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September 15, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 15, 1923

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that good warrAs, and s the Chris- US, pp., XV. } J, en of the has been not. a breath of Uspleion single Tulsa citizen except of the 'imporiM organiza- OUTRAGES SQUARELY UP TO KU KLUX KLAN ILLo00JL2L Ku t Before Military!Klux Klan has abandoned its hm to Horrible Record of i purchase Valparaiso UniversPty, it was announced here by Milton E!rod editor of "Tile Fiery Cross," a Klan C, W. C. News Serivce) I publication. According to Elrod, the City, Okla., Sept. 10. charter and deed o the university, it for the series of out- was ound, will prevent the Klan Jrom kept Tulsa County in assuming control. Announcement; resal,;a .mlle than a year that the Klan wouhl take over the in- , -u m the revocation stitution, which was entangled m fi- ';l: bY Governor j. C. nancial dificulties,',,as made recent u. S U , c a _ q arelv ou the ty. the I(u Klux I(lan,'accord_ I 'P'given hy Al,b'ieh f wa w It ILIO counselor, who has liauana WHO SEEK Startling story gleaned of test00,nony 00,olore DIVORCE ELSEWHERE court. Military Investigation TO LOSE CITIZENSHIP llake,s accusation i brought out the first' . . i that the - U'- I (By N. C. W. C. News Service) t13 .1tary RO  Tulsa was beinc, di I " me, Sept. 3.ltahans who give )st that o'r .... . "[up their citize||ship :for that of an- gamza1on.{ other , " . ov, ndr Walton m,d h;l state m older to get divorced, ve refrained from"' .... I will find it diffieult hereafter to se- . Jatmr: cure restoration in Italian nation'dity In eonnechon w,th , I other acts o" " ,.. according to a reply ma(le b the I.. * rutanw Ministry of the Interior in reslY)onse said: Co a query from the lion. Mr. Mar- the 1,200 Pages of testi- tire. It was indicated that the Gov- .he Same brdtal refrain ernment had set its face stirctly the Klan against the practice and that save in Klan. or some mere- very exceptional cases will refuse to far examined restore talian citizenship to expatri- ates for the purpose of divorce. Of evidence not proceede( late there has been a Lreat tendency led stragh ] on the part of the Italians seeking dJ'- vorce to seuul citizenship in Fiume H.uagih.5, was previously a populm" place for intending divorcees. BISHOP SHAHAN SAYS Vic.00s he. E S. TROOPS P0031100 of Tuls wt]l nay- flee from sav00ge00! RELIGION IN EUROPE 0f Tulsa victims{ tg( man is pret-  . address after'his New York, Sept. 7.--Bishop Sha- whipped until it is "raw {;han, rector of the Catlmlic University threatened with "leathl at Washington, arrived yesterday on is exactly whai has! 'the steamship Rochambeau convinced not once, but many that a religious .wave, engendered by or 10t) times, or the splendid example or devotion to ra- n little more ligion get by the American soldiers, I wm sweeping over France and Italy. m "Somewhere,, I A majority of the churches in those out of Style in/countrles, he said, were crowded with a leather st-rap, It st parishioners on week days as well a.,, perhaps four ! Sundays. the strap is Bishop Shahan had a lengthy inter- into three straps, view with the Pope and spent several the strongest clays with Cardinal Mercier 'in Bel- and a quarter south- glum. is Tulsa county s l "I found His Holiness deeply inter- pasture, ested in the wonderful increase of away, ruined for American prestige and "influeuce throughout the world," he said. 00her W.ipped EUROPI00 N " dealt with when IS GOI G The Official Organ of the lJiocese of Little Rock, Arkansas ,'-7---- GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, SEPT. 15, 1923. KLAN GIVLS UP PIAN .......... WiS00 SELECTION ...................... i RIt[NE00D ABB00s- TO BUY UNIVERSIH OF lABOR LFAI)ERS BEING RESTORED, IN URGfl) BY PRELATE