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September 13, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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September 13, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 13, 1930 PAGE FIVE EDITORS sen, Iowa, and Miss Nora Donohue of splendid basilica' in her honor, and dut, and of self sacrifice in the care ......... ' J ,,- we~zare oi our patients, the insistence j mans .and French had fallen Among : .FROM 28 NATIONS Iowa City, Iowa. a new church was recently dedicated of the afflicted. The resolution also upon the most rigorous ethical stand I them was a Frankfort merchant and , ATTEND CONGRESS The annual convention of the Mil- to her in the city of Buenos Aires. provided thatJ the Association entrust aids in the relatlo " ~ " J his wife On that field thei " (Continued From Page 1) waukee Archdiocesan branch of the After the Virgin of Guadalupe no to its ~resident to be conve,,ed ,-er- " " n between the hos- } • r only • • • ~ ..... ~" ' J " • • son had given his life Now for he named for an ideal organiza- association, meeting at the .ame time, saint is more venerated m America sonally to His Holiness as a slight pltal and its staff, and the staff and / ..... " t • - ~ ....... !xlrs~ ~lme they viewed his rave U.~ S. Service Felicitated. Peterelectedsampothe followlngn, president" officers., Miss" The-±Virs" than Saint" Rose of Lima." .~okenthe love°f ofthethedev°ti°n'organization,the loyaltYthe sumand, infusiontne patient,into an~the lifetne ofm°reth~ vigorous~^o~;~,~ |J~ ............ ~s ......... m ~nousanos oi o~nerg cases" , no ~ discussion following Fatherresa Brunner, vice president; Miss MISSIONARY IN ENGLAND of $2,500 . . . ~ ,,~fv .... taelmlte mI.orma~mn coma oe given ~ .... ~r~,~l .... secretar-" Miss Anna nB~E~r~ ~v,,,~,,~, ~r " I ofthose splmtual 1dealswithout I after the war concerning the youth's ~ine's address, Justin McGrath, "~ .......... ' ~' v ,, ............... ~. another r-~h~i ............ a ~, l - - . ,- . Murphy, treasurer; lvlrs. ~'e~e ~ampon LOW 1~1~1~ AIVIUI~ MIN~RS • • , , " ' " ~rof the N C W C News Ser- . ............................ .~ . ........... v-- ........t which, so this Assocmtmn beheves. Ideath or burml place. In time the ~as called to the'platform and and Mrs• J. A. Kiug, of Jefferson, Assocmtlon s deep feehng of pmva- I our iustitutional members would fail tfather gave up all hope, but through- a raost cordial reception by t~ :.~ Wls., diocesan consulters." " h M s Lon(BY N. C. W. C News Selwiee.) tionldentat thehe de~th of our honorary to carry out their most cherished t0utf.~ne tmrt.een|con mence tha" t yearSst Anthonthe mother'Swould The solemn ttig as opening the don, Sept. 7. Touring with the pres• , t Most Rev. Sebastian G. I conviction, namely, that we can best! ...... " , Y !ntlon. He expl.ain.~ the or- Rt Rev , - , . ~ImU vne grave o~ her lost son never alien and functions of the N C convention was sung by the • •Catholic Missionary Society s auto- Messmer, Archbishop of Milwaukee, I serve our patients by serving them ! ....... ' N • " " Msgr. Bernard G. Traudt, Archdio-chapel in the great Yorkshire coal- who throughout the early - ears of ~ for the love of God " /waverea, ann ~auy sne prayed for ~is , ews Serwce, adding that at cesan administrator, assisted by the mining districts, the Rev. Owen Dud- . sso "aCon' "f ~ " ~on There were other resolutions in- /mtercessl°n" Some time before the of ten years' existence it is Rev. A. M. Dentinger, Milwaukee, as ley reports a sad condition of irre- thin A c~. i s h e vas its c stunt" cluding a number expressing' the Trier convention the answer came: 'serving 82 Catholic publica- d besides a s~aff of trained Deacon; the Rev. John Voelker, Wau- ligion, protector, its .w,se counsellor and ~tsI gratitude of the Association to those Iword arrived that the boy's grave had kesha as sub,deacon, and the Very "The ~qoa~ m~ ~e ~, ............ ,acuve msplra~mn ]various individuals n" ' " t~ in its own country, ma'n- , ' " o'~ ..... s ........... i ..... , ~'her resolutions -x--res " th ~ " " a a groups whO]been found Thus the preseut visit ~en cow-respondents ill for- Rev. Joseph Barbian, Milwaukee, as he says,."have, nominally, little use ~.ot i'i , .e p sea .~ elcontributed to the success of thelof the devoted aien-sw - Master of Ceremonies. for religion. The older generation ,,~rm cony. c: on oi .vne ~ssocm~mn I meeting. I p • ~ as mane pos- The principal speakers at the Con- ]have dim recollections of Protestant- that in our Cathohc hospitals the I !sible. conclusion of Mr. McGrath's . o Bar .... / reli ious influence must remain a -- .heels Veuillot, the presiding v.cntmn -~re the Rev~J seph .... l lsul, the younger no rehgmus recol- ,,o-gmount factor'" nrovided ÷ha¢ ~h~ THIRTEEN YEARS OF PRAYER l When the party, of n~erchants Dlan rne r~ev. oosepn ~erg, o~ m~f lectlon a h • . v,*- ' ~ ....... b::~d:~'t ,,all.T ey shun church Associationundertake immediately ANS gwrhV~e 2t,4:2,th:e:::ondrbao:tUND ~id: waukee, and ~he Rev Florian Raueh. "and ch:pe~ W~EDBoA$DYH~Ro "We ,ad~nire the things e been done in the United :~ ld=dY TheYexample.,,are a great realization F;~i:rRa:ih'g~li!:;~s~i[c!