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September 6, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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September 6, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 6, 1930 PAGE FIVE tincnt. It is rightly called the Que- ',ardinal Leme de sit- . .............. S ..... " DeC l,es~lval oI 1~ rencn-t~anadlan it elk peKe oI ~ne remarl~ame ~. ,, Songs and Hau~lcrafts, because those en:H~y Fatha~d Ha:E:p-who participate in it are habitant ar- e be " " ., . usts, born and bred on the sell of the m excellent heal~n, no~- . . , Cathohc Province of Quebec, who mg t,~e absurd rumors to ............... or]rig l;O Enls Iesuval l;ne musical ano cry. .... ,~ ~ . .. artmUc herttage of their race. *, ,~eme had spoken feenng- Th r r m .... -- . ~. e p og a s are varlefl amt no~ a ueep affection Ior ~ome, . . t: ....... little of the interest m them centers p~:~:~:no?:si: :=aen:~ in those old French hymns which . " .. were brought to France 400 years , and therefore one of ~ne . . . -- - . ..... ago by the Franciscan and Jesuit mm- members of ~ne ~acrea Uol .... - . ~ smnames and translated by them into ne has been a Bishop ~or h " " " ...... - t e varmus Indian dialects of the " ~ years. Then ne add-~ . .. country. 1~ was no~ uncommon in ........ these days 'of early m~sslonary actlv- ~ePest rememorance ~nat 1 .. .... . ~. - ~- ~, I l~y ior ~ne missioners ~o meet the na- ~ ~rom tcome aider my I . ~- ......... i tlves at some point where they had Juurn ]s tna: o~ ~ne person zT-of h~ h ~,~ ,~,,,~,,~, ..... I gathered to '~ell thew furs, to preach vi~t "zeai":ndl;e~;fectl:i to them the Divine Word and to win "~:r ........ - I their hearts to Christianity. ' ~ze lS, lnueeo, ~ne rope .. ._ . .~, at ..... I ~acKea Dy~mrgy. as~inP ~::e::ghm::c h w::n These protracted "missions" 'often p ~s W - . . -I lasted for weeks, and when the In- " e nave neeuea a maul . o ........ dmns departed for their homes many grasping wi~n a clear Vl- , _ .. . ....... . no., ..... .. I of ~nem baptizes m ne lyal~n, ~ney --~u~ oI zne rimes, a man ., ...... , ......... I sanK cne slmple DUe ierven~ nymns perceive, Wl~U ~o~n seal- ... ........ .. -, .. . . , I wmcn ~ne missionaries na~ mugn~ ~*arlcy,, the path to De IOl-] ........ v__, ....... ~nem. These ola hymns, both in ~e, nlmseli capable oI . . ........ French and the Indran dialects, have unnsnan people alongq~. . . - ........ surv,ved m many parts of Quebec and -~* ass proven Eo De tnm every act of his pontificate, are sung again at ~he folk-song festl- OF POPE'S event in which American Catholics the State Department says: Two subjects which will no~ be tCouncil of Catholic Women; "Semi- ar ans ~ngagea m ~ummer ~vnssmn- :NE FAITH TOLD generally will firm much of interest I 'The situation cannot be described found on the schedules of either of ~ n i ........ I Catholic Rural Life Conference has .... ,, ....... ~assisted with schools in 26 dioceses BRAZILIAN CARDINAL is the annual folk-song festival which as due merely to economic causes, the major political parties are~ loom- ary wor~, a rouna-mole amcusslon . ]presided over by the Rev. Dr. Rudolf m the South and West, in 195'0, and nued From Page 1) ! is to be heM at the Chateau Fronts- since the actual and potential demand ing up for considerable discussion iBandas of St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul, that in many cases these same die- . Thus my drawer was nac here October 16, 17, and 18. for visas on the part of Mexicans has during the forthcoming s~:ssion of ~ ~ai,.,, ,,q'h,,. ~o..;o~ c~ ..... ;...n .~.. ~ ceses maintained other vacation empty. BuL today, Di- Ylns event Is one of the flne~t con no~ diminished. Visas are being re- Congress. One of these is the popu- . ......... ,, , ,: l schools than those with which the /sterne ~llSSlOn worlG a general o~s- . . ice sends me, through tributions made to the cause oi' ~olk- fused to the large majority of such lation census. The other is the pro-I ,, . . Conference helped w~th funds from cussmn, and Dmcesan Administration I ....... dear Brazilian children, music on the North American con- applicants under existing statutes cov- posed amendment to the Constitu ...... ~ne name tvtission Board. An en- to refill it." of Rehg~ous Educatmn for Pubhc] charges,ering aliens likdly t beeme public ii :!contract laborers, illiterateSwere i'i,"""" "! ~!" " ."" .'