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September 12, 1969     Arkansas Catholic
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September 12, 1969

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PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 12, 1969 %%%%%%%%Z%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Oui Vive? by The Sentry Dog's Life National Dog Week is observed annually. In case any reader wonders that the dog should be given so much honor let him consider some of the facts concerning "man's best friend." Phyllis Battelle, who writes a column which is published in several dally papers, did one on Lady Greyhound, mother of nine. This mother was honored in Philadelphia during a Dog Week celebration with a tickertape parade. Most Americans who shop in food stores have, no doubt, noticed the large supply of foods that is available for dogs and other pets. Dogs are perhaps the most pampered of all pets. There is much talk about the explosion in human population, but the dog population in the good old USA is now twenty-six million, an increase of six million in the last ten years. Experts in the subject have been saying that this earth cannot produce enough of toed and other necessities to provide for the potential increase in human beings in the years to come. So the birth rate must be retarded. According to reliable records, 530 million dollars are spent annually for dog food in this country. This is approximately fifty per cent more than Americans spend on baby food and many millions more than was spent on dog food a few years ago. In fact, time was when very little was spent on dog food. The dogs, cats and even the pigs and chickens were fed on the food left after the family meals. This wasted food now fills the garbage cans throughout the nation. But the amount of money that is spent .on food for dogs seems insignificant when compared to the amount spent on them for non-foods. This amounts to $800 million, exclusive of the amount spent for veterinary services and kennel care. The non-food items contain a long list of luxurious articles such as select wardrobe and a long list of toilet articles including deodorants. Most advertisements for deodorants are based upon the fact that all people perspire and thereby produce bacteria which beget odor. Dogs do not perspire but they do have a distinctive odor--hence the use of a deodorant by the fastidious. All this comment is meant to call attention to the fact that the dog has come a long way since the days when he was merely ahelper aroung the farms and a companion for lonely people. He is now treated by many people as if he were an equal. In fact, some dogs have more privileges and enjoy more luxuries than many human beings. They ride around in splendor in fine automobiles. They have their hair neatly clipped and they even have their nails polished and painted. Some women seem to prefer dogs to children. The life of the modern dog is something to behold. No wonder he has a week to honor him. Evolution Evolution is in the news again. This gives everyone who is ignorant of science a chance to air his views in the daily press. One writer compared the restriction of "the right of mature students to know both sides of the argument as reminiscent of the 'Dark Ages when Catholicism stifled the quest of truth'." It would be interesting and informative if someone would point out these alleged "Dark Ages." During the Middle Ages, the Scholastic philosophers, under the auspices of the Catholic Church, delved deeply into various truths, scientific as well as moral, and showed how many of them could be known from the use of reason alone. Evolution is a theory. It has never been proven. The objection is not to teaching it as it is, but to teaching it as a fact, as many so- called scientists do. There is no conflict between the truths in the Bible and the possibility of evolution, as so many seem to infer. If the theory of evolution is ever proven, it will be shown to have God for its Author. He could have caused an evolution among the lower animals which would have culminated in a higher form of animal which would have been a fit habitation for the human soul, which is and always has been created by God. According to some authorities, the Arkansas law has already been repealed by the statute of limitations. Be that as it may, no one who knows the facts has ever had any objection to the teaching of evolution ff its teachers stick to facts. Most people have at least heard of the Scopes' trial and the argument between Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan. Neither of them adhered to facts. Bryan, a great orator, shouted "Do you want a monkey for an ancestor?" and Darrow simply ridiculed Bryan's statements. But not many people have ever reviewed the monkey's argument against evolution. He talked to two of his companions as follows: "Now listen you two, There's a certain rumor that can't be true. That man descended from our noble race. The very ideal It's dire disgrace; No monkey ever deserted his wife, starved her baby and ruined her life. And you have never known a mother monk, To leave the babies with others to bunk. Or pass them on from one to another 'Till they scarcely know who is their mother. And another thing, you'll never see a Monk build a fence 'round the cocoanut tree. For- bidding all other monks to taste, and let the cocoanuts go to waste. Here's another