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September 11, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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September 11, 1920

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i iii ,, ,=__ i i i LETTER OF POPE BENEDICT XV, Motu Proprio of the Holy Father to Celebrate the Fiftieth Year Since St. Joseph Was Proclaimed Patron of the Universal Church. i, (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Following is the text of the Pope's letter recently referred to in these columns: The Holy Father's Letter. It was a good and salutary thing for the Christian people that our pred- ecessor of immortal memory, Plus IX, should have solemnly decreed to the most chaste Spouse of the Virgin Mary and Guardian of the Incarnate Word the title of Patron of the Uni- versal Church. And inasmuch as the fiftieth anniversary of this happy event occurs next December, we think it useful and opportune that it should be celebrated worthily by the whole Catholic world. A Pleasant Retrospect. If we look back on the last fifty years we see a marvelous resuscita- tion of pious institutions which bear : And further, the sanctity of con- jugal faith and respect for paternal authority have in many instances been seriously impaired during the war because the absence of one i spouse has weakened the bond of duty in the other, and because the loss of the legitimate guardian has given oc- casion for thoughtlessness to many, especially women, in living on their own account and with too much free- dora. So we note with deep sorrow that ublic manners are far more depraved and corrupt than they were before, I and on that account, too, the so- called 'social question' has increased in gravity so far as to threaten irre- parable ruin. There has indeed ma- tured in the desires and expectations of all the seditious minded the ad- vent of some sort of a universal re- witness that devotion to the holy Pa- public to be founded on the absolute triarch has been gradually developing l equality of men and community of among the faithful, If, again, we re- possessions, in which there is to be no gard the calamities which are af-ldistinction of nationality and no fur- flicting the human race today it be- ther occasion for the recognition of the comes even more evident how oppor- authority of father over children, of tune is the moment to intensify that public power over citizens, of God over the collective body of men. All devotion and spread it more widely among the Christian people. In our Encyclical indeed, after the conclusion of the terrible war, 'On the.Reconcili- ation of the Christian Peoples,' we showed what was lacking for the restoration of the tranquility .of order everywhere; considering specially the relations betwee peoples and be- tween individuals in the civil field. It behooves now to consider another and a much deeper cause o trouble, that which is, indeed, imbedded in the very bowels of human society. For when the scourge of war descend- ed on the nations they were already deeply infected with Naturalism, that great plague of the century, the effect of which, wherever it takes root, is to lessen the desire for celestial blessings, quench the flame of divine charity and withdraw man from the healing and sanctifying grace of' Christ. In the end the light of the Faith - is taken from him, only the corrupt forces of nature are left, and he is delivered to be the prey of the very worst passions. So it has come about that very many have thought of nothing but the gaining of erthly goods, and while the struggle between working 1 man and master has become more bitter, this class hatred has increased more and more with the horrors of the long drawn-out war. For that war has on the one hand brought in- tolerable economic trials on the masses of the :people while on the other it has put immense fortunes in the hands of a very few. .Conjugal Faith Impaired by War.. i i [ ii those things, if by unfortunate chance they should be brought about, would give rise to terrible social con- vulsions like that which is at this moment desolating no small part of Europe. And for tlds very purpose of bringing about among other peoples a similar condition of things we see the masses of the people roused by the unprincipled madness of a few and serious disturbances continually tak- ing. place. Appeal to Reason of Workers. More than anyone else are we ren- dered anxious by this turn of events, and we have not failed to take every opportunity that has occurred to call the children of the Church to a con- sideration of their duty, as we did re- cently in our letters to the Bishop of Bergamo and to the Bishops of the