i ONE CASE BY MONKS! (By N. C. W. C. News Service) San rane]sco, Sept. lO.The ira- Cologne, Aug. 20Several of the F " (By N, C. W C. News Service) pert'race of the wise selection of labor ancient monasteries and abbeys of leaders was stressed by His ,' Grace, the Rhinelmd 're being restored and the Most Rev. Ldward J. Hanna, rebuilt, notithstanding the impover- Archhishop of San Francisco, in a La- ished condition of the country, l'rob- her l)ay message given out here. .'Q A Catholic Paper ha a Perpetual Mission. Pope Leo XllI. "'1'he Guardian" in evory home--our motto NO. 12 ONE DIVORCE IN U.S. JESUIT SCIENTIST EVERY 4 MINUTES I FIRST TO REPORT California Jurist Say---- 160.000 in Ont- QUAKE IN JAPAN  Year is a Menace to'Nation. (By N. C. W. C News Service) l)ivorces are granted in Amemea Washington, D.C., Sept. 10. ;it the rate of one every four rain- Three hours before the news of the utes throughout the year, and are devastation of important .Japmeso more nmnerous here annually in pro- cities by earthquake, the Rev. Fran- portion to the total population than eis A. Tondorf S. J., of Georgetown Archbislmp Hanna said: ably in no other region in the world "Each recurring Lahor l)ay brings [wdre there so many monasteries in medieval days as in the Rhineland. new probems to the men who. by thel. 'this" sechon" of Germany" was con- thought and by their per:;onality rule in lahor circles  verted to the Faith during the first 'rype of Leaders "It is becoming clearer every day that the prosperity of union labor must (lepend largely upon the type of men the worlcers choose to direct and govern their activities. "The leader in the present crisis must be willing to make every sacri- fice for the weal of the qnen wh toil; he must know the world in whiel he lives; he must know thoroughly the problems that vex the body politics; he must have a clear 'ision of the principles that underlie every true movement in behalf of iabor, such princ.ildes as tbe right of every ram, to have a family, the right of ever:,. centuries of the Christian era while in the eastern part of Germany, even up to the time of the I{eform:ltion there were still traces of the ancient pagamsm. DRUNKEN AUTOISTS CAUSES MANY DEATHS IN MASSACHUSETTS Boston, Mass., Sept. 7.--The revo- cation of 421 automobile licenso for !driving under the influence of Vquor Iduring August was announced yester- man to demand such a wage a.a 'i!] day by State Registrar of Motor Ve- enable him to maintain his chihh'en hicles Goodwin. He said that this in 'easonable comfort, the inalie,able j number was I) 3, far the largest number rlght of association and of colh.ctive, of revocations for that cause in the in any other country which records University, notified the press asso- marri-ge .statistics. The "mnual to- elations here that a disturbance of tal of decrees for the 48 states is in major importance had occurred and . lhc neighborhood of 1.60,000 and is in- gave the approximate 'distance front creasing three times as much as Washingten of the shock. Later, and the population. Such are the lwhen the news of the Japanese dis- conclusions of Judge W. H. Thomas aster had I)een confirmed, the sets- of Santa Ana, (:alifornia, former  mograph o' Georgetown" recorded two District Court of Appeals, drawn more severe shocks within twenty- from a wide survey of luarrlage and four hours at distances somewhat leus divorce figures in preparation for an from Washingt:on than Japan. In tlm i Amermma cam )aiR'n for a nationa. (opinion of Father Tondorf, the.