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September 11, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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September 11, 1920

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71 :!' igrJ-' I3u'CONCt-IESSA i and Girls: badges have reached that you will be pleas- colo,s of Mary on the without being con- you as a Friendship )ondent of your own your Catholic paper. my last letter and I have been in- many things that-I where to begin First rest, so the hours be- and 8 a. m. are spent with one exception) and are spent in sound i last letter I enjoyed a rine's College "and is beautifully situ- only two blocks from River and overlooking rolls. It is a well school for girls high school ov college of each being given of the Sisters of St. / seVenty-nine parks and the city limits of St. of them small squares or l THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1920. i bright, she looked more than ever HO like Stella, and the hope in the Cap-  tain's heart grew stronger every min- ute. F Lam7') ]t ,,,as a merry party that sat around the supper table Although ] .iO'/ef/ the storm was over, the sky remain- ed overcast, darkness fell early, and .:. the lamp was lighted, making the appearance in a ve?ry desirable loea- cozy room more cheerful than ever. tion. Within, you are at once filled Mary Sullivan, at Stella's request, told them all about herself. She had with pious admiration for the pastor, Father Theobald (the second Afro- grown up in a little village on the American priest ordained in the U. banks of tlm Ohio. Fred and she S.), for it is due to his untiring zeal were the only ehildren and were very that this church is so completely and fond of one another. Mary lind al- artistically beautiful, ways had a great desire to see the l Everything is in white and gold ocean; but it had never been grant- from altar to baptismal font, the only ed until this sunnner, when Fred suc- color coming from a beautiful wreath- ceeded in obtaining a long vacation, like arrangement of pink blossoms which he generously decided to spend and green foliage draping a statue of with his sister at the seashorek They the Sacred Heart. were both so pleased and thoroughly enjoyed their visit. This morning I was disappointed and very sorry to learn that Father Theobaht had Fred had gone to a neighbor.:ng city been ill and was unable to see callers, to look up an old school chum of his but I did meet the kindly Irish woman and Mary had taken advantage of his who adopted this zealou] priest/and absence to go rowing alone. But when she said, "I legally adopted there is a difference between the Ohio Father Theobald as my son and I and the ocean, she laughingly told am his adotped mother," her soft, them, and tomorrow Fred would scold white hair and kindly eyes made me her roundly for her rashness. feel that she meant most sincerely to "And now, since I have given you be  mother to this follower of St. my life history," Mary wound up by Peter Claver who has not a large saying, "Suppose you tell me some- congregation of his own people and thing about yourself." must greatly appreciate the dear od "All right," answered Stella, laugh- lady, who, having no children of her ing, and began. own, will be as a mother to him. When she came to the wreck of Lest you may grow weary I shall the Pearl of Asia and the loss of her close this long letter and shall tell twin sister, .Mary Sullivan changed you about Minneapolis and Lake Min- color, she nervously grasped the two great landscape netonka in my next, unles,. you pro- arms of her chair, while a tense, far- }way look came into her eyes. "And we never found out whether my sister was really drowned," Stella CATECHISM. was saying, when Mary suddenly rose The Catholic Church. to her fet. What is the Catholic Church? "Oh, th,s is all so strange," she ex- The Catholic Church is the society claimed. "You see, I am only an all those who, being baptized, pro- adopted child, although I never knew lanes, wooded fields less the faith of Christ, and are gov- it until a year or so ago. I was pick- erned by their lawful pastors under ed up somewhere on the Indian Ocean one visible head, the Pope. by an American steamer. They Who founded the Catholic Church? found me lashed to a spar. The SuN Jesus Christ Himself founded it. livans, who were going to Australia Whom does Christ wish to be mere- to visit some relatives, took a liking bers oi # His Church? to me, and as they could find no trace and Phalen. Como Park test and cry "Don't." acres of land and 102[ CONCHESSA. .r. Here is a striking I "Gates Ajar," and so[ striped stair carpet on[ *ear that it is hard to[ made of foliage and is I lily ponds, a Japanese of and fifteen miles make this an attratcive the wonder- playground and the 40 for picnics. Como Joy and pride of St. Paul 'admiration of visitors. comprising 249 acres acres of land, is sur- rolling hills and natural one of the most pictur- fanny