~i~g coO:thha~ ~hhemh:n:nh: :~b~e~ ::_ :!~iti!!yi!d2!!kenii~bi:~s~]!i!ig:i~ By Dr. Willy Elmen h:: tshPeee~th::::l reAllar~rao~edh:l cry in Sou • couraging success. Large crowds . .~ . - - Berlin ~ ........ ~-~, x~ ¢, u~ ,~ then murmured in unison three Our earnest discussion it be- and instructed the Executive Board ...... v .... ~,,~ ......... ,~. that ideas at the Con- spoke on his recent visit to Europe gathered to hear them, and even News Service.) Fathers." For the ~irst time in thir- yet immature and wide- and the wisdom of ad- slowly on any project was evening the delegates were 'a banquet at which His Ex- Monsignor Micara, Papal to Belgium, had the place of Mrs. Justin McGrath was on his and M. Le Baron Nuncio's Praise. :Nuncio congratulated the con- saying that they had shown of all Catholic journalists in impressive loyalty to See. His Excellency sug- that the next meeting be held the Rev. Edmund Walsh, president of Georgetown in Washington, D. C., on the persecution of the Russia, presenting an hn- documentation to support his NEWSPAPER'S IN SCHOOL TOLD BY PRESIDENT OF C. P. A. 3ontinued from page 1.) school prefers pub- la a secular paper; if the prin- and teachers believe that by they promote the on earth as it is in hear- is no more to say. But if some other motive in pre- secular paper to the Cath they need to look to its the value of a Cath- to the Catholic school is on the school• Does ~he publicity in the Cath- Does it expect the Cath- to have reporters or spe- that will call from day Does the Catholic school Catholic paper as a unit ~ame cause which the Cath- is working for? If not, approach, no mutuality, and to the Eucharistic Congress at Carthage, and dwelt in particular on his visit ~o the Missionary Museum in Rome. He said in part: "Look at all the rebellion against Christ in .these days of reformation up ~o the present time---the rebellion of man against his God, the rebellion of man here against Him whom he should serve. That spirit is pervad- ing .the world, and the sole means we have against it is again the Church of Christ; that was the means at the time of the Apostles. Christ Himself saying: 'Go ye forth, therefore, and teach all nations,' and just the things that Christ had commanded the Apos- tles to teach, these are the things that are rejected by those who want to re- form the world• So you see we need the Church in these days, working against the spirit of the age, the spir- it of materialism, that wants not God, and makes self God, and makes com- mandments to suit one's self. Against this stands the spirit of Christ, Vhe spirit of the Church. He says: 'Learn from Me, for I am meek and humble of heart.' So you see, my dearly be- loved women, there is before you a vast missionary field of effort in this world of ours. When you look for example, at the recent census taken of the United States, you find this one sad feature in regard to ~his, our country, ~vhere we think we have a Christian nation; you find ~his sad fact, that one-half of the population of this country has no religious affil- iation, does not recognize any" God. When you $ind states like our own, of which half of the population does not profess any religious belief, then you can readily see what ~he work of the Church is in this country, and what it must be also in foreign lands, vhere the Cross of Christ is still un- known. And then you begin to real- ize what great work there lies before you as Catholic women, in doing the work of Christ, 'in .carrying on the missionary spirit, in bringing back ~hat spirit to the American Catholic home•" The Catholic pc-IBISHOP BRENNAN SETS that circumstance cannot be i OCTOBER 5 FOR UNVEILING to the Catholic school nor OF CATHOLIC MEMORIAL sCh6ol be of value to the pc-! t (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) if the Catholic school really i Richmond. Va., Sept. 1. The cere- co-operate with the Cath- menial unveiling of a crucifix and a it can be easily arranged, celebration commemorating the estab- eraent can be made for all the lishment of the first English Catholic that is desired• Arrange- settlement in Virginia, will be held a made also for the dis- Acquia, on the Jefferson Davis high- , of the paper among the stu- way, on October 5, according to an school. These are mere i announcement by the Rt., Rev. An- L anyone in charge can drew J. Brennan, Bishop of Rich- What I am trying to em-Imond" is. that the Catholic paper] The monument will be located near atholic schools are working the graveyard of the Brent family, for the same cause. When members of which migrated from to appreciate the fact there Maryland to Virginia to establish the ao trouble about the details Old DominionCatholiccolonyin ~Chool and paper getting to- 1647• or their mutual advantage•" " 'S SOCIETY $166,513 TO WORK OF MISSIONS C. W. C. News Service.) Wis., Sept~. 8.--Cash $80,492 to home and and distri.bution of ~Orth of ecclesiastical vest- and other mission supplies MEXICO CHURCH HONORS ST.ROSE OF LIMA WITH DEDICATION OF STATUE (By N. C. W, C. News Service.) Mexico City, Sept. 1.