-e oe , code govex nmg martini relations. I eurrcd some place in the P'tcifio on, ,I)M!e 'l'hom.ts' survey iucl uded I{ and w ere ,,bahm tin g eaiti t] ual;s.,'in'i lorty-lotlr countries, and the sum-, dieating that the earth was gettm mary of the study, made public here,.back to normality after the Japanese reaches baclc into the domestic re-.eruption. }aliens of ancient Rome, Greece and l Speaking of the Japanese upheaval, Babyhm. In his conclusions is the Father Tondorf said: suggestion that our mr)tonal life is l Five Hours Duration sermusly threatelmd by the present l "The records showed it to be ex- status of our family relationships, tremely severe and that it continued Much of our trouble, he believes, is nearly five hours on our seismograph. chargeahle to the chaotic state of" It began at 10:12 p. m., Washington our marriage laws, and his recom- time. The disturbance reached its mendation in a uniform law, applica-'maximum intensity shortly before hie toall An)art(an territory, based eleven o'clock and lasted until three. bargaining, an the ,pportuni:,. u,] state's history and more th'm ten , p'ut aside some little income f- the times as many as in the cm'resp,mding ov wisdom and experience, o'clock Saturday morning Washing- 'anforeseen accidents of life. I month of 1919, when the Volstead Act "In contrast wit our records, one i ton time. " (hvorce for every rune marriages.,, I "I gave that information to the Stress on Skill + first went into effect. He also re- Judge Tlmmas said, "those of FraneejWashington of ice of the Associated "All thi, means education, and In-iported that sixty-five', persons were and Germany, our closest eompeti- f bor must continue to devd)p its ikilled by automobiles during the [Press at six o clock SatulMay morn- school,, if it hopes to battle suceess, i month of August, an increase of eight.. [ l:';s; d':ln:'l: ,,,to ms,gn.ff,canee. We ing, which was three and a haft hours fully, with the thousand tfings that ] een over 1922. , ' . ne riwd, Japan. tJntil{before the first news of the TokIo may tend to its overthrow.. "The tremendous increase in drunk- recently that nation has been gAnd- disaster came from any source. At , ,, ing ,ut divorces faster t;han our om. the time I g'tve the inform'xtion to the lhe leaders ttius fro'me, f,),. their en el)era)ors prompts the question: rex, h()xexer, the Umted States Associated Press, I toht them that ! great work must not only ins;s upon 'When is prohihition going to begin ?"] fair wages and healthful workin Mr. Goodwin said. (,eusus Bureau discloses a rapidly estimated the distance as being about I nounting table of divorce which far 6,500 miles from Washington, but outstrips the ratio of increase in ltbat I would soon give them population Our rate of increase in ectimate. A little later I gavea revisedthem divorces between 1870 and 1(.}17, was I the revised estimate of 6,300 miles conditions, but more :than ]n the past they must lay stress upon the (level- opment of skill in %he xvm'kmen and upon that high degree of honest per- formanoe which the ]ahorers' remu- neration demand Glory o'f .IJnion "If we can train a race of l'iiglf- minded, courageous, clear-headed { ]Dl leaders, if they cn insist upon higher ]l CROSS RELIEF skill and a great interested honesty,[ then labor need "have no fear for the GROWING FAST future, and the gTeat work which the really great men of toil have built up during the pant five and twenty years will grow e'en to the perfect day for the glory of the union cause, for the finer development of the toil- er, for the hell) of the ,commonwealth and for the honor and good name of our country eve .LSrv?here 'in the worhl. ITALIAN PRIEST HELD OREGON SCHOOL Washington, Sept. 7. -- Reports from all parts of the country indicate that well over $2,000,000 already has been raised toward the $5,000,000,000 I no marriageable age, he pointed out fund for relief work in Japan, it was in commenting on our present varied! announced today at national head- law. In nine of these States--Fie)- quarters of the Ameriean Red Cross. ida, Maine, Maryhmd, Masaebu- "One feature of the record ef deaths