interesting holiday found in this locality. I View park in this city is Park which claims 70 ialmost 4 miles of fine high bluff above th the Mississippi turns they are called monu- past for many be- to be the burial places favorite summer resort Lake, named by the an 01d legend. This 12 miles northeast of more than 10 miles and its area is about A very nice Catho- located at this resort is Father Fahey. from St. Paul and is one of the few historic Iiddle West, Ft. Snell- first church service in held, the first white first marriage cere- and the first school old Round Tower is a days and can be seen car. Park is a flourishing Paul, joining Minneapo- The south sifle of great interurban manu- transfer district and See large elevators, lin- and furniture factories, orth side is desirable and nearby, the rural College and Ex- saw many large stores and the State is called the Premier buildings in America; t Grounds with its splen- building and the and concrete grand- terminal yards of where 175 cars or unloaded simultan- tcaaY public playgrounds chool gardens, high parochial schools noteworthy among College and St. situated ideally in a cannot be surpassed for tad natural beauty. the Church of St. ad as the name indi- Afro-American Cath- This modest white, With its large, well a most attractive cottage by the sea. And it is safe to say that there was no happier home in the land that night. Stella, especially ,wore a perfectly radiant on the third finger of her left hand had something to do with it. In June Stella and Fred were nmr- ried. The Captain gave the bride away and Mary was bridesmaid. 'Stel- la accompanied her husband to the brown house on the Ohio, while Mary stayed with her father in the white cottage by the sea aml strove to nmke up for the lost years in lov- ing and taking care of him. And whenever a storm is raging at sea, the blessed candle is burning before the picture of the Madonna, and Mary and her father offer up the rosary for tmse in danger on the deep. --Gertrude Cecelia Pfeiffer. AUSTRALIAN BISHOPS PROTEST INDIGNITY TO DR. MANNIX File 1,'ormal Complaint With British Government--I)r. Mannix's Latest State Insisis on Justice to Ireland. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) London, Aug 23.--The indignity in- flicted on the Archbishop of MeN bourne by his exclusion from Ireland, protest throughout Australia. This document, wlfich has been handed to the govermnent, is sub- scribed by the Archbishops of Well- ington, Perth, Adelaide, the Co-Adju- tor Archbishop of IIobart, the Bishops of Armidale, Rockhampton, Cook- town, Ballarat, Sandhurst, and Wil- cania-Forbes. Insisls on Justice to Ireland. Since lm took up his residence in Nazareth House at Hammersmith, the residence of a religious community founded by the late Cardinal Man- ning, Archbishop Mannix has been subjected to a continual process of in- terviewing by newspaper correspond- ents, all of whom leave with the hap- piest impressions-of the Archbishop's affability. Of all the statements the Archbishop has. made since he went to Nazareth House, the most impor- tant is that contained in an interview given to the representative of the Manchester Guardian. Being asked for a definite statement regarding the charge made against him of hostility to England, Mgr. Mannix said: No Hostility to England. "That is not true. I have no hos- tility to England or to any other country. What I desire with all my heart is peace everywhere, and par- ticularly peace and friendship be- tween England and Ireland, and I and his forcible landing at an ob- hope to see it. scure English port from the destroyer "But it can only come in one way, that took his Grace off the Baltic, is and that is by way of justice to Ire- already having one good result: the land. people of these islands know a good "I attribute this charge to the mis- deal more about Mgr. Mannix than representations of English newspa- they knew before, and what they are per correspondents in America. I learning is entirely in the Archbish- made dozens of speeches there in op's favor, since it is the truth, which I laid down this very prin- Little Press 'Support. The policy of exclusion found little support in the press in general, though there were certain journals that would gladly have hailed the news that the Archbishop had been sent to the Tower of London. The doubtful wisdom of coercing a prelate of the Church is realized in the quar- ters responsible for this policy, and everything will be done to cover up the blunder--if the Archbishop will consent to having it covered up. Protest of Australian Bishops. He wishes all men to be members of my people, although they,took I The forcible arrival bf Archbishop of His Church. every pains to find them, adopted'me. [ Mannix in the "country coincided With To what authority did Christ sub- I would never have known that I was ]the arrival of the members of the ject the members of His Church? not their own child, but Mr. Sullivan i Catholic