thing a monk won't do, Go out at night and get on a stew. Or wear a gun or club or knife to take some other monkey's life. Yes, man descended the ornery cuss, But, Brother, he didn't descend from us?" The monkey's argument is just about as logical and scientific as the arguments that axe being advanced by so many ignorant, prejudiced people, self-styled scientists in many instances. rrom':e .Managing J. Edgar Hoover Says Youth Must Help Nation Reduce Mounting Crime Washington (NC) -- The youth of the country cannot be indif- ferent to the crime problem in the United States, but must try to reduce it, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in connection with the appear- ance of the bureau's Uniform Crime Reports -- 1968. Att. Gen. John N. Mitchell re- leased the reports a few days ago, and they show that there were almost 4.5 million serious crimes in the U. S. last year, up 17 per cent over 1967. The number of violent crimes exceeded 58,000, a 19 per cent increase over the year before. Just days later, the Metropo- lian Police Department report- ed that violent crimes in Wash- ington soared a sharp 30 per cent in July of this year, and the chief of the department warned that the trend would not be re.- versed until the courts can pro- cess cases more quickly and the correctional system is improved. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover said in connection with the national crime figures for 1968 that, "while it is true the crime vol- umes of the 1960's are a dis- grace to our way of life, they represent the acts of a relatively small minority." He said it is well established that repeaters play a large part. "Any crime reduction must de- pend on our young people, the vast majority of whom are honest and decent citizens," Hoover said. "They, however, cannot afford to be indifferent to the crime problem but must ac- tively dissuade more of their peers from criminality.', The report served to bring out a number of such statistics as these: --From 1960 to 1968 the vol- ume of street robbery has in- creased 148 per cent, residence robbery 99 per cent, and bank robbery 302 per cent. --Since 1960 burglary of resi- dence during daylight hours rose 247 per cent and night time bur- glary of residence 91 per cent. --From 1960 to 1968 the num- ber of purse-snatchings rose 223 per cent, shoplifting 134 per cent, and thefts of personal property from automobiles 98 per cent. --From 1960 to 1968 police ar- rests of persons for serious crimes increased 60 per cent; arrests of persons under 18 years of age doubled, while the 10- 17 year of age population increas- ed only 25 per cent. --In 1968 there were 2.1 police employees per 1,000 of population in the U.S., compared with two per 1,000 in 1967. --From 1960 to 1968 a total of 475 law enforcement officers were slain in the line of duty. Sixty-four were killed in 1968, compared with an annual average of 61 from 1960 to 1967. --In 1968 an average of nearly 16 in every 100 police officers were assaulted while performing their duties, an increase of 17 per cent over 1967. Hoover pointed out that the trends in serious crimes were consistent in all areas and geo- graphic regions. Suburban com- munities continued an upswing with a 17 per cent rise; large cities went up 18 per cent; rural areas reported 11 per cent more. White Settlers Burn Out Mission Quito, Ecuador (NC) -- White settlers were accused by Salesian missionaries in Amazoniaofburn- lag their mission at Sacua in the territory of the Shuara Indians. Father Luis Carollo said here that the missionaries have proof that white settlers under the lead- ership of a man named A. Luna were the arsonists who burned down the mission in early July. Father Carollo said that an in- vestigation showed that white set- tlers seeking to invade Indian lands "took revenge on the missionar- ies for their role in protecting the Shuaras" against a takeover of their property. Editor's For any law-abiding A merlcan, living out- side the ma- jor metropo- litan areas of the Uni- ted States, the odds are now one in 50 that he will be murdered. In the chances of assault or even greater. Despite this fact, are shed over the criminals, but given to their victims. hearts have convinced ican powers-that-be teati is a victim of sociel comings, that he is sible for his acts. Crime is increasing l tted States far faster growth in population, reason is that our evaluates such on sociological abandoned logical considerations, why capital punishment ,virtually abandoned. Sociologically, there arguments for- death penalty. But the arguments favor tion. Abandoning ment in favor of proclaims that man is not fully responsible willful acts and that essential inequality cent life and the life of By shunning the of executing murderS, traitors and begets a culture in unscrupulous prey on abt Leniency of capital crimes greater leniency crimes. Without capital high crimes, the law and order In the is impossible. Do 50 YEARS THIS WEF 5'he Guardian Little Rock -- St. school opened this week pupils. Many more are to enroll next week. In speaking of the Monsignor Tobin the problem of tion is constantly difficult in this countrY. 25 YEARS TXm WF.J00r The Guardian Little Rock -- St. Cathedral was the stirring Mass Sunday when approximately 150 from Camp Robinson Holy Communion in a The Rev. Lawrence F, was celebrant of the Following the Mass USO Club gave a the soldiers in hall, 9th and Louisiana.