for August is that the whole increase h.appened in the night time There is a resfl or a coml)ination of faihn'e{fo the entire country, exactly 400 which I understand is within approi- to obey i}Ire headlight law and drunk- en night riding fron beaches and pea- cent." In 1870, he said, he had mately 10{} miles o fthe distance from. 28 divorces for every I00,000 or pop- Wasliington to Tokio." camps." ulation in 1916 the figure was 112 for I [['he firs Washington news of the' each 100000. earthquake, other than supplied by I Japan Ahead of (Is I Father Tondorf, came soon after nine I "Our country beads ttm list among lo,cloc k Saturday morning and was 'the nations of the world in the down- based on the report of.the Radio Co)- ward procession. In 1890 there were! potation of America, which received 33,107 divorces here; in 1916 there advices from its Japanese station at {were 112,000. In Canada in the whole Tomioka, which is 144 miles year of 1913 there were 59 divorces, kio. These were transmittedfrmby wayT" Seventeen States in the Union fix of San Francisco. 1 Earth Fault Father Tondorf did not care to com- ment on the scientific aspects of the Tokio earthquake, contenting himself setts, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhde'with declaring that it was apparently Island, Tennessee and Vermnt'--'of a ty-pe that came from a slippln the common law ages of 12 for girls of the arth's crust, consequent on an and ]4 for boys have been formally earth fault. men raided her home CAPTIVE BY CHINESE BOARD SEES LIGHT recognized by the courts. In nine- A new seism ...... ,, +,, husband, a child b te ,  ' s " " l --v..,..eonlycneof as the r0sult; a DRY SAYS WHEELER BANDITS IS RELEAS in'f2: mtil';d '-Se2n2  rest'am'['ts kind m America, is now being in-- member D (By N. C. W. C. News Selwice) . - , . p ", .; tom mar-{ stalled at Georgetovcn. This will be ,t,- np sch::: r board abducted Eugene, Ore., Sept. 3.--The school .  * " ' /uperaultn wltnm )we months aJd Ig , r)mg an, only nree States forbia ............ cad' into voting New York, ept. 8.--Europe is go- board of this city has voted to re-tt ceg'mc umons, or marrmges be- highly ensitive. It takes maffnetk " hom he Opposed; ing dry aa result of the benefits ac- Shanghai, Sept. &--Father Melotto, lease children of the fifth and :ixth I ;:ryeP?o: filfftfheeieUfitedceStates photographs, instead of mechanical because he op- [ complished by prohibition in the an Italian missionary who was held grades for one hour a week for reli- ' .... .... ' ones, and is expected to give better a SChool was run. a United States,Wayne B. Wheeler,gen- captive by Chinese bandits was re-_: .......... 'more than 12000 marr ". , r rOUted out .... '. feral counsel for' the Anti -'-'[ leased following dhfea b,, r',,;,-sc I-s'us msrucuon. Pupils will he )x- .. md gnls under records than the four other insta- te th .... ,_. . u ner I , . 1 - , -*,, .... [ Lvnnn ........... ' 'Y ......... {leased at the narents' reaues ..... 1 ,,.m, 15 yeats of age. Approxmmtely! mon. +,,,* ....... WIll lea ue (lee|ale( 1 v el tile Dan( l arm, "  " " m *t**u nOW in 0 eramn .  PPmg field - g , ' , on n's reurn :rom ....... 5, it was an-_** ..... " - " .. ' ........ 1100.000 Mrls 1 ,,e'trs 5-* ............... '-:" ...... ' P " v as apphed to both: the internation.d conference a,ainst nounced here at army headqudrters[':n. ( classes unuer nm supervisiOn,married .... " .....  ..... s ...... tlmre. There were five seismographs i " " ' .... ox their res) " " Pers s toda t echve denommat ons at Gee) et aid tl alcohol, held recentl  " ] " ,y"  ........ ". " . ....... g own, but one of these has , ey hadt . y m opennagen. " " I The action was tak . . . eert ()[ t.Jmrorm .haw  . " . _ ese are am,,--I Restriction of liuor drinkin, is l Father Me]otta was ca lured b, the ..  