. """ ~I! ! ' i" i!" "]!i "'. '~" ~ ~ i.." i!" i ! or physical or mental defectives." In view of the fact that th~ va- .. rious measures to apply the quota lim- itations to Western countries . " aimed solely at Mexico, they will probably be dropped, as the need no longer exists. The Senate already has passed a bill of this kind, and the matter is now before the House. The Stat~ Departmen~ has consistently op- posed the extension of the quota sys- tem, and the administration seems to be hostile to the idea. Beginning with this month, the Federal Government will for the first for bign ss lone. Population figures] A' feature of Thursda's meetin s/lish as a standard 60 hours of tell- time maintain an accurate statistical are the basis for sales quotas and ad-Iwil1 be an exhibit of ed:Yationa" ~ Igius education as the accepted course record of crime conditions through-vertising. The more people a citYlterl lsa devised for the vac~m "!Dr" O'Haraadded"ati( " Still another de- out the country. Strangely enough, has, the more attention it will receive on I velomnent ~ ~ot~ ~..~ ,~..... ~.~.'^- in spite of all that has been said of from th'6 corporations that have somet. ___ __ ~on o~nemanua,.a~r~th~l,~. O,~schls" Included in the exhibit will "'i "" - ' ..... ;"' ........ ~" ...... " the increase in erime and the grow- se]_l and tbegovernmen itn~hLpdmvn~d~n5by~:a?:v~ufe``p~[~ce:~fistandardizati~n-of'c:i;ses~.~)* ing activities of the underworld, the hhai:g ;:r tb?:~=i;~:=io I "a- ' ommai o'st to'th 15,000 cpies weredistributed in three government itself has made no at- when state or other funds are to be ], .. . " I months. i ..... I cnilaren, and with which they makeI. tempt to gather information of this allOtte~l. . . I them own illustrated catechisms, pray- sort. It has been done by the Asso- ,,,~ ~tt~ ~ .-'--~'~-~ ]or books, Bible histories and Massl clarion of Chiefs of Police with funds. ID,UUU t.,nllaren I Books. The Rev. George Nell of Ef- .~EE our coml~lete line of provided by the Rockefeller Founds- o ~ b " fm ham Ill " " eautfful Rosaries he- tion. in 1,000 Religious g , ., v~ll be m charge of the fore you buy. Beauty and -- o ~ I exhibit, quality come first at The new task wil.1 be committed to ~. vacation Dcnool$] Rapid Progress Cited Stifft's. the Bureau of InvestigaVion of the ..... "-~ - In pointing to the splendid progress CHAS. S. STIFFT Department of Justice, which by re- ~poszola~e Spreaas to I00 Dioceses, . . . COMPANY cent act of Congress has been author- " made by rel~gmus vacatmn schools s~o Mala Street Bishop-Elect O'Hara Reveals-- this year, Dr. 0'Hara said that the. val, which is attended by hundreds of visitors from all parts of Canada, France, Great Britain and the United States. "Tn addition to the religious nmsic which forms a part of these festivals, there are always presented several ballad operas, folk ~ongs and dances, French and French-Canadian orches- tral music, songs of the soil and the stilting chansons of the voyageurs and" couriers du bets. Examples of every handicraft practiced in old ru- ral France and in the Province of Quebec will likewise be displayed. The clergy of the entire Province of Quebec have been 'active in helping to promote these folk music festivals, which are .sponsored by the Canadian Pacific Railway, believing that in no better way can the real spirit of French and Catholic Quebec be pre- served in the hearts of the people. U. S. Student, Writer, to Attend. Among those who, it is expected, Will remember his reign as noteworthy for the impor- Undertakings and the in- ~hieh these undertakings will future of the Church." Suggested that His Emi- undoubtedly, to the between Italy and the brought about by thd Lat- er February 11, 1929, replied : Courage and Energy. Only a man possessed and resolute personality With a firm sureness to carry through an under- great, at which the whole has rejoiced. been easy to fore- lassibility and utility of put- end to a controversy which COuld not go on indefinite- Was not equally easy to and energy to take responsibility upon Pope Plus XI proved him- will attend the folk festival this year raan who did not draw back is Paul R. Martin of Chicago, well