fact that )a :e( urp'  V' Cat)) c o g'.  z'ttion, m .. : ...... was a man wgthout reproach. One .......... '.;. +- re(scarier m t,m meresr . , . l'rH 1 MOST granting civil and religious liberty, obedience to Catholic tea(.hi,,g and ,) t01,:),t: I,:. (,ath(A,( p,c.,.. )Lv ,,x(... wh,ch the pilgrimage has :u'euse( i, of h? daughters, M)thm Agnes of so necessary at this time." principles form: the so]: ham:" for I JOE JUNG, IF,!; ; 1 Ll'/21r povcer a ld to US0 th('l Furo,e 'rod P flestin- ' '1 .... ' ,Jesus n s Wl'lLen: My 1)arents aways The resolut:ion marks the first open real intern-ttion:il reconciliation i.: re- ' , v. ,  ' c . ne tact rna ' " __ 'h {h( lic pa0er for )mblicit, con- ,,--. ,, seemed to me to be S,qlnts. , - , . ,, ..... ,;,s o, ,omme,.b,t.,n been or ...... 00,,:ath CAPITAL attack on the Klan by any pol/tical vealed in the significant reso!ution er nt' te ' 'tivities rqt mr t vm )ecei([ ' .......... s ]rich(iS scmetmms accuse, mm o, ' " ' " " ' " -  . ' ) i/el'e recellllV ll'oD] (.,u*(/llla[  . , organization in Missouri, although on the subject of a Franco-Germa) cowfine such mfl)licitv to their owv Io-I:,: . ...... " ..... l exaggc.ratmn because he closed hs there was a reference to the activities entente. This reolutio, is as follows: 'al oraas. Aid" through- .... incre':,,d cir- ,org, t-rotector m ne Fr'. r, cm-., j..e,etry, sorc" on bun(lay." " Aml when S00PLUS o secret societies in the platform of "The. . l'reneh and German Catholic I, can Order, the Most Rev. lel'nardine the country people came to town on We haw tnrsasd c'ahttion, a ver:ising and active coop- (umner, Minister General of the:sundays, they went elsewhere to buy the Democratic State convention delegates present at the Third Iv.ter-leration was also advocated; and Franciscans and the Right Rev. Fer- jewelry when it was for a wedding. tl[ ltam $00,{1tl to adopted at Excelsior Springs in 1922, oational Catholic. Congress have/('.atholic leaders the wor:(I over were d;nand l)iotellevi. O. F. M., Custos of b7 lling the n' .s : supposedly directed at the Klan. U. adopte(I the folh)wing resolution con-t;nvited to celehrate lh'e.;s l)ay aroma]- tim Holy Lapd. 'If you would only leave a side door |$ lr cxmt alive our pr, S. Senator James A. Reed openly at- tenting reconeilitation between the]ly on June 29 as recommended by open,' his friends used to say, 'you ha| len incrmed frem tacked the Klan in his successful earn- two peoples: Pop,. l,,nedwt' " XV, with a program of ANGLICANS .................... i)ECil)ili ......... I would do no harme a all; you would $10,0{15. Thi. enablH  ts paign for re-election last year. ' "The French an(l German (',aUlolics prayer, propaganda and pul)lici(y. NOT TO I)UPLICATE not lose such handsome sales,' But  em' of lr pa)t I'VANSTON, O, DEDICATES ! attending the Third International Con-[ International Press Urged T '  S  , gress recognize that the salvati(n of The resolution also recommended I IqLL OF CATHOLIC , EL my father repeated that he preferred  well !- tfilae to attract the blessings of God."  NEW $150,000 SCHOOL Europe and of the whole worhl de- that Catholic organizations tnd Cath- (By N. C W. C. News Service) --_ mands a deftnite and permanent re- olic leaders consider the advi.abil- London, Aug. 31.--Out of defer- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) conciliation between Germany and ity of forming an international press, ence to the Catholic Bishop af Mid- Cincinati, 0., Sept. 4.--Labor Day Franee, and consider the solution f ' com,mttee the task of which wouM be dleshorough the Angicans, who have St. Joseph's Infirmary was celebrated at Evanston, Cinein- this question not only as a political to cneate an international Catholic just formed a new diocese in the part nt, by the dedication of the beauti- and economic tasl but as a moral and il ofpreSSexistingagenCYnationa]r at leastcatholica federatiOnnews ' rules,f Yorkshirehave decidedVer whiChto ca11BisbPtbeir ImCYnew H O T S P R I N G S ful and monumental St. Mark School religious duty, to be adjusted in ac-[ and Auditorium, erected at a cost of I cordance with the will of God in a services. The creation of an inter-See after the ancient Abbey of Whit- $150,000. Archbishop Moeller offi- spirit of justice and charity. In national advertising hureau for' thei by, so that the "new prelate will be drosseseiated atweretbemadeCeremonieSby the Arehbish- ' Father ,and ad- accord withthe thecongressdireetiOnSreeognizesOf