Hierarchy of Australaia To the authority of His Apostle, to insisted on telling me te truth on ]who are now in England on their way whom He gave: 1. The power to my eighteenth birthday, in case I back from Rome. The prelates have teach revealed trtLth.; 2. The power should ever come across any one be- lodged a strong protest with the gov- ciple, that peace between England and Ireland could be obtained by jus- tice to Ireland and in no other way, and that I desired this peace. Not a word, so far as I can find, of this essential part of my argument was I ever published here. But when I went on, as I was bound to do, to corhment on the injustice done by England to Ireland, it was carefully selected passages" from this part of the argument that were telegraphed." UPON EUGENICS. to govern the faithful. Isn't it just a trifle curious to find that the bachelor and the spinster usually are the highest possible au- thority on eugenics ? PAGE SEVEN TWO CHAIPIONS . OF THE PEOPLE During the World War two naines of ecclesiastics came" into special prominence. They were Cardinal Mercier and Archbishop Mannix. The great Belgian' Cardinal was heard round the world as he denounced in scathing terms the dastardly violation of an' innocent nation. The world i heeded his voice and assented to the force of his logic. Belgium was saved. He championed the cause of a free people and vindicated their right to remain free. Archbishop Mannix championed a right equally sacred--the right of a great commonwealth to determine its action in any cause whatsoever. He saw that certain interested parties were attempting to interfere with his country's action in the great world struggle by the use of insidious means: He struck off the head of this enemy and vindicated the right of Australia to freedom from extraneous influence in its internal affairs. Had he not done so, Austral|;X ould have been debauched and then \\;,manacled for years to come. \\; Doctor Mannix is absolutely fear- less. To his fearlessness there is linked up a logical consistency. Hav- ing championed the cause of national " self-determination in the land of his adoption, he strongly favors it for the land of his birth--Ireland.--Trnth, Sept. ........... ! The Finest Catholic Prayer.Bod My Prayer-Bool00 HAPPINESS IN GOODNESS By Rev. F. X. LASANCE Happiness I That is the key- mote of Father Lasance*s theme. He teaches ]Sy pre- cept, poetry, and prayer how to secure the happiness which all men see'l[, hut which mistaken search leads , so few to find.  Immitation leather, red edges..$1.9{} "Immitation leather, gold edges.. 2.25 Amer. Seat, limp, gold edges. 3.25 THE BOOKERY 309 W. SECOND ST. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS FOR TINY TOTS. God and Creation. Who made you? God made me. Did God make the world? Yes; God made the world. Did God make the world from noth- ing? Yes; God made "the- world from nothing. " Who made all the people? ' God made all the people. Who made the trees and flowers? God made the trees and flowers. Who made the sun and stars? God made the sun and stars. Did God have a beginning? No; God had no beginning. Will God have an end? No; God will not have an end. Where is God? God is everywhere. Does God see all thiugs? Yes; God sees all things. longing to me." Captain Marden could control him- self no longer. "You are my long-lost, child!" he in a voice trembling with emo- tion. "There is no doubt. Your per- resemblance to Stella proves that are her twin sister." He stretched out his arms and Mary: was clasped to her father's He finally yielded her to Stella's arms and tears of joy rained his cheeks as the twins were clasped in a c|6se embrace. "But tell me," said the father, when all had become somewhat com- posed. "Tell me how is it they called you 'Mary' "? "Because I wore a medal of the Immaculate Conception around my neck when I was picked up," was the answer. "Ah, you were both consecrated to Mary," the Captain returned, "and well indeed has she protected you. Come, we must all thank the good ernment, which is worded as follows: Outrage and Indignity. We, the members of the Australa- sian Catholic Hierarchy, who have just completed our official visit to the Holy Father at Rome, hasten to en- ter our most emphatic protest against thh outrage and indignity offered by Schmand-Porbeck Candy Co. (INCORPORATED) Wholesale Candies Baker and Soda Fountain Supplies, Cigars, Cigaretts, etc. LITTLE ROCK, ARK.ANSAS Mannix, Archbishop of Melbourne. This insult to him and to the high office he adorns is an indignity to us, i his brothers, as well as to the whole i Catholic body, both priests and peo- ple, of Australia and New Zealand. Rights of People. One of the offences laid to his charge is that he has peen the fear- less champion of the principle that underlies the just and permanent set- :tlement of the Irish question, namely, the right of the people of" Ireland to the British Government to our dis- i ' tinguished and beloved colleague, Dr.  .  