Venetian district. Now, for that same reason, to recall the sense of duty to those of our people, all and everywhere, who gain their bread by labor, and to save them from the con- tagion of Socialism, the bftterest en- emy of Christian principles most earnestly and in special manner do we place before them St. Joseph, that they may follow him as their special guide and honor him as their heavenly Patron. He in very tr'th lived a life like theirs. So true is that that our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, while He was the only begotten Son of the Eternal Father, willed to be called "the Son of the Carpenter?' But with how many and glorious virtues did he adorn that humble conditionvir- , i i i m H I I I . II THE-BOSTON MILLINERY AND NOVLTY SHOP Mrs. Nin,a Dunn, Proprietor. 908 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. A special invitation is extended to the Lady readers of' this pal/er to visit my shop, where they will find a new line of FALL hats for all ocassions at LET LIVE prices. Phone Main 7298. / i i i i I I l [,, . ;, Summer Excursion Tickets THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1920. tues indeed which it was meet should shine in the Spouse of Mary Immacu- late-the reputed father of Christ Jesus. Therefore let all learn from St. Joseph how to look on passing events in the light of the eternal things to come, and seeking consola- tion for the inevitable troubles of hu- man life in the hope of celestial blessings, aspire to those with all their strength, resigned to the wil of God, living soberly according to the rules of piety and justice. And as re- gards working men especially, it pleases us to reproduce here what our Predecessor of blessed memory, Leo XIII, said under similar circum- stances, for we think nothing could be more to the purpose than his words. "In considering those thing| the' poor and all who live by labor should! be animated by a higher sentiment of 1 equity; for if justice allows them to I raise themselves from poverty and at- I tain a greater condition of prosperity, justice and reason itself forbid them to disturb order constituted by Divine Providence. And indeed it is foolish counsel to use violence and to seek betterment by revolution and disturb- ance which more often than not, have only the effect of making far worse the conditions they wished to improve. If they are wise the poor will not put their trust in the empty promises of demagogues but rather in the example and the patronage of St. Joseph and the charity of their Mother Church, every day intensifying its care of them." (EncycliCal Letter Quamquam pluries.) Family the Fulcrum of Society. With increase of devotion to St. Joseph will come corresponding in- crease of devotion to the Holy Fam- ily of Nazareth of which he was the August Head, for the one arises nat- urally from the other. From St. Jo- seph we go directly to Mary and through Mary to the fount of all holi- ness Jesus Christ who consecrated the domestic virtues in His obedience to Joseph and Mary. It is then by these great examples of virtue that we de- sire Christian families should be in- spired and restored. *'It is thus and thus only, because the family is the fulcrum and the basis of the commun- I twenty-fifth day of July, Feast of St. ity, giving to domestic life the I James the Apostle, in the year 1920 strength of holy purity, faithfulness the sixth of Our Pontificate. and concord, that a new strength and, I BENEDICT XV POPE. we might almost say, a new blood will - circulate in the veins of the whole BISHOP GALLAGHER human society which will have new life given to it by the healing virtues of Jesus Christ. Improvement will follow not only in private customs but in public life and civil discipline. We therefore, putting full trust in the patronage of Him to whose watch- ful care it pleased Almighty God to entrust the guardianship of His In- carnate only begotten Son, and in the Blessed Virgin, most earnestly exhort all the Bishops of the Catholic world for the Church they urge the faithful that in these times so full of anxiety to seek even more fervently the pow- erful aid of St. Joseph. And inasmuch as there are many ways approved b, this Apbstolic See in which the Holy Patriarch may be ven6rated, espe- i ciaUy on all the Wednesdays of the year and throughout the month con- secrated to Him, we desire that at the bidding of the Bishops all these devotions shall be carried out to the fullest extent possible in all dioceses. But in special manner, as he is held in highest honour as helper of the dying. Our Lord Himself and His Blessed Mother having been present oF'his death bed, the sacred pastors should do everything