the. Holy.ts a urged.benefit of the Catimlic pres. was also) known, as tiw Bishop of Whitby. The South's Most Famous Sanitarium op, and by the Rev. Urban Vehr, as ...................................................................... Writing on this subject, the Prot- Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy . tant Arehibshop of York, ays: theSiStantarchdioeese,SUperintendentRiehardfCraneSChlSandf Newcastle.bert's Catholic grammar school atl tion in all ldnds of social and public' "ConsideratioHs of courtesy and con- I life is very wide:pread. ' venience forbade the title of Middle- FIIIS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY OF EFFICIENCY Rev. Mark Hamburger,. C. PP. S., The summer school is devoted to the UCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE GOOD FOR who founded the parish eighteen discussion of topic, allied to Catholic ihorongh itself, for it is ah'eady the j v'?:aagor" ohheSCh:::el. 't wrh social action, among the speaker,.' be-1 The e,::sence of a perfect friendship, t.!!!._e oi!. the; ..R.?man Catholic Bishop." AND WlTH ALL CLASSES. ': ' " ing a student at t,e Caholic "W, '- is that each frieod reveals himself ut- uits, who, at the request of t{m Bfsho -=! church, on(; of the finest edifices of , -,' " ' , .. ,* . )r<- ............ ..... " ............................................ PI F e :::)l ::P::: O:( ] iii'iY ila i;i:!  :' :::h h: :l'cha; lwht: :: hearchd,ocese: _ ,:d ge's a',,l .i , 2i'','f';: ,, te h Si'lffo'i i,,de;'l, ' ,,a1 DEVOTED SISTERS i the Pyneside Catholes Am0ne' the' " y ""'--' " riendship of Chr .t. tendingS the secula EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS ENGLISH CATHOLICS s .... "" ,,,  University of '. , . , I.'uhjects. of (hscusvmn. . re: Fhe Ne-I ..... Manchester as undergraduates. " COMPETENT NURSE ACTIVE IN PUBLIC LIFE cesmty for Cathohc Social Action in/ENGLISH JESU1TS OI'EN To carry outtheir plan the Fathers '  , ,t, t r . ) I . t Lngland, Vohl I eaee and tho HOSTEL FOR STUi)ENTS have {'cquired a very large house (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ILeague of Natioas; .... ProhibiimV'I next to their Church of the Holy Well Equipped" ' BuildingOf Prominent Nam a,d right opl, osite tho Univer- Care in AppointmentsEvery london, Aug. 31.For the second 'and 'Workers and Owners." (Ily N. C. W. C. Newn Service) sity. The university hostel will be Well Ventilated andRmLighted year in succession the North of Eng-. The social study clubs, orfizd. Lomhm, Aug. 31.An impr'ant under the immediate supervision ot Outside land Catholics associated with the throughout the country by the C:tho-'step in the direction bf furthering a warden, and this office will be un- .. CatholiCsummerSOCial schoolGUild' aLarest.hIdingCuth., theliC SociaINorth.GU'iht,wherearecatholicVery numerOUSp.Jrl i:.i,)a-;n undertakenCathlic university education is being dertaken by the rector of the Jesuit -- their by the Manche.ter Jes- church. , Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation. ' COME OVER THE RIDGE INFIRMARY--0000INIThRIOM :. REST HOMg ' Profession al Attendance For Reservations Apply to REV. SISTER SUPERIOR St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. S[. TO THE CARNIVAL Patricks Church C Jrou00)ds--North, Little Rock Cypress and East Seventh Streets Bankers Trust Co. MAIN AT SECOND .-) LITTLE ROCK, AIdANSAS -we are agents for practically all the important ..earn #tp Companies. .... If you are comemplating a trip abroad for business reasons you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, nmke use of the many e: Winter C.nuses,' ' do not fail to call on us for information, be cheerfully given, without charge. .... We wish to remind you also of our Foreign Exchange De which is in position to efl'ect money transfers to foreign by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prewiling market We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations BANKERS TRUST COMPANY MAIN AT SECOND FORE/GN DEPARTMENT TAKE EAST NINTH BUSSES, AT BROADWAY BRIDGE HELP US BUILD A NEW CtIURCH THURSDAY.. SEPT, 2Oth ARMSTRONG SPRINGS wat00.R ,,. " C00,N NOW BE 08TI ,AFTERNOON 3 o'clock to 11 o'clock EVENING &RKAN..' "*MOU MEDICIN&L PRING -,,_,. AGAIN TO BI, OLD TO THE PUBLIC, CARNIVAL FEATURES UUSUAL "or '0 yar thia water ha. been famou, a.a rmmlff UNIOUE Kidney, Bladder, and Nervous Disorders For information write PROTETOR FOR BOYS SEARCY P. 0., ARK. ROUTE No. 8.