a [ ! t HEGAR TY DR UG CO. B'hpK's ' St y 15 0 In man s or OF HIS CONVERSION "SALVE MATER" HAIL MOTHER! ' "Salve Mater'--"Hail Mother !"--' is the title choose their own form of government. In the advocacy of this principle he has not only the unanimous support Does God know all things? God and His Blessed Mother for their of the whole Episcopacy, but also of S " Yes; God knows all things unspeakable goodness ......... ,ne risn peopm o Australia and New Kneeling before the picture of the ...... 1 eaanci, as manieste( at the Irish STAR OF THE SEA. Madonna, the happy reunited fami y] .... l h "" . . ace (:onvenion receny elct in MeN "You are safe with friends," said fervently recited the rosary in thanks- [. . ...... . ivourne, rm is an acKnowmagea ma- Stella softly. "You were caught in gwng, let of democracy in Australia, and as a storm and the boat sank, but my When Fred Sullivan arrived in the such has won the support not mere- the book just published (by Longmans, Green Co., New York), in which Frederick Joseph Kins- father saved you and brought you morning he was thrown into a state shfely home. Just drink this and of mingled joy and grief upon learn- keep quiet and you'll be all right in a ing the astonishing news. little while.' "Well, of course I'm mighty glad The girl, with her eyes still fixed on that you've found one another," he Stella's face, drank the bitter draught aid, "but I can't help feeling sad at held to her lips. the thought of losing my sister. And "Thank you," .he said, "I feel the 01d folks will be dreadfully cut up ! much better. But where is your about it,'for I can tell you, Mary is father ? I must thank him for saving the sunshine of our house. But you're my life. And my poor brother! He will be worried to death about me." "If you'll give me his address, I'll send a telegram at once to your brother," said the Captain, entering the room. "No, don't thank me. It's not the first time I've saved a body fromdrowning and it'll not be the last. All right. 'Fred Sullivan, c-o Ocean Front Hotel, Ocean Head.' In a few minutes he'll know that-- what's your name?--Mary" (his vice.trembled as he pronounced the name) "is safe." When Capt. Marden returned inside her people and have the first claim on her, and I'm mighty glad you've found her--and God bless you all," the poor fellow ended with a queer gulping in his throat and then, as an outlet for his emotion, shook the Cap- tain by the hand for at least five minutes. Of course Mary and Fred had to spend the remainder of their vaca- tion at the cottage. Fred was a fine ),otfig fellow, with wavy auburn hair and a pair of honest steel-blue eyes md won the Captain's heart at once. When his vacation ended, not only of half an hour he found the patient lary, but her father arid sister ac- bolstered up )vith cushions in the cofnpanied him to the brown-vine- "rocker near thewindow and St'ella[covered house on the banks of the busily preparing supper. Now that I Ohio. The Mardens spent several the color had come back into Mary l happy months with the Sullivans, i Sulhvan s cheeks and her eyes were Ibht Christmas saw them in the little l ly of Catholics, but:of a vast and in- creasing body of non-Catholics i throughout the Commonwealth and Dominiofi of New Zealand. Recently, at a public banquet in Sydney, the Attorney-General of New South Wales referred to Dr. Mannix as "Australia's first citilen." No doubt his advocacy of democracy is imptited to him as a crime by the enemies of the people in Australia and in-Eng- land. Not Censured by Holy See. We have een it stated that Dr. Mannix's recent utterances in America have drawn upon him the condemna- tion of the Holy See. We are in a pos!tion to deny that His Grace has ever received a censure or a rebuke of any kind from the Holy See. On the. contrary, knowing as we do the  splendid services rendered by His Grace to the Church in Australia, we feel sure that he enjoys the full con- fidence of his superiors in Rome. We have already assured His Grace that, in the trial througl which he is pass- ing, he has our fullest confidence and support. We learn with pleasure that already arrangeNments are being made to hold monster demonstrations of man, until recently, the Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Delaware, tells the story of his conversion . to the Catholic Church. The book was WHtten in the silence and solitude of the woods of Maine, wherg Dr. Kinsman retired after publicly resigning his Bishopric, and renounc- ing the orders of the Episcopal Church, and its Com- munion. ,' Ten days after it was finished--an event which the author describes as "the last act of a life that is ended"--Dr. Kinsman was received into the Church. ' 1 The BOok of the Hour Protestantism Catholicism HUMAN I4TEREST STORY, Rare Vividness--Exceptional Literary Power His Return to the Faith of His Fathers Cath li READ p ' o cs rOtestants BOOK Sent Postpaid on Receipt of $2.35 Price $2.25 (Net) THE BOOKERY, 309. W Second i !