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September 9, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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September 9, 1990

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PAGE 3 ARKANSAS CATHOLIC SEPTEMBER 9, 1990 "Curran,- from page 2 Unnatural and Inhuman possess a richness of spirit we can envy. Anyway, I finished Maryknoll and picked up the other magazine. On page eight, I read tips from readers. One caught my eye and raised ray bile. It was from new parents who had been "apprehensive" that their pet dog would feel displaced by their new baby. To offset the possibility of canine rivalry, long before the baby,was born .ey began washing the dog s favorite mmgs in baby-scented soaps. They We should use the garbage disposal as a symbol of the disparity between the haves Her parents, who are obese, think this is just great and support her in this practice of vomiting after every meal. I closed the magazine and tossed it in the wastebasket. After reading in Maryknoll about families trying to sub- sist on leftover trash in. Bolivia and families who lost six out of nine infants the first eight months of life because of malnutrition, I couldn't handle stories of preparing the dog for the new baby and American parents' delight over a daughter's starvation. With all our talk of peace, justice and Christian values, we fall to act on the chasm between our lifestyle and oth- ers' misery. Surely we will have to an- swer before God for this insensitivity ~ts. someday. played with him m the future baby's "How quickly luxuries become neces- sities," a friend commented one day room to get him used to new sights and when we discussed the thought of liv- S~ells .... ing without a garbage disposal. Perhaps, And, the letter continued, on the day in fact, we should use the garbage dis- ~e new baby came home, they gave posal as a symbol of the disparity be- ~ infant to the grandparents while tween the haves and have-nots. Why _ om and dad spent a special time with would a Maryknoll family need a gar- ~Penser" (the dog). It worked because bage disposal? They are crying out for art aCCompanying photo showed dog ~d baby happy together. I thought of our garbage. Copyright 1990 Alt Publishing Co. .e pinched faces of the Maryknoll Children. ~rlth sickening stomach, I turned the age to a monthly feature in which a ~iii iiiiiii i i i~ P~/Chologist responds to readers' ques- I~iiii!i!ii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!~f~iiii~~iiii!iiiiiiiiiii!i!ili~] I.~.s. A reader shared that her niece is ~i!ii!ii~N~iiilli HC[I! i u~infic and ten pounds underweight. Unconditional love A Baptist's priest Ft. John Dietzen Par! have a question regarding god- ,re ~" Is it possible to change who for OUre as a godfather or godmother ,~ child if this person is no longer 'atholie, or no longer a part of our Child,s life? o ~. We feel god- ~arents are im- portant for our Ulldren. Could Y tl help us? y The situation ~u d ha escribe PPens fre- q er tly toda 8~raeone . , Y" . t and later be- ~i~es incapable of filling that respon- :u b tlistaty ecause they have moved at a left ~c: from the child or perhaps have . ~ practice of their Catholic faith. the~en godparents abandon the faith, child's [ ~i~-,' " parents understandably [ h,~qt Wish another person to be od- I likel or godmother, someone more ~oY to care for the child's spiritual %~are Should the parents die or be- [ I incapacitated. | 8a e Vatican Congregation for the / ,i ], ments acknowledges this very ~The bishop of a diocese may @IIII [I&IWII designate a substitute sponsor whose name could be inscribed on the official baptism register. This ruling was sent in November 1984 to the bishops of the U.S. and Canada, but presumably applies any- where in the world. It may be possible to achieve your desire without going through all of this paper work. You might speak with a relative or friend who is close to your family and concerned about your children's welfare. If you explain the circumstances, such a loving and concerned friend or relative will normally do just as much for the good of your child without go- ing through the formality of actually changing the name of the godparent. Your concern, after all, is that your children have the best support possible from yourselves and others to grow into good adult Catholics. Taking the route I suggest may help you to do that more effectively than changing names of godparents on your child's baptism record. (A free brochure on confession without serious sin and other questions about the sacrament of penance is available by send- ing a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Fr. Dietzen, Holy Trinity Church, 704 N. Main St., Bloomington, IL, 61701.) Copyright 1990 CNS Dear Editor: As I sat there reading the Arkansas Catholic [8/12] concerning Archbishop Eugene A. Marino, I became more and more