responsibility which might known writer and student of Catholic~ intimidated anyone. Hav- Canada. Mr. Martin is regarded as aded himself of the good one of the best American authorities Church would derive from on French Canada He recently wrote of the breach, and being two series of articles, "Paths and By- of the terms necessa~w to Paths of Catholic Quebec" and "To t " he rights an dignity of Gaspesie and Beyond," for the N. C. i in the agreement which W. C. News Service, which were Possible, he had not one me- widely published in the Catholic hesitation. After having press. Mr- Martin is also well known before God all the as 'a music critic, and has made aspe- as timy appeared to cial study of the old French chansons and hymns which were brought from France to Canada by the missionaries and early .settlers. Mr. Martin's annual Canadian trip ttfis year will take him along the North Shore of the St. Lawrence to Labrador, where he expects to find much of Catholic interest. The spe- prayed at length to to give him light and great undertaking, no longer to take the enormous responsi- did he allow himself to be by anticipating the criti- was to come, inevitably, of either side. cial object of this trip is to gather being the least disturb- material for another series of fen- serenity, he took the ture articles for the Catholic news- Will certainly have most papers of the United States and Can- results not only for Italy ads. He will continue his research whole Catholic world, in the hope of casting new light on Cow see its head freed from the lives of Frere Didace Pel~etier, f:Ondit:ons, enjoying once first native Canadian admitted to the t~ll freedom and independ-[ Franciscan Order, and Father Fred- "-eSSary for the fulfillment]eric likewise a saintly Franciscan office." ] who died only a few years ago. Both Which the statue of Christ I Frere Didace and Father Frederic are aer wili occupy on Corco-I buried at Three Rivers and both are material expression of the likely to be beatified in the near fu- de ganeiro and of Brazil %ure. Father Frereic was one. of the n 2,300 feet above sea founders of the pilgrimage shrine of e said. The en- ~lent will be about 125 feet itself being almost The Redeemer of ~s represented with arms t~nd from fingertip to he statue measures more eet. ' of the spot on which the )Ping erected, and the fact barely sufficient space work of erecting it slowly and in the face the Cardinal Brazilian artist Silva the architectural parts while Paolo Landow- Paris Institute, is the fig Rome, Cardinal Leme began a tour which to a number of Euro- . He will sail from Genoa 3 for home. Our Lady of the Rosary at Cap de la Madeline, which, with St. Joseph's Oratory at Montreal and the famous shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre, con- stituto~ the trio of Laurentian shrines MEXICAN IMMIGRANT QUOTA PLAN LIKELY TO BE ABANDONED (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, Sept. 1.--Congression- al plans for extending the quota re- strictions to immigration from Mex- ico, Canada and other countries of t~e Western Hemisphere, which led to much discussion during the past session, are likely to be revised in view of the announcement of the State Department that Mexican im- migration has dropped to inconsider- able levels. During the month of July, the De- partment said, visas were issued to 324 Mexicans, none of whom was a common laborer. In July, 1928, 6,583 were admitted. The decrease is due EARLY CANA- TO BE ized to collect and study nationwide statistics on law violation. The co- operation of the police officials is as- sured. The tabulations, combining retu~s from all the large cities of the coun- try, will be issued monthly, showing crime conditions by states and groups. The increase or decrease of crime month by month will be charted Crimes will be classified and listed ac- cording to cities. The figures will de- termine whether certain cities held to be the happy hunting ground of racketeers and gangsters are getting more than their share of unfavorable puhlicity; will sum up the relation of crime to economic depressions and other circumstances, and will give a more comprehensive picture of law violation. COR.FOURTH anJ MAIN STS. Serving the Public for 25 Years SCHAER-NORVELL TIRE CO. 24-Hour Service BROADWAY AT FOURTH STREE~I Phone 8118 Little Rock, Ark D. J. Buhis~on, Pres. Phones, Office, 4-247| Rea. 4-1~lt AMBULANCE SERVICE Dubisson Undertaking UNDERTAKERS & EMBALMERS All Calls Promptly Answered OPEN DAY AND NIGHT 905-907 Gaines St. Little Rock, Arli _ - _. _ - = - WM. L. ROGOSKI & SON ----Dry Goods, Shoes, Groceries, Etc.