possible to pro- mote and support with all the prestige of their authority those pious sodal- ities formed to implore the did of St. Joseph for the dying, for instance those of the "Bona Morte," the "Tran- situ S. Joseph" and the "Pro Agon- izantibs." To commemorate the above pontif- ical Decree we ordain and enjoin that within a year from the eighth day of December next there shall be cele- brated throughout the Catholic world in honor of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, a solemn function, the time and manner of which is left to the discretion of each Bishop, and to all those who may as- sist we now grant Plenary Indulgence on the usual conditions. Given at Rome at St. Peter's the ISSUES Will Carry School Case to the Michi gan Supreme Court. Detroit, Sept. 1.The Right Rev. Michael / J. Gallagher, D. D., Bishop of Detroit, has issued the following I statement: "The Attorney-General of Michigan has advised the Secretary of State that the anti-parochial school amend- ment is unconstitutional on the grounds that it violates the Four- teenth Amendment regarding person- al liberty. He refers to the decision of Justice Brown in the LR'vton vs. Steele case, in which it was decided that under the Fourteenth Amend- ment a man is free to choose his oc- cupation, which th e State may regu- late, but not destroy, and since the business of a teacher is a useful occu- pation, therefore, it can be regulated, but not destroyed. However, our op- ponents Will carry the case to the State Supreme Court and perhaps higher, but we expect to defeat them all along the line." A WARNING. I Catholic readers are warned, by a I correspondent of the London Tablet, against the cheap edition of Msgr. Benson's novels, issued by Messrs. Hutchinson. In "By What Author- ity?" the most touching and Catho- lic parts have been omitted. To what extent the other books have been de- Catholicized has not as yet, we be- lieve, been ascertained. AMERICANISM. Americanism is the right of the ma- jority to rule, with equality of jus- tice, religious liberty, the right and freedom of education, the right of private property and a chance to live decently and morally guaranteed to all.--Matthew Smith. ' i .... ,,-- ........ _* ............................................. ! .......... ,- ................ =, ...................... -- .... --__.__ J il I II II I 1 I _= II SUBIACO COLLEGE SUBIACO, ARKANSAS Classical and Commercial College with Preparatory Department conducted by the Benedictine Fathers i FOR $ Brand New Bunga] [}'f[othln is t,,atholic pa s]eeping porch, break; shouldha t'lAat every wood floors throughourkood readin I'tns, and str, tile bath, east front, co Christian v: , /tDICTUS. PI from St. Mary s Acadd' utes' walk to L. 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Whereas acids used on Panam7, THURSTON .I dear] Proprietam e m effect, No Acids Used 0:te " ho - ' ' ' , our or! FEAST OR ., ,. YOU DO NOT aclenl;" HAVE YOU A'CA zor a ENDAR IN Yb' (3) '] " eY's hm CATHOLI C CALE-L e BE IN EVERY CA ed' its CALENDARS AT _on P OPPOSITE PO 920 CATHOLIC A' *** ....   IilillllllllllliIIIIIIIlIIIlII STTIZ Any, 'Alumnae Ass,! SUIT to purchase rosaT bel: . .  !.'----- rehgmus arbcle's to b  P.C. lev iers can obtain thee ept. 13 rates at The Booker,  . We have nice seleb' rrer.:.,. ill be promptly fil!el, "at, :,"ieam'.-_" tim" SUBIACO COLLEGE ti00llllllllllillllI000000,a; "  L , ated t Subiaco College is situated on a b'eautiful and picturesque eminence between the Ozarks and Magazine Moan- '3,000,, rains, the most charming and healthful spot in Western A rkansas, and offers exceptional advantages to boys who de'sire a higher education. Reravedfrm the distractins f the city' urs is the ideal place fr thrugh study" 0 "L_t The building is absolutely fire-proof and equ|pped with m odern conveniences. The artistic new auditorium, thel best ]UPPLI baseball grounds in Lob;an county, the artificial lake, new gymnasium, complete library and reading rooms, tennis, , ' " handball and basket ball coups keep tle boys occupieddurlng hours of recreatien.  .: Fall terms begins September 15th. Students are requeste , i our st . to arrive at the College September 14th. ng :t, 6t of work. :o UL __ - - .7- - ' " ')i.\\;"  llive FOR PARTIC ARs ADDRESS " ~Se-nd'f-r"illustra'''s Typowriters. 'lPt.a . Rev. Benedict Borgerding, O. S. B., Rector -- . STLTBIACO, ARKANSAS . . e TELLo ca ' ,>f Residents of Little Rock may call for partic lars at No. 815 Sherman Street, or Phone " 's . ' 1 . o Main 5089 and ask for rep resentative of Subiaco College YOUNG'S / .  . ,' 'rbe StOre 0;', I IIIII I I mR I l ill I I III lil l ,t I i I I I .............. , .......... , / . ' ., ,,:. ,,. i