angry over the anticipated posi- tion of the Roman Catholic Church regarding the marriage of its clergymen. When is the Vatican, specifically the pope, going to wake up and smell the coffee?! Good men are leaving the priesthood left and right because of this policy, a policy that I personally consider un- natural and inhuman. The conspicuous absence of young men entering the priesthood should tell someone in Rome that this policy isn't exactly mak- ing them want to join up. And what REALLY is the reason for this policy anyway? Protestant churches do just fme with married clergy and so do the Or- thodox Catholic churches. In fact, min- isters' wives serve an integral and im- portant role in their congregations. I, for one, would gladly contribute more to my church to support a priest with a family than do without one altogether, which is exactly where future parishes in this country are headed. My heart goes out to Archbishop Marino and to ourselves for our loss of his leadership from a tragic scandal brought about not because of the foibles of Archbishop Marino, but rather bypolicies that have no place in the mbdern Church. " .... Beverly Pearson Texarkana Dear Editor: While our first role model should be Jesus, we also have to look to human beings to give us examples of Christ. I see Christ in Msgr.John O'Donnell, pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in North Little Rock. In him I see the love of Christ, the compassion of Christ, the action of Christ. This may sound like it's coming from a devoted parishioner, but I am a member of Indian Hills Baptist Church, across the highway from Immaculate Conception. Msgr. O'Donnell is the best priest a Baptist could have. Jimmy Kennedy North Little Rock The Communist ANC Mad dogs of society Dear Editor: This is in answer to recent articles which you have published - one in particular, [quoting] statistics supposedly honestly compiled by Amnesty International. Recently, a man was arrested for burying his 11-month-old baby alive. Evidence at the scene showed where the child had scratched desperately to get out. There was dirt in his esophagus and bronchials. ~Fhe Abduction of Karl Swenson," shown on television lately, is a vivid true story of what happens when a cold-blooded killer comes in contact with you. Her father's question was "Where in the hell can we be safe in this country?" Of course, that has been the problem for years. The innocent, the unsuspecting, the help- less and the charitable have suffered from rape, injury, murder and brutality. The culprit has been our court system, by letting these mad dogs of society out over and over with years of delays and senseless technicalities. But where were you people who are so incensed and shocked over capital punishment' and why haven't you come forth before and demanded a re- structuring of our court system? From where I stand I see a people who are ready for a vigilance committee if things don't change. Girls are arming themselves. We want the guarantees of our Constitution. Good gov- ernment has not only a right but a duty to protect its citizens. The states taking some- one out of society because he has commit- ted multiple cold-blooded crimes is not like aborting an innocent. It is more like going after Hider or Hussein. This is not revenge. If I want revenge, it would be for the judges and those who turn those people loose. Neva Blansett Pocahontas Dear Editor: The most wonderful thing about God is His continual and unconditional love for us. God loves the murderer as surely as He loves the unborn child. God welcomes the soul of the unborn and He stands ready to forgive and wel- come the soul of the murderer. May God forgive us our sins and help us to forgive others. Deacon Tom E. Miller Subiaco Dear Editor: The Aug. 21 Arkansas Catholic shows how the U.S. news media can take a subject, and change the real and the true course of a given subject and paint over it with splen- dor and brilliancy upon a person whose records are and have been to degenerate the human society. Nelson Mandela is not a freedom fighter for the South African black race. Nelson Mandela and his ANC are nothing more than a front for the Communist party in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was the first known Communist to be honored to address a joint session of U.S. Congress. What a national disgrace. But not all of the ,Congress attended Mandela's mockery of freedom. They boy- cotted it for they knew the true Mandela claims were not for freedom of the black races in South Africa. Winnie and Nelson have endorsed the barbaric execution ritual practiced by the ANC of "necklacing." Not too long ago Winnie was direcdy implicated in this act on young black boys. Nelson Mandela wants the nationaliza- tion of all industries, land power and con- trol over all black people of South Africa. Freedom for Communism is not freedom. Joseph C. Hess Waldron