--- Dependable Merchandise 1219-1223 West Markham Street Phones 4-3567--4-356a M. A. BIL TZ Representing the FIRST Company in the FIRST Business of the World. Assets: Over One Billion, Two Hundred Million Dollars. New York Life Insurance Co. Phone 5195 Little Rock, Ark. 1105 Donaghey Building. C. D. KENNY CO. Teas---Coffees Sugars WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Phone 4-3041 115 West Sixth Street Little Rock, Ark. _ AT QUEBEC not to changes in economic condi- ^ FOLKSONE FETE tions, but to the stricter administra- u. W. C. News Service.) tive measures enforced by the United : Aug. 29.--A Canadian iState's, it is stated. On this point, Will Be Leading Topic at Rural Life Meeting. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, Aug. 15.---- With re- turns to date indicating that about 755,000 children will have attended 1,000 religious vacation schools in approximately 100 dioceses of this country in the year 1930, the Rev. Dr. Edwin V. O'Hara, director of the Ru- ral Life Bureau, N. C. W. C., and Bishop-elect of Great Falls, Mont., has drawn $he three following con- clu~ions from developments this year: First, that children can be as- sembled for a month of religious education in the summer, even under adverse and seemingly unpromising conditions. Second, that teachers can be se- cured through diocesan organization. Third, that as a consequence, what is required for the religious vacation school movement in the future is a maintenance of standard~. With the maintenance of the stand- ard now ~et up, Dr. O'Hara said, re- ligious vacation schools have been assured a place as an institution of religious education for hundreds of thousands of children. Topic at Rural Life Meeting. Dr. O'Hara announced these find- ings in making public further details concerning the eighth annual meeting of the Catholic Rural Life Conference held at Springfield, Ill., August 26 to 28, inclusive. Religious education will first' make its appearance on the program of the Springfield meeting on Tuesday, Au- gust 26, when an afternoon meeting will be devoted to the consideration of " " " Rural Cathohc High Schools. '~e program for this session is being prepared by the Rev. Felix N. Pitt, secretary of the Board of Education of the Diocese of Louisville, Ky. On Thursday, August 28, the Con- ference for the first time will devote an entire day to the topic This full day's study has been in- spired by the increasing interest all over the country in the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. The study will embrace Sunday school, weekday re- ligious instruction, correspondence education, religious vacation schools and all of the incidental topics in- valved, such as the training of teach- ers, securing of local co-operation, ~upplying of educational materials, preparation of courses of studies, etc. The general idea of the ~iscussion is to. develop a well-rounded program ~f0r a diocesan Confraternity of Christian Do~trine. In short, it has been said, the program will go into every feature that en, ers into geting religious education ~o the 2,000,000 Catholic children who do not at t~ae present time attend Catholic schools. Dr. O'Hara will introduce the topic at this day's meetings, treating of the work already accomplished in the ~ield of he Confraternity. The Rev. 'LeRoy Callahan, Director of the Con- fraternity of Christian Doctrine in the Diocese of Los Angeles and San Diego, will follow, speaking on "The Work of the Los Angeles Confrater- nity." Study of Subject in Detail The other addresses, treating of the general topic in detail, will in- clud e: eachmg Rehgmn by C.orrespon- dence," the Rev. Leon A. McNeil, Die- cesan Superintendent of Schools, Wichita, Kas.; "Public School Teach- ers in the Work of Religious Educa- tion," Miss Margaret Lynch, Assistant Executive Secretary of the National ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Little Rock, Ark. 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