en at the eques ,, . been removed to give place to the new Y Bla is} I of a conmnee rom the  m need of a uniform thvorce law ke from t - . , making, headwa- :11 : ........... , bandik sever.fl weeks ao he.-,' ;1',:.. ' ". ' .com nunityl, . ,, = . ;,. instrument. ae es-/_ ..  . u, ver L.e (,--,, Peh " - :': ....... {couneil for religious education re {is apparenL Juage l honms declares G ..... *'= ......... among the chief contributing causes i i Leaders of the' bandits were Cap-  I s conducted by the Society of Jesus, ]|[|q[] |J /[.[1| that led to the downfall of Rome, of records ^* *-^ ,, old coats and with ......... tured and held. sv n-IJliUIW Ill ObllUtllaO o .... ;:: .   - . mck were made. .,reece, oI /SaDylOn. We cannot al-[ ,.. -, .... ]low the rate of divoree at three times] ............................ . over their eyes. put their hands over my mouth and FIRST BISHOP OF MOROCCO t. I aul, Minn., -- Teaching of eve-]the rate of population increase }and law, so that we shall be able to rs standingleave near I fell unconscious, . lution in St. Paul schools in suchl "Every one is satisfied that these! offer to young men and women a sen- ts 1 one that was)he was"Ibackdidn'tin theknw any more until I iBy -- wayas to cast doubt on the exstenceilaws must be uniform. Hence thelsible presentation of the subject that ttd t dgr, and when I cam0 N.C.W.C. News Service) m ,o( was Ioroidden Tuesday b. time for action has come. And be-lwill convince them of the necessity ligh from the cars to I wet ":ith blood. Some one Paris, Aug. 11.The first bishop of [ ne prisoners. A was Commissioner L .R S Ferguson in cause men have dily-dallied about it, of permanent family relations and as- had hold of my pulse and some one French Morocco, Msgr. Dreyer, of the his speech before 1,200 St. Paul teach- and because, too, the integrity of the sure them of the happiness to be town talked m asked if my heart'was beating. They Franciscan Order, a native of Alsace, ers at the opening session bf th family is woman's quest, upon the we- found in a wholesome family life. ot know him blindfolded me again and brought me has been consecrated in Paris, in the Teachers' Institute. men of the country must be laid the "Unification of marriage and di- have a man from back home. I was sick at the tim chapel of the Franciscan Sisters, by business of bringing about reform, vm:ee laws is only a' 'partml" solutn t stranger in the and have not been well since." Cardinal Dubois. Marshal Lyautey, BOLOGNE BASILICA RESTORED charge. It is Sensible Presentation of the problem. There must be early High Commissioner of the Republic in ,"But legislation will no usher in training for marriage and parenthood, an era of wisely planned marriages, and this cannot be provided for by In thought there is something orocco. although just recovering (By N. C. W. C. News Service) The real hope 'Of the world lies in law." WhOquiltWas lashedaway testi-from acquiescedPleasing inin,anotWholesomebecause ofnrmalitYa lack of rom a severe illness, attended the Paris, Aug. 31,Msgr. Julian, Bish- putting as much painstaMfig and pro-I op of Arras, has solemnly dedicated gressive thought into the great bust-, per3enal originality, but because it :eremony in person, together with sev- the restored basilica of Notre Dame It is extremely rare and Original t had on my has been deliberately discovered to be ,ral native Horoccan princes, thus de Boulogne-sur-Mer. The cupola and erneSsbigfbusinessesmating as ofWeourd intOday,theandOth-,in I be aboslutely ordinary' ..... Didn't) serearningbegan' andWhipPingtheyl mentalists.the highest art of living.The Senti. falth.'hwing his respect for the Catholic naVeear, of this church collapsed last advancedbringing tOideasbear ofUpnscience,marriagere]igionthe ThesmebdYs uncommOnNecromancers.Say'thatas common)here WaSsense ?nthing" /