---A statue of St. Rose of Lima, the production of a notable Mexican sculptor, has been solemnly installed in the Church of Saint Theresa in Loretto Square. This statue was much venerated in Mexico during the Seventeenth and at the national conven- .. ........ nturies when it was Missionary A" ssoc'ation" o~- ~ign~eenm ce , carried in solemn procession from the en which has just closed Cathedral on the feast of the Saint, home here. ~ and was greatly, venerated" in" the Con, - Gockel, national presi- vent of the Third Order of Saint The- years, was re-elected for Year, as were Miss Anna Miss Clara Kretlow as secretary, respee- Anna Murphy, who for been treasurer of the declined re-elec- Mrs. A. H. Sehattanilv'was directors elected were Anna Murphy, Louis~ Brunner, of Mil- J. H. Ahmann of Rein- resa. The place occupied by this convent at the end of the Seventeenth century, according to the historian, Jose Maria Maroqui, was a public dump which became the property of the Third Order of Saint Theresa in April, 1701. This benediction of the statue of St. Rose of Lima here has a special significance at this time in view of the fact that in the city of Lima. Peru, where St. Rose was born, a movement is under way to erect a when it rained the people listened pa- tiently $o the teaching of the Church• The crowds were composed mainly of men. The children of the various towns welcomed the missioners enthusias- tically. "In some towns the missioners are being helped by laymen and laywo- men. Princess Helen Trubetskey and Lady Winefride Elwes have been addressing meetings of women, talk- ing to the children, and making house-to-ho~se visits seeking lapsed Catholics. After one meeting the chiMren took Father Dudley 4o their recrea- tion ground outside the town. There he found the Princess and Lady Winefride Elwes playing on the swings with the children. The chil- dren insisted Lhat he should play their games, including sitting on a gyrating platform and slipping down a "shoot," down which they shot from a height on a polished metal sur- face• That was but one incident in crowd- ed days which began with Mass in the shelter of the auto-chapel in mar- ket place or on pieces of waste land where a congregation can gather. CATHOLIC HOSPITAL GROUP OFFERS AID TO SANTO DOMINGO Pledges Resources to Red Cross for Relief Work---Many Resolutions Adopted at Association's Final Session. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, Sept. 6•-- The re- sources of the Cdtholic Hospital As- sociation .of the Uni.ted States and Canada were offered to the American Red Cross in support of the relief work being organized for Santo Do- mingo, where a hurricane has de- prived thousands of persons of sup- port, lodging and means of livelihood, in a resolution adopted by ~he Asso- ciation at tho final session of its fif- teenth annual convention at the Cath- olic University of America here yes- terday. Seven hundred hospitals in this country and Canada were repre- sen.ted at the meeting. The resolution also expressed the deep sympathy of the Association to the sufferers in the stricken area and offered the organization's ".healZ~felt desire to be useful to them in any way in which those in charge of relief may indicate." The president despatched the fol- lowing cablegram to Cardinal Pacelli, Papal Secretary of State, in the name of the Association: "The Catholic Hospital Association of the United States and Canada, opening its fifteendh annual conven" ~ion at the Catholic University in Washington, by assisting at the Holy Sacrifice offered in the presence of the personal representative of Your Holiness, the Most Reverend Pietro Fumasoni-Biondi, unite in expressing our sincerest gratitude for the en- couragement received from Your Holiness in the acknowledgement of the receipt of our recent survey and in professing continual fidelity to ~he principles of Catholic charity, learn" ing, science and the religious develop- ment of our institutions; and finally, we take ~his occasion t'o profess our undying fealty, love and devotion to Your Holiness." Thank Pope for Aid. A resolution adopted by the con- vention expressed the Association's deeply felt gratitude to His Holiness Pope Pius XI for his words of father- ly encouragement and the leadership ~f his counsel corn, eyed to the Asso- ciation's "faithful compliance not ~nlv with this counsel• but with all the 13renouncements of His Holiness bear- ing even remotely upon the~ conduct and the administration of our hospi- tals. since that voice of our supreme _~mide upon this earth represents the voice of Him who first taught us the principles of charity, faithfulness to to actively promote this project; pro- .. . _ • • ~erhn, Sept 1 Thirteen ~ears' teen years, a wreath was laid upon wded that the Assoclatmn undertakeI " ' 3 I] ~ g~s~aYe,t The mother's hopes .and ,, daily prayer to St Anthony that the in the course of the next year the b " Ithe study of the financial status of the [ ody of 'her son might .be found has prayers had been fulfilled. " ....... been answered, and at last a Catholic t Catholic hospital in the wnite